Italian Bigfoot?

Posted by: Craig Woolheater on May 20th, 2007

I’m not sure what to make of this video recently posted at youtube.

Is this footage shot of a Bigfoot somewhere in Italy?

The only text on youtube to describe the video is “Avvistamento a Trapani, PURGATORIO.”

Perhaps one of our readers who is fluent in Italian can translate that text, as well as the commentary of the videographer(s) for us.

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Co-founder of Cryptomundo in 2005. I have appeared in or contributed to the following TV programs, documentaries and films: OLN's Mysterious Encounters: "Caddo Critter", Southern Fried Bigfoot, Travel Channel's Weird Travels: "Bigfoot", History Channel's MonsterQuest: "Swamp Stalker", The Wild Man of the Navidad, Destination America's Monsters and Mysteries in America: Texas Terror - Lake Worth Monster, Animal Planet's Finding Bigfoot: Return to Boggy Creek and Beast of the Bayou.

29 Responses to “Italian Bigfoot?”

  1. bill green responds:

    hey craig wow this is a very interesting possible new sasquatch filmfootage but more research needs to be done to this filmfootage & and your right someone has to see what kind language the people are speaking in the filmfootage the moment they saw the creature. very informative. thanks bill 🙂

  2. BigfootBeliever71 responds:

    So hard to tell, but the figure in question doesn’t look like it’s in too much of a hurry to leave. I could have also sworn that there was laughter in the background possibly indicating a practical joke w/ a man in a suit during an outing of some sort? It’s hard to tell but it would be nice if we could hear a translation of some sort.

    Thanks for the clip!

  3. Pshighko responds:

    Sorry, but am I the only one who’s seeing that this is a guy? In the first moments, you can see that he’s wearing a hat, a Shirt and pants. And I’m sure BF doesn’t wear clothes *rofl*

    Sprry 4 my bad english.

  4. Bob Michaels responds:

    The Left Shoulder is an exaggerated downward slope, he appears to be running for his dinner, obivously late for his linguini & Clam Sauce. Anything posted on YOUTUBE is one big joke.

  5. monkeyz responds:

    Every time I see a video like this a small part of me dies. I’ll be a skeptic soon enough.

  6. Richard888 responds:

    Somehow I find it hard to believe that Italy – one of the most heavily trodden countries on the planet – has been hiding a gorilla-like creature. Then again there exist videos of bigfoot in Luxemburg and had it not been for the demographics of the continent they would be more believable than many videos from North America. Assuming this is real, and the background laughter tells me that it isn’t, the only way I would make sense of European bigfoot is by believing that it is a paranormal creature that manifests wherever it wants.

  7. kamoeba responds:

    If a Sasquatch waddles through the woods as the world’s loudest and most stagnant cameraman is filming him, does it make a sound?

    Is the Pope Catholic?

    C’mon folks, don’t you think that someone filming a real Sasquatch would

    (A) shut his big mouth, and

    (B) chase the subject and/or at least try to film footprints or gather other evidence?

    No further questions, your honor.

  8. elsanto responds:

    The title would be best rendered:

    Advisory: Trapani — Bigfoot.

    The accompanying text is obviously, then,

    Advisory: Trapani — Purgatory.

    Trapani is a city in Sicily, and we all know what pranksters those Sicilians are. The Purgatory reference is like an allusion to Dante as the woods resemble his vision of the highest level of purgatory in the Divine Comedy. Dante is to Italy, what Shakespeare is to the English speaking world.

    That said, I get the feeling it’s a rather private joke.

    Just my two cents.

  9. fuzzy responds:


  10. Kimble responds:


    I believe you have it. If I recall my Dante, The Divine Comedy opens up with Dante lost in a wood filled with wild beasts who drive him away from the mountain of God. He then has to take the long way to Heaven (Paradiso) via Hell (Inferno) and Purgatory (Purgatorio).

    I’m quite familiar with the first part, Inferno, but not the two others; Purgatorio and Paradisio. Still, this footage could allude to the opening verses of the Comedy even though the beasts were a leopard and a wolf.

    Note bene! “Comedy” in this sense means a story with a happy ending – Dante gets to Heaven. What we call comedy in America, Europeans would call “farse.”

  11. joppa responds:

    He’s wearing clothes, and shoes. So, my guess is a daytripping werewolf.

  12. YourPTR! responds:

    Not sure what to make of it? It’s a laughable, poor and obvious fake. As if a bigfoot would live in Europe, let alone a densely populated country like Italy… 😀

  13. jodzilla responds:

    The arms don’t look right. They are too short. The stride starts out like a decent impersonation of the figure from the Patterson film, but then the individual appears to ham it up a little to much. It walks like a human attempting to walk like an ape, like Cornelius from Planet of the Apes. Plus, when you pause the film the figure appears to be wearing tan corduroy pants.

  14. DWA responds:


    Watching these.

  15. Lyndon responds:

    Obvious fake.

  16. RockerEm responds:


  17. mystery_man responds:

    This clip is pretty bad in my opinion for several reasons. When the clip starts, they are already obviously excited about what they’ve seen, not only by the sounds of their voices but by the fact the camera is turned on and aimed at…. bushes. Why is the camera not trained on the subject, but rather bushes, waiting for the thing to dramatically run across the screen? This doesn’t make any sense. Then camera is held quite steadily on a spot showing nothing and THEN the Bigfoot runs by, it’s not like the cameras was jerking around all over the place so I find this aspect of the film inexplicable.

    Then there is the snickering that is clearly heard in the background. I am not aware of Italian social conventions, but that sort of laugh is usually reserved for amusement no matter where you are.

    Lastly, why does the alleged Bigfoot not want to get out of there, especially with all of these noisy people standing around? It seems to stop and sort of take its time at the end of the clip. Granted, Patty wasn’t in a particular hurry to leave either, but at least it was obviously on its way somewhere. In this film, I don’t get the impression that the subject has any clear idea of where it wants to go which is strange if it is any creature that is familiar with the area. A man in a suit taking part in a hoax would explain all these points nicely.

    I hate to be harsh, but I think we have to be with some of these clips coming from YouTube nowadays. Hoaxing has never been easier and we should not be giving them the attention they want. I will give you my prediction on this one-

    A) It will be inconclusive.

    B) Absolutely no follow up research will be done, nor additional evidence collected.

    C) This video will be forgotten in a couple of months and be regulated to the status of forgotten clips.

    D) Some are going to defend this clip based on blind faith rather than assessing what the video actually shows or any common sense.

    We’ll see if I’m wrong.

  18. elsanto responds:


    Your memory serves you well. The summit of the mountain of Purgatory is, in fact, the Garden of Eden, . This step — essentially a return to one’s nakedness or innocence before God — is the last before a soul enters the sphere of heaven. I believe it is to this that the pranksters are alluding… Being of northern Italian ancestry, I can’t make out everything they’re saying because they’re speaking in their dialect. What I can make out is:

    …an inital comment on the beauty of the woods… a “What’s that?”… “It’s a bigfoot.” “Look at ‘im, ‘ee’s harf nekkid!”… “He’s escaping!”… “Aww… he’s gone.”

    It’s 100% pure gag. Possibly funnier if you’re a Dante scholar, which I certainly can’t claim to be, as the last time I read the Commedia was when I was a mere lad of 16.

  19. Sunny responds:

    Hoax? Not sure.

    Before anybody has a hissy fit — take a deep breath and keep reading.

    “Hoax” implies that it’s a conscious effort to make someone believe that they are seeing/hearing/experiencing something they are not really seeing/hearing/experiencing.

    Given the obviously visible clothing, and the above references to Dante’s Inferno, I’m not sure that anyone’s trying to put anything over on anybody.

    There is the chance that this is just a YouTube submission meant to be enjoyed by the friends and families of the poster, and not completely understood by anyone else because we weren’t there/aren’t in on whatever joke or story is behind this.

  20. Red_Rook01 responds:

    Proof that Bigfoot is indeed a hairy, naked, Italian man. Just as I always believed. But seriously, non genuine at all if you ask me. Still kinda funny to watch though.

  21. mystery_man responds:

    Sunny- Good point!

  22. things-in-the-woods responds:

    For some reason I can’t get this clip to work (although it doesn’t sound like I’m missing much).

    But i’ll tell you one thing;

    There is no bigfoot in Italy.

    There just isn’t.

    I promise you.

  23. Mnynames responds:

    Having watched the movie “Woodstock” on VH1 last night, and my computer just happen to be randomly playing Cream’s “White Room (With Black Curtains)” when I watched the clip, I must admit that my first impression was of some half-naked Hippie grooving to the music…

    …As it stands, it seems about as good a theory as any…

    Now I wonder what synchronicities might appear if I played “The Dark Side Of The Moon” to the Patterson/Gimlin film, LOL…

  24. greatanarch responds:

    I hate to spoil the fun, but surely Purgatorio is a village in Trapani province close to a nature reserve. I don’t think we’re seeing a soul under judgement here, whatever else it is.

  25. windigo responds:

    Well, it starts out somewhat promising, but mysteriously the film concludes while the subject is still in view. That does not bode well for it’s authenticity.

  26. Neworderedworld responds:

    Having not taken Italian at school, there is a kind of humorous accent to their voices though which suggests it was a set up. The entity looks as big as a person and doesn’t really move in any other way to suggest that it’s anything else other than a bloke that’s slightly shaded and pixelated due to the quality.

    Youtube just ain’t a reliable source for serious cryptid research. If you did capture a strange creature, I think you’d do a little bit of research and send the footage to a credible professional in that field before making it public. I guess we can’t absolutely assure that’s the case, but I would have thought that such footage would appear on youtube after a bit of investigation was done (like a independent website being launched or acknowledgment from people in this field).

  27. shumway10973 responds:

    hey, according to my computer’s translation program what all that says is “sight bottoming drills, purgatorio”.

    That’s right, it didn’t translate purgatorio. Now, if this is from Italy, and is real (have my doubts) then I believe it would have to be some sort of Neanderthal. First of all, I think the creature is too hunched over. The brush and trees aren’t too bad right there, so it wouldn’t need to hunch over so much. Also, it is too short if related to any of the primates that big foot, yeti and almas are suppose to be related to. I don’t know too much about the plant life of Italy, but aren’t those conifers right in front of the camera? Looks like something that could have been filmed right here in my back yard. Also, in all the encounters I have heard of, sasquatch never stopped (within sight of the person) to make “threatening gestures” (I guess that is what it is suppose to be doing at about 3/4 point of the footage). Finally, why is this all of the footage? I can understand being fearful while the thing is within easy steps away, but once it is that far off, wouldn’t you keep filming? It has a definite feel of someone trying their hands at making a movie with their personal video camera.

  28. sausage1 responds:

    Some Italian bloke.

  29. mrsatan responds:

    Looks very fake to me. The motion on the creature is not very good. It looks much to exaggerated and produced. I’m calling foul on this one.

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