Destination Truth: Johor Bigfoot

Posted by: Loren Coleman on June 29th, 2007

Malaysia Bigfoot Cast

Bigfooter Allen Foster takes a peek at the latest episode about reports of hairy hominoids in Malaysia on Destination Truth:

The “team” went to Malaysia to find Bigfoot.

The leader, Josh Gates, interviewed the Malaysia’s leading Bigfoot researcher, Vincent Chow.

Then they went to a local town near the last reported sighting and interviewed witnesses. Off into the jungle they went to where the latest sighting was. The team found a possible footprint and made a cast of it.

The footprint was irregular in shape but did look like a possible print.

They had one of their night vision cameras get knocked over and when they went to the location of the camera, they were able to hear and record a low “growling” noise.

They only spent one night in the jungle researching. They were not allowed to leave Malaysia with the orginal cast and had to make a copy of it.

Once they got back to the U.S., they had the curator of the Los Angeles zoo, Micheal Dee, listen to the recording of the growl or the “droney noise” as he put it, and he couldn’t identify it.

They then went to Pocatello, Idaho, and had Dr. Jeffery Meldrum examine the copy of the footprint cast. He said that it could possibly be one of three things. One, a pothole that happened to have formed in the shape of a foot. Two, a super “imposition” of a commonly know animal. such as a rhino. Or three, it may represent a “plantigrade pentadactyl” foot, a flat five toed foot.

They then reviewed their findings and continued on to their next story about a Loch Ness type creature in Argentina.Allen Foster, Redding, California.

Malaysia Bigfoot Cast

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7 Responses to “Destination Truth: Johor Bigfoot”

  1. silvereagle responds:

    Apparently, trail cams are equally ineffective worldwide for photographing hairy hominids, whose apparent ability to detect and avoid, tends to present strong circumstantial evidence that man has significantly underestimated their intelligence. Since man is also essentially living in denial of their existence, while the evasive hairy hominids appear to not be living in denial of ours, it again appears that said hairy hominids have outwitted man at the trail cam game.

  2. mrbf2007 responds:

    Here is my review of this segment, which was actually better than I expected it to be: This was a short-30-minute segment on the Malaysian Mawas (or Johor Hominid), Malaysia’s version of Bigfoot. Josh Gates, the host, interviews different witnesses and locals about their experiences and sightings. Then, he and his team hit the jungle to search for their own evidence of the Johor Hominid’s existence. They find a large track with five toes (quite misshapen from America’s version), and also capture some sort of growl on audiotape which cannot be identified. The footprint is cast and a copy of it is made because the original cast cannot be taken out of the country. That cast is taken to Dr. Jeff Meldrum, who finds it interesting, but ultimately inconclusive. The recording is taken to a zoologist who listens to it intently but cannot readily identify it. I would give this segment about 3 out of five stars. I would certainly rank it above the “Sci-Fi Investigates” program which looked at Bigfoot last Fall.

  3. dharkheart responds:

    I have mixed feelings about the show, Destination Truth.

    On one hand, the show does go to some interesting places with some pretty high tech equipment, but on the other hand, that Fear-Factorish host ruins everything by rushing towards whatever they scope, ruining everything.

    The producers may as well have had a bus load of flash camera toting tourists swarming the areas they’ve “investigated”.

  4. cmgrace responds:

    I agree with dharkheart. I have watched every episode of this show. Everytime they get the slightest glimpse of something they run off into the night after it. You would think someone would have said “Hey let’s wait and watch. If we go running after it we might scare it away.” But then again that wouldn’t make for good t.v., instead of being a good scientific program.

    It is better than “SciFi Investigates.” I hated that show.

  5. crypto-steve responds:

    Hey, where were the two hot girls in the episode? They’ve appeared in all of the publicity photos but when the episode aired, they were no where to be found.

  6. ROBROY01 responds:

    First post here. I have noticed that most countries/continents worldwide seem to have their own version of an unknown, bipedal, hairy homonid. Many different variations too. One could even observe that there seems to be as many variations of this cryptid as there are of Man himself. In looking at “the big picture”, is it possible that we are looking at a race that is just as diverse as Man too? I don’t think these are different creatures, just different TYPES of the same species. If true, the ramifications of a discovery like this would be incalcuable.

    Are they related to Man? I have seen a few reports of them actually speaking in “strange tongues”. If true, then verbal communication is indicative of higher brain function intelligence. If they speak words, no matter the language, then they MUST be related to Man.

    Is this logic incorrect or spot on?

    Thank you for viewing. 🙂

  7. sgtxray responds:

    You will never find this “whatever” until you get serious! No noise, stay awhile, do not move around, employ stealth tactics (“sniper school 101”). Just ask the SF and Rangers at Ft. Lewis they know as they have run into this several times. I have also. It’s very smart!

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