Double Dose of Bigfoot in Malaysia

Posted by: Guy Edwards on June 3rd, 2014

Heavily Redacted Police report of Bigfoot Encounter in Malaysia

Heavily Redacted Police report of Bigfoot Encounter in Malaysia

“It’s something that is weird. In my 30 years of staying here I have never found such a thing.” –Maylaysian Bigfoot witness

Yesterday, June 2nd 2014, two seemingly unrelated Bigfoot incidents made the headlines of two different Malaysian papers.

The first story posted at Bigfoot Lunch Club was titled, “Malaysian Paper asks readers: Do  Not Dismiss Bigfoot as a Myth,” chronicles not only local Malaysian Bigfoot encounters but also other compelling stories in the region. Read an excerpt below:

“Similarly, there may be a species of Bigfoot in Johor that existed many years ago. During the 1960s, I had the opportunity to discuss this subject with a Tibetan Buddhist monk.

According to him, Bigfoot or Yeti, did exist in the Himalayan area. Tibetans monks have frequently seen the Yeti. He had said the Yeti looked like an ape but their skulls appeared humans, and they walked like humans. They possessed large and strong teeth. Their feet and hands were large, while their arms were much longer than normal humans.”

Coincidentally, and if you remember your Twin Peaks history there is no such thing as coincidence,  another major Malaysian paper published a police report (seen above). Read an excerpt from Bigfoot Lunch Club’s article titled, “Bigfoot Reported to Malaysian Police.”

A police report was lodged this morning upon the discovery of a 23-inch long footprint in Kampung Seri

It seems that residents at Kampung Seri Aman Dalam, Puchong, might be worried about a close encounter of the giant kind after a resident found four huge footprints that measured 23 inches long.

This is yet another incident that was brought to light after a police report made by the resident began circulating online.

The report, made by 68-year-old Kamaruddin Isamail, mentioned the discovery of the giant-sized footprints near a field at Lot 123, Lorong 4, Kampung Seri Aman Dalam in Puchong at 9.55am this morning.

He stated in his report that he saw three footprints in the shape of a human foot, which measured up to 23 inches long, that “seemed rather weird” to him.

When The Rakyat Post contacted Kamaruddin, he confirmed making the report and said there were actually four footprints, but only three of them were clearly seen.

Read all the Malaysian Bigfoot News at

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