Oklahoma Bigfoot Game Camera Photos

Posted by: Craig Woolheater on June 12th, 2006

The following photos were given to a Bigfoot enthusiast from Southeastern Oklahoma. They were taken by a friend of his and were purported to have been taken from a game camera that was positioned in the Kiamichi Mountains north of Antlers, OK on May 28, 2006.

It is clear to see that the photos were not taken by a game camera, as the position changes from shot to shot.

It looks like the subject is having a hard time keeping the pants of his ape suit pulled up. Maybe this is the style of the young gangsta’ Bigfoot! 

Oklahoma Game Camera Photo

Click on image for full-size version

Oklahoma Game Camera Photo

Enlargement of subject in above photo

Oklahoma Game Camera Photo

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Oklahoma Game Camera Photo

Enlargement of subject in above photo

Oklahoma Game Camera Photo

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Oklahoma Game Camera Photo

Enlargement of subject in above photo

Photos posted with the written consent of the person that has possession of the original photos.

Real or hoax? What do you think? 

About Craig Woolheater
Co-founder of Cryptomundo in 2005. I have appeared in or contributed to the following TV programs, documentaries and films: OLN's Mysterious Encounters: "Caddo Critter", Southern Fried Bigfoot, Travel Channel's Weird Travels: "Bigfoot", History Channel's MonsterQuest: "Swamp Stalker", The Wild Man of the Navidad, Destination America's Monsters and Mysteries in America: Texas Terror - Lake Worth Monster, Animal Planet's Finding Bigfoot: Return to Boggy Creek and Beast of the Bayou.

67 Responses to “Oklahoma Bigfoot Game Camera Photos”

  1. alc01 responds:

    Hey it is Okiehoma – what do you expect?

  2. beartrapper responds:

    I grew up about 30mi west of the area in Atoka OK. This part of the state is heavily timbered and there are not many roads for access and many places only the natives have seen.
    The story of the “Bugaboo” have been told around campfires for as long as I can remember, and the legend goes back to the Indians.
    I’ve hunted, fished and camped in the area many times and personally never seen anything. Having said that, I did hear what I think was a “bigfoot” once while hunting in the area, it is still a chilling memory 30yrs later.
    However, I do not think these photos are real. The subject of gamecams are rarely in the center of the frame, and the native wildlife such as deer and coyotes have a reddish color to their coats.

  3. nano responds:

    The poor guy is struggling with his zipper, don’t you know. It’s tough when you get all those synthetic hairs tangled up in there. Then again, maybe he’s doubling up in laughter…

  4. DGroup responds:

    Ever notice how in many photos taken by stationary cameras the object in question is usually centered perfectly, yet just far enough away to prevent detailed examination? I’m not saying this always indicates a hoax, but . . .

  5. DWA responds:

    sssssssh. He’s deep in thought, is what he is. Let us not disturb the Big One.

    Note the kicking of vegetation. Note the hands in pockets. Note the sensitivity of the costume-makers, realizing Sas must do SOMETHING with his hands.

    Looks like an evolutionary deadend to me.

    But I’m waiting for someone to explain that the reason he’s perfectly centered in the shot is that he MATERIALIZED there, from the Fourth Dimension, as a message to us Earthlings about the damage we are doing to our home.

  6. Sassafrasquatch responds:

    WOW..this specimen has been eating from a fastfood dumpster!! Perhaps he is a sub-species of Sas..lets call him Sasafatsquatch! Instead of rocks he throws hamburger buns..he does not treeknock.. he burps or..passes gas to the same effect. He lurks about fastfood joints peering into drivethrough windows perhaps even mimicking orders through the drivethrough intercom.

  7. ultra_humanite responds:

    Undoubtably the most compelling evidence I have ever seen…

  8. ghost responds:

    ok, if real, and i seriously doubt it, it sure looks like ole bigfoot got the boot by mrs. bigfoot. The way it looks in the first photo, he has his hands in his pockets, looking down to the ground, and maybe ready to just lose his sorrows in some jim and coke. If fake, damn, who ever faked it needs to make sure they get their size right the next time they borrow a costume from the costume shop. latta

  9. jacinto responds:

    Guys, don’t make us laugh, ja, ja

  10. Shadowbat responds:

    I disagree that the subject is taking baby steps. If this were video footage instead of still pictures you would clearly see that he is moonwalking.

  11. Skylaark responds:

    The intense concentration, the astounding physical similarity to Homer Simpson…the poor creature is obviously looking for a beer.

  12. axobi1 responds:

    I did not know Bigfoot wore Bell Bottoms baggys. Where did he get it at??

  13. timi_hendrix responds:

    Its got good height, and good distance and scale. Bad movements.. and for some reason the camera moves??????????????????????????

    Which makes it look very guilty

  14. The Crypto Kid responds:

    Well I just talked to Ray Wallace’ son and he says that HE wore the suit here! I’m sorry but I just couldn’t help it!

  15. Walkyrie Dallas responds:

    I can’t even believe we’re all taking the time to comment on this rediculous piece of bungled hoaxery! This individual has the loosest skin I’ve ever seen – look how it sags and wrinkles at the armpit area.

  16. rekrap48 responds:

    This “Bigfoot” seems to have frequented the local dumpster at McDonalds one to many times!! An obvious “thrown-together” hoax!

  17. swlambut responds:

    I think these people were very desperate to make the news.

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