April 26, 2016

The Hopefully Great 2016 Bigfoot Trail Expedition


Scott Herriott, filmmaker of the classics Squatching/Journey Toward Squatchdom, is planning a new Sasquatch film project and has started a Kickstarter campaign to crowdfund it.

Nearly 24 years ago something very bizarre happened to me about a mile from the mouth of the Klamath River in Northwest Calif. To this day, after considering all other possibilities, I’m still 99.9% convinced that I came with 40 feet of two beings that are usually referred to as Bigfeet or Sasquaddle (yes, Sasquaddle). Part of a film I made in 2002 called “Squatching” dealt with that occurrence.

Ever since then the general area in which this happened has obviously taken on a lot of fascination for me. My focus in filmmaking since then, though, has dealt primarily with long-distance hiking and those who partake of it (squatchfilms.com).

I’ve long thought of doing another film related to the Bigfoot phenomenon and this year that’s what I’d like to do by actually combining my love of all things Squatchy AND long-distance hiking. I’ve already got agreements from the creator of the route (Michael Kauffman) as well as the author of a classic book about the region (“The Klamath Knot” by David Rains Wallace) to do interviews with them. I, essentially, want to hike the 360-mile long trail with various friends (most of whom I met doing previous films) at various times in a four-month spreadout span (to accommodate said friends schedules) and have discussions of things related to Wilderness, Bigfoot, Evolution, Preservation, etc. I also want to visit the nearby small towns, talk to locals, get shot at by pot growers…ya know, the basics.

Kauffman designed the route to show off the region’s great biodiversity…e.g. there are 32 different species of pine trees to be seen along the route, not to mention carnivorous plants and, God willing, a relic hominid or two. The funding is needed for gas, food, SD cards and some lodging. Unlike past projects where I would shoot all the footage before doing any editing, this time I want to, in between hikes, return to the L.A. area to log and get some rough cuts of segments together so as the post-production of the film isn’t one long slog. This way, I could have it done before Christmas and have some time to prep for a proposed Australian project that would commence in February. So check out those rewards, dammit! 🙂 (thanks to Nabor J at oviewfinder.com for cover shot)

Link to back the project on Kickstarter!

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