Update: Olympic Project May 2015 Expedition

Posted by: Derek Randles on February 21st, 2015

Here is some info on the May trip:

The dates are May 7th to the 10th 2015.

Guests will be arriving Thursday afternoon after 3:00 pm. Thursday is reserved for setting up camp, filling out paperwork, relaxing and preparing for the next three days. We may have a speaker Thursday night. Friday, Sat and Sun will be filled with speakers, classes…6 classes, free hiking and night time research. The expedition will end Sunday at 12:00 noon with a group picture.

There are plenty of tent and RV spots available. Your RV will need to be self contained, but we do have the resources to power 3 RV’s if needed. There are ample tent sites around the property.

You need to bring all your own food and camping supply’s. There is a shower on site, and two porta potties as well. The main shop is where the classes and presentations are held. We have a wood stove and sitting area inside, as well as a cook station. There is also a BBQ there if needed.

Speakers include:

Diane Stocking Neiss – American Primate Foundation, and Olympic Project member.
Cindy Dosen – BFRO, and Olympic Project member.
Barbara Clifton Olvera – Tillamook Research Organization, and Olympic Project member.

Classes include:

1. Backpack preparedness and wilderness survival – Derek Randles, James Million and Shane Corson.
2. DNA collection protocol, and in field methodology – Cindy Dosen and Olympic Project staff.
3. Audio studies and technique – David Ellis
4. Proper and comprehensive evidence documentation – Tom Baker.
5. Track casting – David Ellis and Derek Randles.
6. Map/Topography study and planning – Matt Jones.

While infield, we’ll also be setting and checking game cameras as needed.

This trip will sharpen your research skills, and educate you with the most current methods, and field research techniques available today.

Needs list:

1. Backpack – day pack preferred.
2. Two light sources – flash light/head lamp.
3. Lighter or water proof matches
4. Water, or a way to procure water.
5. Knife.
6. Note pad and pen.
7. Whistle
8. Small first aid kit.
9. Small emergency blanket.
10. Backpack snacks.
11. Tent or RV. There are places to sleep out of the weather if it becomes a factor.
12. Cooler for your food. There is a store 20 minutes away if needed.
13. Any other camping supplies you may need.

You will also want rain gear – the quiet material kind, two pairs of hiking boots or shoes, and plenty of extra socks. It can rain in May.

Directions to site will be given along with trip confirmation, but it is in the Lake Crescent area, west of Port Angeles WA.

There are only 12 attendees per trip, as to ensure a very up close, personal experience with Olympic Project members.

We run a tight ship, but we also have a blast doing our research in this beautiful location. You will not be disappointed with this expedition. The money raised on these trips goes directly back into the research. It is our only source of income that supports the research we conduct year round.

If you’d like to register for the May trip, please let me know, and I’ll give you directions, and payment info.

Derek Randles, Cell (360) 731-3643
Olympic Project / Ridge Walkers Unlimited
Olympic Project

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Derek Randles About Derek Randles
Derek Randles has been involved in Bigfoot research for 29 years. His first encounter with Bigfoot was in 1985 in the Olympic National Park in Washington State. Since then, Derek has worked with many researchers, scientists and wild life biologists along the way. In 1997 Derek was invited to join the North American Ape project with Jeff Meldrum and Ron Brown. In September of 2000 he was invited to join the BFRO and attend their first Bigfoot expedition in Skookum Meadows near Mt. Saint Helens. During that expedition, Derek was one of the three people who found and cast the Skookum impression. Derek owns and operates a wilderness guide service in Washington state.

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