Chardon and the Melon Heads

Posted by: Loren Coleman on February 29th, 2012

Credit: Weird Ohio.

“One can’t be of an enquiring and experimental nature, and still be very sensible.” – Charles Fort, Wild Talents (1932).

As you may have heard, there was an unfortunate school shooting at the Chardon High School in Chardon, Ohio, on February 27, 2012.

I will not dwell on the Fortean details of that incident on this blog. You can go to my two postings on this incident over at Twilight Language, here and here.

What I want to point out is that the alleged shooter T. J. Lane was caught on Wilder Road, Chardon, which is right down the Grand Army of the Republic Highway from Wisner Road, Chardon Township, Ohio.

It is along Wisner Road where sightings of “melon heads” have been reported.

“Melon Heads” is the name given to legendary beings and urban legends in parts of Michigan, Ohio, and Connecticut generally described as small humanoids with bulbous heads who occasionally emerge from hiding places to attack people. Different variations of the legend attribute different origins.

In many ways, melon head sightings mirror the Dover Demon accounts of Dover, Massachusetts, and other large-headed cryptid encounters from the Midwest. (In the book I coauthored, Weird Ohio, there is more information on the Melon Heads. One quote from that article directly relates to this Chardon High School: “It’s apparently a popular thing for local high school kids to do to drive around the area late at night, looking for them.”)

The melon head stories of Ohio are primarily associated with the Cleveland suburb of Kirtland and Chardon Township. Chardon Township is the location of the Chardon High School, Chardon, Ohio, site of the recent school shooting.

Bridge on Wisner Road, Chardon Township, Ohio. Photo credit:

Legend holds that the melon heads may be sighted along Wisner Road in Kirtland, and Chardon Township, Geauga County, Ohio. The melon head legend has been popularized on the Internet, particularly on the websites Creepy Cleveland and DeadOhio where users offer their own versions of the story.

Legend of the Melonheads was released in 2011. It is a horror fiction film loosely based on the Ohio legend of the melon heads in the Kirtland-Chardon area.

Loren Coleman About Loren Coleman
Loren Coleman is one of the world’s leading cryptozoologists, some say “the” leading living cryptozoologist. Certainly, he is acknowledged as the current living American researcher and writer who has most popularized cryptozoology in the late 20th and early 21st centuries. Starting his fieldwork and investigations in 1960, after traveling and trekking extensively in pursuit of cryptozoological mysteries, Coleman began writing to share his experiences in 1969. An honorary member of Ivan T. Sanderson’s Society for the Investigation of the Unexplained in the 1970s, Coleman has been bestowed with similar honorary memberships of the North Idaho College Cryptozoology Club in 1983, and in subsequent years, that of the British Columbia Scientific Cryptozoology Club, CryptoSafari International, and other international organizations. He was also a Life Member and Benefactor of the International Society of Cryptozoology (now-defunct). Loren Coleman’s daily blog, as a member of the Cryptomundo Team, served as an ongoing avenue of communication for the ever-growing body of cryptozoo news from 2005 through 2013. He returned as an infrequent contributor beginning Halloween week of 2015. Coleman is the founder in 2003, and current director of the International Cryptozoology Museum in Portland, Maine.

3 Responses to “Chardon and the Melon Heads”

  1. Sharon Lee responds:

    I have been on Wisner road, Melon-head hunting to no avail.

  2. Barry McEachern via Facebook responds:

    Drugs are bad, mmmmmmmmmmmmm K??

  3. Hapa responds:

    Melonheads in Michigan too? Well, that explains why Mitt Romney won Michigan: only evil bulbous headed aliens from Star Trek with cosmic powers could have pulled that one off!!

    But seriously, This tragedy in Chardon, though aside from location seemingly otherwise unconnected to the Melonheaded phenomena (whether real or legit, it would make a great episode on Destination Truth, or MonsterQuest if it was not cancelled, Dag Nabbit!), it may become more connected over time with town folklore. Ed Gein, the serial killer who was the basis of Leatherface in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, became a Nursery Boogie (Don’t go out, or Ed Gein will get you!), and Vlad Dracula, due to his cruelty and supposed blood drinking, whether true or false in the latter act, became synonymous with Vampires, despite the fact that, other than sharing a Location with deep Vampire lore, they otherwise had no other thing in common. Hitler himself might be viewed in the future as a Vampire, and I think there are some who think he was possessed by Demon (Don’t quote me on that, though).

    This senseless tragedy could very well give rise to stories of small town Manchurian Candidates and Melon-head telepathic/hypnotic control of people.

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