First Photo of Bigfoot Body Leaked

Posted by: Loren Coleman on August 11th, 2008


The Minnesota Iceman carcass (above) vanished, due in part to information on it being published too prematurely. Is history going to repeat itself because the details about the Georgia Bigfoot body are being leaked to the world, informally?

Despite the recent calm regarding the Georgia Bigfoot body story, more details appear to have just been released today, in bits and pieces, about the body, straight from the Georgia gentlemen, Matthew Whitton and Rick Dyer.

For the benefit of keeping you all alerted to the latest, here is an update of these leaks.

First up, the new video:

According to the bftrker’s site, Tom Biscardi took DNA samples and results are being awaited. That’s the old news.

But now Whitton and Dyer have leaked a photo of Tom Biscardi apparently looking at the “Bigfoot” body, and they are also showing another photograph of the alleged head of the creature at their website.


Take the screen capture below, turn it 90 degrees to your left, and you can see the forehead, mouth, and profile of the mystery head. Or perhaps not. Read on for an alternative viewing.


Here are some enlargements:



And an analysis:

I used to work as a digital photo restorer and photo enhancer, some of my clients were law firms and my work has been used in court. I’d like to comment on the Bigfoot body photo if I may, but this is only my view and also the “adjusted” photo attached can only be considered as “an artists impression”.

My first thought on viewing the image, was that it was from the 60s or 70s. The reason for this is the fact that it’s black and white, I know this can be done with programs like Photoshop, however, the results are generally obvious as there is no colour when switched to monochromatic B&W. Older photo’s usually have a trace of colour, our eyes know it’s B&W and “see” it that way, but in the 60s-70s era there’s almost always a hint of a hue (green, blue, red), this is something that I noticed when I captured and adjusted the photo off Bigfoot Tracker Atlanta site- greenish hue.

Another thing that was of interest is the line going down the photo, it to me, is a sign that this is a scan of a hard copy, a physical photo, which at some stage has been damaged, It’s something that I’ve seen and repaired often. I find it interesting, in this digital age, that there would be one done, unless it’s to show others, which is of course feasible. Why though, would they use a hard copy to scan onto a computer to upload onto their site, when they could just get the file?

The subject in the photo is quite interesting, I see what you’re saying, it does look like a head. But, and I mean absolutely no disrespect, I see something different. When flipped 180 degrees, it, to me, looks like a waist up shot, with it’s head laying askew in the left (our right) corner of the freezer. The lighter coloured “fur/hair” looking material on closer inspection, could in fact be a plastic cover pulled back to reveal the head and upper torso, it seems to have a reflective property to it that suggests to me that it’s not organic.

According to the Georgia men’s own words, what they have is much different than what people have expected from past imagery based on the Patterson-Gimlin footage. Of course, I’ve always thought a “Georgia Bigfoot” would appear much different looking than the classic Sasquatch of the PNW. That’s why I wrote the field guide with Patrick Huyghe.

Perhaps what is going to be revealed will challenge all the various possibilities that many of us have been speculating about for years. Even mine. I can live with that if this is the real deal.

Don’t forget what I openmindedly wrote on July 11th:

“Has the first Bigfoot body been taken? Ask yourself, how will the first Bigfoot be found, discovered, and displayed? Will it be through a highly publicized effort from a museum or zoological park, as during the 19th and early 20th century, or will it be due to some folks with military and law enforcement backgrounds from north Georgia? But maybe in this brave new world, will this be how such a discovery unfolds?”

Only time will tell.





Credit for the black and white drawings to artist Harry Trumbore from The Field Guide to Bigfoot and Other Mystery Primates.

I am closing comments to keep the backchannel lines of communication open. This is no time to argue about what this means or to kill the messenger. This is a time for calm and clear headiness.

Write me directly at lcoleman{@}, if you wish to share comments, critiques, corrections or clarifications.


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