Bigfoot Video From Ohio?

Posted by: Craig Woolheater on May 25th, 2013

Young Man Films Possible Bigfoot In Ohio

A young man from Ohio claims to have filmed a possible bigfoot after hearing a loud bang.Sasquatch Canada

What do the Cryptomundians think?

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17 Responses to “Bigfoot Video From Ohio?”

  1. volmar responds:

    Why do people carry their cameras if they can’t shoot a decent, on focus, movie? Yet another Blobsquatch…

  2. Thomas Marcum via Facebook responds:

    I did a enhancement of this video when it first came out

  3. DWA responds:

    Well, I’ve seen lots of ape suits. But this is the first one I’ve seen with a shapeshifter suit.

    OK, either find the focus on that camera, or hope all the other video hoax stereotypes will work for you.

    (Hint: they don’t.)

  4. mandors responds:

    Mandors’ Guide to Blobsquatch Video Taking:

    1) Make sure to have the worst possible video device on hand.
    2) Start shooting in a particular area and say the phrase “What is that?! What the (expletive) is that?!”
    3) At all cost avoid centering on the figure or bringing it into clear focus.
    4) If you are about to get the figure centered or in focus, shake the camera, disrupt the auto zoom and/or shoot pictures of your shoes.
    5) Finally, and most importantly, at the point the Bigfoot is about to come near, so that world can finally see what it really looks like, turn off your camera.

    You’re Done!

  5. Marc DeWerth via Facebook responds:

    Screams staged…

  6. edsbigfoot responds:

    Great….more video evidence. 🙂

  7. zigoapex responds:

    Turkey hunter looking for the turkey he shot, shot was the loud bang…

  8. Dave Cornwell via Facebook responds:

    Movement seems to be very uncharacteristic.

  9. William responds:

    Loud bang eh? I would suggest if that was true, what he heard was a gun shot and the figure he saw was in the shade and was walking around looking for the deer or turkey or whatever it was it shot. In other words a hunter and this boy has a vivid imagination and not very great camera skills to go with it. An interview of this kid would be the thing to obtain a final conclusion, which I suspect would not be a bigfoot unless Moneymaker or Cliff does the interview. (LOL)

  10. cryptokellie responds:

    Well, I thank the videographer for the trip back in time to the 1950’s when boys like myself actually said things like “Oh my gosh” and “My goodness”. I was waiting for “Gee wilikers”.

    The benefit of filming a figure at 100 + yards distance is that you don’t need a very good costume.

    Manders (short for salamanders?) calls the routine dead on. I’m surprised that anyone would follow the “Blobsquatch script” so closely these days but they always seem to. If authentic video footage, I think the turkey hunter scenario is a good possibility. Why were we aiming the camera lens at the trees at one point? Gee wiz…

  11. Cryptidcrazy responds:

    A hunter, pure and simple. No bigfoot. Just some kid with poor acting skills, who doesn’t know how to operate a camera.

  12. eyeofstrm responds:

    Yet another insult delivered to true cryptozoologists by Cryptomundo. Why don’t you view this garbage before posting it ?????

  13. GI Jon responds:

    Sounds like a kid reading a script from the legit 1994 Paul Freeman video, which I do happen to believe is very real.

  14. Craig Woolheater responds:

    Geez eyeofstrm,

    You are really insulted?

    I guess that’s 3:33 of your life you’ll never get back…

    And if it really insulted you, I’m sure it was before you watched it all of the way though.

    Here at Cryptomundo, we try to post all of the cryptozoology news, including cartoons.

    It ain’t rocket science…

    Sometimes you have to laugh.


  15. AreWeThereYeti responds:

    Two thoughts:
    1. I think I could’ve shot better video with my toaster.
    2. Clearly Blobsquatches outnumber Sasquatches, at least 100 to 1, in the wild.

  16. etheral responds:

    Mandor’s Guide has been well used for many years now. lol

  17. Goodfoot responds:


    Well, there’s “gee whillikers!”, and if you want to go really ancient, “odds bodkins!”

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