More Info: Boaters Spot Ogopogo

Posted by: Craig Woolheater on April 29th, 2015

Cryptomundian Spookysr has tipped us off to an article with additional information about this Ogopogo sighting last week.

Sounds like a 50′ version of a Zeugladon Whale (aka Basilosaurus). She describes it “blowing” 4-times like a whale either before or after diving deep. In her case it dove downward under the boat. Many years ago some guys in a boat saw it breech out of the water to catch a bird. It too looked like a Basilosaurus. A women at a shoreline house watch something like this wash ashore to capture some sort of prey and she described it as snakelike or even Crocodilian. So it sounds like Okanagan may be home to some living fossils. The lake is deep enough and has more than enough fish and birds to support a family of Basilosaurus. Pliesosaurs would look very different. Reported behavior is all wrong for them. Looks like they did not die off in Late Eocene period. There are some extant creatures from Late Eocene today: Hystricognatha.

We can now add Basilosaurus to that extant list. Maybe even Lake Champlain Vermont/NY USA may also have a family of Basilosaurus. But too many head and neck photos and eyewitnesses suggest Pliesosaur or Elasmosaur like Loch Ness and Loch Morar in Scotland UK. Or it may be both?

~ Spookysr

Gary Nylander
Marie Letourneau, left, and Suzie St-Cyr Cowley describe their experience of seeing the legendary Ogopogo while boating on Okanagan Lake on Tuesday (April 21, 2015).

A sea serpent that slithered along the surface of Okanagan Lake has convinced two women that Ogopogo lives.

The long, slender animal swam toward West Kelowna about 35 metres behind their pontoon boat Tuesday (April 21, 2015) afternoon, said Suzie St.-Cyr Cowley, who watched it for 90 seconds before it dove.

She was talking on the phone and had her back turned when her friend Marie Letourneau heard a strange sound and stared at the creature as its body made sine waves while piercing the water toward shore.

“When I turn around, I saw the peaks of his back … I saw the head and everything. It was long, long long, and I said ‘Omigod! It’s Ogopogo!’”

The animal was almost black and had a snake-like head, the women say. It was about 15 metres from head to tail and travelled about the speed of a human walking fast.

“It was swimming up. Usually a snake goes side to side. This one went up and down,” said St.-Cyr Cowley, 56. “You could see four or five peaks of his back.

“It was like a wave going up and down … You could see it all, almost at the same time, following like a wave. It was so long. Unbelievable.”

Letourneau, who speaks no English, lives in Quebec City and is visiting the Okanagan for a conference. She imitated the blowing noise the creature made by making staccato exhalations, each about four seconds long, one after the other.

Read the rest of the article here: Ogopogo comes back to life

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2 Responses to “More Info: Boaters Spot Ogopogo”

  1. PoeticsOfBigfoot responds:

    Yep, from this report we can definitively conclude there are giant whales living in the lake. You can’t argue with logic, can you?

  2. dconstrukt responds:

    PoeticsOfBigfoot – interesting, right?

    swimming up and down vs side to side slither

    and blowing 4 times before going down.

    ok… that doesn’t sound like a snake.

    more like a mammal, right?

    I mean fish don’t blow out air like that, only mammal’s do.

    but then if it needed to breathe air, you’d expect a LOT more sightings.

    a LOT more.

    plus the way whales/dolphin speak, it can be picked up by devices now… so why isn’t there anything out there on it?

    so what gives?

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