Sierra Kills: Tom Biscardi Offering $50,000 for Justin Smeja’s Bigfoot Steak

Posted by: Bigfoot Evidence on December 1st, 2011

On Wednesday evening, Richard Stubstad and Robert Lindsay were guests on the Tom Biscardi radio show talking about the Sierra Kills. As reported by Lindsay earlier, Justin Smeja was selling his Bigfoot steak for $10,000. Biscardi thinks Smeja deserves a lot more than what he’s currently selling it for and he is offering $50,000 for the steak.

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17 Responses to “Sierra Kills: Tom Biscardi Offering $50,000 for Justin Smeja’s Bigfoot Steak”

  1. Ragnar responds:

    Who is Biscardi gonna con . . . err, get . . . the money from this time? After the Georgia Bigfoot in a freezer hoax he has less credibility than politicians in DC.

  2. graybear responds:

    I hope the present owner of the steak will be certain to get the money in cash and not in a check written on a Nigerian bank. Also, before anyone chows down, make sure that puppy is well done. AIDS made the jump from apes to humans through ill-prepared jungle meat. God knows what we might catch from a Sasquatch. A disease that makes an infected individual have uncontrollable urges to walk through the woods and blur cameras, perhaps?

  3. Jerry D. Coleman responds:

    ‘Tis The Season ~ Biscardi is the gift that just keeps on giving! What’s next Biscardi, tracks down a red haired, white bearded, ape-like creature with vocalizations sounding like, “Ho-ho-ho” at the North Pole?

  4. Zilla responds:

    Sasquatch meat! Mmm, good! I hope this “Bigfoot” meat is just for study to prove it is nothing rather than for food. Sounds like typical Biscardi.

  5. William responds:

    Oh, great, now we have another variant on a Bigfoot scam. Peddling a bear steak as a Bigfoot steak for money. How low can someone go and yet the gullibility of people at times is astounding when it comes to this subject.

  6. whiteriverfisherman responds:

    BF steak my eye. What a load of crap.

  7. choppedlow responds:

    It will be a great day when Biscardi (Standing and some others) looses focus on BF and focuses on something else. Like the Mongolian Death Worm, the Chumapcabra, the elusive Colorado Humpback Suckerfish, or D B Coopers lost money. Or maybe he should search far and wide and find some class or some character.

  8. Redrose999 responds:

    LOL so selling a bigfoot steak, does that mean Tom is encouraging cannibalism?

    Seriously, with Tom tossed into the shooting Bigfoot mix and the DNA project drama, I am now officially certain something rotten is amok.

  9. Lack of Evidence responds:

    Does anyone not find this absolutely shady that this guy is going to sell his bigfoot “steak”? Let’s look at a couple of things that we know.

    1) There is a project that claims to have earth shattering DNA results that just don’t seem to ever be put out.

    2) This Justin guy is associated in some way with samples that are tested by this project.

    3) The project’s website mysteriously goes down in November and now this comes out.

    4) This “bigfoot steak” looks a lot like something he bought at Kroger, (it’s even trimmed!!).

    This leads me to believe that this entire deal is a hoax. For those of you who have been holding on to hope that bigfoot will become a recognized animal because of this study, you are just hoping for a pipe dream. If someone can refute this, please do.

  10. bobhelferstay responds:

    I just want to know where Biscardi gets $50,000 bucks. I don’t have $50,000 bucks, and I have a job.

  11. norman-uk responds:

    Lack of Evidence -No! Lots of it but quality is very mixed!

    Of the four points you raised no 1 appears to be valid-so far and on track with delay in release of data being completely normal.

    A sensible hypothesis to what has been reported about bigfoot in total is that it is real and therefore physical evidence should arise, including DNA Dr Melba Ketchum and her work on DNA seems to have the best potential for advancing knowledge in this area. Of course the proof of any pudding is in the eating and I personally am looking forward to very interesting new evidence without necessarily anticipating amazing outcomes.

    There is a lot of speculation and possibly misimformation going on at present and plenty of scepticism is in order. But it should not distract from intelligent and enjoyable enquiry about the bigfoot phenomenom by all. Maybe bigfoot can then take its place along with other interesting discoveries such as neanderthals, denesovans, ‘hobbits’ and even the apparentky charming afarensis sediba etc.

    I find the present subject of bigfoot as steak very unpleasant and likely to bring the subject justifiably into disrepute. It seems likely that bigfoot is near human or possibly within the human range which is wide and should be given proper respect. Somehow there is a resonance here with bad things that happened in the past and which gave excuse for appalling treatment to some.

    One wonders how many bigfoot are running around with buckshot or bullets in them causing agony from hunters trying to meet the demand for a body! I am confident conclusive evidence will come given the effort and the march of science and for this we should wait though impatiently.

  12. Ragnar responds:

    I don’t think the picture is of the bigfoot “steak”. Looks more like a stock photo. I found several pictures of meat with a ruler next to it on a quick google search.

  13. William responds:

    How can Biscardi still think he has any credibility whatsoever in the Bigfoot world? I cannot believe he has not been sued for fraud.

  14. DNS responds:

    Good call, Ragnar! TinEye found it here.

    Biscardi! The gift that keeps on giving.

  15. mljmlj1 responds:

    If this is true, we get to test an old Indian theory, Smeja and his cohorts got 7 years and the clock is ticking. If its two does that make it 3.5 years? Just curious? If it true he did this he stinks of what he has done and I wouldn’t go back in the woods.

  16. Loren Coleman responds:

    Obviously, this is merely TB attempting to cater the menu for his next roast.

  17. mljmlj1 responds:

    Please forgive me, I was overwhelmed with the general foolishness, greed and ignorance of Justin Smeja and his cohorts last night. In my effort to befriend an old race of beings this type of behavior only taints and destroys the bonds of friendship I am working so hard to attain for us all.

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