Weird Hairy Females Seduce Pravda

Posted by: Loren Coleman on January 11th, 2009

Pravda on 17th December 2008 (?) apparently ran this article, “Weird hairy females seduce hot-blooded Caucasian men.”

A sensational incident took place in the Chegemsky Gorge of the Northern Caucasus. Researchers found evidence to prove the existence of Bigfoot in the area. Local residents say that Yeti females – people refer to these weird creatures as the Almasty – come into contact with humans and even attempted to have a sexual intercourse with local men.

Weird hairy females seduce hot-blooded Caucasian men

People say that they have had quite a number of encounters with yeti in the area around the town of Elbrus.

“There are many deserted barns over there with boulders and woods around. They most often spot the Almasty there. They come to town from there,” local resident Adelgery Tilov said.

The settlement of Elbrus is entirely surrounded by woods and mountains. Each resident has seen the Bigfoot at least once in a lifetime. Moreover, local women know some men, who communicate with the Almasty, with their females, to be more precise.

“A yeti female looks like a gorilla, of course, but she can definitely temp a man,” one of the elders, Kazi Khajiyev said. “The Almasty can bewitch a man. They say that a man, whom a wild woman tries to seduce, sees not the hairy ape-like creature, but the woman that he wants to see. It is something like hypnosis,” the man said.

The locals try to avoid a sudden meeting with the yeti. They traditionally put some of their food and drinks outside every night after dinner to feed the wild creatures.

“A wild human being is a human being, that is why we try to get along with them. My grandfather used to tell me that the Almasty have always lived here. They increased their population after the Balkars deserted their villages. The Almasty took their homes, that’s why they let humans see them so often nowadays,” Adilgery Tilov said.

Adilgery says that fire is the ultimate attraction to the yeti. Most of the encounters occur when people sit by the fire.

“I had to go to a neighboring village one summer day. I was supposed to stay there for a night so I accommodated myself in a deserted barn. I made a fire near the barn and fell asleep. I opened my eyes very early in the morning and saw someone sitting by the fire. A female yeti was giving me a very thoughtful look. She was not tall, a bit more than one meter in height. She was black and her fur was all messy . I was scared to death, and was lying there still, thinking what she was going to do next. She stayed there for about ten more minutes, got up and vanished in the woods,” the man said.

Pravda is the Russian word for “truth,” but in recent years, the newspaper Pravda has, instead, been a mirror of the UK sensationalistic tabloids with articles far from reality.

Thanks to Mark Fraser.

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5 Responses to “Weird Hairy Females Seduce Pravda”

  1. Texas_Grown responds:

    First of all, how do you get a hairy and tall wild animal confused with “The women of your dreams?” At least I know one town in Eurasia I’m not planning on ever going to.

  2. mystery_man responds:

    Texas_Grown- Didn’t you read the article? It’s because these hairy hominid females can “bewitch” a man with “something like hypnosis,” and make a man see the woman they want to see. Obviously that must be the case, and it’s hard to argue with the logic and hard facts behind that hypothesis. It’s science.

  3. Alligator responds:

    Remember the old original Star Trek episode ”The Man Trap” featuring the ”salt vampire” on planet M113? That was a hairy hominid creature but to the eye of the beholder, it looked exactly like a woman (or man in Lt. Uhura’s case) that one expected to see e.g. one guy looked at it and saw a graying middle aged woman, and another looking at the same time saw a hot young blond.

    Pravda – yes, they were a real bastion of ”truth” even in the Soviet Union days (sigh) My, how the mighty propagandists have fallen.

    As a I read the article and looked at the image of that (ahem) rather well endowed almasty female, and the wistful looking female by the fire, I kept hearing that famous line from Mae West running through my head: ”Hey there big boy. Why don’t you come up and see me sometime?”

    I chalk this one up to pure fantasy.

  4. wisaaka responds:

    For some reason this story reminds me of the futurama episode featuring death by shnoo-shnoo.

  5. gridbug responds:

    Psychic Sasquatch Succubi? Sensational, and sign me up!


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