Beware the Sandsquatch

Posted by: Craig Woolheater on May 24th, 2006

Hot on the heels of the Sci Fi Channel’s premiere of the abominable Abominable, previously talked about on Cryptomundo here and here, comes word of another killer Bigfoot movie, Legend of the Sandsquatch.


Yes, you read that right; co-writer/FX creator Tom (JOSHUA) Devlin just gave Fango the word and some photos from the new indie chiller LEGEND OF THE SANDSQUATCH. “You’ve heard of Bigfoot,” he says. “And you’ve heard about the Yeti. Well, what about their long-lost counterpart who took off to the desert? Ah, yes. He’s not just a Sasquatch. He’s a Sandsquatch.”


Devlin provides the following synopsis of the movie, which he scripted with director Lola Wallace: “When Sue’s grandpa doesn’t come home from his annual hunting trip, she decides to go look for him. On her way to Jagged Sands, she runs into an old friend, Garret, and together they begin the search for her missing granddad. With the discovery of a shredded cabin and Grandpa’s journal, Sue rounds up her gang of ’80s-slasher-film-influenced friends and leads them on a rescue mission—which of course ends in plenty of blood and gore! As the tagline says, ‘Be careful what you look for…it might find you!’ ”


What’s a Sandsquatch, you ask? Why, he’s the hairless, desert-dwelling cousin of everyone’s favorite Gigantopithecus, Bigfoot.


From what I’ve seen so far, I can hardly wait for the premiere.  


Why can’t anyone make a realistic Bigfoot movie? Does every Bigfoot movie have to be filled with blood and gore? 

About Craig Woolheater
Co-founder of Cryptomundo in 2005. I have appeared in or contributed to the following TV programs, documentaries and films: OLN's Mysterious Encounters: "Caddo Critter", Southern Fried Bigfoot, Travel Channel's Weird Travels: "Bigfoot", History Channel's MonsterQuest: "Swamp Stalker", The Wild Man of the Navidad, Destination America's Monsters and Mysteries in America: Texas Terror - Lake Worth Monster, Animal Planet's Finding Bigfoot: Return to Boggy Creek and Beast of the Bayou.

20 Responses to “Beware the Sandsquatch”

  1. Ouroborus Jay responds:

    more b-movies, plzthx

  2. Dan responds:

    I’m pretty sick of these horror movies myself. I hate horror movies and rarely watch them, even for a subject that I love such as Cryptozoology. Although in it’s defense, it’s much easier to come up with a bloodfest lake monster movie as opposed to some sappy family fest like Ted Danson’s Loch Ness movie.

  3. Tobar responds:

    There has yet to be a sasquatch movie made that surpassed the quality of Harry and the Hendersons. I would say it’s the best movie of its kind and one of my close personal favorites of any film.

  4. Ouroborus Jay responds:

    Actually, the ‘lake monster’ plot really hasn’t been exploited to the extent that giant homids and ‘super-sized mundane animals’ has.

    Personally, I don’t think there’s a been a good(read: so bad it’s entertaining) lake monster movie since ‘Legend of the Dinosaurs'(Not including Lake Placid)

    As with my previous comment, I don’t really see the harm in these sorts of movies. Bigfoot is the closest thing to a ‘real’ monster for these movie makers. And furthermore, most of the Bigfootesque movies tend to portray their creatures in a slightly sympathetic light.

  5. Ole Bub responds:

    Good morning Bigfoot Bloggers….

    Agreed “Harry” was a wholesome film with a touching portrayal of the big folks…a tragic shame Keven Peter Hall passed so young…JMHO

    seeing is believing….

    ole bub and the dawgs

  6. lamarkable responds:

    Theres usually a subtext of nature in revolt as a predatory mutation created and seeking the destruction of man as a matter of justice. My personal nominee for worst crypto movie ever made was Frogs or the gigantic rabbits in Lupus. Its a tough choice. I think a good treatment of the subject would be the moral dilemma of disclosure by protagonists who cannot agree on what to do, while a rival group is closing in. It turns into a battle of wills and then violence. The single survivor emerges from the jungle and a police investigation pursues.

  7. jjames1 responds:

    lamarkable, the film with gigantic rabbits is called “Night of the Lepus.”

  8. swol responds:

    This looks so bad that I’m surprised it even got made.

    I like a horror film as much as the next guy. With decent production values and creative writing, even a bad premise can be made palatable. This does not seem to be fitting into that category.

    It’s only conceivable use is as a tax write off.

    But that’s just my opinion.

  9. greywolf responds:

    God! I’m sorry tosay but it is getting like the 50’s with giant ants, spiders,lizerds,and what ever can live in a hole…..WHY does the Bigfoot have to be a killer all the time..I think some of these people need a real job.

  10. lamarkable responds:

    Thanks James1. glitched ..Lepus..Another interesting subtext to specifically Bigfoot is the projecting of our own worst behavior rather than the opposite, upon them. Harry and The Hendersons as an exception. Years ago, a mutual freind of someone I lost touch with years ago claimed to have stumbled upon a nest in a cave, and claimed to have encountered one who entered the cave, who, in no uncertain terms neither harmed him nor wanted him in close proximity. This person was loathe to discuss this and had an adverse reaction if you brought it up. That reluctant admission is what prompted my curiousity on this topic. The defacto cultural assumption reflected in these films, maybe in our primal instincts, that assumes that either they are angels or devils, and fit into neat catagories based on our own psychology.

  11. One Eyed Cat responds:

    An entertaining B movie is one thing Midless crap is something else

    Oh great Sasquatch meets ‘The Mummy’

  12. fuzzy responds:

    The tag line is the only redeeming thing about that promo poster…

    “Be careful what you search for… IT MIGHT FIND YOU!”

    Reminds me of that George Carlin quote: “Always try not to get killed!”

  13. twblack responds:

    Right now on the film front if you look at what the $$$ makers are you see Blood and Gut horror films made on a fairly cheap budget and then they make a boatload of cash on the big screen and even more on DVD Such recent films like (Saw,Saw 2,Hostel,Hills Have Eyes Remake, See No Evil, ETC) it is a shame that now crypto is being brought in for this genere. But $$$ will always be the driving force for just about everything in life.
    I would like to see a more serious type movie based on something crypto.

  14. Mike Smith responds:

    Could someone please make a good movie about Bigfoot.(Like The Legend of Boggy Creek)I’m not asking for much.

  15. Forever_Elusive responds:

    I think that Loch Ness is an excellent movie, definetly one of my favorites. I really can’t stand Horror films either, because of this crap right here. I mean come on, what are they gonna have next? A hippopotamus with a chainsaw for an arm? god… they need to make drama-crypto movies, that is what we are looking for, or even anything that isn’t so…stupid.

  16. Tobar responds:

    I just noticed the Sandsquatch looks like Godzilla with an Orc’s head. =P

  17. Lord Munster responds:

    Hey Guys, as co-writer and creator of the Legend of the Sandsquatch, I just want to assure you that this is a B-Movie- not to be taken so seriously. And furthermore, we are not attacking your precious sasquatch. This is some other creature, one I made up. The title is even a joke. The ditsy character in this film lets the word sandsquatch slip out and it sticks. I don’t really know why you attack the idea so much. We all seem to have one thing in common: the love of the unexplained. Rather than just criticizing what you haven’t seen, when we finish editing I will send you a copy. Maybe you will like it??? And as far as real jobs go- I love my fake one! There is nothing better than creating the fantastical for a living. Check out and tell me if you would want a real job.

    Hats off to the site- if you weren’t bad mouthing me I would probably be an avid viewer.


  18. Craig Woolheater responds:

    Mr. Devlin,

    You are correct, I, nor the other folks here commenting, have seen your film.

    I guess I was coming from the position of just having to suffer through Abominable last weekend. I realize, no one held a gun to my head and forced me to watch it. However, I did feel compelled to watch it just as I am about any film, documentary, etc. about Bigfoot in particular and cryptozoology in general.

    After watching Sasquatch, Sasquatch Hunters and now Abominable, I feel that it is about time for someone to produce a realistic Bigfoot movie.

    As far as the Sandsquatch not being Sasquatch, but some other creature that you made up, the quotes I listed in the post were taken from Fangoria’s website and attributed to yourself, “You’ve heard of Bigfoot,” he says. “And you’ve heard about the Yeti. Well, what about their long-lost counterpart who took off to the desert? Ah, yes. He’s not just a Sasquatch. He’s a Sandsquatch.” or from websites with official info about the movie, “What’s a Sandsquatch, you ask? Why, he’s the hairless, desert-dwelling cousin of everyone’s favorite Gigantopithecus, Bigfoot.”

    As far as my sarcastic remark about hardly being able to wait for the movie, I will rescind that and will accept your offer of a review copy and will post my honest opinion here on Cryptomundo after viewing the film.

  19. WDNevada responds:

    To Mike Smith, wishing for a great BF movie.
    One will be coming forth soon, if all goes right.
    A different reality storyline.
    I call it a classic.


  20. Craig Woolheater responds:

    Comment from Katie Rhine, an actress featured in Legend of the Sandsquatch:

    Hey… We have jobs. Well, most of us. And what exactly is your definition of a “real job”?

    We made the movie to have a good time. We didn’t make the movie thinking “This movie is going to be the SMASH HIT of the season. I bet Ebert will give us 2 thumbs up!” We made it to make a movie and to have fun. I don’t know what’s wrong with that. I’m glad that my boss gave me time off.

    Posted here by Craig Woolheater because it was posted by Katie on the wrong blog entry.

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