Tennessee Bigfoot Video Shot From Helicopter

Posted by: Craig Woolheater on May 3rd, 2007

Hard to believe, but another Bigfoot video has shown up on youtube. 🙂

This was shot from the air from a helicopter over Middle Tennessee.

I have emailed the person who posted it, requesting additional information. If I get a reply, I will post it here on Cryptomundo.

Uploaded to youtube on April 30, 2007

Bigfoot sighting in Tennessee

Bigfoot spotted from helicopter during routine flight 4/27/07doug506

Uploaded to youtube on May 02, 2007

More footage due to interest. This thing ran into swamp SE of sighting.doug506

The first video is apparently a short clip and the second is the longer version.

While the subject is not in the frame for very long, this one looks pretty interesting to me.

What do the readers of Cryptomundo think?

About Craig Woolheater
Co-founder of Cryptomundo in 2005. I have appeared in or contributed to the following TV programs, documentaries and films: OLN's Mysterious Encounters: "Caddo Critter", Southern Fried Bigfoot, Travel Channel's Weird Travels: "Bigfoot", History Channel's MonsterQuest: "Swamp Stalker", The Wild Man of the Navidad, Destination America's Monsters and Mysteries in America: Texas Terror - Lake Worth Monster, Animal Planet's Finding Bigfoot: Return to Boggy Creek and Beast of the Bayou.

50 Responses to “Tennessee Bigfoot Video Shot From Helicopter”

  1. steveg3474 responds:

    The guys in the monkey suit business must be really raking it in. If you flew over bigfoot in a helicopter when he was in the open why would you not just hover over him? Why not get on the radio to call in the authorities while you hovered over him?

  2. Richard888 responds:

    If it gets stabilized it might give good information.

  3. Bobcat responds:

    Good find Craig. Around 00:19 looks interesting. Either someone in a brown coat and hood or BF. What was the weather like? Cold enough to warrant full coat and hood? Assuming that the videographer had a better visual than what we see we can ask the question if it appeared to be a person, why did the helicopter and videographer make so many passes? And why wasn’t the person looking up wondering why this helicopter? If it was a person why is it walking the trench line rather than the gravel road? It looks well forested and not much else beyond the airport.

    Undecided, but a stabilization and clarity around 00:19 in the longer clip might show a man in a coat or hopefully something more interesting. Lastly, can’t helicopters hover? I would have rather seen the helicopter come in for a slow hovering approach rather than the blurry fly bys.

  4. dogu4 responds:

    Worth analyzing the video, if the background story’s context seems believable. I’m eager to find out more.

  5. MultipleEncounters responds:

    I don’t discount videos all that easily just because it doesn’t fit one thing or another. But one thing I notice on this one, shows up on frames during seconds 20-18 in the second video.

    Note the straight edge bottom of the bulge on the backside. Like the bottom edge of an oil skinned brown parka.

    The remaining visual information is insufficient to make a judgement.

  6. dogu4 responds:

    I’m pretty sure that was shot from an airplane, and not a helicopter which explains the pilot’s not landing immediately and not hovering…he does have to observe the laws of aerodynamics n stuff. But still very odd. Can’t imagine even someone who routinely works and lives by an airport not reacting to what was an obvious attempt to observe the subject closely, but if it were being elusive, making eye contact with your pursuer isn’t the best strategy either. Altogether curious.

  7. rifleman responds:

    Why didn’t they hover the aircraft instead of flying in circles?

    I especially liked the part where each and every fly by, the door jamb blocked the view of the supposed bigfoot.

  8. squatchwatcher responds:

    I’m wondering the same thing about why didn’t this guy hover over this thing? I’m no pilot but isn’t that one of the advantages of helicopters? Another thing I noticed is if this is a wild animal wouldn’t it run for cover like any other animal you see being photographed from a helicopter? The thing seems to not mind being buzzed several times. This just doesn’t seem like normal behavior for an animal. Especially one that is believed to be very elusive.

  9. MultipleEncounters responds:

    Listen to the rotors & turbines, it’s a chopper. But it also could be a one of the various prototype choppers that require forward movement thus preventing hovering we are accustomed to.

  10. Richard888 responds:

    The last few frames show what appears to be a take off track. Was this filmed near an airport? One explanation why the creature did not react with fear because it is used to air traffic.

  11. proriter responds:

    I wouldn’t expect the supposedly-secretive Bigfoot to go ambling down a road, probably whistling, in full view of everybody when foliage was available for cover. Me, I think it’s a turkey hunter in a camo ghillie suit.

  12. calash responds:

    At the 20 second mark of the 2nd video I do get the impression that I see blue jeans. Does any one else see this?

  13. Kimble responds:


    I count four passes in the longer video. In the first, the subject has the open area (field?) on it’s left as it walks. Second pass, on it’s right. Third and last pass, on it’s left.

    It’s like it was walking back and forth to stay in the open, which seems odd for an “elusive” creature – if it is a “bigfoot.”

  14. mantis responds:

    This is a man in a brown coat with a hood. The dark blue jeans can easily be seen.

  15. SEBigfoot2007 responds:

    Could be the real deal.An interview with the Pilot and co Pilot should be interesting.

    Theres also a chance this could be a Homeless man wearing a strange outfit.

  16. Kimble responds:

    I know why they could only move FORWARD and not hover. The pilot’s F/Stop wasn’t set correctly 🙂

  17. captiannemo responds:

    At the 20 or 21 second mark you can see the figure is clearly wearing a long overcoat.Looks like a homeless person and if you listen closely you can almost hear “you got any change”.

  18. Cutch responds:

    Wow. Talk about having to kiss a ton of frogs before finally finding a prince. After being inundated with so many bad videos, I was giving up hope.

    If it is a fake, it must be a hoax and not a case of mistaken identity – after all, don’t you think a person would wave at the chopper by the second or third fly-by?

    I like the amount of rugged terrain the subject crosses… molto interesting, no?

  19. MMTHPOOLGHSTCMPR responds:

    Just another lame video of nothing on YouTube. These videos of supposed bigfoots are getting worse by the minute. Yea, maybe one video might pan out and look like it’s not been rehearsed, but this one isn’t the one.

  20. SEBigfoot2007 responds:

    There appears to be something in its right hand. Like a cane or a thick stick.

  21. bill green responds:

    hey craig wow this is a very interesting new filmfootage of a tn sasquatch creature. I hope more research & study is done to this filmfootage, try to contact the people who filmed it. Please keep me posted ok. thanks bill 🙂

  22. Daniel Loxton responds:

    First impression? If that’s a chopper, then the video is a hoax. Of course a chopper pilot could just sit his or her aircraft ten feet above the film subject for as long they wished.

    This capability was pretty annoying when I was a shepherd in the mountains up along the Alaska panhandle. Touring foresters would come hover over the flock from time to time, which was of course a dangerous stunt (for me and my animals!) when dealing with livestock.

    The fast, sweeping flybys aren’t believable, but they do successfully obscure the identity of the subject in very dramatic way.

  23. youcantryreachingme responds:

    Good comments Bobcat.

    I have audio muted – are we sure it’s a helicopter?

  24. joppa responds:

    Well, well. In my back yard. This looks like the Cumberland Plateau area around Crossville, but it could be west of Nashville. It’s not shot in East Tennessee. The last pass looks like a guy in a coat, there is one freeze clip where you see a cape-like flap as he lifts his arms. Had to be shot between December and March, spring came early and every thing was leafed out by Mid-March.

  25. elsanto responds:

    I think I can see a bone clasp in its hair…

  26. iftheshoefits responds:

    Excuse me for barfing I don’t know if it’s airsickness or fake Bigfoot video fatigue.

  27. sbdance responds:

    I agree with many of the previous posts. A helicopter is not a fixed-wing craft. Why wasn’t it landed or posted near the beast. I vote “staged fake”.

  28. kamoeba responds:

    Hey folks, the reason the pilot didn’t land was because that’s either a Guyinasuitsquatch or simply a guy in dark clothing down there walking around. I suspect the Suitsquatch is in cahoots with the pilot, explaining why the subject is overly nonchalant about the crazy guy in the aircraft playing “North By Northwest”. If the pilot truly saw something earth-shattering don’t you think he’d land and pursue the slow-moving subject on foot? If a Sasquatch truly saw a guy in a helicopter buzzing him every 45 seconds, don’t you think he’d find cover immediately? If I really, really thought I had a chance to make the scientific discovery of a lifetime, I’d go the extra mile to get more than a few seconds of blurry footage from a helicopter. BTW, even if the pilot did stop and hover, filming from the air wouldn’t give you a very good point of view of the subject. Imagine if the P/G film had been shot from the air like this clip…probably not nearly as compelling.

  29. sausage1 responds:

    Part of my sad lonely existence as a BF watcher from the UK is reading reports on sightings from yourselves, BFRO and others, and using TerraServer to locate them. I have noticed that there are an unusually high number of sightings near to sub-stations (I may have mentioned this before) and airfields.

    It could be because these are usually located on the outskirts of towns. Perhaps also there is something going on with subsonic and supersonic vibration here that appeal to BF. It might also explain why this BF, if that is what it is, seems so unconcerned about being hectored by a chopper.

    For my part I think the walk looked a little like Patty’s, but I am not totally convinced. More needed.

  30. Darkwing2006 responds:

    MXXXX has posted frames from the video and enhanced them, it clearly shows a hunter, with a rifle and possibly either a game bag or a ghillie suit on.

  31. Trob50 responds:

    The lack of conversation, between pilot and cameraman is interesting as if everything was preplanned and not a whole lot to talk about. Or maybe they are just used to buzzing pedestrians for kicks lol.

  32. mrdark responds:

    Just to summarize my agreement with everyone else here:

    1. Helicopters hover, they didn’t, that makes no sense.

    2. Identifying landmarks, the subject was filmed literally pacing back and forth, not attempting to escape the large, loud, windy thing behind.

    3. That’s not just an airstrip. See the X? That’s a heliport. Man, that’s great customer service for a cryptid: he shows up and wanders back and forth around your own heliport so you can circle him!

    I’d applaud the effort and ingenuity using the chopper if it weren’t for the extreme laziness involved in not shooting this, I dunno, maybe a couple hundred feet away from the heliport?

  33. BugMO responds:

    Helicopters hover. Why didn’t they try that? Maybe they could have gotten better footage.

  34. a_welch90 responds:

    Yeah……..It was a nice try, but no can do. The walk, to me at least, looks very human-like, and the fact that it’s at an air/heliport seems a little too convenient for me. Not to mention it’s on Youtube….

  35. alanborky responds:

    God, some people are so cynical!

    Okay, I agree we can all see a rust-coloured upper body, and deep blue legs, but even if these are down to a jacket and jeans being worn, maybe what we’re seeing here is what the modern young fashion obsessed Bigfoot about town feels the need to wear in the face of the excessive interest of us lot.

    Or maybe we’re just seeing a younger generation Bigfoot that likes to dye its fur different colours.

    Maybe the much mooted sagital crest is really a Mohican – ever think about that?

    In which case what we’re beholding here isn’t just another Bigfoot but the first Punkfoot!

    At least it’s not another giant black jellybaby!

  36. alanborky responds:

    Having said all that, if I was holding a cam that could pick up and record the sound of the helicopter I was in and I was shooting a giant black jellybaby disguised as a multicoloured mohican wearing Punkfoot, you can bet your *rse I’d also be recording every expletive deleted in and out the book rather than merely vaguely wiggling my finger.

    And since this Punkfoot was rather obligingly walking back and forth on the spot on a conveniently near landing strip without being in the remotest phased by the clatter from my endlessly circling helicopter/aeroplane, I’d make one attempt at least at landing on the landing strip!

  37. ShefZ28 responds:

    Is it still looking for more pancakes?

  38. foukeflyer responds:

    As a pilot, here are my observations:
    1) The X at the end of the runway denotes that the runway is closed and not usable.
    2) It is my bigfoot fantasy to spot one from my airplane. Even in an airplane, most any certified pilot can circle around an object at 500 feet and keep the object centered.
    3) The helicopter might not be able to stop in mid air due to payload weight or design, but it can certainly maintain very slow flight.
    4) Worst case, the pilot could put it down in the pasture and capture some great close-up shots.

  39. Bob Michaels responds:

    More You tube BigFoot, a waste of Time.

  40. groovydude responds:

    Awww, come on fellas, this is crap. I don’t follow this stuff too closely – I prefer the info on new verified creatures that you post – but this has all the classic ‘effects’ fuzzy, brief visuals, things in the way etc. Plus it must be lost – they are within a mile of an airport and no pilots have been spotting it previously? This thing stands out against the landscape like Sanjaya in a singing contest. This bigfoot hobo is just moseying along without a care in the world while these guys buzz by and laugh all the way to the…airport. Bigfoot believers seem to be the most desperate for evidence and gullible people around. Wait for some real evidence please or expect more and more of the same lame garbage.

  41. harleyb responds:

    What’s up Craig, I live in middle Tennessee and I can tell you that the footage could be the real deal. The hills and hollows are vast and caves that are unexplored are aplenty. I have talked to a lot of people who believe and have heard this and that, but I’m still exploring this beautiful state. It’s a big area filled with mountains and hills, although the video shows us a flat area. I have a feeling this is only the beginning.

  42. silvereagle responds:

    That appeared to be illegal operation of a helicopter, under FAA regulations. Helicopters are not allowed to linger over airports, because they may collide with airplanes that are not in contact with other traffic at uncontrolled airports. If it was controlled, then the pilot would have requested permission to return to the airport, during the video, which he failed to do. The only way this could have occurred, is if the lingering in the near vicinity of active runways, was prearranged which takes some time. It also takes some time to warm up a helicopter engine and go through the takeoff checklist. By the time they may have accomplished this, the Bigfoot should have been long gone. Therefore, there was no surprise about an alleged Bigfoot loitering on the opposite side of the airport, from the hangers. The path of the supposed Bigfoot, tended to be parallel to a manmade object, being the runway. I cannot imagine a bigfoot’s route between point A and point B, to somehow, someway, to require a path that turns out to be exactly parallel to a runway at an active airport. The supposed Bigfoot was also within easy walking distance of the vehicle that may have drove him to the airport. All Helicopters can slow to very slow forward speeds, because they do that everytime they land. Since this helicopter failed to slow down to a slow speed in order to obtain that million dollar shot and thus pay off the loan on that helicopter, the helicopter was likely in on the scam with the person in the costume, because they did not want a video that was good enough to be examined closely. Lastly, any self respecting Bigfoot would have hid behind one of the nearby trees, instead of left himself out in the open and able to be harmed, or just simply stepped into another dimension. Verdict: hoax

  43. earl_xian responds:

    clearly in the 2nd video where they make their last pass…you can clearly see a person walking. the blue jeans can be seen clearly

  44. sasquatch responds:

    I don’t “clearly see” blue jeans, a rifle or any such thing…I went to the mid america bigfoot site and when you blow up the stills, all I see is a uniform dark brown color.
    I also get the impression that this thing is VERY large. And the neck is very short. How wide is the road it’s next to? That seems to be a logical question here, is it not?

  45. sasquatch responds:

    After going to a site that sells “Ghillie suits” (for hunters) I think this might be a hunter in full gear, but he must be a huge good ole boy. I still think the road width should be compared to this guy/thing. If the road is 6 feet wide it looks like this dude could be 9 feet tall. If foreshortening of the down angle of the camera is taken into account that is. A height of 7 feet may be reasonable for a large country boy, if you ad his clodhopper boots and the large hoods that ghillie suits have. Anyway, I wonder, like someone else mentioned; why doesn’t he wave or show his gun?

    Doesn’t he realise he could be mistaken for a critter that someone might aireal hunt? If he was friends with the flyers though, this would not apply. However, if they were trying to hoax something, why doesn’t he give a better performance-like run to a tree for cover or swing at the copter (Ala King Kong) or something? It’s a strange one for sure.

  46. Loren Coleman responds:

    See this update with two frames of video captures that show this “Bigfoot” seems to be carrying a cane. I know, I know, but take a look.

  47. mystery_man responds:

    I don’t think any accurate assessment of the size can be made as we do not know how wide that road is. Someone would have to go out there and measure it before we start making claims of 9 feet tall, I think. Those ghillie suits create the appearance of large size, so it could appear to be larger than it really is. That is really what this looks like to me. I won’t go and say that this video was intentionally hoaxed, maybe they thought at the time this was something strange. But I think there’s a possibility the cameraman misidentified the subject here.

  48. glider04 responds:

    Fun to look at and try to analyze. But it must be a very agile BF as it seems to be on both sides of the treeline. On one pass it is on the right side of the treeline, then on another pass it is on the opposite side of the treeline, closer to the road tracks.

    Maybe it is pacing off the airport for a sneak attack at first light?

  49. peterbernard responds:

    Bring back the cartoon pterodactyls!!! At least they had craftsmanship.

  50. paulnunya responds:

    Only Gyro copters have to keep forward motion and this is obviously not one but is definitely a helicopter.
    So, this guy could have easily hovered to get a better shot and at least make a slow cone circle like the Spooky gun ships do to keep a target in the line of fire.
    But then you would be able to see it was not a Bigfoot.
    I believe that it is possible they could exist but this is not one.
    Just people having fun. ;o)
    What a perfect place to have a hoax, right at the end of a shut down airport runway.
    You can fly how you want and drive a guy in a brown jacket out there without having to go to the middle of nowhere.

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