Bigfoot Leg or The Leg of Unknown Origin?

Posted by: Craig Woolheater on August 7th, 2006

Does Biscardi have more Bigfoot body parts than just "The Hand of Unknown Origin"?

He has told people that he has uncovered a leg, and is working with others to uncover the rest of the body, supposedly killed and buried on a reservation in Montana. This body, according to Biscardi, has been difficult to recover as it is in pieces.

I found the following article on his searchingforbigfoot website last month. Although I can’t locate it there now, I did save the article, as well as the text from the page where the article was located. Below is the photo that accompanied the article, along with the text. I retyped the text from the article as the scan is really bad and hard to read.

Biscardi Bigfoot Leg

Bigfoot Leg Article

Text of article follows:

Beast spooks residents? Remains unidentified
By Jerry Habets

GLACIER NATIONAL PARK — Reality collided with a decades-old myth this past Oct. 7. A discovery of physical evidence has heightened a mystery connected to random sightings of a tall, furry, human-like animal walking on two legs in this area.

Recently, a ranch dog dragged a leg and entrails into a yard near Glacier Park. The leg muscles were missing, partially eaten by a predator. However, the foot was still intact. The top of the foot was hairless. It resembled a human hand, complete with fingernails, not claws. The bottom of the foot was covered with dark hair and dog-like pads for walking. Hair and tissue samples are being tested by a local scientist to determine the creatures identity.

In July, a local resident, who wishes to remain anonymous, for now, watched a creature walk across a clearing 300 yards from her house.

"It was really tall, slim, and all black. It moved across the clearing with long, smooth strides. The cows were running back and forth acting weird. Sometimes at night, we’ll hear a high-pitched siren-like scream that slowly lowers in pitch ending in a sort of laugh.

Results of forensic tests on the foot will be published in the Nov. Lumen Press.

From Biscardi’s website:

The article above first appeared in the Lumen Press on 10/27/1999. The Searching for Bigfoot Team has contacted the owners of this artifact and interviewed them to get an exclusive story about the history of this unique find. We have obtained the original footage taken of this incredible find and possess sworn affidavits from people involved. The film footage and some of this amazing story will be presented in Searching for Bigfoot Inc.’s upcoming movie BIGFOOT LIVES! The real life story is stranger than fiction! Find out for yourself when you see the movie BIGFOOT LIVES, coming soon to theaters near you!

From what I have been able to uncover, the Lumen Press is the student newspaper of the University of Great Falls, Montana. I have not been able to find any additional information regarding "The Leg of Unknown Origin."

Bigfoot Lives

It is shown briefly in the trailer for Biscardi’s upcoming movie, BIGFOOT LIVES, showing on YouTube. Biscardi also has a myspace page up for the film.

Below are two screen captures of "The Leg of Unknown Origin" taken from the YouTube website.

Biscardi Bigfoot Leg

Biscardi Bigfoot Leg

Is this the leg of a Bigfoot? Is there a body, in pieces, buried on a reservation in Montana, waiting to be uncovered?

About Craig Woolheater
Co-founder of Cryptomundo in 2005. I have appeared in or contributed to the following TV programs, documentaries and films: OLN's Mysterious Encounters: "Caddo Critter", Southern Fried Bigfoot, Travel Channel's Weird Travels: "Bigfoot", History Channel's MonsterQuest: "Swamp Stalker", The Wild Man of the Navidad, Destination America's Monsters and Mysteries in America: Texas Terror - Lake Worth Monster, Animal Planet's Finding Bigfoot: Return to Boggy Creek and Beast of the Bayou.

38 Responses to “Bigfoot Leg or The Leg of Unknown Origin?”

  1. muskrat responds:


  2. dbdonlon responds:

    Oh for the love of Pete..

    In what way does a hairy sole with pads conform to what has been observed?

    I swear he’s a plant out to bring ridicule upon us. Fie!

  3. TemplarKnight21c responds:

    Will somebody please, PLEASE talk some sense into this man?

  4. Ray Soliday responds:

    Biscardi does not have anything. Why do a film, to “prove” the existance of Bigfoot?. No. To make money. If he had anything, he would be on Good Morning America, if he had any proof he would be on anything that his self-promoting %$# could get himself on.

  5. mrdark responds:

    That’s a really tiny tibia for a giant primate. Hell, I think I have him beat.

  6. Melissa responds:

    Biscardi brought up this “leg” with me on more than one occassion during our telephone conversations for an article I was writing about him. I kept quiet about this information – because I was asked to, and I do not discuss things said in confidence. Mr. Biscardi did tell me I could discuss this and the issue of the hand once it was made public by him. So..

    Mr. Biscardi told me one evening he actually left the site of this “dig” to meet with Mr. Monroe to obtain the so called “hand”. I was told this “Leg” had hair and flesh – and looked just like a bigfoot leg would, with just a little decomposition, but not enough to make identification difficult. Judging by these photographs, if this is the leg in question – his description left much to be desired. In fact, he told me the “hand” had hair attached as well.

    I found this whole issue to be very confusing… Biscardi seemed more interested in this “hand” he received from Don Monroe, than he did this “leg” and any other potential pieces of a bigfoot body he may recover on this land in Montana. He never discussed any genetic testing with me that may or may not have been done on the leg – at the time he was still in the process of trying to dig it up (but according to Biscardi, he could see the details of hair, mucles and flesh). According to Biscardi, there are more pieces of a bigfoot body than just this leg buried in Montana.

    Did I believe him – absolutely not. Did I let him talk about it — yes I did. He told me he was flying out an investigator to Montana to evaluate this “leg” (who I will not name, but did arrive in Montana). What that evaluation was, I do not know. My conversations ended with Biscardi.

    Why does Biscardi get this kind of “evidence” – because he is willing to pay for it, and he does not evaluate the evidence before making payment. So, he allows himself to be put in compromising positions. How much he pays for “evidence”, I haven’t the foggiest, I didn’t care enough to ask that question.

    Keep your blinders on folks – this is not the end of this.

    Templarknight- you won’t talk sense into Mr. Biscardi. In the mind of Biscardi, he is the only true researcher in this field.

  7. Fisheslayer_84 responds:

    Now this is intresting, first a hand and now a leg, is this guy for real? I have two big problems with this pics.

    #1. In all of the pictures there is nothing to compare size to. If you want to get real picky, the boards on the table/bench, what ever the “Leg” is resting on, those boards are probably 2×6’s. no way to be absolutely sure, but its something. And if I’m right and the boards are only six inches wide then that there foot is only about 9 ins long, about half the length of “normal” bf tracks.

    #2. In reports and eyewitness statements BF is estimated to be at least 7ft tall, sometimes even reaching 9ft, and his weight is estimated between 300 and 500 lbs. So why are the ankles and shins so small? A creature weighing upwards of 350 would have thicker ankles to support the weight. The black bear has thick ankle joint than what’s shown in the picture and a bear walks on all fours and black bears barely break the 300 lbs mark.

    Thats my thoughts anyways. I have mentioned in other posts that I do taxidermy work. My guess as to what the leg belongs to is a mountain lion. Hopefully someone who reads this knows something about felid anatomy, or traps or hunts. It’s hard to explain, I guess.

    Thats enough for now, Biscardi really gets me heated!!

  8. Mausinn responds:

    Look closely at this whole thing. The article was written in 1999. TB says so himself, 10/27/99. That makes it almost 7 years ago. He says he has exclusive FOOTAGE of the find from back then, not the actual object. Unless it has be cryogenically frozen, it would have been a lot more decomposed by now and worthless. Also it stated that hair and flesh samples are being sent for scientific analysis. Yet no report on that analysis has been brought forth in over 6 years. What ever TB has on his hands is almost certainly not the same object that is in the news report. Also this if from a college newspaper, not the national wires, so a college prank is more in the realm of reality here than an actual finding. Poor ol Tom, duped again. Will he ever learn?

    I lean very heavily towards another weak attempt at self promotion for his little film. He must think most people don’t pay attention to detail, then again, maybe he’s right.

  9. chrisandclauida2 responds:

    please someone stop the madness.

    someone help. is there anyone out there?

  10. jayman responds:

    There was similar hoo-ha from Russia a while back about a “Yeti leg” which turned out to be from a bear.

    This looks more like a prop from a bad zombie movie.

  11. Dark-Obsessor responds:

    Not again! i agree with Fisheslayer_84’s little dossier on the leg. It seems too small. I doubt it heavily. And these excuses are pitiful: “it’s in pieces…”? Come on…I dunno if I believe this.

  12. shovethenos responds:

    If it is authentic it doesn’t look like its from a traditional “Bigfoot” – it looks like one of the toes is opposable rather than lined up with the other toes. But I guess I shouldn’t bother discussing it, if he had conclusive DNA reports it would be plastered all over the website, right?

  13. One Eyed Cat responds:

    “…The bottom of the foot was covered with dark hair and dog-like pads for walking…”

    Has any sign of pads been noted in any believed tracks? Aside from the ‘foots’ size this stood out to me.

    Ah the flake goes on. He keeps this up and he may find himself in jail until the proper authorities have ID all the parts to make sure he’s not some serial killer! Of course that would reveal all his secrets.

  14. Mnynames responds:

    The thing looks small, but does appear to be something like that of a primate, if you want my opinion. Perhaps a chimp? In any case, I think at best we have an OOP primate here. Slightly more likely is that someone came upon or raided the grave of a show chimp. Oddly enough, I think it is interesting enough, on the face of it, to warrant further investigation, but I wouldn’t expect much to come of it at all.

    And may I ask the obvious question as to how anyone can call Biscardi an investigator when he never investigates anything?- he shows up, self-promotes, and leaves. Seldom does he return, and even then not for very long, even when he claims the evidence is compelling.

  15. pentagramma responds:

    That reminds me of that old joke, about the RAF officer on the Germany camp. 😉

  16. One Eyed Cat responds:

    Mnynames, Biscardi’s title of investigator is self given.

  17. oldbutnotstupid responds:

    Here we go again. Biscardi is proof you don’t need a full moon for idiots to appear. why post garbage concerning this kook. he’s not worth the time or effort.

  18. EastexQueenB responds:

    Aside from the fact that it looks like something totally NOT BF, wouldn’t there have been some major negative feedback from those living on the reservation? “…is working with others to uncover the rest of the body, supposedly killed and buried on a reservation in Montana.” For some reason, I don’t think this would have been done without objection from those who live there.


  19. Illuvatar responds:

    Ahhhhhh Biscardi has uncovered the body of a monster! With the paws of a bear and legs of a mountain lion this creature must be a horror to behold. I wonder what other body parts he will find which belong to this horrid being.

  20. Mnynames responds:

    I hate to say this, but I think we ignore Biscardi at our own peril. For many reasons, this man needs to be watched, not the least of which because he gives a bad name to us all, professional and novice alike…

  21. Mnynames responds:

    We need to keep talking about his idiotic behaviour, if only so that anyone googling his name (And considering his passion for self-promotion, he may be chief among them) will learn just how “world-renowned” he really is, and what he is truly renowned for…

  22. Illuvatar responds:

    Well I googled Tom Biscardi and I found Biscardi BS until the 6th link. The 8th link was a Cryptomundo link. So we’re on the first page at least

  23. khat responds:

    I lived in Butte MT for awhile, and I do believe that the police dept. would have given Biscardi a bag with “hands” in it. This state is not capable of dealing with a situation of this magnitude. As for the leg, yes it’s probably just that. You are dealing with people who are living in fairly wild conditions surrounding them, just as far as some of the city limits. As far as they are concerned, if it looks dangerous kill it! I had an experience of 2 deputies telling me that if a burglar returned to shoot him/kill him and call them to drag his body inside and then it would be “legal” because I felt “threatened”. So if someone killed a bigfoot

    1) they would have to deal with legalities

    2) local Flathead Indians who hold him sacred

  24. moregon responds:

    I only count 4 toes. Looking at the top photo, taken from the left side of the foot, only 3 toes are visible. The bottom photo taken from the right side of the foot shows a smaller toe now visible and the first of the larger. 3+1=4 in my book..where’s the fifth? Speaking of fifths, a few more of these Biscardi discoveries and I just might start downing one a day to help me forget about him!

  25. moregon responds:

    I should clarify, when I said left side of the foot, I meant as you look at it, the photo would be actually the right side physically and vice-versa for the other statement.

  26. crypto_randz responds:

    GOOD OBSERVATIONS EVERYBODY. I look at the photos, I’m just not sure, it does look human like. It’s a close call., Tom is sure finding alot of interesting things. Lets see what he finds the next time?

  27. mysticrhythms responds:

    My goodness, Barnum and Bailey have rolled into town again. I sincerely wish this fraud was locked away before he could continue to harm serious research in the way that he does. Mr. Biscardi cares nothing about these creatures other than he can try to make money and a name for himself. The only TRUE thing this self styled “world renown” bigfoot expert has done, is make the whole subject look ridiculous. What’s next a “genuine” bigfoot head? He makes me physically sick.

  28. shumway10973 responds:

    With all the talk about the reservation in south dakota and the people’s reverence for big foot, I just thought about something–shouldn’t someone get him in trouble? If the hand came from a bear of anykind, and he takes it with him to Texas, he can be arrested. It is illegal to have possession of anything bear in Texas, unless you are a native american. Isn’t there some laws about possessing theses pieces of animal, whether it actually is big foot’s or not? Really truly, if that did come from a big foot, that would have to be a child. There is no way that whole bone structure would hold me up (5’8″ approx. 180LBs). I am sorry to say that he might be on to something here though, all this time we have been looking for a live creature. Maybe if we were able to find a corpse, not only could we prove their existance, but also do indepth studies on their physical layout and makeup.

  29. Ole Bub responds:

    Clear as mud…to ole bub…

    TB…may have found Grendelbearcatspaw…a cryptic beast…the missing link…to sasquatch….damn he dug too deep…JMHO

    Ma…that damn dawg dug up another leg…call TB…baby needs a new pair of shoes…LOL

    No Bucks…No bigfoot…

    Ole bub and the dawgs

  30. shadowparks responds:

    manbearpig. that’s what it is. LOL

  31. Illuvatar responds:

    it is a manbearpig! i’m totally cereal!

  32. Sky King responds:

    Fisheslayer, I think the whatever is sitting on a flat rock or sidewalk. Doesn’t look like wood to me.

  33. twblack responds:

    once a yahoo always a yahoo.

  34. crypto_randz responds:

    I agree with Illuvatar hand from MANBEARPIG it does look almost human to animal.

  35. harleyb responds:

    I don’t think I’d go in the woods with Biscardi since all these body parts are showing up would you? Who knows though he could be the real deal ha ha hahaaa!!

  36. Jeremy_Wells responds:

    So *ahem* what ever became of the supposed DNA tests on this one?

    (or, like with the hand, does it matter, since “too degraded to determine” now equals “it’s a bigfoot”?)

  37. Craig Woolheater responds:


    I did post an update here at Cryptomundo a week ago regarding this “evidence”.

    The information I had was taken off of Biscardi’s website, so take it for what it’s worth.

  38. Metal_WolfReaper responds:

    You guys should really watch the movie before you judge him or 2d photos. The foot is real, you all are idiots if you think a bigfoot is born 9 feet tall with 5 foot long legs. What do you think the parent bigfoot just explodes a half a ton adult bigfoot out of its euturus? I don’t think so, if you are worthy at all to make a scientific analysis or opinion you would have realized it could be an adolescent or infant creature. The people who had footage of the leg are normal people, my friends uncle is the guy who found the leg and took footage of it and he is a minister. They have nothing to gain, they are honest people looking for answers. they sent the leg to be examined before bailey got there but the researchers said they couldn’t identify it and thats the last they heard of the leg. they didn’t even put it in the paper like they said they would (the researchers). You can’t see in those pictures but there are 5 toes with toe nails. the feet are also webbed which is weird. its probably about 3 1/2 feet long, the foot is probably around 13 inches in length. Anyways the story gets weirder, my friend told me his uncle, the guy who took the footage, said the FBI came to his house and told him not to talk about the foot or he would be in trouble and get fined. If anyone knows how to screen capture from a dvd player program I will post some better pictures where you can see the toes and toe nails. I’m sure that won’t be too illega since they show it anyway on the youtube preview.

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