BC Sasquatch Photo?

Posted by: Craig Woolheater on July 2nd, 2007

John Kirk posted about some supposed Sasquatch tracks found in BC here on Cryptomundo.

See: Sasquatch Tracks in British Columbia?

and Update: B.C. Sasquatch Occurrence at Golden Ears Park

The photographer of said tracks, registered here on Cryptomundo as hiker11, offered commentary regarding those tracks at John’s post.

Hiker11 has posted some photos of a supposed Sasquatch at Bigfoot Forums.

Following is the text and the photograph.

Hi, I have been hiking in the mountains around here for 30 years, mostly Golden Ears area, and between pitt lake and harrison lake, I love the outdoors, heard of sasquatch when we were kids but always thought I would belive it when I see it, Last year I was hiking way up this creek with a friend of mine, and we stoped about 7 kl up the creek to have lunch, and after abit my friend started throwing the stick for his dog, while I was looking around at the mountains and hills with my binoculers, I looked at this hillside and saw something move, I kept the binoculers as still as I could, and saw what looked like a very old man with a grey jacket and pointy grey hat, sitting still, and then he got up and walked to his left, and I knew right away it was a sasquatch, he was tall very tall 10 to 12 feet and could see his hair, and his *tallywhacker*, so knew this was a male, when he walked I could see his yellow hands, from the sun shining on him, I told my friend to take alook at this sasquatch, he said what let me see, he couldent see him but could see the goldish things to the left of the sasquatch, he has perfect vision and could see the goldish things with his eyes from this distance, and said he sees the big stump too, he went back to playing with his dog, I kept looking and the sasquatch came back from his left and sat down with his legs out and his hands on his knees just like us, he was always looking north east, so couldent see his face realy good, we were south of him, he was silvery grayish in color and thin, looked like a 80 year old man, with lots of hair, more on his head than anywere else, way more human than ape looking, I reported this a few months back to West coast sasquatch, and still keep in touch with them, since that day I have found lots of tracks and other strange things, I was growled at a few weeks back and it went right threw my body and down the valley, I know this growl was ment for me I was the only one there, I wont hike alone anymore in there or take my son in there hiking ever again.hiker11

BC Sasquatch Photo

About Craig Woolheater
Co-founder of Cryptomundo in 2005. I have appeared in or contributed to the following TV programs, documentaries and films: OLN's Mysterious Encounters: "Caddo Critter", Southern Fried Bigfoot, Travel Channel's Weird Travels: "Bigfoot", History Channel's MonsterQuest: "Swamp Stalker", The Wild Man of the Navidad, Destination America's Monsters and Mysteries in America: Texas Terror - Lake Worth Monster, Animal Planet's Finding Bigfoot: Return to Boggy Creek and Beast of the Bayou.

39 Responses to “BC Sasquatch Photo?”

  1. ponyboy responds:

    Quite an interesting picture. Unfortunately, due to the small amount of the subject that is clearly visible, it is impossible to tell what it is. It could be anything from an animal to a person wearing a black shirt, or carrying a black backpack. The fact that it is such a fuzzy picture makes it impossible to pick out any details of the subject.

  2. twblack responds:

    Just do not see much in this pic!

  3. kamoeba responds:

    The sentence describing this obviously fake sighting is as long as a 12-foot-tall monster’s “*tallywacker*”. I tell you what, hiker11, why don’t you enroll in English 101 and try again?

  4. elsanto responds:

    A couple of things:


    In spite of not having been here as long as most other posters, I can still say that one thing that sets Cryptomundo apart from other such blogs/fora is that we manage to maintain a certain amount of civility most of the time (… at least, until DWA and Ben Radford go at it).


    Could you please tell us about the photos? Interesting though your anecdote was, I couldn’t see a connection between it and the photo posted here.

    Just my two cents.

  5. bill green responds:

    hey researchers very interesting new possible sasquatch photo but more study research & restablezation needs to be done this photo. the forest area in the photo does look great for sasquatch or wildlife thats my opinion. good morning bill green 🙂

  6. Richard888 responds:

    Although the BF data of this photo is limited it has three features that are worthy of consideration. 1) It tapers to a pointed top indicating that we are looking at a head. 2) It is covered in fur indicating that we are looking at the back. 3) It is hunched forward in a way that is consistent with some of the best BF footage. Some of the best footage/pictures of bigfoot show a hunched back. This might be the earmark to look for to determine possible authenticity. Examples. Patterson-Gimlin film, Freeman footage, Silver Star Mountain pic.

  7. raisinsofwrath responds:

    I noticed a very large cave opening on that ridge line where he claims to have seen the 12 footer.

    I read the entire first page over there and get the impression that Hiker11 may be trying to pull some wool.

    Some of his comments regarding his zoom just don’t make sense considering that he took so many pictures.

    I urge cryptomundo readers to venture over there and read. There are lots more pics as well.

  8. a_welch90 responds:

    Not convincing at all, in my opinion. It just doesn’t show enough of the “creature” and the part that is shown isn’t anything of substance. Just my take.

  9. Stirling responds:

    Just when I think Blobsquatch can’t get any blobbier…


    Looks like Cousin It got a dye job…

    And honestly, hiker11 needs desperately to get his period key fixed.

  10. raisinsofwrath responds:

    Hey guys!

    I just e-mailed Craig an enhanced and blown up version of the pic from above.

    I’m sure he will post it in an update but I encourage anyone that want’s to look deeper into this to go to page 3 of the BF forums and take that cleaned up picture (same as above). Blow it up to about 300% and tell me what you think.

    It looks a bit suspect to me but maybe I’m wrong. I described it as surreal to Craig.

  11. mystery_man responds:

    Could be a sasquatch. Could also be a thousand other things. Very inconclusive photo in my opinion as I can’t be sure at all of what I’m seeing here.

    Raisinsofwrath- Didn’t you read the thread on the 6 rules of sasquatch research? THERE ARE NO CAVES. 🙂

    Another thing, does anybody have an idea of what hiker11 means by “goldish things”? He mentions “goldish things” a couple of times and maybe I’m missing something here, but that doesn’t make any sense to me. Is that referring to the hands? Hmmm…

  12. old crow responds:

    I have followed cryptozooligy for years. Even before it was cool.

    The Middle of last month this
    “Why No Sasquatch Sightings?Posted by: Loren Coleman on June 19th, 2007”
    was posted. This is why sightings are not reported to the public. Hiker11 is reporting what he saw. Took pictures of the area and has a glimpse of something very dark in color.

    As I read through all the comments I immediately get the sense that no matter what someone trys to share that person will be attacked & abused mentally then left with the feeling of why the heck did I say anything.

    Why is it no one will step forward and encourage these people that do have sightings of different things? When are the critics going to offer to go back out in the woods with these different people and observe the areas they are talking about? Then make the decision it was a hoax or not.

    I am sure there are hoaxes pulled off. What I am also sure of is many people are not hoaxing, they are only trying to share what has happened to them. Only to be beaten up by the rest of the crypto community. How sad is that?

  13. mystery_man responds:

    Old Crow- It is sad, but unfortunately there are those jokesters out there ready to hoax and deceive so it has put a lot of people here on their toes. I think a little bit of skepticism is healthy and indeed necessary in this field. I don’t see the other posters here as ridiculing so much as being critical of what is presented to them, which is understandable in my opinion. Should everything be believed hook, line, and sinker? Should valuable resources in sasquatch research that are already stretched thin be used blindly chasing every report that pops up? I don’t think so.

    I think it is definitely sad that potentially real witnesses may be scared off by the criticism, but this sort of critical analyses is par for the course. Even in mainstream science there is often highly critical, even scathing peer review, so I don’t think it is too surprising that some claims here will be challenged. I do agree that the comments should sometimes be less harsh, so maybe a more moderate, balanced approach is needed. There can be some rather blunt comments at times and that is unfortunate. However, I don’t think it is a bad thing to question things or to refuse to believe everything at face value and indeed I think that this approach will help get to the truth. A healthy dose of skepticism doesn’t hurt.

    If a report like this really lives up to its claims and is not a hoax, I think there will be little for hiker11 to worry about in the end. But yeah, we should try to be a bit more civil to some of these people, absolutely.

  14. fallofrain responds:

    There’s not enough visible to comment on the photo one way or another. That is, however, one magnificent run-on sentence!

  15. Rillo777 responds:

    Yellow hands? Haven’t heard that one before. With talk of the yellow snake in the other thread it makes me wonder if yellow is the “in” color for cryptid summer wear this year!

    Seriously though, not enough info here from the picture. And just because someone doesn’t write well doesn’t mean they are not a valid witness.

  16. raisinsofwrath responds:

    I urge everyone to blow the picture up to at least 300%.

    You will be amazed at what you see.

  17. richcap responds:

    black bear

  18. sausage1 responds:

    Okay, blown it up by 300%, 400% and 500%.

    So what am I supposed to see, RaisinsofWrath? Can’t make anything out that is too startling.

    Love your name, by the way, one of the better ones.

  19. Cryptonut responds:

    I’m with old crow and mystery man on this one. Not to say that what is in the picture, is or is not legitimate, but it seems that no piece of evidence is ever good enough. It’s no wonder that people don’t want to report what they’ve seen, when they receive this kind of ridicule.

    I like one of the pieces Loren did on the guy with the Loch Ness footage where he looked up the background of the filmer. Ok, so the guy believed in fairies….that about did it for me…although it was definitely not otters swimming in a line….The first question should be the background of the witness where possible, then rate the evidence on what it tells you and take it from there. I don’t want to look to far into this picture as it is such a small snippet of whatever it is. Ask the guy if he’s got more footage. If so, great, then evaluate….if not…move one.

    There are a lot of people that say that the PG film is a hoax, and I personally think that is about as good as your going to get short of a dead one or captured one. Unfortunately, that is what it is going to take to convince the masses…

  20. planettom responds:

    So I blew it up 300%, and it still shows a run on sentence. Just kidding. But I did blow up the pic, and didn’t see anything more than not blowing it up. Interesting story, almost had me for a minute. I will read more at the forum page.

  21. raisinsofwrath responds:


    If you can’t see the face then you aren’t looking. It’s better to take the cleaned up version from pg 3 of the BF forum thread and blow that up.

    Looks quite clear to me.

  22. raisinsofwrath responds:

    OK, here’s the thing, if you take the pic from here and blow it up it doesn’t work.

    You definitely have to go to the BF forum pg 3 of the thread and blow up that pic. Same pic, just cleaned up so it’s not fuzzy.

    It’s a head people, with pointed top and face. You can clearly see eyes nose and mouth.

    I wish Craig would post the one I e-mailed him as I cropped it out and blew it up so you couldn’t miss it.

  23. YourPTR! responds:

    Pretty interesting pic but could be anything, a Sasquatch, Bear or Man in a suit. Doesn’t look silvery-gray colored to me either. Interesting but sadly definitely inconclusive.

  24. cmgrace responds:

    I took the advice of the others and went to the forum to see the cleared up pic. I see what looks like the right side of a face. But honestly it looks more like an Easter Island head than a humanoid or ape-like face to me. Definitely does look like long stringy hair instead of fur(as in a black bear). All in all, an inconclusive but interesting pic worth more study and discussion.

  25. Nessie-Chaser responds:

    I believe that all possible Sasquatch photos and videos should be posted, but I just think we should move on from this type of photo, because it hardly even classifies as a Blobsquatch.

    It certainly is not evidence of or for anything, even if it’s not a hoax.

    I know that Sasquatch exists like I know the sun will rise tomorrow, so let’s look for a colony of them in the forests of Washington or Texas, not in a grainy picture of fur.

  26. YourPTR! responds:

    Ok… I did blow up the cleaned up one at the Big Foot Forums and after studying it for awhile, I think I DO see something that could be a brow, nose and mouth but I’m not sure if that’s what I’m “supposed” to be seeing as such or not. Once you do see it, it becomes obvious, if that indeed is what it is.

  27. YourPTR! responds:

    cmgrace yeah that’s what I see! It looks like an Easter Island head and it looks pretty huge! That’s why I was wondering if that’s whats supposed to be the head or not coz once you do recognize it as one, you don’t even need to blow the pic up to see it! 🙂

  28. fallofrain responds:

    I see the face ok. It looks kind of like Bob Hope in a fur suit. But it doesn’t look all that huge compared to the leaves around it…assuming they’re normal size deciduous leaves. Could be anything.

  29. DARHOP responds:

    I was just at BF forum reading about this post… And Hiker11 say’s that the face people are seeing isn’t the face… He say’s it ( her ) matted hair… And that the photo show’s the backside of the BF…
    From what I’ve been reading on the forum… The guy sound’s pretty honest to me… But it’s like I’ve said before… Doesn’t matter how good a video or a photo is… The only real proof, and I hate even thinking like this, will be a dead body… What a bummer… People are convicted all the time by eye witness testimony… But when it comes to BF or other cryptids, eyewitness testimony just isn’t good enough… I wonder why that is…? I wonder why no researchers wanted to go with him and check it out…? You would think that even if they were told of other places they would still want to check this place… This place sound like it would be a great area to install some cams… Hiker11 sounds pretty scared to go back to the exact spot… Say’s he don’t want to go alone… Sounds like that growl really scared him good… Must of been one hell of a growl to keep a guy that has hiked an area for 30 years not wanting to come back…
    OH, and I rest my case about posting anything on this site… No matter how good a photo or video, ( not saying Hiker11’s is a good photo ) it would get tore up…

  30. planettom responds:

    So I read Hiker11’s details of the encounter again, and something jumped out at me this time. He mentioned that they hiked up a creek, and they stopped for lunch. I find it very interesting that the encounter happend close to a creek. So many encounters with a BF seem to happen close to a source of water. So many stories I have read include the proximity of water! I just wanted to point that out. It gives Hiker11 a little more credibility, at least in my opinion. I have noticed this similarity in BF encounters; not all, but some. Interesting. Any thoughts?

  31. raisinsofwrath responds:


    Man, that was tough! I’m glad you guys finally see it. I worked hard yesterday for that and thought I would never get my point across.

    Yes, it’s an obvious face but not the face you expect. Some are saying easter island face with hair and that is pretty accurate.

    I have an inkling that something is amiss here but I’m not going to claim hoax. I’ll let hiker11 have a little more rope and see if he hangs himself. After all he is talking quite a bit and I have seen several inconsistencies in his story so far.

    Thank you all for following my instructions and seeing what I saw! Better late then never.

    I can’t understand why Craig didn’t address it though. Oh well, I’m sure there’s a reason.

  32. Greg(Not that Greg) responds:

    The narrative emphasized the grey and silver appearance of the subject.

    The photo doesn’t bear that out.

    What gives?

  33. raisinsofwrath responds:

    Well, now Hiker11 is over there dissing on Cryptomundo and Loren, plus he reads like a 15yr old kid.

    Again, I’m not going to make any hoax claims but that noose is starting to constrict.

  34. cmgrace responds:

    I’m sorry but if your gonna claim to see Bigfoot and claim the pic you take is of Bigfoot, you have to be open to crticism. Not everyone will believe you, even among believers. We want irrefutable proof. Is that too much to ask?

    Yeah you had an encounter. If you believe what you saw is real, stick to your story and don’t trash those who disagree. This looks very bad on your part, as we always look at the character of the eyewitness to help support the claim.

  35. shumway10973 responds:

    well, unfortunately, there isn’t enough of this pic to let us even guess as to what it is. I could get the same pic using my girlfriend, she has the same color hair that is almost mid-thigh, so I could easily get that pic with a human. By the way, that bit of hair we see does remind me of a curly wig at the theatre.

  36. halcyonicWV responds:

    On one hand, we have the argument to be more considerate of the witness and his story to encourage those who have sightings, to be less critical and more inviting. Fair enough, good advice.

    But then when the witness who was there taking the photo states that the orientation of the photo’s subject was facing away from him, we dismiss it. hiker11 says that is the back of the head and torso, not a face.

    To be sure, I see the facial impression pointed out but if it is contrary to what our witness said is taking place, it is an illusion, like a weirdly shaped stump or clouds that look like weiner dogs or trains.

    We can’t say be more considerate then dismiss the witness’ testimony.

  37. raisinsofwrath responds:

    halcyonicWV ,

    Are you saying that just because Hiker11 claims that it’s the back or facing away that we are just supposed to believe him?

    Which is it with this guy?

    He states in various dialog:

    1. That he can’t identify the subject
    2. That it’s a BF
    3. That it is facing away from the camera

    Several of his statements contradict other statements and I’m not just referring to those paraphrased above.

    And that weird shape is no illusion. I’ve never seen an illusion of eyes, a long defined nose and a mouth this clear on an alleged subjects back or at all for that matter. I’m sorry but hair just doesn’t do this even under the strangest of circumstances.

    I suggest you take another look and this time use an editing program to blow it up. Funny how you can see a brow ridge and how the nose even has a nostril bump.

    Sorry, I just ain’t buying this and I suspect Hiker11 sees the writing on the wall and is just trying to confuse people.

    I’ve watched many a hoax unfold over at AboveTopSecret.com (the king of attempted post hoax’s) and have plenty of practice in IDing them.

    As I’ve said before, I do suspect a hoax and if it is ever proven otherwise I’m big enough to apologize.

  38. sausage1 responds:


    Raisins, a little after my last posting I saw what you were getting at. I enlarged it and stood back from my screen and there it was. Clear as anything. A face.

    And then another, then another. Then a brow ridge pointing to the left. I have been back to it three times and can see a different face in the same area each time. I’m not saying it isn’t a face, but I can’t see it being in any way useful evidentially.

    Strange how so much of this exchange is about what some of us (including me) think we can see in this part of the picture, and not about the obvious part of the object with the shiny black hair.

  39. kamoeba responds:

    This “sighting” is garbage, plain and simple. The guy can barely articulate in English his story. One glaring hole in his story: he tells his friend who he’s hiking with to look at the Bigfoot with yellow hands. His friend looks, but despite his perfect vision, he only sees the creatures hands (which must have been huge if the thing was actually 10-12 feet tall). Apparently his friend didn’t care too much about making the discovery of the century, so he went back to playing with his dog! If only his friend had looked a little harder for a second longer, maybe we wouldn’t have had to endure his barely-literate friend’s “sighting”. The vague blob in the photo adds absolutely nothing.

    I always wondered why anyone would hoax a cryptid sighting, and I never could come up with a good answer. But now I think people have given up hope that some of these cryptids exist, so instead of trying to get “the next P/G film”, they decide to get “the next Surgeon’s Photo”. I think if we want FOX News to stop snickering at us we should reject these obvious hoaxes quickly and let the hoaxer(s) know we see through the ruse.

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