Bigfoot in Paris, TX

Posted by: Craig Woolheater on July 21st, 2006

As I mentioned in my earlier post regarding Tom Biscardi’s lawsuit, there was breaking news that he was on to something in Paris, TX.

This was alluded to in the article by the San Jose Mercury News, which reported the following:

The Mercury News reached Biscardi by cell phone Monday. He was Bigfoot hunting just outside Paris, Texas. He didn’t much want to talk about his lawsuit, which he considers his "private business.’’

But he was in a high state of excitement. The crew had a Bigfoot sighting Sunday night. Biscardi said they had found a spot that looks like "Jurassic Park,’’ and saw — guess who? — yep, Bigfoot. Biscardi said he’s had five "close encounters’’ with a Bigfoot in his career, but nothing like this.

"I gotta tell you something,’’ he said, "this is the largest thing I’ve ever seen in my life.’’

Biscardi said television captured its image and he figures the find will hit the national news today or Thursday.

Posted on Biscardi’s website Wednesday was the following:

This is JavaBob. As you all know, we have been on expedition out to Wisconsin and surrounding areas. On our way back to California, we stopped in Paris Texas to pick up a couple of photographs to augment our footage from our last visit. While in Paris, we met with some of the people we met on our first visit. They told us there had been some recent activity in the area and took us out to see…

This was the beginning of the most amazing experience I have ever had! We went out to the lake in early evening and in about ten minutes, we began finding footprints… soon after dark, we began seeing creatures moving around us in the dark with the night scopes! We chased several of them trying to get close enough to take pictures with the infrared cameras, but they are way to fast for us!!!…. The entire crew was in total shock! We decided to cast some of the prints and go back to the motel and develop a plan! We made arrangements to stay longer and prepared more of our equipment. The next morning, we contacted the press. We told them we had had some activity out there and invited them to come and see what we found for themselves.

A reporter from ABC / CNN came out to meet us. His name is Bob Hallmark, as it turns out, Bob is an ex Navy Seal…. Actually from the original UDT. On our way out to show him the site from the night before, Mr. Hallmark asked me to explain to him why he should believe that “Bigfoot” really exists… I told him it is not up to me to convince anyone… We only invited him along to see what we see, when we see it. To experience what we experience as we experience it and he can make up his own mind. Little did I know, that we would see and experience such amazing things that evening!

We arrived just about dusk. On the way down to where we planned on parking the rigs, we stopped to photograph a sign on the edge of the park, warning about possible unexploded ordinance in the area. A young man, about 15 years old came riding his bike past us. He noticed the signs on the side of our rig and stopped to share his story with us. He told us that he has seen a large hairy animal crossing the road towards the lake on a regular basis. He told us the first time he saw it, he smelled it first… it crossed in front of him and he ran all the way home… now he no longer stays out there at night! We have the interview on film and you all can see it when we get back. We drove on down to the lake and began to unload our gear. Bob Hallmark from ABC / CNN unloaded his cameras and we started down towards the lake. It was almost dark and we looked out over a site that could have come directly from the movie “Jurassic Park”! We could see a lake that stretched out to the horizon. Close to shore it was very shallow and was thick with reeds, tree stumps, and the biggest lily pads I have ever seen. Some of the lilies where at least two feet in diameter and had flower stalks standing about 3 or 4 feet into the air. Leading up to the water line was loamy, light clay like mud bank about twenty yards wide. The aquatic plants still growing in it. We could find fresh water clamshells bigger than a mans hand lying around. I actually found a live clam near the surface and picked it up… it must have weighed 3-4 pounds! I never knew fresh water clams could reach this size! Within minutes, we began to find more fresh foot prints! We measured them and they were over 15 inches long and 7 inches wide at the widest point. The prints headed out towards the water line. They had a heel-to-heel stride of over 57 inches!

Bob Hallmark was very impressed and set up to photograph us taking casts of the prints. However, that is only the beginning! Soon we could find finger scratch marks in the mud. We could see where a creature was scrapping through he mud looking for clams! We found the holes where something had dug up clams and then the shells discarded near by! We found pairs of footprints next to the holes…. They were everywhere we looked! Tom took out the thermal imager and began scanning the area. Within minutes he found a heat silhouette standing in the water several hundred yards out! This was the largest creature we had ever seen. It was so large it nearly filled the screen on the thermal imager. So large and clear, that Bob Hallmark was able to see it on the screen from several yards away from Tom! We all took off running towards the best area to see the creature, but it ran away so fast, that we lost it within minutes.

Mr. Hallmark was shocked! He had come as a total skeptic, but now knew what we all knew… He was so blown away, that he put himself on film stating that he came as a skeptic, but since going out with Tom Biscardi and the Searching for Bigfoot team…. He is now a believer!!!

I am currently putting all the films and documentation together and I will do an update for the web within a couple of days… I will send a couple of photos of the prints so you can all see what we found.

This is the most amazing experience I have ever had… The three digit temperatures, the swarming biting bugs, the humidity, and the scrapes and bumps I received running through the dark are a very small price to pay for this nights work! I am so proud to be part of this!!!! See you all soon and I will share more details as soon as I can… JavaBob

Lamar Point Bigfoot

Click on image for full-size version

Tom and Tom Jr. with a couple of prints.

Lamar Point Bigfoot

Click on image for full-size version

A pair of prints near the water line

Lamar Point Bigfoot

Click on image for full-size version

Part of whole series of prints heading toward the clam beds

While these footprints look interesting, I have seen many coming out of that area that look very similiar. I will share photos of those very soon… 

Well, the television coverage was aired on Thursday on KLTV 7, the ABC affiliate out of Tyler-Longview-Jacksonville, TX.

Update: The video of Thursday night’s newscast is available from the station’s website at: KLTV 7

Here is what Bob Hallmark’s report had to say:

Those who live in the remote area are frightened at the sounds and sightings of a mysterious creature. I went along with a group called, "searching for bigfoot", who ultimately plan to prove the beast’s existence by "capturing it". The sole purpose of this 12 man research team is to prove the existence of something that, according to science, does not exist. 

"When you get the sasquatch bug after seeing one of these creatures it stays with you for a long time, I’ve had 5 encounters over 33 years. I personally believe that this thing is derived from the yeti in the Hymalaya’s" said team leader Tom Biscardi.

As a reporter I’m not a believer in bigfoot, with technological advances i believe if it was out there we would have found it by now. 10 miles north of Paris Texas, is a swamp that looks like something prehistoric, and it’s here that locals say a hairy ape-like giant is roaming.

"I skate board here a couple of nights, and i saw something fly across the road by where the gates are and it just shoots into the woods" said 15 year old eyewitness Ryan Johnson.

Casts have been made of numerous footprints discovered by the swamp shore. Some "18" inches long. The night before, the team had encountered something standing in the swamp, startling some members who were skeptics to begin with.

"We started looking at it through the thermal imager and i-r scope , what i saw was something that appeared to stand up real fast then squat back down" said New York private investigator and skeptical team member, Stephen Kulls.

For 33 years, Biscardi has been searching for the elusive beast known by many names, sasquatch , bushman, bigfoot. He believes there may be as many as 35-hundred of these creatures roaming north America. This night, the team found more massive footprints, and what look like hundreds of dug out areas in the sand, and hundreds of broken mussel shells, or fresh water clam shells.

"They’re digging them up and they’re eating clams" Tom says.

Working on eyewitness accounts, the team set out to find what might be out there, using state of the art equipment such as thermal imaging cameras, motion and heat detectors, high powered listening devices.

"No matter what you get on film it’s always going to be disputed, the only way is through d-n-a or a body" says Kulls.

Suddenly a large heat signature appears in the swamp. The team is sure it’s what they’re looking for, not to photograph, but to capture!

Biscardi lead his team to a sighting, "there he is straight ahead, he’s moving right now he’s moving right now, straight to the trees, he’s moving into the trees, come here, into the trees right now".

In the dark of night, a big shadow moves through the woods, as quickly as it was there, it was gone. But what was it? and what was it doing here? Biscardi says, for the simplest of reasons.

"They have an abundance of vegetation and abundance of food, water" says Biscardi.

They tried enticing whatever was out there with a recording of an alleged bigfoot taken in the Sierra Nevada’s.

There was movement, but no animals. For me there was an uneasy sense of eyes being on us. Limbs crashing down in the distance. I was skeptical before tonight, but after seeing the footprints and the scratch marks and dig marks and seeing something that i think was very big and moving at a high rate of speed through the woods, I may have to rethink that. Biscardi also claims that a hand he has in his possesion is the actual severed hand of a bigfoot.

"What you’re seeing here is a hand turned over to us by a guy named Don Monroe, longtime bigfoot researcher, the Butte Montana police department tested it , found out it wasn’t human" he says.

"I feel that theres alot of evidence that points that something exists, alot more than evidence that suggests something doesn’t exist" Kulls says.

Could it be a hoax? Could someone be faking the prints? Biscardi says no!

"This is the most interesting thing that you’re going to find you’ve got dermal ridges in this thing on the soles of the feet, you can’t fake that" Tom says.

Dermal ridges are the creases that define the palm and bottom of the foot. If it’s a hoax, someone is going to a lot of trouble to fool researchers, and frighten the public. If it’s not a hoax, then something is out in these woods.

"Big foot is alive and well, and we’re going to find him" Biscardi says.

Biscardi’s team is funded by private donation. If you in their search organization, you can log on to their web site at .   We did talk with the Butte Montana police department today. They confirmed they had tested the "mysterious" hand and did find that it was "not" human. However their test was inconclusive as to "what" it was.

Bob Hallmark, Reporting

So we are back to claiming that "The Hand of Unknown Origin" is a Bigfoot hand again? I will have more info on the Paris, TX Bigfoot situation here on Cryptomundo. Stay tuned…there’s lots more in store…

About Craig Woolheater
Co-founder of Cryptomundo in 2005. I have appeared in or contributed to the following TV programs, documentaries and films: OLN's Mysterious Encounters: "Caddo Critter", Southern Fried Bigfoot, Travel Channel's Weird Travels: "Bigfoot", History Channel's MonsterQuest: "Swamp Stalker", The Wild Man of the Navidad, Destination America's Monsters and Mysteries in America: Texas Terror - Lake Worth Monster, Animal Planet's Finding Bigfoot: Return to Boggy Creek and Beast of the Bayou.

25 Responses to “Bigfoot in Paris, TX”

  1. Ole Bub responds:

    Wonderful…a fool with a former “SEAL” mediaman stumbles into an area folks have been squawking about for years….and voila…there’s the big fella….with a clam on the half shell…bon appetit…

    This is an area just north of Boggy Creek and south the alluvial flood plain of the Red River…very primordial…”even a blind hawg finds an acorn anow and then”….

    seeing is believing….

    ole bub and the dawgs

  2. fredfacker responds:

    Since they’ve apparently stopped bothering trying to get a picture of bigfoot, I’d like to see pictures of these giant clams and lily pads. Then maybe judging from their embellishments of those descriptions I can calibrate my BS meter for the rest of what Biscardi reports.

  3. Xeno2814 responds:

    *sigh* For some reason, this just feels like the old “Well, we saw something last night but didn’t get any video, but hey, now we got some noises in the woods.” bit. I mean, when you get right down to it, all the reporter ‘saw’ was a large thermal image (No mention of how distinct it actually was) and a larger shadow running into the woods. After that, they lost track of it. Just to play Devil’s advocate, it’s possible Biscardi just had someone stand in the water wearing something that trapped heat to pump up the temperature, then run into the woods before splitting off in another direction that Biscardi didn’t follow. *shrug* Sure, it takes some planning, but it could be done.

    And as far as it being a hoax, the only claim they have that it’s NOT is BISCARDI’S? Did this reporter not do ANY research into the claims and conflicts surrounding Biscardi? And there’s absolutely, 100% no way to fake dermal ridges on a footprint? I mean, if you leave clear marks of the ridges on your shoes when you walk through mud, couldn’t someone, I don’t know, make feet ‘shoes’ that had dermal ridges?

    Heh. Sorry if this sounds disjointed, but I just got up…

  4. One Eyed Cat responds:

    Hallmark should be commended for keeping a cival tone to his report. Although if he should happen to this site, I suspect TB’s credibility with him would take a serious nose dive over the ‘Hand’.

    Granted, there could be something there, but I suspect Hallmark has a better chance of finding something solid by himself than with TB.

  5. Miseryoak responds:

    Good ole Tom Biscardi …. Ruining it for everyone!

  6. Ole Bub responds:

    The really sad part….because TB get some funding…he has visibilty…which means he gets called when there is local activity…the area he happened to stumble into is a part of a very active ArkLaTex…perfect remote habitat…like I said earlier…even a blind hawg finds an acorn now and then….this why we need to raise help bona fide researchers raise some funds…no bucks…no bigfoot…JMHO

    seeing is believing…ask TB

    ole bub and the dawgs

  7. chrisandclauida2 responds:

    i have said it before. irony is a man who hoaxes Bigfoot pictures and video actually catching the real thing out of a purely accidental set of circumstances.

    biscardi goes to all the hot spots to advertise that he is there cause he is the foremost expert on the subject. then he goes out and accidentally stumbles on the proof. muuhhhaaaaahahah. would that be an eternal pain in the ars.

    biscardi may have hoaxed to sighting who knows. i wont believe a thing he says until a body is on display and verified by independent sources in the public’s view. no i got a report that says its real.

    biscardi bumbles and stumbles his way to the truth.could it happen thru no honest attempt of his own. sure it could, but god i hope not. i want some life long researcher who never had a decent encounter to drive in harry and the Henderson’s style with Bigfoot on the hood.

    i dont want some ignoramus who is the scum line in the Bigfoot worlds toilet to be so incompetent that he stumbles onto the proof. i hear enough of their crap as it is.

    i can see it now. biscardi is out there saying to the man who will be in the costume, when i bring the reporter thru here i will build it up by showing the prints and finger marks i placed thru this line. when i get to this rock i want you to be hiding in the water there. then when i point the camera at you run out of the water in that dir… oh my god whats that… just at that time a 60 year old bigfoot stumbles out of the same tree line that biscardi is telling is hoaxing buddy to run to. it meanders up to biscardi, who is in the process of filling is pants with feces, and drops dead at his feet.

    please god dont let it happen

  8. Illuvatar responds:

    This is BS. This moron Javabob always says every encounter is like some miracle. He was all hyped like this about those Hans Mobius pictures (ya the one with the afro). This Biscardi guy has a case of Freeman infection.

  9. robzilla responds:

    They had me till they mentioned the hand.

  10. Craig Woolheater responds:

    Talk to the hand…

  11. Jeremy_Wells responds:


  12. Dark-Obsessor responds:

    That hand…. compared to the feet and other appendages a sasquatch would have, that is horribley small. Also, you can easily fake dermal ridges by casting a human foot and carefully working with it until hard, then molding it into a rubber form of a human foot and expanding it in water. I saw that on Discovery Channel

    That hand is… iffy

  13. greywolf responds:

    Well our old buddy T.B. has done it again…who: T.B. and crew, in texas ,invite press, and walla find BF, tracks, big clams etc. The only thing we did not see was the IR heat image that was BIG. Great TV news cast though..If the TV cameraman had been behind the guy with the heat imaging unit then we would all say WOW. Also that hand in the jar is getting oldddd.

  14. twblack responds:

    As I have said before until T.B. has an actual Bigfoot please go away.

  15. MontanaJon responds:

    Sigh. I think it’s funny how as soon as he invited a media person to come along with him he stumbles into a lost oasis for bigfoot. I am not going to say I dont believe him but until i see more pictures of what he’s talkin about, I’m gonna say this guys full of it. Still, you cant argue with how interesting all this sounds when he is telling about it. So it would be nice for this to be legitimate, but I think its just more of TB.

  16. bfrwannab responds:

    I read all this stuff about how everyone hates TB I’m sure everyone has there reasons. But he is out there in the field. I don’t care for some of his crap either. However if you read the article there was someone along on this trip that from what I know doesn’t get fooled to easily. Also TB’s son was with him and was a definate non-believer. He thought his dad was crazy for Hunting BF until this happened. Bashing is easy people getting the evidence is not. People embelish and stretch the truth to get noticed all the time. As in a earlier post Irony is a funny thing sometimes.

    Oh by the way I’m a newbie poster here I enjoy this site, very informative. Keep on doing what you do Cryptomundo.

    Squatch on!!

  17. texasgirl responds:

    -The fact that they went out there the night before and then took the news people the next night is what makes me think they are pulling a fast one. They could have been out there all night the night before setting up footprints and digging holes and deciding where to go.

    -And how do they expect to find anything out there yelling and hollering at each other and stomping around…I don’t know, Mr. Biscardi is the ‘pro’ so what do I know?!

    -I’m embarassed to admit I’m a cryptobeliever when I see stuff like this, it’s what makes honest bigfoot research look bad.

  18. Ole Bub responds:

    Good morning….Texas Girl…

    It will be a crying shame if a left coast wannbe becomes the “one” who tracked down and documents the elusive big fella…”even a blind hawg will find an acorn now and then”…who’s getting the media’s attention…not the fine folks at TBRC not the Blog researchers here…or even the folks at BFRO…TB…thats who…JMHO

    For you folks tired of looking at blurry blobs of squatches…try…a very interesting place to visit…keep up the fine work Stan…IMHO

    NO Bucks….No Bigfoot validation…

    seeing is believing….

    ole bub and the dawgs

  19. cabochris responds:

    Well, those are some pretty big lilly pads in the photo. Sure seems to be lots of interest in this story- perhaps this is for real? As a boy in Washington State and while camping on the Olympic Peninsula Coast, I did discover very large human type footprints in the wet sand on the beach. They led to the waters edge at low tide, where something had dug for clams and discarded empty shells! Clams as a food source makes sense. Wow, this story does bring back some memories for me. Even if it turns out fake, it is well written. Hope it is real!

  20. Mnynames responds:

    Seems to me those clams and lilies are cryptids too, but all he does is type out a few too many exclamation points and move on. no pics or samples of those either, I suspect.

  21. One Eyed Cat responds:

    bfrwannab I don’t think it’s a hatred of TB himself as it is his behavior.

    The more stunts he pulls the less respect people will have for him.

    The old saying ‘You will know them by their Fruit’ has merit. And TB’s ‘fruit’ his actions — has been getting steadily more rotten as time passes.

  22. crypto_randz responds:

    That’s enough of all the bigfoot claims, produce a body or a good picture maybe I’ll believe Tom Biscardi. But for right now I’m not convinced. This guy has made too many claims. I do believe bigfoot is out there in the USA and in MALAYSIA. This humanlike creature is very elusive and has human instincts. Could be a descendant of the NEANDERTHAL MAN.

  23. bigsassy responds:

    I guess we all know how big a crew it takes to set the stage for an elaborate bigfoot hoax. 12.

  24. cabochris responds:

    The day Bigfoot is discovered will be happy and sad. One less mystery in a small and troubled world. On the other hand, being able to rub it into the “Doubting Thomas” faces will be a real joy! When/if that day comes soon, I wonder how many will express: “Well, I always knew Bigfoot was real”? And some Bigfoot researchers with bad reputations will become stars!

  25. brbrlocke responds:

    I live in Lamar County, Texas, not very far from this lake, and I don’t believe this is a hoax at all. There’s freaky things happening here.

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