It’s a Giant! CryptoConspiracy?

Posted by: Craig Woolheater on February 1st, 2023

He found Giants then the Government Found Him | What really happened to Andrew Dawson?

Andrew started his TikTok account in July of 2021, and he posted all the typical things. Videos of friends, of work, his girlfriend, his dog, and just him goofing around.

But starting in April, 2022, his posts would take a strange turn; and Andrew Dawson would become the center of one the biggest internet mysteries in years.

Every story I cover on this channel is a suggestion from you and almost every one of them falls into one of a few categories.

UFOs, Government cover-ups, men in black, missing persons, and giants.

Well, today’s episode has all of these.

This is the bizarre story of Andrew Dawson.
The Why Files

About Craig Woolheater
Co-founder of Cryptomundo in 2005. I have appeared in or contributed to the following TV programs, documentaries and films: OLN's Mysterious Encounters: "Caddo Critter", Southern Fried Bigfoot, Travel Channel's Weird Travels: "Bigfoot", History Channel's MonsterQuest: "Swamp Stalker", The Wild Man of the Navidad, Destination America's Monsters and Mysteries in America: Texas Terror - Lake Worth Monster, Animal Planet's Finding Bigfoot: Return to Boggy Creek and Beast of the Bayou.

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