Alaskan Cadborosaurus Preview Now Available

Posted by: John Kirk on July 18th, 2011

Discovery Channel have now made available a preview of the Nushagak Bay Cadborosaurus footage shot by Kelly Nash and his sons.

Alaskan Monster Hunt: Mystery Animal Expert

Johnathan and Andy meet with cryptozoologist Paul Leblond who shares his research about the creature known as Cadborosaurus.

Alaskan Monster Hunt: Sea Monster Witness

The Hillstrand’s adventure begins when an eyewitness shares stunning video evidence of a mysterious Alaskan sea monster.

In addition you can see Andy and Johnathan Hillstrand building a monster trap.

Alaskan Monster Hunt: Monster Catching Rig

The Hillstrand brothers assemble a heavy-duty fishing rig to go hunting after the Alaskan sea monster.

They also go out to Lake Iliamna and set up the trap here.

Alaskan Monster Hunt: Hunting A Lake Hideout

Johnathan and Andy’s search takes them to Alaska’s Lake Iliamna where the most sea monster sightings have been reported over the decades.

The footage that is shown is a small amount of what Kelly shot, but does not include the sequence where a cameloid head looks toward the camera. I hope they show more than this as the other footage is fascinating.

Do not judge this footage until you have seen it in its entirety. Hopefully, they will show it tomorrow night.

Canadian readers: I can’t find Alaskan Monster Hunt – as the episode is known – anywhere on the Discovery Canada listings for tomorrow or any other night. I hope they eventually show this.  We will have to rely on the generosity of our American friends to post the whole show somewhere where we can watch it.

If you watch the original trailer for this program you will see a very large creature in Lake Iliamna. It only appears for a brief moment in the trailer and so I wonder is this the giant mystery fish this lake is famous for? Also do not be confused by the way the program seems to jump around as far as location is concerned. Kelly Nash’s footage was shot at Nushagak Bay (open sea) and the Hillstrands went cryptid hunting in Lake Iliamna (enclosed body of freshwater with an outlet to Nushagak Bay via the  Kvichak River) which makes no sense. That is unless they are surmising that the Lake Iliamna cryptid swims to the sea and back or the Nushagak Bay cryptids sometimes swim to Lake Iliamna.

By the way Paul Leblond is not saying Caddy is a plesiosaur in the show, just that it bears a superficial resemblance to one. I have really enjoyed watching the footage again and can’t wait to see the whole show.

Alaskan Monster Hunt: Hillstranded premieres tomorrow night on Discovery Channel at 10 PM E

It re-airs:

July 20, 12:00 AM E

July 21, 9:00 PM E

July 21, 11:00 PM E

John Kirk About John Kirk
One of the founders of the BCSCC, John Kirk has enjoyed a varied and exciting career path. Both a print and broadcast journalist, John Kirk has in recent years been at the forefront of much of the BCSCC’s expeditions, investigations and publishing. John has been particularly interested in the phenomenon of unknown aquatic cryptids around the world and is the author of In the Domain of the Lake Monsters (Key Porter Books, 1998). In addition to his interest in freshwater cryptids, John has been keenly interested in investigating the possible existence of sasquatch and other bipedal hominids of the world, and in particular, the Yeren of China. John is also chairman of the Crypto Safari organization, which specializes in sending teams of investigators to remote parts of the world to search for animals as yet unidentified by science. John travelled with a Crypto Safari team to Cameroon and northern Republic of Congo to interview witnesses among the Baka pygmies and Bantu bushmen who have sighted a large unknown animal that bears more than a superficial resemblance to a dinosaur. Since 1996, John Kirk has been editor and publisher of the BCSCC Quarterly which is the flagship publication of the BCSCC. In demand at conferences, seminars, lectures and on television and radio programs, John has spoken all over North America and has appeared in programs on NBC, ABC, CBS, PBS, TLC, Discovery, CBC, CTV and the BBC. In his personal life John spends much time studying the histories of Scottish Clans and is himself the president of the Clan Kirk Society. John is also an avid soccer enthusiast and player.

35 Responses to “Alaskan Cadborosaurus Preview Now Available”

  1. TimmyRyan65 responds:

    Now this is exciting. After all the BS with the Bigfoot “investigators” we’ve been seeing posted, here is something worth discussing. Real bonafide evidence. This is obviously not faked, not blurry, not a wave, not a decayed tree with gas. Evidence! A real living animal caught on tape. Now it’s just a question of what is it? And to think this is not supposedly the best of it. I wanna see the head poking up. The thing is obviously breathing air. It kinda reminds me of that “Caddy” footage from last year but this is obviously real and not up to conjecture.

    I can not wait until tomorrow night!

  2. Red Earth White Lies responds:

    So HOW DOES one catch giant outsized salmon or the mother of all muskies? Why in a trap of course… I suppose the theory for public consumption, make that the entertained audience, is that since it is a lake, they are corralled in with nowhere to go.

    Of course saved once again by the all knowing computer setting us right that something not far akin to a snake-like basilosaurid with features of both a pinniped, reptile & whale IS ACTUALLY a plesiosaur. Well all those water monsters all around the world look alike (wink).

    Nice “classic Ogopogo beaver snout” pokin’ up intermittently in one of those “classic Ogopogo waves”. Still waiting for the “tail slap that could kill a man” & the other 14 beaver snouts.

    Now all that is needed is Todd Disotell making an appearance in order to complete it as a 100X bigger sham from start to finish than Finding Bigfoot.

    Bread & Circuses, bread & circuses…

    (the above comment is not to be construed as my opinion of the intact uncensored original footage in its entirety)

  3. Hapa responds:

    So far so interesting, but its nothing till the full footage is in so we can distinguish it better. And it seems the Alaska guys are taking the proper approach: capture and or kill it to get a specimen. Though they don’t get a body (it would be on headline news ad Fox if they did), the vid is quite fascinating. I wouldn’t say it is 100% not a hoax (Movie magic and human ingenuity are pretty deceptive), but it seems far less likely a hoax than most “Bigfoot” pics and films.

    Let’s hope there is more honesty behind this show than with Finding Bigfoot (not a jibe against the cast of the latter: The way the show is managed by the higher ups, as even Matt Moneymaker himself has written about here, has damaged “Finding Bigfoot”‘s credibility.)

  4. RWRidley responds:

    I imagine there’s more they’re not showing. I honestly couldn’t tell much from these clips.

  5. Fred123 responds:

    If it doesn’t get a lot better than is, the hype was as bad as I suspected it was going to be.

  6. joelice responds:

    When this is coming to air in discovery? Looks pretty awesome!

  7. Craig Woolheater responds:


    The show premieres tomorrow night on Discovery Channel at 10 PM E.

    It re-airs:

    July 20, 12:00 AM E

    July 21, 9:00 PM E

    July 21, 11:00 PM E

  8. eyecitga responds:

    Cool! Finally, I (and we) get to see this thing that’s been intriguing me (us) since the announcement came out early last fall. From the footage I’ve seen so far, I’m really not sure what to expect. I was starting to believe this would never surface. From the early details last year, IF Discovery gives us the real footage, this should be groundbreaking as discovering the coelacanth many, many years ago, although we still won’t have solid proof. Speaking of breaking, I’m sure the rest of us are almost holding our breath, so that we don’t get the rug pulled out from under us again. I’m quite excited and can’t wait! Don’t think I can take another dose of disappointment again like the ’08 debacle.

  9. eyecitga responds:

    Loren, I’d love to see what your comments are after tomorrow evening’s show has ended. A lot is at stake, science wise and I hope the scientific community doesn’t take it too lightly. This could be HUGE!

  10. TimmyRyan65 responds:

    @Fred123 “a lot better than this?” What more do you want? (It sounds like a lot more is coming). Whatever it is in that video you can not deny it is a living creature, swimming and breathing. Granted this could be hoaxed by a professional video editor but there is 3 minutes of this. This by far better than any Bigfoot footage/pictures. Caddy is by far has more evidence that is consistant for it being a real living creature than any of the other cryptids. I think we are seeing the first of more evidence to come that Caddy is the real deal. I am very excited to see this show and footage. No enhancement or fancy editing here. Welcome to the real world Caddy! We’ve been waiting for ya!

  11. zigoapex responds:

    It’s probably a good video and it will create some buzz, but there is still no proof, or it would have been published all ready.

  12. flame821 responds:

    3 minutes worth of video is quite amazing, especially as if it were beavers, otters, seals I would expect them to show 2 or more heads at some point over 3 minutes.

    The fact that you have a freshwater bay going into brackish then saltwater is interesting as well. Several sea going species have adapted to live in such conditions, most notably the Bull shark. If this is a mammal that leaves a lot of area wide open.

    As for the ‘rig’ to catch the monster? That’s how we fish for Gar when I visit family in the American South East. I’m not sure how well that is going to work on an animal that we can’t even specify fish, reptile or mammal at this point.

    Still, it looks to be interesting and I will make it a point to tune in and see how much of the 3 minutes they actually show.

  13. springheeledjack responds:

    FINALLY! Sheesh. Alright at least we’re in my arena now…been so quiet on the USO front that I’ve had to delve into Bigfoot to get my cryptid fixes…

    I’ll wait until I see the whole footage before I make any comments, but what they’ve got so far is cool. Way better than a Bigfoot corpse frozen in a bathtub…or a couple of Bigfoot gunmen on a snowy knoll…

  14. rwillmore responds:

    There’s just nothing there you can even identify, nothing. If there isn’t anything better on the show, this is just a waste of time. It’s another “inkblot”, at least so far.

  15. Fred123 responds:

    Timmy, the first Ogopogo/beaver videos that I saw came as greater surprise than this footage has. If you don’t come up with a lot more clarity than these samples have provided, you’re not going to prove anything.

  16. Fred123 responds:

    Did I actually hear one of these guys saying “It has to be able to breathe water because it went down.”?

  17. loopstheloop responds:

    By the way Paul Leblond is not saying Caddy is a plesiosaur in the show, just that it bears a superficial resemblance to one. I have really enjoyed watching the footage again and can’t wait to see the whole show.

    In the clip they’d just supposedly noted the subject blowing air from the back of its head, and the fact that its movement and propulsion was in the vertical rather than horizontal plane… which then led to… ‘it’s just like a plesiosaur!’.

    Just wondering what kind of specific cranial trauma was a prerequisite when casting these folk?

    ‘It must breathe water, it done gone under, consarn it!’
    ‘Salmon don’t eat not other salmon… the only thing that done eat other things be a monster, y’all!!!’
    ‘We gonna need a bigger boat, huh huh huh huh huh huh huh…’

    If this (like ‘Finding Bigfoot’) is the kind of moronic tripe that TV companies are aiming at N. American spectators… AND they’re successful in the ratings… well, you have a lot more to worry about than sighting cryptids. Good grief.

  18. norman-uk responds:

    I was looking forward to seeing this film as long term ‘believer’ but I need an assurance that ‘no animals were harmed in the making of the film’. As it is it seems likely what was intended was a crude plan to to hook and drown ( I assume) a warm blooded mammal not a ‘sea monster’. Or even a cold blooded one. Or clearly unlikely, even an unknown sea going primate. Please correct me if my understanding of events was correct. If it is its all a hard rock to swallow!

    There is no need anyway as there are ways of getting biopsy samples and film without cruelty or will be. Is there any need for such impatience or is it a reaction against scoffing sceptics or for ratings?

  19. sonofthedestroyer responds:

    Now thats what im talking about. That really looks like something.
    Fingers crossed we will see more

  20. joedastudd responds:

    I was really looking forward to seeing this programme, however it seems like its not airing in the UK (yet).

    I would really, really like to see either the original footage or stills from the original footage. However with the staggered airing of the shows I can’t see this happening for a long time.

  21. scaryeyes responds:

    Intriguing. Particularly the blow and the blocky head coming up, but with more than one individual in the water and their respective wakes, it’s hard to get an impression of which body parts belong together; the apparent length could be deceptive. Definitely can’t wait to see more though, this is genuinely exciting stuff.

    When news of this footage first came to light – I remember something about serrated backs? I wonder if that’s more apparent elsewhere in the footage. Likewise I recall they were being chased by belugas, it would be interesting to see them along side a known animal.

    I hope they show, or at least make available somehow, the entire footage, this definitely deserves close scrutiny.

    (And on a personal note, I wish producers of this kind of show would just drop the plesiosaur angle, it’s like catnip to them, and I don’t think it actually helps credibility).

  22. lumbarjack03 responds:

    Finally something substantial or did everyone here with the negative comments forget Mr. Kirk’s statement that it actually raises its head and turns towards the camera? I’m beginning to think the whole lot of you are just constant complainers quick to pass judgement. I understand there are alot of hoaxers and yes finding bigfoot (I do watch though) kind of put some sour grapes in everyone’s mouth. but can you give it a break, if you don’t have nothing intelligent or even nice to say my mom used to say don’t say it at all

  23. rickodemilo responds:

    Unless it really does rear its head and look at the camera, I don’t see much to get excited about.

  24. lumbarjack03 responds:

    On a lighter note, I do happen to believe that there is a very good chance that something substantial will come out of our oceans before we discover a new primate or any other land based cryptid. Can’t wait to see the show.

  25. bobzilla responds:

    Hard to tell much from this vid. I don’t think we’re seeing air being blown. There doesn’t seem to be much force to it. It seems more like a small splash.

    I also don’t (necessarily) see multiple animals and I definitely can’t tell size.

    I’m looking forward to the show, though. Hopefully we’ll see better footage.

    And, yes the “pleshasaur” stuff has to stop. As a kid, I wished every sea monster sighting was a prehistoric animal (and thanks to some photo retouching, some REALLY looked like plesiosaurs), but I lean towards them being just a new animal we haven’t seen or a mutated, deformed, or injured version of something we know.

  26. Redrose999 responds:

    The footage was impressive. The blowhole, blew me away. I suppose it could be some misplaced sea mammal, but they’d have to prove it.

    And the Hillstrands are fishing for it. Why, of course they are, fishermen fish. Boy I adore these guys, just for being who they are. Maybe this can inspire some more serious folks to go out there. The program looks very entertaining.

  27. stickyum responds:

    I’m extremely excited to see the show tonight and the important new evidence of a living-breathing “plesiosaur-like” marine animal. Unfortunately, the only negative aspects of the show, as seen in the previews, are the Hillstrand brothers building a monster trap and thinking what great fun it would be to catch and kill these amazing and defenseless animals. And furthermore, just in case this new species turns out to be identified as being a whale-like descendant, they are indeed protected by both Alaskan & Federal Whaling Protection Laws.

  28. mandors responds:

    The footage is very good, and it is reminiscent of certain photographs taken in Africa and recently posted that many of us, myself included, dismissed as a wake or cross current.

  29. lumbarjack03 responds:

    i agree with red on that lol, why wouldnt they be fishing for it, they show more zeal then the rest of us who pretty much (i included myself in this) sit at our computer critiquing every report that comes there way. what happened with being open minded?

  30. Sinnbox responds:

    Here’s something interesting that I just found… shows why they are fishing like they are.

    “Using a Bushmaster seaplane as a dock, a hook made from a foot long, quarter inch thick iron rod baited with a chunk of moose flank, a several hundred foot long, sixteenth inch stainless steel aircraft cable as a line and a fifty five gallon oil drum as a bobber the 4 men set out to catch the creature. They did manage to hook something but were never able to get it to the surface, what ever they caught was so massive it managed to snap the steel aircraft cable and get away.”

    Here’s a link, anyone heard of this?

  31. Sinnbox responds:

    My main problem with this is that the Lake Iliamna monters seem to be fish and the spout in the video makes me think that these animals are mammals… why are they tying the two together?

  32. jeff11 responds:

    I sure hope they talk to a mainstream biologist. Sometimes what is baffling to us is a well known animal doing something odd. People who complain about skepticism and say we should be open-minded misunderstand that the burden in science is always on the side that is promoting a radical departure from settled knowledge. You may not like it, but that’s the way actual knowledge is advanced. I’ll be watching tonight and hope that there’s more footage. I’m a little dismayed that the “monster hunt” of the title will be for a different animal altogether. That seems odd.

  33. sonofthedestroyer responds:

    What photographs from Africa?

  34. flame821 responds:

    @ scaryeyes
    according to the citation site Belugas FOOD PREFERENCES AND RESOURCES

    Beluga whales are opportunistic feeders. They prey on about 100 different kinds of primarily bottom-dwelling animals. They eat octopus; squid; crabs; snails; sandworms; and fishes such as capelin, cod, herring, smelt, and flounder.


    This is why we really need some marine biologists in on this. It could be a simple mis-identification of a known animal OR it could be a new species or it could be two different animals both being called Caddy.

  35. buhmony responds:

    OK, I’m done, no more Cryptomundo or cryptozoology… well, maybe some… but there’s no decent footage of anything and there’s never going to be. The stars of “Smoking Bums vs. Giant Crabs” or whatever being thrown in the mix is the final insult. I’ll miss Mr. Coleman, but I still hope to make it up to his museum sometime.

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