Ely Sasquatch Sketches

Posted by: Craig Woolheater on March 22nd, 2006

Loren and I have both written about this new video from Ely MN. Loren’s post was titled Ely Sasquatch Video and mine was titled New Bigfoot Video or What?

The video has been discussed extensively here and over at Bigfoot Forums

One of the posters there has sketched what he sees in the video.

Is this what you see? Or do you still see something else?

Ely Sasquatch Sketch

Click above image for full-size image

Ely Sasquatch Sketch

Ely Sasquatch Sketch

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13 Responses to “Ely Sasquatch Sketches”

  1. kanghi416 responds:

    I saw the video on the Coast to Coast AM website and I will admit that is it hard to make out details. However, to my untrained eyes, it looks like a bear. Did you notice how once it got to the top of the hill it did not stay on 2 feet for long? It looked like it dropped to all fours and kept going. Also, not only did the hair look long, but the legs did not look like those of a biped.

  2. mega_maverick_hunter responds:

    At first glance at the video it does look fake, I thought it was fake. But after I looked at these pictures and watched the video again, I have changed my mind. You can clearly see the bigfoot pick up a baby and walk off. This is why it is stumbling, because it is holding the baby bigfoot. So now the only way for it to be fake is someone dressed themselves and a baby (or a small child) in a gorilla suit and faked the video. But who would go through that trouble and can you buy child size gorilla suits? This video makes me even more belive there is a bigfoot and maybe it can win over skeptics.

  3. Mule responds:

    Much like the last comment in Loren Coleman’s article, my first impression on watching the video was of a guy in a ghillie suit.

    I only got a few pages into the discussion on the Bigfoot Forums, but it’s very doubtful that it was a bear, in January in northern Minnesota. Sightings of black bears out of hybernation up in this area in the winter are probably rarer than sasquatch sightings.

  4. aaha responds:

    At first I thought that it was someone off in the woods at a Minnesota Vikings pre-game tailgate party, but now I’m not so sure….

  5. Lu Ann Lewellen responds:

    IM index, anyone? Long hair on an animal in winter doesn’t bother me, nor does a more spread-out trackway, especially in snow.

    Was the film owner spotted buying furs in the vicinity?

    Paul, the administrator on BFF has offered to host a hi-res version. Hopefully that will be forthcoming.If the owner is serious, he should welcome the offer. Seems safe now that the film is copyrighted.

  6. MojoHotep responds:

    I will buy into this one for now. Either good hoax or the real thing.
    Not many choices here. Absolutely not a bear.

  7. Jack D. responds:

    I watched that video (the enhanced version) many times and what I see is different than any opinions posted here. What I see is the subject bend down to grab a heavy object that lays just to the left of the tree. Then the subject drags it behind him/her. As the subject turns to the left, I see the dragged object following in a jerky motion. I’m wondering if it is dragging a deer???? This would account for the stumbling gait. If I were dragging a heavy object, like a deer, I believe my gait would be similar. Being a hunter, I’ve dragged many deer in my life and altough I’ve never filmed myself, I’m sure that’s what my movements would look like.

    I’m not convinced either way….time of day, if accurate, leaves me wondering why a hoax at that time of day?

  8. shovethenos responds:

    They’re interesting drawings, but in my opinion there’s not nearly enough detail in the footage to make the assumptions the artist makes.

    As others have said the animal in question could be dragging or carrying a carcass just as easily as a young animal. Of course it could still be a hoax as well.

    A check of the BFRO map of MN shows that the documented activity in MN seems to be in the general vicinity of where the footage was allegedly filmed.

  9. halfshaft responds:

    Something I noticed..the camera must have thermal imaging capabilities.
    You can see “hot” spots on the ground as it walks, stumbles, limps, or whatever after it picks up each foot.
    Is it correct to assume that this would exclude a costume that covers the bottom of the feet, or shoes?

  10. paperdragon responds:

    halfshaft, I think what you are seeing is not ‘hot spots’ but prints that have been pushed through some sort of groud cover, possibly a layer of pine needles. As ‘it’ stepped on the layer it probably pushed the needles into the print revealing the white of the snow. If the camera had had thermal properties the body of the creature would have been glowing too, with or without a suit on.

  11. mosas responds:

    I don’t think it picked up anything, especially not from between its legs because there are no visible indentations or features in the snow to confirm this. When it walks away you can only see the subject’s own tracks in the snow. I think its heavy winter fur on its legs simply give the impression of something additional there when in fact there’s nothing more than the subject. IMHO.

  12. jayman responds:

    You can definitely see the indentation in the snow from where the subject, whatever it is, picks up something. This indentation is clearly visible on the zoomed version. It is larger than the tracks and appears to their right. The subject seems to throw whatever it picks up over its shoulder, at least to me.

  13. Mnynames responds:

    Yeah, sorry, but I don’t see this at all.

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