Lizard Man a Cow Killer?

Posted by: Craig Woolheater on March 9th, 2008

Dead cow, coyote found near site of “Lizard Man” mystery

LEE COUNTY, SC (WIS) – We have been following a renewed investigation into the “Lizard Man.”

Thursday we have learned that two dead animals were found in a field near the home of Dixie and Bob Rawson. The Lee County Sheriff’s Department says it could be linked to some pretty serious damage to the Rawson’s van.

Last week, the Rawsons showed us how the van’s front grill was chewed up, and how the wheel wells on both sides were bent. When some of the Rawson’s cats went missing too, neighbors said the “Lizard Man” might be responsible.

Lee County Sheriff E.J. Melvin is out to inspect the field near the Rawsons on his four-wheeler. “Just going to ride the field, see if there are anymore animals laying out dead.”

Already, they’ve found a cow and a coyote. It’s significant in that they were both found only yards away from the Rawsons’ car.

“This is out of a book,” says Dixie Rawson. And now, Rawson doesn’t know what’s fiction and what’s real.

WIS News 10 first showed you last week the bite marks and bends on her van. Neighbors told her it was the Lizard Man – a seven-foot green giant whose first reported sighting near Scape Ore Swamp 20 years ago entrenched him as a legend in these parts, a legend that’s never been confirmed.

So investigators told the Rawsons not to worry, all that must have been done by some other animal – likely, a coyote. Now Dixie Rawson asks, “If the coyote did this damage, what killed the coyote and the cow? Was it the Lizard Man? I don’t know.”

Sheriff E.J. Melvin says, “I don’t want to get anybody alarmed. But for some reason, I’m sticking with the coyote. But the coyote, that coyote is dead.”

What’s left now is more speculation. Authorities had hoped to extract some blood left on the van’s hood, but the Department of Natural Resources says the sample taken was somehow contaminated. For the record, DNR believes the holes were made by a dog – a dog trying to get at cats underneath the cars.

About a half-dozen of the Rawsons cats are still missing nearly a week after the attack on their car. The passing time is doing little to answer their questions.

Dixie Rawson says, “We’re here in this quiet little town and all of a sudden, this happens.”

How this happened, no one is quite sure yet – making clear only that the Lizard Man mystery isn’t ready to be solved.Dan Tordjman
WIS News 10
Columbia, SC

About Craig Woolheater
Co-founder of Cryptomundo in 2005. I have appeared in or contributed to the following TV programs, documentaries and films: OLN's Mysterious Encounters: "Caddo Critter", Southern Fried Bigfoot, Travel Channel's Weird Travels: "Bigfoot", History Channel's MonsterQuest: "Swamp Stalker", The Wild Man of the Navidad, Destination America's Monsters and Mysteries in America: Texas Terror - Lake Worth Monster, Animal Planet's Finding Bigfoot: Return to Boggy Creek and Beast of the Bayou.

20 Responses to “Lizard Man a Cow Killer?”

  1. plant girl responds:

    This story keeps getting more interesting. It makes you wander if something is out there.

  2. windigo responds:

    Facinating material. I have tried to locate an article that documents that tracks of the supposed creature have been cast, but I have found nothing. The dead/missing animals is synonymous with many Sasquatch reports and observations, but I would hardly believe that someone could confuse a primate with a reptilian, after witnessing them.

  3. shumway10973 responds:

    Unless the authorities take this absolutely seriously and get some sort of DNA sample of the attacker(s), or someone just happens to be in the right area–we will never know what is going on down there. Really could be any 2, 3, or 4 things working together or separately. It would be interesting to find lizard men, but how many actual sitings have there been since white men have been recording things?

  4. Spinach Village responds:

    6 cats missing, a severely vandalized van, a dead cow, and a dead coyote….Do we have sound sleepers, or is the driveway farther away from the house?… lol, just curious

  5. Fishing J responds:

    My dogs have tore up a lot of things, but never have they even come close to doing such a number on metal like that. Has anyone else seen a canine impale a closed hood like that?

  6. Cryptid Hunt21 responds:

    Lizard man is one of my favorite cryptids. If another attack happens again they should quickly bring it to a lab and identify who the killer is. Who knows, ii could a chupacabra too?

  7. cmgrace responds:

    I was wondering the same thing, Spinach Village. Unless the cow and coyote were killed instantly? But still the damage on that van…..

  8. bill green responds:

    hey craig very interesting new article about the lizard man killing a cow maybe as food resource. thanks bill green

  9. cryptidsrus responds:


    With creatures that don’t seem to fit with the normal fabric of reality, I wouldn’t be surprised if this “thing” made little or no noise.

    Most UFOs make absolutely no noise, either. I know UFOs are not cryptozoological, but I’m trying to make the point that we’re trying to give earthly laws to things which COULD be from another reality or world.
    I know I sound KEELIAN here—just putting in my two cents.
    I agree with SHUMWAY10973 that we’ll never know what the hell is going on until somebody sees something or DNA testing is done that is not contaminated.

  10. cryptodan responds:

    I would like to know their definition of “Contaminated”. To closed-minded person, any sample that shows any unusual properties may be considered contaminated.

  11. Maine Crypto responds:

    I would like to know what state the cow and coyote’s carcasses were found in. Were they eaten? Or just killed for sport..?

  12. dltanner99 responds:

    Has anyone spoken to Liston Truesdale about this yet? I thought I caught him in one of the video clips. He was the sheriff of Bishopville during the original Lizardman sightings in 1988. I got to know him pretty well in recent years, and his take after interviewing a dozen witnesses, including then 17 year-old Chris Davis, was that this was a skunk ape.

    The three-toed tracks led to the name, and their was nothing reptilian in the descriptions. Now, we also have the Fouke Monster and Honey Island Swamp Monster, as well as those bipeds sighted in Florida. WIS10/Dan Tordjman are doing a great job of covering these events.

    I’m in the upstate of South Carolina, and hope the forensics surrounding this occurance can provide answers unavailable the first go around.

  13. mezmer1 responds:

    I am here in Columbia SC and I dont find it at all surprising that they are not taking the case seriously. Some of the explanations I have heard are unreal. I know The Coyote was A Bipolar Schytzo with a hangnail that had a grudge against mini vans due to his brother being killed by one the previous year. While the coyote took its rage out on the van the cats took off for lower Jersey to find a hitman to take the coyote out and on the way somehow got lost never to return home. In the absence of the cats the cow figured it had better do something and attacked the coyote by trampling it. During the fight that ensued the cow recieved fatal wounds and the coyote noticing that his cholesterol was high decided to take the fast way out by committing suicide rather then the drawn out death of heart disease.

    I am going to send this to the ” Cattle-Brained” Media as my explanation. I guarantee tomorrows headlines in the State newspaper will be:

    Coyote and cow rumble resulting in a farmland murder/suicide. Whereabouts of cats is still unknown!

    Watch for it!

  14. CamperGuy responds:

    Maine Crypto ……I’d like to know how the coyote and cow were killed also.

    Were they killed by the same method?

    Skulls crushed?

    Bite or claw marks?

    Any sign of the animals killed being eaten or just killed and left?

    What about the coyote mouth? If involved in a death fight a coyote might have bitten whatever killed it. Hair, issue blood may be present.

  15. Endroren responds:

    Hmm. Pack of coyotes attack a cow. Cow clobbers one with its hoof. Cow still loses. Without more information it’s pretty much impossible to come to any sort of an relevant idea of what happened.

    As for teh sightings, when I saw this on TV originally in the 80’s they had a person who supposedly saw the thing and described it quite clearly as reptilian in appearance.

  16. whiteriverfisherman responds:

    I for one do not believe there is a lizard man. As a matter of fact I would be willing to bet on it, if I were a betting man. This is just a case of coyotes being coyotes and the cow did one of them in. The cow was killed in the process of defending itself. Simple as that. There is no lizard man.

  17. Hawkeye responds:

    They did a segment on this on Coast 2 Coast last week minus the cow and coyote informatin and Sheriff Truesdale was on it.

    I’m interested in the DNA contamination to but if anyone had been looking over the blood trying to wipe it off prior to collecting the sample then that could explain contamination.

  18. SCSquatcher responds:

    The Lizardman was a hoax. I know the man who knew “The Lizardman”. However; it appears that this incident happened about the time when other potential skunk ape sightings were occuring. I believe that, if one filters through the Lizardman craze and sets it aside, there is a possiblity that a bigfoot type creature has been in that area.

  19. bubba80 responds:

    SCSquatcher, so who was it then?

  20. bubba80 responds:

    whiteriverfisherman, you’d probably die while waiting for the “truth”, because some people won’t be convinced even if they see one for themselves. There is also reports of reptilian aliens that live underground. Look at

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