Chicago Cougar Video

Posted by: Loren Coleman on April 16th, 2008


The story of the cougar killed in Chicago, detailed here yesterday, was documented by the visual news organizations. Here’s the video.

The crowd of onlookers included representatives of the media.


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5 Responses to “Chicago Cougar Video”

  1. ninetailedfox responds:

    Im furious about this, they couldve tranq’d the cougar, but instead they shoot it execution style. its no wonder many animals are dying out, humans have no compassion when they tear up the environment of other animals.

  2. Justncredible responds:

    Tran’q it and moved it where exactly? I live in Milwaukee proper and have seen a host of wild animals in this city, a top 10 in size city. We need to control the populations much better, or when the deer populations drops these animals will come in big numbers into citys. These cats eat around 50 deer a year. You may think they are cute and have the disney syndrome where you think they are warm and fuzzy, but these cats will eat you just like a deer. They sneak up on you and pounce, which is not cool. We need to address the overpopulation of big predators in this country, wolves bears and big cats.

  3. sausage1 responds:

    Calm yourself, ninetailedfox, it’s all a put up job. There ARE no pumas in Illinois, remember?

    If the smug know-it-alls and debunkers didn’t carry so much kudos this lovely animal could still be alive. Their ignorance and inability to believe they could be wrong killed this animal, and could conceivably have killed small children if the assassins hadn’t got ot it.

  4. nytedrgn responds:

    the police officers were just doing their job they are not animal control officers and do not carry tranquilizer guns. Encountering a wild animal in an urban setting can be extremely dangerous even if that animal is just a whitetail deer. When cornered an animal is going to attack because you are a threat to it’s safety. it’s not like you can just ask the cougar to leave the area and not attack anyone. They should have had animal control officers in the area, but when has the illinois government shown any sort of intelligence(especially in chicago)?

  5. bigcathunter24 responds:

    we got plenty of room in pennsylvania they can bring them out here and where was animal control in chicago its just good no one got shot when the cops were doing their job

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