“Bigfoot Body” Has Red Flags

Posted by: Loren Coleman on August 14th, 2008

ABC News talked to me, Ben Radford, and Jeff Meldrum today.

CNN News got Tom Nelson, chairman of the biology department at North Georgia College and State University in Dahlonega, to say he’s “pretty skeptical” the world will feast its eyes on a new species Friday.

“That would certainly rock mammalogy,” joked Nelson, who specializes in the study of mammals. “I see a research grant in my future.”

Over sixty news representatives will show up at the news conference in California tomorrow.

But you know from read forums and blogs, this story is crumbling already.

I can truly report the mainstream world has gone wild and slightly mad for the Georgia Gorilla, the Bigfoot body, the wild stories from the South and more, in the past few days and soon from the press conference on Friday.

I called the “body,” which was allegedly first shot with a 3.06, and then later “tripped” over in the woods, the “Georgia Gorilla” because 19th century newspaper reporters would use that kind of label for early tales of hairy things in the woods – whether they might be journalistic jokes, feral humans, misidentified bears, or apes in the bottomlands.


But there’s more. Others would have you call this thing by a name that is tied to the egos of the alleged discoverers’ names. Perhaps it should be called Biscardi’s Folly now, but I wanted a sillier name for this. Why? Because this body has little to do with Bigfoot and everything to do with a Sasquatch costume that someone developed after watching too many gorilla movies. The nares/nostrils are modeled on a gorilla and the mouth on the mask looks more human-like, while the teeth that seem to have been placed in the mouth could be my late mother’s false teeth. (BTW, Biscardi is trying to remember some quickly mentioned phone remarks of mine about primates, canines, and diet, but I never called this thing a “herbivore.”)

Parts of the story are falling apart. What of the rumors that millions of dollars have exchanged hands? Show us all the bill of sale. Hey, show us the body.

Rumors are flying. For example, some forums are saying I am going to be at the news conference in California. Not true.

Rumors also say that conclusive DNA results will show this is a verification of Bigfoot. Not true. The results being read on Friday supposedly are from Curt Nelson, who did the “Sasquatch Attack” tissue analysis for MonsterQuest, and they will sound as extremely inconclusive as the MonsterQuest results sounded.

As I ask in an earlier posting on this matter, do you remember the OJ Simpson trial? The chain of custody of the evidence for the “piece of meat” that this University of Minnesota senior scientist in the Department of Entomology has tested could be from anything.

The press release mentions that documentary filmmaker Scott Davis will be taping the autopsy. Rumors have flown that he is tied to $11 million dollars for the filming. The source of the rumors: Tom Biscardi. But the story changed today.

I asked Davis directly about this. He gave me an answer, but it had to be vetted before being published because he is under a gentlemen’s agreement in his forthcoming work.

After Scott Davis got approval to release a revised comment to me, the following is what Scott Davis said in response to my question about the rumor that he was one of the wealthy backers who allegedly bought the body. Please note, do not read this in any way as a characterization that Davis is complicit in what quite possibly is a hoax. That is not what I am saying. This is all about just “following the money.”

“I heard that rumor too. I don’t know who spread it but they are flat-out wrong. I have neither invested nor put together a group of investors. I rather like the rumor, though. Makes me look a little crazy and a little rich. And who doesn’t like a crazy rich guy?! Tom Biscardi is the one handling all financial and scientific arrangements – I am sure he can answer your future questions.”

Biscardi has not answered my questions about sharing the other photographs he promised, and I have a feeling that his attempt to use me is not meeting with the results he had predicted.

Clearly, if this was the real deal, there would be no reason at this point to not roll out the actual body tomorrow.

But the unusual structure of the face, the fabric-like look of the hair, and the close match with an actual costume does not speak well for this “carcass.”



This all seems to be some kind of master design to ridicule people in the mainstream field of Bigfoot research.

How could a couple guys in Georgia gotten this idea?

Do you all remember the Bushnell Trail Cam contest?

“We’re not saying we believe in Sasquatch, but if anyone’s ever going to capture an image of one, we’re guessing it’ll be a hunter with a trail camera. That’s why Bushnell is offering a chance at $1,000,000 to the first person using one who snaps a verifiable photo of the live beast.”

Do you recall this part of it?

“BONUS CATEGORY: For all you jokers out there – we’re giving away an additional Bushnell Trail Scout Pro camera for your best attempt to cheat Bushnell out of their $1,000,000 prize. So go grab your gorilla suit and head to the nearest woodlot. Just don’t get mistaken for a bear*.
*Please use caution when taking photographs outdoors and in the wild, especially when using suits or costumes that resemble wild animals (Gorilla, Sasquatch, or other).”

BTW, my personal websites (lorencoleman.com and the museum site, cryptozoologymuseum.com) have been hacked, destroyed, and I will have to re-build the entire two sites at new locations. For those that think this is all a joke, I just don’t see it that way. If you ask me, hacking in and taking down a website sort of reminds me of, well, burning books.

Loren Coleman About Loren Coleman
Loren Coleman is one of the world’s leading cryptozoologists, some say “the” leading living cryptozoologist. Certainly, he is acknowledged as the current living American researcher and writer who has most popularized cryptozoology in the late 20th and early 21st centuries. Starting his fieldwork and investigations in 1960, after traveling and trekking extensively in pursuit of cryptozoological mysteries, Coleman began writing to share his experiences in 1969. An honorary member of Ivan T. Sanderson’s Society for the Investigation of the Unexplained in the 1970s, Coleman has been bestowed with similar honorary memberships of the North Idaho College Cryptozoology Club in 1983, and in subsequent years, that of the British Columbia Scientific Cryptozoology Club, CryptoSafari International, and other international organizations. He was also a Life Member and Benefactor of the International Society of Cryptozoology (now-defunct). Loren Coleman’s daily blog, as a member of the Cryptomundo Team, served as an ongoing avenue of communication for the ever-growing body of cryptozoo news from 2005 through 2013. He returned as an infrequent contributor beginning Halloween week of 2015. Coleman is the founder in 2003, and current director of the International Cryptozoology Museum in Portland, Maine.

49 Responses to ““Bigfoot Body” Has Red Flags”

  1. trogmundo responds:

    So uh, this bigfoot body pretty much “stinketh”….

  2. kidquid responds:

    Ack- so sorry your sites have been hacked, Loren. What is the point of someone doing that? I just do not get it.

    This whole thing has become completely bizarre and upsetting to me at this point. Especially because I think it just is becoming another black eye for the entire community that takes this research seriously. No matter how many hoaxes there are, there is a very substantial amount of evidence (footprints, sightings, etc.) that cannot be explained away easily IF looked at with a skeptical but open mind. Episodes like this tend to overshadow that for most of the uninformed, unfortunately.

  3. Karen McGhee responds:

    This is a publicity stunt.

    Go to FOXNews.com, and click on the U.S. tab. Then choose the Bigfoot article under the Most Read section. If you scroll down to the bottom of the article, and look at the Related Stories, you see the obvious.

    In the last few weeks, stories have surfaced about the Abominable Snowman, a monster in Montauk, that a Sasquatch has been sighted in Canada, Bigfoot has been found, and then there is that video showing the Chupacabra…

    Google the name Matthew Whitton, and you get a game developer who works for MobyGames, who has to his credit numerous video games by Electronic Arts.

    Google the name Rick Dyer, and you find he is the creator of Dragon’s Lair, Space Ace, Thayer’s Quest, and Time Traveler.

  4. Shane Durgee responds:

    In the photo, the fur looks strange, but it doesn’t match the costume’s fur. Nor is the face an exact match, though I admit it’s close. In an effort to remain open-minded, I’ll chalk it up to coincidence and a damn good mask on the part of the costume makers.

    I don’t swallow the Bushnell contest angle. At best they would get a free camera out of this, since the million goes to anyone who can produce a “verifiable” photo of a “live beast.” These guys, as inept as they’ve appeared up to this point and with one man’s job on the line, are definitely after a better prize.

    For sure this is about money. It’s an auction disguised as a circus. The reason they won’t roll out the body yet, is because they’re waiting for the bidding to start. They have something to sell, whether it’s a real body or the idea of a body.

    If there’s a scheme, then it will involve the body disappearing at some point between the highest bidder delivering his check and the time the first experts show up to look at and verify the thing. It’ll mysteriously vanish! And so will these clowns… with someone’s money.

    That’s if it’s a hoax.

    With all that said, and all you’ve had to say so far, Loren (which has been the only decent coverage of this event anywhere), my gut is still telling me that there is a real body in Georgia, and a real body in that picture.

  5. gridbug responds:

    If any good is to come of this fiasco, it should be in the reflective moments where we all as individuals recall the reactions that these pictures had on us, crypto community and non-believers alike. Consider it a dry run of sorts for the eventuality that this scenario plays out in the real world, with a real specimen. Hopefully handled by Real Men with an ounce of good will and a helpful dose of decency and respect for all involved… especially the ones with size thirty-plus feets.

    Well said, Loren. And well played. 🙂

  6. Oz responds:

    Seems to me Loren’s responses and attitudes should be emulated by all the media. If I can summarize what I think he’s said over the past couple of days: it doesn’t seem likely, but they have provided some interesting info which makes it just possible, so I’m not going to claim it’s a fake until we see the real evidence, but based on these guys’ history I’m not optimistic.

    Or as I would put it; let’s give them enough rope and they’ll hang themselves.

    And doing a nice job of playing hangmen they seem to be.


  7. wmmott responds:


    Just listened to Biscardi —I have to say he sounded convincing, and his explanation about the decomposition might explain the “mask-like” look of the head of the creature and its withered limbs.


    He also indicated that he had himself been hoaxed before (and thus implicated in the same hoax), and that he was at first leery lest it happen again this time around.

    He sounded very, very confident.

    I guess time will tell.


  8. mythusmage responds:

    Is Biscardi a jerk? Yes. Is the specimen a fake? We don’t know, we don’t have the hands on experience needed to make that identification. That’s my problem with everybody saying it is fake, other then Biscardi and crew nobody’s seen the specimen in person. A low resolution photograph is not sufficient evidence either way.

    Keep in mind that being an asshole did not keep Isaac Newton from making discoveries.

    BTW, keep in mind that if it is a hoax the state of California — and possibly Georgia — would have grounds for filing a criminal complaint. Making false claims for the purpose of realizing financial gains, classical fraud and bunko. Then there’s using the Internet for fraudulent purposes. Is Biscardi wiling to face possible prison time for a joke?

  9. mooppoint responds:

    No, myth.

    Maybe you haven’t been following this from the beginning, but the behavior of the Georgia boys in their YouTube videos precludes any credibility whatsoever. Throw Biscardi into the mix, and this is clearly a pitiful, childish joke that ran amuck.

    It’s been a disgrace to all involved, really.

    This is, of course, IMO. But I’ve never been more confident in my opinion.

  10. nzcryptozoologist responds:

    I am so sorry to hear about your websites.
    To attack someone in such a cowardly way is dispicable.

  11. wrath of the real responds:

    I swear if this is a joke………..sigh, I hate people.

    Seriously, what kind of financial gain can be had with a body of Bigfoot? I suppose selling the story is a possibility, but I have to wonder at what point in time does the government step in to save face of the scientific community in the United States. I mean we make one of the biggest discoveries of our time and stuff it in a freezer, the frost free model of course. Really!! What does that say….And what were they doing in the woods anyway? “We can’t tell you were we found it cause we haven’t finished the harvest yet…I mean we want to protect the location for further use”………………Seriously…..If this is a joke….sigh.

  12. springheeledjack responds:

    You think? This mess has had more red flags than a down hill ski run!

    The Georgia boys weren’t real bright in the first place…and then when Biscardi joined the fun it was a give away. He’s not clever either. The sad thing is, if Biscardi ever did actually find a bigfoot, no one would believe him after this…even if he turned over a body free of charge he’d never get it authenticated.

    Sheesh is all that should be said on this one.

  13. Andrew Minnesota responds:

    I was hopeful at first, then I was convinced it was hoax, then with the photo and updates I was kind hopeful again and thought things were moving in the right direction finally, now I’m growing less and less hopeful again. I would love for this to be the real deal but I just want this roller-coaster to stop. I want a definitive answer, we all do.

    Loren I’m sorry to hear about your other sites, that is an incredibly low thing to do.

  14. runtrishrun responds:

    Well, I don’t even know how to react to such news. My first instinct was complete and utter shock, especially being that I’ve never been a staunch believer in BigFoot and now, after reading countless side stories and comments on the whole “circus” if you will, I’ve become greatly disappointed that any grown person would waste such unbelievable energy and time in something that may well be a hoax. I mean, if you’re truly seeking the truth, and your whole mission in life has only been to discover BigFoot, why on earth would you EVER want to attach yourself to something SOOO incredibly juvenile and pathetic? Stop with the negative comments you say? How about I send you a dollar to buy a clue.

  15. carnassial responds:

    Maybe, deep down, I hope the Georgia “Bigfoot” is a hoax. For what would be the consequences if it were “genuine”?

    Well, I suspect the Georgia woods would be swarmed over by thousands of hunters until this creature’s clan were either all killed or captured. Likewise in their other redoubts. They’d be put in cages, dissected, examined and classified.

    And since this creature looks way more ape-like than human, he’d probably be categorized as such. At most, just another new type of ape, no more remarkable than the discovery of the gorilla circa 1850, or the mountain gorilla, 50 years later.

    And so there we’d be. The great search would be over, the dream…. gone.

    But if this whole thing were just a swindle, then the glorious adventure, the hope, the mystery – could continue! And, of course, those beef jerky commercials.

  16. Cryptoraptor responds:

    A good rule of thumb regarding Bigfoot is that it will always be a hoax. There are no 8 foot apemen in the US that have been eluding hunters and photographers over the past 100 years. No foot casting, photograph, etc.. was even proven real. It’s a hobby speculating but there will never be a bigfoot captured or killed.

    There still are undiscovered species, possible extinct species still alive, and animal anomalies but you will always end up dissapointed if you believe in Bigfoot.

  17. korollocke responds:

    much as i hate say it i wanted this to be real and got caught up as well.

  18. masterbarber responds:

    I just heard George Noorey say again tonight that you will be at the press conference. Maybe you should call and find out why he is still reporting this.

  19. morganp responds:

    I understand that Bushnell has released a statement saying that the evidence must be in the form of a picture taken with their trail cam? Also that the only prize for the “fooling Bushnell” prize is a web cam.

    I hope this message works, I have never done this before. I would also like to say that I appreciate your books Loren, I am too old to hike in the woods anymore and reading your books give me much enjoyment.

  20. runtrishrun responds:

    Something stinks and I don’t think its the “Big” guy.

  21. starcastle responds:

    As I understand this, they will not show the actual body itself at the news conference. All the press will get to see is pictures and “supposed” testimony. The authorities could very well put these guys on the spot and force them to reveal the freezers location and/or arrest them. They could treat this matter as a protected/endangered species, which would mean they could be in some serious hot water.

  22. Dj Plasmic Nebula responds:

    Well sorry to hear that Loren. This whole hacking thing and such, is totally confusing me right now… 🙂

    I do believe though that this Georgia Bigfoot is real. 🙂

    Yea, the Georgia guys may not be bright, but anybody could of discovered the body. Anybody as in, anyone with their own personality, their own tactics to show us the body, their point of view on it, since they have the body they could do whatever they wanted… 🙂

    And the Georgia Guys were the ones those people that found it. 🙂 and Biscardi.

    I’m unfamiliar with the Georgia guys, but if they failed us before, i understand why you guys…. well… some of you guys wouldn’t believe this finding.

    But hey, who knows they probably have the real Bigfoot or at least a different variety of Bigfoot.

    This Bigfoot doesn’t look like the Patterson one, but hey Bigfoot can mate right?, and if in fact there are other different great ape family (subspecies, or cross/hybrid with another great ape) then yeah, i can understand why this one doesn’t look like the Patterson Bigfoot. 🙂 And apparently as i read lots of Bigfoot sightings some drawing illustration, depicts them looking totally different which tells me that yes, their are more different Bigfoot species in United States, and they apparently mated/crossed/hybrid whichever you call it now a days.. 🙂

    There’s many species to be found.

    As for Bears, hmmmm i do believe some people must of saw bears 🙂 and maybe it wasn’t a bear or at least it’s a unknown bear.. the More the Merrier.

    I believe we shouldn’t jump to Conclusions on this.
    Jumping to conclusion doesn’t always get us somewhere, ya know… it just leads us with a fantasy of believing it was Fake or real.

    OH before i forget:

    The reason why we haven’t seen a dead Bigfoot is probably because the other Bigfoots were smart enough to bury it, throw it into the river or bushes, (dogs dig to hide toys, chimps probably throw things they don’t like..etc.),


    We have another unknown species eating the Bigfoot body or a bear eating the dead Bigfoot body or a mountain lion if they do.. 🙂

  23. darthwolf responds:

    As afr as your sites being hacked…that is really f^&*d up! These guys were after the $1,000,000.00 ans some fame from the get go! I never thought they had a body…but wasn’t going to be too sure until all the news was out! We will still have to see what’s up tomorrow at the “press conference”…I for one think it’s the mask:
    Step 1: Buy costume online for $499.99…
    Step 2: Add dentures and a tongue from some deer or something..
    Step 3: Stuff into freezer with old Buffalo hide and some guts from a Deer kill….
    Step 4: Fool the entire world with a bunch of hype and a fake website full of ridiculous videos…
    Step 5: Get the entire Bigfoot community interested…
    Step 6: Discredit all the work everyone has put into Bigfoot for the last 100 years plus(if not longer!)
    Step 7: Ruin any hopes for scientific funding for ANY further Bigfoot investigations!
    I personally think these guys are a fraud……..

  24. mythusmage responds:


    Declare not anything bonafide or bogus until you, or someone you can trust, can examine the thing in person. From reactions here, especially Loren’s, it is evident that Biscardi has already ruined his reputation. Has he mishandled the matter? Undoubtedly. Is it a hoax? That question has not been answered in any fashion.

  25. one4show responds:

    I am totally for something such as this cryptid existing however remain skeptical and what hasnt helped was the Tom Biscardi interview on fox news because of the fact that he couldnt stop blinking and looking away from the camera while talking which from what I know is a sign of the person lying or hiding something

  26. mooppoint responds:


    That’s fair enough.

    I’ll sit back and await the outcome.

  27. Medieval1028 responds:

    Wow…this is starting to go beyond ridiculous now. Hacking into Loren’s sites is just shameless. I can concur, I’ve had my share of trash and screwballs trying to knock my blog down the past few days. If this truly turns out to be a stunt, there needs to be some type of tort or punishment brought against these people…harsh enough to set an example.

  28. Finding-bigfoot responds:

    If it is a hoax, I wonder how they’ll get themselves out of the hole they’ve dug, i.e., they’ll have to explain why the general public will never see the body. My guess is that they’ll either claim 1) they sold it to an anyonomous buyer, 2) it was stolen or lost in transport, or 3) they selflessly destroyed it in order to protect bigfoot from being exploited.

    I’ve had the misfortune of seeing the videos these guys posted on You Tube. They seem like a couple of half wits to me, and I’d hate to live in a community where someone like that is a police officer. If the bigfoot is real and they’ve discovered it, it is sad that fortune smiled on these guys and not someone more deserving (or someone who would handle the situation with more dignity, reservation, and intelligence).

  29. Lightning Orb responds:

    Oh well, it at least seems extremely likely this is all coming down to one definite conclusion then: hoax. Things are not always as they seem, but they often are. Anything could happen, but it’s doubtful this is the real deal. Well done, Mr. Coleman, for fishing out the true tale. I agree with those that have stated this would have in some ways been a bit of a disgraceful end to such an outstanding legend anyway. But true legend never completely dies; hey, haven’t there been reports of Bigfoot being sucked into other dimensions?…

    This is certainly not much to the benefit of cryptozoology in general, especially if hoaxes like this one become more common in the near future, though I doubt this study will ultimately be tainted that much. There’s been intrieging evidence, there’ve been hoaxters. I don’t think this will be remembered so much as the years pass – this tale’s worth only as much as its centerpiece, and that’s apparently a rotted costume decked up with grubby pink animal gut. If the truth is out there, it will one day, I believe, surface despite this sort of diversion.

    It is a pity someone attacked those sites; perhaps hacking will be among the list of offenses these men face as they wait expantantly for the cash to start flowing in. Also, I have a reccomendation: if anyone else out there wishes to join the above-mentioned hoax contest, or other similar competitions, might I suggest you send your “evedence” dirrectly to those who made the call rather than the general public; there is no need to waste everyone else’s time with it.

    It’s interesting how so many commentors seemed to feel back in 2007 that something big would happen with Sasquatch this year. You never know; the year still isn’t over, and just because this one was a joke doesn’t mean the next won’t be the real deal…

  30. shumway10973 responds:

    Okay…I will start by saying that I didn’t read all the comments, but I can think of one reason for not showing the body. Remember Biscardi saying that the freezer was a frost free and defrosted itself? Remember all the reports about how big foot smells while alive…this one is suppose to be dead, sitting in the forest for how long before they froze it and then it defrosted? Yuck! I wouldn’t want them to show it. No, this whole thing sounds bad. Biscardi being apart of all this was a red flag for me from the beginning. Here he is the spokesperson and he didn’t know (at the time of his interview) where the body was moved to??? Fishy…..still hoping for the best though.

  31. rexdeus responds:

    Waiting for the scientific confirmation. In the meantime, pass the popcorn, good entertainment always makes me hungry. Hoping for the truth.

  32. Raphite1 responds:

    Fake to the point of being uninteresting. I always have a tiny glimmer of hope when I read of sightings in the Pacific northwest, but in Georgia? Impossible.

    For comparison, imagine if someone tried to convince you that there was a small tribe of uncontacted Native Americans living in a Georgia forest, who had successfully avoided detection by the rest of the population. So impossible that the idea is comical. Even if such a group of people were trying their hardest to remain hidden, it simply couldn’t happen for hundreds of years. Large animals need large amounts of land. Gorillas, bears, and hunter/gatherer humans are always on the move to meet their food needs, they can’t stay hunkered down in one isolated tract of forest for centuries.

    What we have in Georgia is a cooler full of carpet and pig guts, and a few guys who are probably having mild panic attacks because their prank got much bigger than they ever anticipated.

  33. one4show responds:

    I didnt like that in the Fox news interview that Tom Biscardi kept on blinking and not looking at the camera while talking as if he were lying or trying to hide something. I still hold on to a little hope that this thing may be real but remain very skeptical

  34. YourPTR! responds:

    Guys wasn’t this conference supposed to start by now?! I don’t normally watch Fox, geez I didn’t realise just how downmarket it was! But they have been rambling on about nothing of importance for ages now and it’s gone 12! Bicardi’s site says FROM 12 though, so maybe he means anytime from then? I wish they would hurry up and just like put me out of my misery already! I’m going insane here waiting especially watching this! I know it’s almost certainly gonna be a hoax like 99.999999999999999999% certain. It looks pretty hoaxy, but then what does a dead bigfoot that’s been in someones freezer for the last few weeks and just been defrosted supposed to look like???!!! And we musn’t forget of course that both groups involved in this have admitted hoaxes already! Bicardi (the PT Barnum wabane of the Sasquatch World) pulled off a similar stunt like this in 2005 that’s what bfro.net are reporting and the two gentleman in question tried to pass off one of their bros as a scientific expert of some sort. I guess I shouldn’t get so excited over what is almost certainly gonna turn out to be a massive hoax, but stil not giving up hope while there’s still a chance…

  35. mystery_man responds:

    Forget DNA tests and whatnot; SHOW US THE BODY. If there is a body, then that’s it, end of story, you have proven a new animal. What is all of this brouhaha with waiting for the DNA samples? I can understand if this was about some mysterious hairs, or a piece of unidentified carcass, a DNA test would be important (for at least showing it is not from any known animal). But they claim to have THE BODY, which is a lot more persuasive than DNA test results. Forget the DNA tests, anyone examining it can do that themselves, that’s not what people want to see. This is all about the body. I say to them, do what needs to be done; which is make the body available for scientific analysis outside of a few handpicked individuals ,if of course there is in fact a body to show.

  36. Demian66 responds:

    OK, one commentator wrote it could be “just” a gorilla-type creature…and the dream would then be over! Hey, what people expect from life…astonishing..

    And yes, not that I get misunderstood, the body looks like a fake. And it looks ape-like, not human-like as they stated in the various radio shows.

    I am not a biologist. Therefore I could see the whole affair to naive. But I work in PR for now 15 years. And I know what consequences it would have (even legal!!) when they do not show up with something worthwhile.

    The media man in me tells me that they will deliver. Anything else would be SUICIDE. The man who does the PR for them and organized the press conference is a assembyman for the Democratic Party. Biscardi invited a TV journalist from Fox to have look at the body next week. They have gone too far by now in order to retreat.

    Excuse me, but the logic of the course of action in the past couple of weeks HAS to tell me this is the real deal.

    Of course, in life anything can happen…but then THEY would be the greatest idiots on this planet…and sorry, I state it over and over again, these guys are too smart in their own special way.

    But why bother? In the next 5 days we will know EVERYTHING.
    And then the world of zoology changes forever.
    OR NOT, of course, if this turns out to be JUST a new North American gorilla, what a disappointment…;-)
    best wishes

  37. c_streed responds:

    YourPTR!…really?…you’re joking, right?…The press conference is at noon, not midnight. Go to bed.

  38. YourPTR! responds:

    Ok I realised I got the times wrong! I’m in Australia and in my exctiement I thought it was 12PM in the US when it was only 12AM! So it’s still AGES yet before the conference starts. But it doesn’t really matter. We all know this can’t be anything other than a hoax right? They are hoaxers, it looks fake and very like a costume that’s been posted and if they really had the goods this is not how they would have gone about things. Oh ell, will still be interesting to see what happens even though we know the outcome already…

  39. mjut responds:

    Those Teeth ? That tongue? have a look at the G. Simmons mask available online.

    Pre-release images are just that, hype, some guys standing around an ice chest.

    I don’t believe I’ve seen Mr. B stating that what’s been released is inequitably of the specimen they have.
    I for one will be there in Palo Alto in the am. The faces of those exiting this gathering will tell the story.

  40. Simon Townsend responds:

    I only heard about this event this morning Australian time. It seemed to me to be as mysterious in its content as the Minessota Ice Man scenario all those years ago. If there is a chance that the carcase is the real deal then the feds or the Smithsonian should step in as it is of national/international importance. Real proof, the body on the slab is all that matters. When that happens all the witnesses brave enough to have been named and hard working researchers, who bankrupted themselves and destroyed their health and homelife in the search, will be justified in their disdane for the lazy scientist and bureaucrats who never assisted but will want to muscle in on the action. If it proves to be a hoax horsewhipping is in order for the perpetrators. Good luck my American friends. We have enough trouble with hoaxers here in Australia and I am no friend to them..!

  41. dobher-chu responds:

    If this is a hoax i seriously think these people have really underestimated the fallout this will cause.

  42. joeseph8 responds:

    To the uneducated limey, is this 12pm pacific time?

  43. Henry Karlson responds:

    When I first saw the picture, I thought “head looks like mask, reminding me of Trading Places.” “Body looks like fake suit.”

    Then I see the picture of the mask. Right-o. Looks like a fake to me.

    People say, “But what about the extra touches?” Anyone who has seen a horror movie can do some of them; someone who has worked with dead bodies (maybe someone who is a cop?) would think of others. Not too difficult to fake.

  44. ksr responds:

    If I were lucky enough to run across a body of Bigfoot the first person I would call would be Loren. The second, Dr. Jeff Meldrum, and the third Jimmy Chilcott. These men have the intelligence to handle the matter in a profesional manner that wouldn’t end up looking like what we have going on here.

  45. YourPTR! responds:

    joeseph8, yup, conference is scheduled to take place 12pm pacific time. It just looks so fake though. I’d be embarrased to show up with that, I wonder if they will even go through with it?

  46. YourPTR! responds:

    Forgot… the body is “being taken to a secure and undisclosed location”. I bet we don’t get to see the alleged video that shows “at least three others walking upright like a man” either.

  47. Lonewolf 9390 responds:

    Hello to Mr. Loren Coleman and the rest of the Cryptomundo community. Long time reader, first time poster here. It’s certainly been a crazy week for the world of cryptozoology.

    I have to say, I suspected a hoax from the very start, just on account of the fact that Tom Biscardi was directly involved with releasing the story to the media. After all, this isn’t the first time he’s clamored for media attention with promises of revealing Bigfoot once and for all, then backpedaled with some pretty lame excuses when he failed to deliver the goods.

    When the photos of the alleged body were leaked on the Net, I almost burst out laughing, because I immediately recognized it as the $499 Sasquatch costume available from Terror Dome.com with more fur added to the face. Not stopping there, it appears that our intrepid Georgia Bigfoot hunters pilfered Grandma or someone else’s false teeth (I’m sure they don’t mind at all…) and stuck them inside the costume’s mask along with a fake tongue.

    The other thing that struck me as unusual; how did they cram this thing into an average size chest freezer if it was over 7 foot tall and weighed 500 pounds? Given those figures, you would expect to see a body built like a silverback gorilla or…dare I say?….’Patty’ from the infamous Patterson Bigfoot footage.

    We shouldn’t let this fiasco set the legitimate search for Sasquatch back in any way. If anything, Biscardi is just digging himself a deeper hole. With all the lies he’s told to try and cover all the hoaxes he’s had a hand in, it must be getting pretty darn hard to keep his stories straight now.

  48. Shane Durgee responds:

    If anyone is wondering what they have to gain from this, just check their website.

    They’re offering expeditions to a spot near where the body was found so anyone could have the chance to see a live bigfoot:


    If you think it’s plausible that at least 5,000 people have signed up as a result of this stunt, then do the math and you have your answer. More than double what Bushnell was offering.

    So that’s why it could be a hoax. There’s plenty to gain financially. And if this body mysteriously disappears next week, then there is no evidence to challenge them with.

    I’m still on the fence. I’d like to follow Loren’s lead and distract myself with other crypto news (that Japanese expedition is pretty exciting) but I can’t clear my head until this press conference happens.

  49. 7senses responds:

    um the costume doesn’t look anything like body in freezer i believe theirs a cover up going on for whatever reason weather its the feds or as mention here by another person sold already with some kind of secret agreement. i have a great eye for detail and have 20/20 also an artist and i know that thing was real.i dont know why people cant admit that they have no idea or that they cant see well enough to decipher what it is. someone switched bodies.and also tom i believe or anyone for that matter isn’t going on national tv if something isnt organic. its not hard to determine. when you see something plastic it is not mistaken for organic when you touch or look up close unless again you are an idiot or cant see well.my concern now is that there will probably be a bunch of hunters going after others and that the family of the one found maybe hostile and pissed off. imagine that.

Sorry. Comments have been closed.

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