Update: The Erickson Project

Posted by: Craig Woolheater on February 14th, 2012

According to Robert Lindsay, the following video will be included in the Erickson Project DVD release.

Clip from Adrian Erickson video is on Youtube! Yes, one of the video clips used in the Erickson video is already on Youtube and has been watched by many people. I got this great information from a new anonymous source in Texas. The clip is of the Russian Yeti filmed in the Kuzbass region of Russia. It was released last year. Here is a good breakdown from Tom at the Crypto Crew.

Erickson is apparently including not only his own footage but also other footage from all over the world which he may have purchased the rights to. Erickson thinks that Yetis are related to Bigfoots, and that’s why he wants footage from all over the world to make that point. That’s why the video is in Hollywood right now, because Erickson wants a professional edit job done with all this other footage, good descriptions, etc.

The stars of the show of course are the Crittenden, Kentucky Bigfoots, but there are also many others, and all the footage is good. However, the footage does vary in quality in terms of what the Bigfoots are doing. The baby Bigfoot eating a pancake video from Crittenden is also included.

The movie starts out with the less impressive footage and then progressively works its way up to the cream of crop of the Crittenden Bigfoots such as Matilda and the large male who is 9-12 feet tall. There is also an excellent video of an Asian Yeti in the movie. As far as a release date on the movie, all I have is “soon.”Robert Lindsay

Back story – some friends are out in the snow and a girl see something, she screams and drops her cell phone but not before she captures some video.

Here is the translation from the description for the video.

“In the Kuzbass has finally managed to shoot the Yeti. It accidentally saw on one of the slopes of mountains green during the walk. Suddenly, from behind the trees ran out shaggy creature under two meters tall. The appearance of a snowman has caused consternation. The girl, who has been renting mountain beauty, even dropped her mobile phone.”

2 meters = 6 ft.5 ins (roughly)zombietom69

About Craig Woolheater
Co-founder of Cryptomundo in 2005. I have appeared in or contributed to the following TV programs, documentaries and films: OLN's Mysterious Encounters: "Caddo Critter", Southern Fried Bigfoot, Travel Channel's Weird Travels: "Bigfoot", History Channel's MonsterQuest: "Swamp Stalker", The Wild Man of the Navidad, Destination America's Monsters and Mysteries in America: Texas Terror - Lake Worth Monster, Animal Planet's Finding Bigfoot: Return to Boggy Creek and Beast of the Bayou.

14 Responses to “Update: The Erickson Project”

  1. Hapa responds:

    1. This so-called Creature looks a little bit bigger than under 2 meters tall
    2. The arm length and speed are intriquing
    3. the unusual lighter appearance of the creature’s back makes me think of the coloring of the backs of “Silverback” Gorillas
    4. Considering that anything on film is suspect to fakery (take for instance the recent Mammoth Hoax vid), it is not good enough. Bodies are needed.

  2. Hapa responds:

    Having said this: There seems to be some friction between Robert Lindsay and the Erickson Project, things one says the other denies. I hate to think I have waited since summer of last year only to face another year or more of waiting before the results are in. O course, even then, if DNA sequencing shows an unknown primate lives in North America, then a body, major parts of a body, or live specimen will be needed to put the nail in the coffin to the scoffers. But if this works, then we are nearer to that spectacular discovery!

  3. Buckeyes1 responds:

    Okay, it may just be the skeptic in me but there’s just something hinky about the way the camera seems to keep drifting into the upper left section above the man and that’s exactly where the creature appears from. Also, you can easily hear the woman off camera draw a deep breath just before she screams as if it were rehearsed and she was screaming on cue.

    Just my .02

  4. Hambone responds:

    I agree with Buckeyes1, she is drifting in this spot but I can’t seem to see what she sees before she screams and the creature then runs out with good capture of it and then drops the phone. A little funny acting if I should say so.

  5. steve t responds:

    I have seen the Erickson site and it plainly states that only what is shown on that site is official. Any second hand info by people not involved or others is automatically suspect.

    This video is CLEARLY a hoax, as the scream sounds rehearsed, the “creature” looks animated and not real, and again, it was not released by the Project itself. I think we should all just hang on and wait for Dr. Ketchum and her team to get that paper published and let science do its thing. I know if these animals are real, and I believe they are based on the credible evidence collected over the decades as well as native folklore and beliefs, so now lets let the scientists prove it and end the debate once and for all.

  6. CDC responds:

    Matt, BoBo, Cliff, Ranae, and the Finding Bigfoot team will be on their way to Russia.

    I can hear them now, “that certainly looks squatchy”.

    As for the video? Theatre Arts 1a meets Youtube.

  7. DWA responds:

    Well, there it is. Proof.

    Proof that to run a man-in-suit hoax, sometimes you don’t even need the suit!

    Interesting and unsurprising comments about the sound, which I didn’t even bother to turn on for this.

  8. whiteriverfisherman responds:

    A baby Bigfoot eating pancakes? Did the baby have some syrup go with it? A 9-12 foot tall male, That’s like saying it was bigger than a bread box. I’ve never bought any of this Erickson stuff and this doesn’t help my opinion at all. I think this is all just an elaborate hoax.

    Always have.

  9. DNS responds:

    Is there more than one “pancake” video? Does this piece refer to the one that looks most like a person in a suit in yet another fuzzy video, from some years ago? If it’s the one I think it is, then I hope Lindsay is not any kind of reliable source of information about the Erickson Project. That Russian video up there is just as lame, I think. The contrived “scream” is just priceless.

    Wouldn’t it be hilarious, though, if one of the many videos that look like bad fakes actually was the real thing? It’s not so hard to imagine. People do weird things when surprised. I know I have reacted to the unexpected in ways that seemed completely absurd to me after I calmed down and thought about it.

  10. Peter Von Berg responds:

    Phony sounding scream. If the girl took some acting lessons it would greatly improve the quality of their hoax video.

  11. choppedlow responds:

    I’m with whiteriverfisherman. If Erickson had what he says he has been sitting on for how long now (?), it would have been released. Not made into a project, sent to Hollywood, and whatever BS they seem to come up with every other month to keep everyone from forgetting about it. The Erickson project went from a clear face shot of one in HD to a baby eating pancakes? In a few months they will have them playing cards and laughing at the FB/FB guys Facebook page on a stolen iPad. It will be awesome if it is all true, but I have a feeling that the Erickson project is nothing but giant lies to cover for the little ones they initially promised. And what are the chances of you getting a bigfoot to run from cover when you conveniently have your cellphone camera going? And that scream! Was that Russia’s Anna Nicole Smith? What bad acting!

  12. Ragnar responds:

    Yeah, the video just screams fake. Really, who screams like that except in a horror movie? Real people would probably yell “WTF?” or “look over there, what is that?”.

  13. PhotoExpert responds:

    DWA–You definitely beat me to the punch on this one. After your post, I have nothing to add!

  14. flame821 responds:

    If it comes from Robert Lindsay, ignore it. He’s the guy who came up with the Bigfoot Steak story and quite a few other ‘interesting’ leaks/insights into the Erikson project.

    Out of the two, (Lindsay, Ketchum) I will give Dr. Ketchum the benefit of the doubt as Lindsay has shown himself to be given to wild flights of fancy (remember him putting words in Dr Meldrum’s mouth?) and then becoming defensive, threatening and rude when he’s called out on his, well I’ll be polite and call them inaccuracies.

    I wish the results and paper would be published tomorrow, but good science takes time. If you rush things and jump to conclusions you get junk science and made for TV soundbytes that rarely have anything to do with what was discovered.

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