Bigfoot Believers: Americans vs. Canadians

Posted by: Guy Edwards on March 4th, 2012

Bigfoot Lunch Club

A new Angus Reid Public Opinion poll has found three-in-ten Americans (29%)

and one-in-five Canadians (21%) think Bigfoot is “definitely” or “probably” real.

“One out of five Canadians believe the legendary Bigfoot stomps through the forests. Americans are even more inclined to believe Bigfoot lives in the West Coast mountains.” –Vancouver Sun

Drilling deeper into the Canadian profile

The Vancouver Sun cites a new Angus Reid Opinion Poll. The poll compares West Coast Americans compared to varying provinces in Canada.

One out of five Canadians believe in Bigfoot (Sasquatch)

Bigfoot, also often known as “Sasquatch” in Canada, is said to be an extremely tall and hairy primate, almost nine feet (2.75 meters). The rarely-seen, or never-seen (depending on your view), creature is said to live in remote areas of Canada and the United States, particularly in Cascadia (also known as the Pacific Northwest).

You can read the rest of the report at Bigfoot Lunch Club

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7 Responses to “Bigfoot Believers: Americans vs. Canadians”

  1. Paul Sims via Facebook responds:

    I believe!

  2. shill responds:

    What’s weird is that I can’t get the actual survey results for this. It’s been reported by Douglas Todd at the Vancouver Sun several days ago (2/29 I think). I emailed him to ask about the report (always go to the original source) and he said it’s not been released. I’m not sure how he got it then. So, I know it might be silly to be dubious of such things but survey questions are very tricky to word in order to get a valid result. I’m curious about the background and methods in this survey.

    I’m annoyed that the Vancouver Sun is the only one with the data. Yet, it’s been picked up and re-reported. Hmm.

  3. PoeticsOfBigfoot responds:

    Shill, I completely agree. I was wondering about the source myself; if I think of the people I know, those believing in Bigfoot are way less than twenty percent. Way less than ten percent, even. If this poll actually exists, the demographics of the people surveyed would be very important for a serious cryptozoologist to consider.

  4. Loren Coleman responds:

    I looked for about five seconds and found the total report, plus methodology in a nine-page PDF here.

  5. shill responds:

    That’s because it just went up after my comment was posted. Notice the date.

  6. DWA responds:

    “The rarely-seen, or never-seen (depending on your view), creature…”

    This position bespeaks utter ignorance of the evidence. If one takes reports of encounters at face value – and there is no more reason to do this than not – people are seeing these animals at least as often as they are the ones confirmed by science.

  7. Loren Coleman responds:

    Such surveys are a bunch of nonsense, anyway. The use of the term “believe” is one problem, the assumptions (e.g. “never-seen”) carried in the positioning of the questions, and the general results tell us nothing, really, of any importance.

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