Moneymaker and Barackman in Animal Planet Bigfoot Series

Posted by: Guy Edwards on February 21st, 2011

Animal Planet Bigfoot Research Crew

In a new article by the Sun News, a weekly paper located in South Carolina, has a novel approach to covering the Animal Planet event in North Carolina; they interview the Sasquatch researchers. Matt Moneymaker and Cliff Barackman are quoted regarding the methodology and evidence found.

We’re going to do an evidence search in a grid,” he said. “We doubt you’re going to run across Bigfoot out there, but we are going to be looking for some evidence. There’s been a lot of sightings in the Uwharrie National Forest.Matt Moneymaker

A lot of people would see this as the front part and back part of the foot, but I think we’re looking at a quadripedal animal here,” Barackman said. “I think this is probably a deer.Cliff Barackman regarding a print

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