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Posted by: Loren Coleman on July 19th, 2011

Here are two screen shots of the Caddy from the video:

Other informative images of note:

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47 Responses to “Screen Shots of Caddy Image”

  1. Redrose999 responds:

    Nice shots. And WOW I wasn’t aware there was a body that wasn’t a globster.

  2. sonofthedestroyer responds:

    From that little sample clip, it looks like a serpentine body. Long and thin

  3. Surveyor responds:

    2nd pic looks a lot like a log due to it appearing to be “cut off” rather squarely on the left end. I’m not saying it is a log, I’m just making an observation based on that particular pic.

  4. Hapa responds:

    If you look at the first disturbance in the water in the second photo, in the middle of the picture, there is what looks like an eye to the disturbance’s far right, almost submerged by the water. The shape of the disturbance also seems somewhat like a head of some animal, with a dent in the front that could be the upper and lower “lips” or mouth of the creature. Of course the photo is not good enough to make absolute determinations as to what we are looking at, but the appearance of the middle disturbance, in light of the creature it is supposed to depict (Caddy), does seem quite interesting, more than a blob on the film.

    Hopefully the part of the film where the beast supposedly raises its head ad turns to the camera will be shown. We need a whole lot more than this to go on.

    Cross thou fingers:)

  5. rickodemilo responds:

    @surveyor I ain’t seein’ horses either.

  6. flame821 responds:

    It should be an interesting reveal. I do hope they show the entire 3 minutes or at least post it somewhere we can access it.

    The little I know about Marine Science does make me think something quite large, ‘probably’ mammalian can live easily in this area. Cold waters tend to equal high nutrients. With Salmon and Squid easily available. The only thing that bothers me is that if it is mammalian I would expect to see more of them/it due to breathing air. And with the exceptions of Whales and Dolphins most sea-going mammals do come ashore to breed.

    If its a fish or marine reptile I’m out of ideas, I don’t know enough about them to even being to guess, except that Sturgeons tend to start a lot of rumors. And this doesn’t look like a Sturgeon body shape to me.

  7. Red Earth White Lies responds:

    Yea IF I got time to catch the show while I’m doing something more productive at the same time..

    Just keep letting the Scientism-Media “complex” (Oh if Dwight were alive today to add in a few more words) keep putting out bowdlerized Censorship and the opinion of the masses on the Scientist players in the scientific field of Cryptozoology is universally ultimately destined to be this.

  8. occulus responds:

    Keeping fingers crossed but I have a feeling that’s all they’re going to show… I hope I’m wrong.

  9. andyd responds:

    This is nothing like the footage was explained a year ago! Where are the Beluga whales!!! It said 15 animals!! Why isint anyone talking about this!!! That footage is nothing like the initial report!! Loren help me!!!

  10. BUKWASBOO responds:

    Unbelievable !, I cant believe I was looking forward to this bore fest, its 10:42 and i just turned it OFF ! ..what a joke,… its obvious no one took this seriously ! I want my 42min BACK !!!!!

  11. springheeledjack responds:

    Okay, the shots are pretty cool…the second one perplexes me to no end…that flat front…just have no clue what to make of that. Gonna have to ponder.

    As for the show…now I’m ticked. They didn’t show anything extra than what clips were leaked to crypto. What the #$@#$%%!? Discovery and I are not on good terms right now…

  12. cousinjim responds:

    All I can say is – IS THAT IT!

  13. Mibs responds:

    I just finished watching it and the video footage is interesting but I didn’t necessarily agree with LeBlond that it was serpentine-like. From the angle of the video anything can look serpentine and from personal experience I’ve seen seals, sea elephants, and sea lions who appear to be serpentine-like in the water. I was hoping that there would be more footage in addition to what was previewed, but there seemed to be only about 5 seconds more in the actual show than what we saw in the previews.

    As for their fishing expedition in Lake Iliamna, their experience looked very similar to people who fish for sturgeon. The scant footage and description by the Hillstrands the creature who got away had many hallmarks of a giant sturgeon. Even River Monster host Jeremy Wade came to a conclusion that Lake Iliamna’s monster may very well be a sturgeon.

  14. aaronlife responds:

    Just started watching the show… the video where it looks like the animal blows out water, on closer inspection, it looks more like a fin moving that sprays the water like a small arm/fin/flap… like a water mammal. Very interesting video, the goofballs on the show seem sincere, i just hope they don’t hurt the animal in their pursuit of fame and fortune and excitement.

  15. rwillmore responds:

    Unbelievably horrible. There was nothing there, *nothing* that even remotely looked like a cryptid. The Hillstrands were fun to watch but the people who hyped these videos, *including* the people around here who said they saw previews of it, should be ashamed of themselves. This was garbage, total garbage. I’m ashamed I bothered to watch it or suggest to others to do so either. What the hell were you people thinking? Unreal.

  16. Pipeliner responds:

    I know I’m a newbie, but the Caddy sightings have always had the ring of a real, but supposedly extinct animal. Steller’s Sea Cow. Found in the same area as the sightings. Big animal (25-35′ long) Square “camel” shaped head (look at the skeletal remains). Supposedly went extinct (due to over hunting) 30 years after their first scientific descrition in 1741. Just throwing it out there. And, btw. Fantastic Web site.

  17. manticora responds:

    The Video is as blurry and bad as all other “Caddy”, “Nessy”… Videos. Inconclusive..!!!

    Don’t believe the hype!!!

  18. shadowprime responds:

    Personally, found the footage to be hugely disappointing. Or, perhaps more accurately, I found my more cynical impulses confirmed.

    I’m not saying that the footage we saw wasn’t interesting – it was. Taken on its own terms, it is intriguing in that, to me, it seems like we were either seeing a living animal OR a hoax, and not some third option (log, debris, wave forms, etc). That is something.

    But given what was described to us … if memory serves, clear head shots, eyes visible, the creatures being pursued or driven by whales, and more… what we got was a VERY brief shot, shown again and again, with virtually no context (no shots before or after), with virutally NONE of that detail.

    Are we to believe there is more to this footage? I can see no reason for DISCOVERY CHANNEL to hold it back.

    At this point, appears to me that those who were advising caution, fearing over-hyping have been proven correct.

  19. cousinjim responds:

    What happened to this unbelievable footage? There had to be more incredible footage, than what was shown.

  20. NiceGuyJon responds:

    Well, I doubt Mr. Kirk was blatantly lying about what he saw, so why didn’t they show the good stuff? They have it, so it makes no sense not to show it… so perhaps they caught even BETTER footage with their HD cameras? It’s a thought…

  21. dawgdoc responds:

    Do we know if the Hillstrands got to see a longer video? If the original video is as spectacular as was described here, why would Discovery whittle it down to this? Is there any chance that some clueless editor cut the clip down to a more ambiguous state just because that is how other monster videos have been shown before?

    In other words, was the original video so clearly an unknown animal, that someone decided it had to be a hoax? And then they edited it to make it more mysterious.

    I encounter a lot of people with this attitude when talking about the Patterson Bigfoot footage. They think because it is so clear, then it must be a hoax, and won’t even consider the alternative.

  22. rickodemilo responds:

    This was just a tv show. The hype was there to make you watch it. The video is of a fish…. or an otter or something. It’s just like finding bigfoot, fake.

  23. MadMatt32171 responds:

    What a waste of my time. I’m not a fan of “Deadliest Catch”, so this is the first time I’ve seen the Hillstrands – what a couple of yahoos! The last people I would want to have connected with any sort of serious scientific investigation. All that aside, I’m most disappointed in the fact that they didn’t just show the clip in its entirety: this was supposed to be the most “amazing” footage, and from the few seconds they showed it could have been anything.

    I’m hoping there’s more to it that becomes available, but after all the hype, this was pretty disappointing.

    For future reference, if anyone gets good evidence of a cryptid on video, take it to National Geographic – Discovery Channel doesn’t take these things seriously.

  24. wuffing responds:

    Why is the video in black and white? Was it a really old camcorder? W

  25. jeff11 responds:

    Since nobody is commenting on the show (which is odd), I thought I’d let people know that the “little sample video” provided here is in fact the entirety of the video of the animal–at least there is no more shown in the episode. That clip is very interesting, but based on what is available, the descriptions of the video given previously are, to put it charitably, perhaps a bit imaginative. Re-reading earlier descriptions posted here just now, it seems that the details were actually taken from the verbal testimony of the fisherman about what they supposedly witnessed prior to getting their camera.

  26. chemist298 responds:

    Where are the shots of the adults supposedly protecting the juveniles from the belugas? I am pretty sure that was described to us months ago as being in the video.

  27. simianfever responds:

    If that was the same footage that was previously described (quote below from post on 8/16/10) by John Kirk than that man has quite the vivid imagination or horrible eyesight…

    “As the creatures pull level with the boat one is able to see two larger ones protecting what looks like a juvenile from the pursuing belugas. The serrated backs are clearly visible at times. Then one the creatures turns to look in the general direction of the camera and I must say I was stunned because it looked like a living breathing version of the famed Naden Harbour carcass obtained in 1937.”

    Its not surprising this footage ended up on such a silly show.

  28. midwest mimi responds:

    Discovery spent money to produce this mess??? Two minutes of blurry, unidentifiable clips, 58 minutes of two drunks bobber fishing. Then, for a big finish, a hillbilly fish-shoot. I can’t believe I asked my husband to take time out of his day to set the record button.

  29. Mïk responds:

    Has anyone heard from Mr LeBlond? I think that the whole video should be released now that they’ve made a mockery of it. The short clip they kept showing didn’t define anything. The show was a Keystone Kops revival after that and can’t be taken seriously at any point. As BUKWASBOO said, it was a waste of an hour. The Hillstrands spent their 15 minutes of fame in a blazing crash of a show. I hope Discovery release the whole video, or, at a minimum, posts the whole thing on their website. Disgusting, it was. Yes, they were either drunk or playing it up as only a fisherman can do when telling sea tales.

  30. rickodemilo responds:

    To all the posters who wonder WHY they are doing this…. Ghost Hunters, UFO Hunters, Finding Bigfoot and now Alaskan Monster Hunt. If you want to see some real action tune in to River Monsters. He catches real, giant creatures that are still surrounded by myth.

  31. Woodstock responds:

    Is it just me or did the ‘white’ creature they filmed in the water look whale-like in size and shape? Like a beluga, perhaps? 12-15 feet as they said the creature appeared to be would not be unusual for a beluga as they get to around that size when mature.

    Please note – I am not saying the footage of the multiple cryptids is bunk, but they do not look white nor as large in the body size as what the brothers were attempting to catch on hook and line.

    Also, anyone wondering why they dropped the barrels and then left? I thought they were going to watch them to see if they ‘bobbed’ or if there was any other movement?

    Final question of the moment -heh – Why did they not drop the barrels again or drop an underwater camera (Which they appeared to have) when they saw the large white thing in the water? To attempt to catch something that could be 20 feet in length and up to 4,000 pounds with a fishing pole..?

    I mean no disrespect and appreciate the work they did in trying to help find out what these creatures are, but the episode left me with far more questions than answers. I do hope they – or some other adventerous spirit – goes back and tries again.

  32. Jason P. responds:

    I’d really like to hear from John Kirk, now that the show has aired. I agree with many of the others here: what was shown was a far cry from what Kirk described. What possible explanation could there be for the discrepancy?

  33. omne51 responds:

    As a previous poster stated, Mr. Kirk is probably not lying about what he personally saw in the video.

    However, given the difference between his comments and what we saw… there is definitely some explaining to do.

  34. barnum1000 responds:

    I have been a frequent visitor of this great website for over a year and have always appreciated all of the updated videos and other cryptozoological evidence that is posted. Generally I am optimistic and find the extremely negative comments unnecessary, but I have to say that after watching this show last night I am very disappointed. Like most everyone else I have been reading about this amazing footage on this site for quite some time, and I was eagerly anticipating what I had been led to believe was irrefutable proof of the existence of “caddy.” The terribly inconclusive video footage I was treated to last night is quite possibly the proverbial “last straw” for me. Between this disaster of a show and “Finding Bigfoot” I’ve come to believe that most reports of quality crypto evidence is, at best, provided by someone with an over-active imagination, or at worst, the schemes of dishonest people just trying to make a few bucks by taking advantage of so many other folk’s desire to believe. I’m sure I’ll still check out Cryptomundo every once in a while to see what new stories have been concocted, but sadly I think it’s time for me to find other ways to waste a few minutes of my day.

  35. fuzzy responds:

    Calm down, folks! Look, nobody said this was s’posed to be a Scientific show… Discovery Channel has these colorful brothers on their crab fishing boat, and they’ve got some footage of… something. The “obvious” next step is to combine the two in a rip-roaring fun-fest, with big boats, airplanes, small boats, big steel drums, big weights, big fishhooks, dead fish, pistols, rifles, explosives, drinks, maps, something in the water and “fish on!”

    “Let’s go get’um!” Sure, by Cryptomundians’ standards, it was a big waste of time, an eye-rolling groaner, but considering some of the outright frauds and other junk we’ve seen over the years, it was kinda fun.

    Now, will somebody please send a REAL Expedition up there?

  36. Buckeyes1 responds:

    What a disappointment! Bob & Doug McKenzie meet The Deadliest Catch!

    “Hey look, a sea monster, eh”

    “Hose off you knob, that’s not a sea monster! Go get me another beer, eh.”

    “You’ve already had enough beer, let’s go to Peter’s Donuts and then buy some guns and dynamite, eh.”

    “Okay hoser, Hey, I know…we can use you for bait!”

    Good grief! I want 42 minutes of my life back…..

  37. wildmaiden responds:

    Comments along the lines of “Mr. Kirk probably wasn’t lying” and others suggesting that there must be more, superior footage that has yet to be released seem very strange to me. What is the basis of these assertions? What makes John Kirk any more trustworthy than Tom Biscardi?

    In the field of Cryptozoology it is always necessary to have an open, hopeful mind. Conversely, however, it is also necessary to withhold giving the “benefit of the doubt” where it is undeserved.

    For months we were told of this fabulous footage, with clear descriptions of what it contained. Now we’ve seen the footage, and those descriptions where not merely imaginative they were purely fabricated.

    Those holding out hope that this video will be released in its entirety seem foolish in my opinion. It already has been released. Why believe that the video as described by Mr. Kirk exists at all when the evidence suggests otherwise? Indeed, the fanciful tale of the Alaskan Cadborosaurus Footage seems even more legendary than the creature itself!

  38. RWRidley responds:

    Gotta say, that was bad. The video footage looks like a whale pod to me. I’m really having a hard time figuring out why people thought this was so Earth shattering.

  39. markkill123 responds:

    Well…here is a clip of Mr. Kirk.

    Enough Said.


  40. MattBille responds:

    Now that it’s all out, I can reveal I was the first cryptozoologist called on this (someone, it seems, had read my work on Lake Iliamna) by a law firm which sent the most draconian nondisclosure agreement I have ever seen. I was sent some sketches and some stills, and the latter puzzled me because of the straight lines and sharp angles shown (like the left side of the second photo from the top of this column.) I responded that I had no idea what it was and suggested they talk to Paul, and I put them in contact. I have not seen the whole video, only the clip that aired, and I still don’t know what this is.

  41. Red Earth White Lies responds:

    Umm what seal blows from the back to of its actual head?

    What otter or beaver blow from the back top of his actual head?

    How many skinny small whales with no clearly defined reduced beak blow from the immediate back of their head near the brain/brain stem?

    If any part of the suppressed by the Scientism Control Freak Establishment unedited film shows slender length to the animals, then the creatures are most likely akin to Basilosaurids/Zeuglodons…
    which is what most people conjectured anyways for the past several decades.

    Even the Caddy in depth episode from Unsolved Mysteries hosted by Robert Stack years ago was a 100X better than this. Aside of course from actually seeing the animal blow from the top back of its head.

    Men in Black strike again.

  42. wuffing responds:

    Red Earth White Lies responds:
    July 20th, 2011 at 3:11 pm
    Umm what seal blows from the back to of its actual head?

    Maybe the blow is from another animal just behind the one whose head you can see – a calf perhaps?

  43. not even wrong responds:

    Is it just me or did it seem like he probably straightened the hook out when he yanked it to get it free from the rock?

  44. jeff11 responds:


    Thanks. Yeah, that explains quite a lot, I fear. I find this so depressing, because we are surrounded by wonders all the time, and it’s not enough for some people. I see this form of cryptozoological fascination as a species of nihilism or rejection of the world. (The flip side of course is that there are cryptozoological fans that want more of this world!)

    Those of you who remain fanciers of this stuff should at least learn that nothing presented by anyone associated with the “Bigfoot” show on TV, for example, should even be humored. Same goes for Kirk. Anything coming from these sources must prima facie be discounted to a high degree. My interest in the video of the animals in the present video was sustained for so long because the videographer was a fisherman.

    What a depressing little foray–but at least it serves to remind one of the beauty and complexity of the actual universe.

  45. sonofthedestroyer responds:

    The video shown does in my opinion show something interesting. A serpentine looking creature that sprays water from behind its head.

    I would like John Kirk to come forward soon and tell us if there is any more video footage of this to watch.

    There is no point in people getting angry with the media because this is how they operate. Their job is to confuse, twist and lie to the public.

    Nothing much we can do as the fisherman wanted the green paper and thus sold the video to them.

    I am not going to condemn him for that. Though I personally would NEVER sell the media any video I get of a mystery animal

  46. Red Earth White Lies responds:

    Lol… This ain’t the Inquisition.

    Ever heard of “innocent until proven guilty” with Kirk?

    This is repeated old news in detail at Cryptomundo last year with scientist Leblond & the Fisherman commenting on the vast other data censored almost entirely from the “SHOW” before the film was a sold done deal.

    Let them come forward and state if Kirk is lying to gain any credence to that song & dance.

  47. nnnslogan responds:

    The footage previously described here on Cryptomundo was up to 15 cadborosauruses being pursued by beluga whales. Did anyone see 15 cadborosauruses? Did anyone see even one beluga whale?

    Does anyone else feel like we’re all getting screwed into watching a stupid show about nothing?

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