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Posted by: Loren Coleman on May 11th, 2007

Need an old cryptozoology book for which you have been searching high and low? Buy some of the following and tell Robert Girard that Cryptomundo sent you!! We don’t get anything for this, other than winning a non-financial challenge from Girard that he won’t hear from anyone from this blog.

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727. Barrett, Charles. THE BUNYIP AND OTHER MYTHICAL MONSTERS AND LEGENDS. Photocopy, mounted 2-up in heavy folder, $12.00.

734. Bord. THE BIGFOOT CASEBOOK. Stackpole, 1982. Trade softbound, good used copy, $8.00

736. Burton, Maurice. THE ELUSIVE MONSTER: A RE-EXAMINATION OF THE PROBLEM OF LOCH NESS. Rupert Davis, 1961. HC, 1st ed., 176pp, paper yellowing a bit, still a very good copy of a book which is far more elusive than the monster. $100.00

740. Carrington, Richard. MERMAIDS AND MASTODONS. Reinhart, 1957. HC, 1st ed., 251pp, good, top edge dusty, piece of rear jacket missing at upper corner. $20.00

745. Corliss, William R., compiler. INCREDIBLE LIFE: A HANDBOOK OF BIOLOGICAL MYSTERIES. Sourcebook Proj., 1981. HC, 1st ed., 1016pp, mammoth and great, VG in dj, $75.00

750. Dinsdale, Tim. THE STORY OF THE LOCH NESS MONSTER. A. Wingate, 1973. HC, 1st ed., 124pp, Signed by Author, vg, vg DJ, $25.00

753. _____. MONSTER HUNT. Acropolis, 1972. HC, 1st Am. Ed., 2nd prtg, 295pp, dusty, small stain to top edge, good reader, no jacket. Reprint of “The Leviathans.” $10.00

754. De Gubernatis, Angelo. ZOOLOGICAL MYTHOLOGY, OR, LEGENDS OF ANIMALS. Truebner, 1872. HC, 2 vols, 1st English edition, xxix, 432, 442 pp. Not illustrated. Wonderful collection of worldwide animal lore. Hinges & joints all excellent, light wear to extremities, in all a very good set for a very good cryptozoology library-worth sacrificing for! $125.00

755. Eberhart, George M. MYSTERIOUS CREATURES: A GUIDE TO CRYPTOZOOLOGY. ABC-Clio, 2002. HC, 2 vols, xlvii, 364; xix, 365-722. Pictorial boards, not issued with jacket. Over 1000 entries and over 60 illustrations,$185.00.

758. Ellis, Richard. MONSTERS OF THE SEA: THE HISTORY, NATURAL HISTORY AND MYTHOLOGY OF THE OCEANS’ MOST FANTASTIC CREATURES. Knopf, 1996. HC, 3rd prtg, 429pp, big section on sea serpents, plus other marine monsters. VG, dj, $20.00

759. Florescu, Radu, and McNally, Raymond T. DRACULA: A BIOGRAPHY OF VLAD THE IMPALER, 1431-1476. Hawthorn, 1973. HC, 1st prtg, 239pp, VG, dj, $15.00

763. Glut, Donald F. TRUE VAMPIRES OF HISTORY. H-C Publishers, 1971. HC, 1st ed., 191pp, dj nibbled along front flap, about 2″, just touching the cloth, else VG copy in dj. $12.00

764. Gould, Charles. MYTHICAL MONSTERS. W. H. Allen, 1886. HC, 1st ed., 407pp. Much on dragons and sea serpents. This would be a good copy if the mice hadn’t gotten to it and nibbled along the cloth of the bottom edge, especially on the rear cover. If you can live with that (it’s not terrible), and with a couple other punctures or digs to cloth, you’ve got a first edition of a scarce book. $100.00

765. _____. SAME. Another Copy, Crescent, 1989, HC, paper aging, VG, dj, $12.00

766. Green, John. YEAR OF THE SASQUATCH. Cheam, 1970. Lg. bklt, 1st ed., 80pp, ex S.I.T.U. library, their stamp on title page. Signed by Author, scarce, $25.00

767. _____. ON THE TRACK OF THE SASQUATCH. The Author, 1968. Lg. bklt, 78pp, ex S.I.T.U. library, good, bit dusty. $20.00

768. _____. ON THE TRACK OF THE SASQUATCH BOOK 1. Cheam, 1980. Lg. bklt, 64pp, “1980s edition,” very good, $15.00

769. _____. ON THE TRAIL OF THE SASQUATCH BOOK 2. Cheam, 1980, lg. bklt, 64pp, “1980s Edition.” Good, some rubbing to cover, $15.00

775. Hill, Douglas. THE HISTORY OF GHOSTS, VAMPIRES & WEREWOLVES. Castle, 1970. HC, 121pp, good in rubbed jacket, for younger readers, $8.00

784. Krantz. BIG FOOTPRINTS. Johnson Bks, 1992. Trade soft, 1st ed., 300pp, fine, $12.00

789. McEwen, Graham. SEA SERPENTS, SAILORS & SKEPTICS. RKP, 1978. HC, 1st ed., 133p, fine, dj, $25.00

792. Mackal, Roy. SEARCHING FOR HIDDEN ANIMALS. Doubleday, 1980. HC, 1st ed., 294pp, VG, dj, $30.00

793. _____. THE MONSTERS OF LOCH NESS. Swallow Press, 1976. HC, 2nd prtg, good, torn dj, $25.00

799. Michell & Rickard. LIVING WONDERS. T&H, 1981. Straictly a reader, pages loose from binding throughout. $3

804. Patterson, Roger. DO ABOMINABLE SNOWMEN OF AMERICA REALLY EXIST? Franklin Pr., 1966. HC, 1st ed., 169pp. Rare hardcover edition, with softbound cover pasted onto front board. Good + copy, $100.00

808. Pollard, John. WOLVES AND WEREWOLVES. R. Hale, 1964. HC, 1st ed., 173pp, the folklore thereof. Good +, dj, $20.00

809. Pyle, Robert M. WHERE BIGFOOT WALKS. H-M., 1995. HC, 1st prtg, 338pp, VG, dj, $20.00

812. Sanderson, Ivan T. ABOMINABLE SNOWMEN: LEGEND COME TO LIFE. Chilton, 1961. HC, 1st ed., 525pp, A good first edition copy in a jacket which has a long tear on rear panel. $45.00

813. _____. SAME. Another copy, Adventures Unltd, trade soft, new, 16.95

822. Summers, Montague. THE VAMPIRE IN EUROPE. Dutton, 1929. HC, 1st Am. Ed., 330pp. Frontispiece separated from binding, top edge splashed with something, not a disaster, and there is nibbling to spine base. No dj. Good study copy of a medium-priced edition, $20.00

824. _____. THE VAMPIRE: HIS KITH AND KIN. Kegan, Paul, Trench & Trubner, 1928. HC, 1st ed., 356pp, reader, wet at top, doesn’t show too much on page edges, but is noticeable to plates. Cloth visibly bleached at top, front & rear, from damp. Good reader, $20.00

827. Tchernine, Odette. THE YETI. Spearman, 1970. HC, 1st ed. 184pp, VG, VG jacket, $26.00

828. _____. SAME. HC, 1st Am. Ed., titled In Pursuit of the Abominable Snowman. Vg, DJ, $24

830. Underwood, peter. THE VAMPIRE’S BEDSIDE COMPANION. Leslie Frewin, 1975. HC, 1st ed., vampire fact & fiction. Good in VG jacket, $12.00

831. Wasson, Barbara. SASQUATCH APPARITIONS. The Author, 1979. Trade soft, 174pp. “A Critique On The Pacific Northwest Hominoid.” Good + copy, Signed by Author, scarce, $40.

834. Wright, Dudley. VAMPIRES AND VAMIRISM. Rider, 1924. HC, 1st ed., 220pp, front hinge split halfway up, rear hinge 2/3 of the way, good working copy, $20.00

835. Wylie, Kenneth. BIGFOOT: A PERSONAL INQUIRY INTO A PHENOMENON. Viking, 1980. HC, 1st ed., 268pp, VG in fine brodarted dj, $22.00

837A. Dinsdale, Tim. LOCH NESS MONSTER. Chilton, 1962. HC, 1st Am. Ed., 248pp, dusty, no dj, still good copy, $14.00

837B. Eisler, Robert. MAN INTO WOLF: AN ANTHROPOLOGICAL INTERPRETATION OF SADISM, MASOCHISM AND LYCANTHROPY. Phil. Lib., 1952. HC, 1st ed., 286pp, good, no jacket, $18.00

2111. Adams, Samuel;. CATTLE MUTILATIONS: AN ELUSIVE PREY. Pentland Press, 2003. Trade soft, 86pp, fine, $14.95

2112. Bauer, Henry. THE ENIGMA OF LOCH NESS. 1988, qual. soft, 1st prtg thus, 243pp, VG, $12.

2113.. Bendick, Jeanne. THE MYSTERY OF THE LOCH NESS MONSTER. Xerox Edu., 1976. Softbound, 2nd prtg, 128pp, kids’ book, fair, various creases, small stains, etc. $2.00

2115. Costello, Peter. IN SEARCH OF LAKE MONSTERS. Garnstone, ’74. HC, 1st ed., fore-edge has been banged by something, leaving a light rumple in the first 49 pages, else VG, dj, $20.00

2116. Green, John. ON THE TRACK OF THE SASQUATCH. Hancock House, 1994. Lg. softbound, 64pp, latest incarnation of above entry. Fine, $7.95

2117. Klaw, Richard, ed. THE BIG BIGFOOT BOOK. Mojo Press, 1996. Lg. comic, B & W art, 128pp, new, $7.95

2119. Murphy, Lee. WHERE LEGENDS ROAM. Defining Moments, 2001. Qual. Soft, 205pp, new, BF fiction, $12.95

2120. Napier, John. BIGFOOT. THE YETI AND SASQUATCH IN MYTH AND REALITY. Reader’s Union, 1974. HC, UK book club copy, VG, dj, $12.00

2124. Ley, Willy. SALAMANDERS AND OTHER WONDERS. Viking, 1955. HC, 1st ed., 293pp, superior first edition copy, fine in fine jacket. $40.00

CRYPTOZOOLOGY: A handful of newly-arrived titles.

2141. DeWitt, Dave. THE MUTE STRATEGY. Sunbelt Pr., 1979. Cattle mute fiction. Good +, $25

2142. Landsburg. IN SEARCH OF MYTHS & MONSTERS. Corgi, ’77, UK edition, edgeworn, $6

2148. Witchell. THE LOCH NESS STORY. Penguin, ’75, spine crease, good, $3.00


2139. Bendick. THE MYSTERY OF THE LOCH NESS MONSTER. 1976, softbound, kids, fair, $1

2142. Bord. THE BIGFOOT CASEBOOK. Qual. soft, VG, $12.00

2150. Cohen, Daniel. THE GREATEST MONSTERS IN THE WORLD. 1975,
HC, ex-library copy, good reader in dj, $5.00

AMERICA. Paraview Pocket, 2003. Trade soft, 278p, remainder mark,

2152. Coleman, L. MYSTERIOUS AMERICA. 1983, softbound, orig. ed., worn, $4.00

OGY. Craven St. Bks, 2002. Trade soft, 239pp, new, $14.95

2155. Corliss, Wm. R., compiler. BIOLOGICAL ANOMALIE: BIRDS.
Sourcebook Proj., 1998. HC, 479pp, new, not issued with dj, $27.95

2158. Dinsdale, Tim. THE LEVIATHANS. RKP, 1966. HC, 1st ed, reader, x-library, poor but intact, in color reproduction of jacket. $12.00

2159. Ellis, Richard. MONSTERS OF THE SEA. Knopf, ’94, HC, signed copy, VG, dj, $25.00

2162. Garden, Nancy. WEREWOLVES. Bantam, ’77, softbound, 110p, kids,
good, $4.00

2163. _____. VAMPIRES. Bantam, ’77, trade soft, 110pp, soft, kids, good, $4

2163. Godfrey, Linda S. THE BEAST OF BRAY ROAD. Prairie Oak Pr.,
2003. Trade soft, 177pp, new, $16.95

2164. _____. HUNTING THE AMERICAN WEREWOLF. Trails Bks, 2006.
Trade soft, 319pp, new, $18.95

2165A. Guttila, Peter. THE BIGFOOT FILES. Timeless Voyager, 2003, trade soft, new, $21.95

2166. Harrison. SEA SERPENTS AND LAKE MONSTERS OF THE BRITISH ISLES. 2001, HC, last new copy left, $20.00

2166A. Healy, Tony, and Cropper, Paul. THE YOWIE. Anomalist Bks, 2006. Trade softbound, large format (7 x 10), 336pp, 120pp. This is the definitive study of Australia’s Bigfoot-the Yowie, featuring 120 illustrations, and a case catalog of sightings dating from 1789 to the present. An absolute must for the cryptozoologist in the family, as well as for anyone with a Fortean library! A steal at $19.95

2167. Holiday, F. W. THE DRAGON AND THE DISC. S&J, 1973, HC, reader, ex-lib., fair, dj, $10

2167A. Hoyt, Olga. LUST FOR BLOOD: THE CONSUMING STORY OF VAMPIRES. Stein & Day, 1984. HC, 245pp, VG in jacket, $15.00

2169. Konstantinos. VAMPIRES: THE OCCULT TRUTH. Llewellyn, 2000, later prtg, new, $4.00

2169A. Krantz, Grover s. BIGFOOT SASQUATCH EVIDENCE. Hancock House, 1999. Trade soft, 348pp, new, but corner badly banged, good reader, $7.50

2171. Leiterman, Robert. THE BIGFOOT MYSTERY: THE ADVENTURE BEGINS. Fiction, soft, $3

2172. Ley, W. SALAMANDERS & OTHER WONDERS. Viking, ’55, HC, 1st
ed., x-lib, reader, $6

2173. Lishka, G. DARKNESS IS LIGHT ENOUGH. Galde, ’96, soft, 212pp,
personal acc’t, $2

2174. Lum. FABULOUS BEASTS. Pantheon, ’51, HC, reader, flyleaf clipped,
no dj, $5

2175. Mackal, Roy. THE MONSTERS OF LOCH NESS. Swallow, 1976. HC,
2nd prtg, 401pp, VG in dj, frayed along top edge. $20.00

2176. MacLellan, G. SACRED ANIMALS. Capall Bann, 1997. Qual. soft,
173pp, new, $6.00

Rupert Hart-Davis, 1972. HC, 259pp, good+ inVG jacket, $18.00

2176B. McCloy, James F. and Miller, Ray Jr. PHANTOM OF THE PINES. Mid
dle Atlantic Pr., 1998. Trade soft, 166pp, new, re Jersey Devil, $11.95

2177. Meredith. SEARCH AT LOCH NESS. Quadrangle, 1977. HC, VG, dj,

2178. Messner, Reinhold. MY QUEST FOR THE YETI. St. Martin’s, 2000.
HC, 169p , new, dj $5

HC, 374pp, fair, dj, mythology, $20.00

2180. Murphy, Christopher L. MEET THE SASQUATCH. Hancock House,
2004. Lg. softbound, 240pp, front cover roughed up, not serious, great

2180A. O’Donnell, Elliott. WERWOLVES. Methuen, 1912. HC, 12mo, 1st ed.,
292pp. Light foxing to page edges, spine dulled, else a good + first
edition copy of this seldom-seen work. $95.00

The author, 1987. Bklt, 32pp, over 200 references to MD bigfoot en
counters. New, $5.00

2183A. Redfern, NicK. THREE MEN SEEKING MONSTERS. 2004. Trade
soft, 264pp, new, remainder mark, $9.95

2184. Ricciuti, E.R. KILLERS OF THE SEAS. Walker, ’73, HC, 1st am. Ed., 308p, piranhas, sharks, blowfish, all kinds of toxic & dangerous sea creatures. VG, dj, $4

2185. Riggs, Rob. IN THE BIG THICKET. Paraview, ’01, qual. soft, new, $13.95

2190. Shuker, Karl. . A NATURAL HISTORY OF THE UNNATURAL WORLD. 1999, Lg. HC, new, $15

2191. Steenburgh. IN SEARCH OF GIANTS: BIGFOOT SASQUATCH ENCOUNTERS. Hancock House, 2000. Qual. soft, 256pp, new, $12.95

2192. Thompson, C.J.S. THE MYSTERY & LORE OF MONSTERS. University, ’68, soft, reprint, 256pp, worn, spine creases, $4.00

2193. Wright, Dudley. THE BOOK OF VAMPIRES. 1973, HC, reprint, lacks flyleaf, else good, $8

2195. Dinsdale. MONSTER HUNT. Acropolis, ’72, HC, 295pp, fair in poor jacket, $10.00

2196. Baumann. BIGFOOT: AMERICA’S ABSM. Worn, kids, $1.00
2197. Byrne. THE SEARCH FOR BIGFOOT. $2.00
2198. Cohen. BIGFOOT. Kids, $2.00
2200. Cornell. THE MONSTER OF LOCH NESS. Kids, $2.00
2201. Costello. IN SEARCH OF LAKE MONSTERS. Fine, $6.00; good, $4.00
2205. Guennette. THE MYSTERIOUS MONSTERS. $4.00
2206. Holiday. THE GREAT ORM OF LOCH NESS. $3.00
2207. Hunter & Dahinden. SASQUATCH. $4.00
2208. Hurwood. VAMPIRES, WEREWOLVES & GHOULS. $4.00
2209. _____. VAMPIRES, WEREWOLVES & OTHER DEMONS. Kids, poor,
2209A. Kagan & Summers. MUTE EVIDENCE. Bantam, ’84, VG, nice, $25
2210. Landsburg. IN SEARCH OF MYTHS & MONSTERS. $4.00
2211. McNally. A CLUTCH OF VAMPIRES. $5.00
2213. Napier. BIGFOOT. $2.00
2213A. Norman, Eric. THE ABOMINABLE SNOWMEN. Award, ’69, VG, $12
2214. Smith, Warren. SECRET ORIGINS OF BIGFOOT. Scarce, $10.00
2215. _____. STRANGE ABOMINABLE SNOWMEN. Worn, $6.00
2216. Soule. THE MYSTERY MONSTERS. Poor, $1.00
2207. Steiger. MONSTERS AMONG US. Fine, $5.00
2208. Witchell. THE LOCH NESS STORY. $1.00


2125. LOCH NESS NEWSCLIPPING SERVICE. 12 issues, can’t tell which 12, as they are un-numbered and undated. Around 16-18 pages each. Stapled wraps. $80.00 the lot

2126. NORTH AMERICAN BIOFORTEAN REVIEW. Vol 1: 1 and 2, 1999. And Vol 2:3, Dec. 2000 About 30-40pp pages each, stapled. Short articles & reviews of the literature. $25.00 the lot

2128. SHADOWS. Nos. 1-6. NOs. 1 & 3 have 3-ring holes, others are fine. $15.00 the lot

2129. CHAMP CHANNELS. Vol 1:1 and 2, and Vol 2:1. 1983. $10.00 the lot

2130. CREATURE CHRONICLES. No. 6, Spring 1983. $3.00

2131. SHADOWS. Nos. 1-6. NOs. 1 & 3 have 3-ring holes, others are fine. $15.00 the lot

2132. CHAMP CHANNELS. Vol 1:1 and 2, and Vol 2:1. 1983. $10.00 the lot

2133. CRYPTOZOOLOGY REVIEW. Vol 3: 2, 3. $5.00 each


1126. Bernard, Raymond. THE HOLLOW EARTH. University, 1969. HC, 1st ed. thus, 254pp, VG in fine dj, most respectable edition this title had. $25.00

1127. Duplantier, Gene. SUBTERRANEAN WORLDS OF PLANET EARTH. Bklt, 35pp, fine, $8

1128. Lloyd, John Uri. ETIDORHPA, OR, THE END OF EARTH. Robert Clarke, 1900. HC, “10th edition,” 386pp. Good study copy, binding silverfished, hinges tender but not broken, $65.00

1129. Maclellan, Alec. THE LOST WORLD OF AGHARTI. 1982, softbound,
poor, reader, $4.00

1129a. _____. THE HOLLOW EARTH ENIGMA. Souvenir, 1999, trade soft, 191pp, new, $16.95

1130. “Mother Mary.” ATLANTIS SPEAKS AGAIN. M. M. Maier, 1960. HC, 1st ed., copy #260 of 333 made. This odd book is important to students of “Phylos the Tibetan” (“A Dweller on Two Planets”), being the reminiscences of Mother Mary regarding the things told to her by her son, Frederick Spencer Oliver (“Phylos”). Terrible copy, taped, falling apart, but all the pages are there. Despite all, $75.00

1131. Ossendowski, Ferdinand. BEASTS, MEN AND GODS. Blue Ribbon, 1931. HC, 23rd ed., 325pp, the famous and enormously popular tale of Ossendowski’s escape from the Bolsheviks, with his tale of Agharta in Mongolia. Good, no jacket, $25.00

1132. _____. ANOTHER COPY. Dutton, 1923. HC, 10th prtg, rear board almost severed, reader, $10.00

1133. “Parallax.” ZETETIC ASTRONOMY: EARTH NOT A GLOBE. AN EXPERIMENTAL INQUIRY ITO THE TRUE FIGURE OF THE EARTH. E. Burley, 1881. HC, “third edition,” 430pp. A rare “flat Earth” book. Good condition, tips rubbed, worn along edges, but nice gilt cover and good, clean text inside. Rare book!! $200.00

1134. Reed, William. THE PHANTOM OF THE POLES. Walter S. Rockey, 1906. HC, 1st ed., 283pp, Much worn all around, dampmark on rear cover, not affecting interior, still tight in binding, $75.00

1136. Shaver, Richard S. I REMEMBER LEMURIA and THE RETURN OF SATHANAS. Venture Bks, 1948. HC, 1st ed. thus, 215pp, 2 novelettes taken from “Amazing Stories” and reprinted here. Good copies, no jacket, as issued. 2 available, scarce, $75.00

2204. Bernard, Raymond. THE HOLLOW EARTH. Fieldcrest, ’64, lg. soft
bound, owners’ bookplates glued to title page, scuff on front cover where
label removed, else good copy, $10.00

2206. _____. Same, lg. softbound, Saucerian, no date, small ding at lower left,
else near new, $15.00; another copy, poor, strictly a reader, $5.00

2207. _____. Same, Health Res., 1977, enlarged ed., 153pp, stapled wraps,
good copy, $7.50

2208. Bernard, Raymond. THE HOLLOW EARTH. University, ’69, HC, 254pp,
first ed. thus, fine copy, in like dj, $25.00; another copy, VG, dj, $17.50

2209. _____. Same, but later printing, Vg in different jacket from above entry,

2210. _____. Same, but Bell, ’79, HC, reprint of above ed., fine, dj, $8.00


2211. _____. AGHARTA THE SUBTERRANEAN WORLD. Health Res., 1960,
later prtgs, good or better, $10.00

E. BYRD. Abelard, 1990. lg. softbound, 62pp, first version of this,
Good used copy, binding glue stains & ink smudges to cover. $15.00

2212. Emerson, Willis George. THE SMOKY GOD. Health Res., small spiral bound, early printing, reader, $6.00

2213. _____. SAME, TITLED THE SMOKY GOD AND OTHER INNER EARTH MYSTERIES. Inner Light, 1993. Trade soft, 140pp, fine, $10.00

2213A. Jungclaus, David. THE CITY BENEATH THE BERMUDA TRIANGLE. Harlo, 1989. Trade soft, 104pp, Inscribed by Author, vg+, $14.00

2214. Kafton-Minkel, Walter. SUBTERRANEAN WORLDS. Draft copy, apparently supplied by author to a fan. 8 ∏ x 11, 264pp, initialed note by author noting lack of index at this stage of the book. Probably a near-unique item, like new, $45.00

2214A. Leon, Dorothy. QUEST FOR THE INNER EARTH. TGS, 2004, trade soft, new, still in shrinkwrap, $16.95

2215. Lorber, Jakob. ERDE UND MOND. Lorber-Verlag, 1922, HC, 3rd prtg, 251pp. A mystical work blending spirituality with different planes of Earth. Backstrip is peeling, but internally VG, scarce German book, $100.00

2215A. “Mother Mary.” ATLANTIS SPEAKS AGAIN. M. M. Maier, 1960. HC, 1st ed., copy #260 of 333 made. This odd book is important to students of “Phylos the Tibetan” (“A Dweller on Two Planets”), being the reminiscences of Mother Mary regarding the things told to her by her son, Frederick Spencer Oliver (“Phylos”). Terrible copy, taped, falling apart, but all the pages are there. Despite all, $75.00

2215B. Mott, William M. CAVERNS, CAULDRONS AND CONCEALED CREATURES. TGS, 2000. Lg. spiral bound, 127pp, fine, $20.00

1997, softbound, 142pp, new copies, $15.95

2218. Shaver, Richard, and Childress, David H. LOST CONTINENTS & THE
HOLLOW EARTH. AUP, 1999, trade soft, 333pp, with “I Remember
Lemuria” and “The Return of Sathanas,” + additions. New, $16.95

2219. HIDDEN WORLDS (Ray Palmer). Spring 1961, Vol 1:1. Fair copy, fragile, cover loosening, spot of glue would help. $15.00

2220. Bernard, Raymond. THE HOLLOW EARTH. L. Stuart, ’69, paperback, $5

2221. Norman, Eric. THIS HOLLOW EARTH. Lancer, ’72, paperback, VG, $12

2222. White, John, ed. POLE SHIFT. A.R.E. Pr., 1980, paperback, later prtg, VG, $5.00

ODDS ‘N ENDS: Various books that didn’t get into their proper categories during sorting. TAKE 50% OFF THESE TITLES!

1966. Aziz, Phillippe. DOCTORS OF DEATH. Fermi, 1976. Published for “Friends of History.” HC, 4 vols, approx. 1000 pages total. Re Nazi medical research & staff, with many detours for atrocity stories. Leatherette bindings, all VG, w/ ribbon markers, not issued with jacket, $100

1968. Berlitz. DOOMSDAY 1999 A.D. Doubleeday, 1981. HC, 1st ed., Inscribed by Author, vg IN DJ, $25.00

1969. Bulliet, C. J. VENUS CASTINA: FAMOUS FEMALE IMPERSONATORS CELESTIAL AND HUMAN. Bonanza, 1956. HC, 308pp, reprint of 1928 orig., good in chipped dj, $18.00

1970. Cade, Maxwell, and Davis, Delphine. THE TAMING OF THE THUNDERBOLTS. Abelard-Schuman, 1969. HC, 1st ed., 176pp, “science & superstition of ball lightning.” VG, dj, $25.00

1971. Dorson, Richard M. BLOODSTOPPERS & BEARWALKERS: FOLK TRADITIONS OF THE UPPER PENINSULA. Harvard, 1952. HC, 1st ed., 365pp, folklore classic re Upper Michigan, including sasquatch material. VG, dj, $35.00

1972. Eden, Jerome. ANIMAL MAGNETISM AND THE LIFE ENERGY. Exposition, 1974. HC, 1st ed., 221pp, Signed by Author. Vg IN SLIGHTLY RUBBED DJ, $35.00

1973. Goodman, Jeffrey. WE ARE THE EARTHQUAKE GENERATION. Seaview Bks, 1978. HC, 1st ed., 265pp, feels unread, VG in dj, classic of its type, $15.00

1974. Gribbin, John. WHAT’S WRONG WITH OUR WEATHER? Scribner’s, 1979. HC, 1st prtg, 174pp, feels unreaqd, fine in dj, what’s wrong?? Too much human body heat!!! $10.00

1975. Hecker, J.F.C. THE DANCING MANIA OF THE MIDDLE AGES. Burt Franklin, 1970. HC, 53pp, facsimile reprint of 1837 original article. VG, not issued with dj, $25.00

1976. Janus, Christopher, and Brashler, Wm. THE SEARCH FOR PEKING MAN. Macmillan, 1975. HC, 1st ed., 222pp, VG, dj, $7.00

1977. Janvier, Thomas A. LEGENDS OF THE CITY OF MEXICO. Harper’s, 1910. HC, 1st ed., 165pp, good study copy-back cover heavily spotted, might clean up. $10.00

1978. Ravenscroft, Trevor. THE SPEAR OF DESTINY. Putnam, 1973. HC, 1st Am. Ed., 362pp, always buy good, solid first editions in jackets!! $35.00

1979. Tompkins, Peter. THE EUNUCH AND THE VIRGIN. Bramhall House, 1962. HC, 1st ed., early Tompins effort. Good + in dj, entirely collectible, $25.00

1980. Tansley, David V. RADIONICS AND THE SUBTLE ANATOMY OF MAN. C.W. Daniel, 1985. Trade soft, 95pp, later prtg, VG, $8.00

1982. (Rare Early Psychic Research Publication) BORDERLAND. A QUARTERLY REVIEW AND INDEX. Vol 4 (Only), 1897. Edited by W. T. Stead (well-known writer on psychic research of the time). Bound volume, large quarto, many hundreds of pages, each of which contains 4 issues. Binding banged up a bit but solid, and contents generally very good. An absolute goldmine of early psychic research and/or popular culture of the time. $50.00


1985. Sanderson. ABOMINABLE SNOWMEN: LEGEND COME TO LIFE. Pyramid, 1967, abridged text, lite dampmark along fore-edge, good, $4.00

1986. _____. ANIMALS NOBODY KNOWS. Viking, 1940. HC, 4to, 77pp, children’s book. Good copy, Inscribed by Author, to his first wife. Good, jacket is in pieces, but present. $30.00

1986A. ____. ANIMAL TALES: AN ANTHOLOGY. Knopf, 1967. HC, 5th prtg, 511pp + index. Inscribed by Sabina Sanderson (second wife) to the owner of this collection. Good in good + jacket, $25.00

1987. _____. ANIMAL TREASURE. Viking, 1937. HC, 1st ed., 325pp. Inscribed by Author, to his first wife. Review pasted to flyleaf, plus several small clippings on pastedown. Much worn copy, jacket is in pieces but present. Unique copy, $75.00

1988. _____. SAME. Viking, 1961, trade softbound, 330pp, dusty, still good, solid copies (2), $10 ea

1989. _____. SAME. Pyramid, 1966, paperback, cover scuffs, small water spot along lower spine, not visible inside the text. $3.00

1991. _____. CARIBBEAN TREASURE. Viking, 1939. HC, 1st ed., 292pp, strictly a reading copy, and not a very good one, ex-library, with many problems and no jacket. $5.00

1992. _____. SAME. Pyramid, 1966, paperback ed., 269pp, readers (2), waterstained. $3.00 ea.

1993. _____. THE CONTINENT WE LIVE ON. Random House, 1962. HC, g. 4to, 208pp, for younger readers (teens). VG in VG jacket, $12.00

1996. _____. FOLLOW THE WHALE. Little, Brown, 1956. HC, 1st ed., 423pp, Inscribed by Author, to his first wife. Fair only, rear board has been wet, and jacket is stuck to book about 1/3 of surface area. Dampmark does not show inside, othersiwe good copy, rubbed dj. $30.00

1999. _____. HOW TO KNOW THE AMERICAN MAMMALS. Little, Brown, 1951. HC, 8th prtg, 170pp, color illus. Good in rubbed dj, $15.00

2000. _____. SAME. Mentor, 1951. Paperback, 1st prtg, signed by Alma Sanderson (1st wife), light dampmark at bottom margin, visible at beginning & end of text, not bad, $8.00

2001. _____. IVAN SANDERSON’S BOOK OF GREAT JUNGLES. J. Messner, 1965. HC, 1st ed., 480pp, good, jacket chipped at spine top, frayed along extremities. $15.00

2002. _____. SAME. Simon & Schuster, 1965. Softcover edition. Spine creaswing, light crease to rear cover. Wear along spine edge. $8.00

2003. _____. SAME. Avon, 1971. Paperback, 248pp, VG, 2 available, $6.00

2004. _____. INVISIBLE RESIDENTS. World, 1970, HC, 5th prtg. Good, dj is dirty but will clean up. $15.00

2005. _____. JOHN AND JUAN IN THE JUNGLE. Dodd, Mead, 1953. HC, 4to, 64pp, with 25 paintings by Miguel Covarrubias. Inscribed by author to his first wife. Children’s book. Good in dj, $35.00

2006. _____. LIVING MAMMALS OF THE WORLD. Hanover House, 1955. HC, lg. 4to, 303pp, many color photos. 1st ed. Coffee-table kind of book. Good in fair dj, Inscribed by Author, to his mother. $35.00

2007. _____. LIVING TREASURE. Viking, 1941. HC, 1st ed., 290pp, fair, no jacket, $15.00

2008. _____. SAME. Pyramid, 1966, paperback, 303p, slightly damp at lower spine & edge, $4.00

2011. _____. PETS OF THE WORLD. Doubleday / Nat. Audubon Society, 1958. Bklt, 64pp, Alma Sanderson’s copy, good +, with stamps (or stickers) unmounted but laid in. Scarce, $30.00

2012. _____. THE SILVER MINK. Little, Brown, 1952. HC, 1st ed., 162pp, Inscribed by Author, to his first wife. Top edge dirty, else just good in darkened, frayed & chipped dj. $35.00

2013. _____. THINGS. Pyramid, 1967. Paperback, 1st prtg, 188pp, fair / good, 2 available, $10 ea.

2014. _____. THINGS. Pyramid, 1968. Paperback, about fine, $15.00; another, good +, $10.00

2015. _____. MORE THINGS. Pyramid, 1969. Paperback, 1st prtg, about fine, $15.00

2016. _____. MORE THINGS. Bizarre photocopy of the Pyramid paperback edition of this, 192pp, decked and bound in heavy cardboard covers. What people won’t do to have a book! $15.00 as a curiosity.

2017. _____. THIS TREASURED LAND. Putnam’s, 1966. Lg. HC, folio, 194pp, but a reader, suffered a bad accident in which the binding is almost torn away from the text. DJ worn. $8

2018. _____. UNINVITED VISITORS. Tandem, 1974. Paperback, only edition thus, poor, grubby, $5.00

Loren Coleman About Loren Coleman
Loren Coleman is one of the world’s leading cryptozoologists, some say “the” leading living cryptozoologist. Certainly, he is acknowledged as the current living American researcher and writer who has most popularized cryptozoology in the late 20th and early 21st centuries. Starting his fieldwork and investigations in 1960, after traveling and trekking extensively in pursuit of cryptozoological mysteries, Coleman began writing to share his experiences in 1969. An honorary member of Ivan T. Sanderson’s Society for the Investigation of the Unexplained in the 1970s, Coleman has been bestowed with similar honorary memberships of the North Idaho College Cryptozoology Club in 1983, and in subsequent years, that of the British Columbia Scientific Cryptozoology Club, CryptoSafari International, and other international organizations. He was also a Life Member and Benefactor of the International Society of Cryptozoology (now-defunct). Loren Coleman’s daily blog, as a member of the Cryptomundo Team, served as an ongoing avenue of communication for the ever-growing body of cryptozoo news from 2005 through 2013. He returned as an infrequent contributor beginning Halloween week of 2015. Coleman is the founder in 2003, and current director of the International Cryptozoology Museum in Portland, Maine.

9 Responses to “Support Arcturus. Buy Rare Old Cryptozoology Books!”

  1. fuzzy responds:

    What an amazing list!

    Go here for their Website.

  2. Bob Michaels responds:

    I’ve bookmarked this, I have Ellis, Shuker and Mackal in my collection, I gave my Sanderson books to my nephews years ago.

  3. B-Diddy responds:

    I got a copy of Heuvelmans “Neanderthal est toujours vivant” some days ago. A very good book and nice pictures!

  4. robin_bellamy responds:

    Bob loses the bet. I just bought $150 worth (after discount and before taxes)

    Should I be hospitalized I’m set for reading material for a long recuperation! I received my copy of Mysterious America today in the mail as well. And a week ago I got Jerry’s book More Strange Highways as well as the fiction Crypto by Eric Penz. I may be a new Crypto researcher, but I’m going to be well read!

  5. Bob Michaels responds:

    I have been looking for Mystery Cats of the World by Karl Shuker, found two copies available, one for $101.94, the other $254.86, a little steep, the book is out of print but material is available in other Shuker Books. I had a conversation in the past with Karl.

    I think we need a book entitled the “Best of Cryptozoology” edited by a distinguished group of Cryptozoologists.

  6. springheeledjack responds:

    did not know it was there…thanks!!!

  7. UKCryptid responds:

    Hope i can get advertising like this one day

  8. mfs responds:

    Great collection of interesting books many which I do have. Roy P. Mackal, Karl Shuker, Ivan Sanderson and Loren Coleman are my favorites. Some of my cryptofan friends will like this list. Thanks.

  9. MBFH responds:

    Great list Loren. Thanks for the link as well Fuzzy. Roll on pay day!

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