Dueling Mothmen

Posted by: Loren Coleman on August 24th, 2007

This first item is a new 2007 Mothman plush toy created for this year’s Mothman Festival in Point Pleasant.

How do you think it stands up against other recent toys, figurines, and items produced as Mothman collectibles?

Can you identify the source and origins of each?

Dueling Mothmen

Dueling Mothmen

Dueling Mothmen

Dueling Mothmen

I’m on the road during the next few days, offline, and have left several historical archival items to be posted. If I return and discover that no one has correctly identified where all the above are from, I’ll blog about those needing further info. Have a good long complete last weekend of the psychological summer of 2007.

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9 Responses to “Dueling Mothmen”

  1. shumway10973 responds:

    The last one is the representation I’m use to seeing. The first one looks like a super hero, “I’m Mothman! Here I come to save the day!” The second looks like a diva walking into a party, “I have finally arrived, you may start the festivities.” That little statue looks rather worried, “Oh no! The bridge collapsed! I hope they don’t blame me”

  2. Robotik responds:

    Okay lets give this a try

    Version 1: Nevermore Creations looks like a thunderbird, but the light up eyes are cool. More orange than red. This guy is huge 17 inches or so.

    Version 2: Early version sold pre mothman prophecies, I got mine on ebay. They have a version of this coming out of an egg at the Mothman museum. This style of Mothman made its way onto christmas ornaments, mugs, and t shirts.

    Version 3: David Horvath, Eye Witness Type, limited to 100 worldwide. I prefer the silver bridge type, http://www.davidhorvath.com click on the Mothman icon. Check out his Flatwoods monster also.

    Version 4: Mystery Museum, toy from Japan. Medicom I think made it, its from a series of cool cryptids and mysterious legends, There is another version by Hearst? toys in Japan that is silver and has Mothman leaning forward. They also have a cool Flatwoods monster.

    If anybody has an extra Mystery Museum version let me know. I need this one to fill the gap in my Mothman collection.

  3. DavidFullam responds:

    Wow, I would love to have the last one and the second plush. The first one looks too much like Owl Man.

  4. crypto-hunter465 responds:

    I would love the last one! It looks the best and probably the most accurate.

  5. robot zombie monkey responds:

    Mothman number three is by David Horvath (creator of “Ugly Dolls”) – see a selection of his Mothman and Flatwoods Monster vinyl toys with a bunch of cool color variants here: Mothman and Flatwoods Attack.

    I saw a couple of these at a local shop that specialises in the high end grown-up vinyl dollies, and they were as cute as a bugs ear! I am a now reformed toy collector, since some of these things seriously hurt the pocket book, but the adorable little Mothman and Flatwoods babies nearly got me back on the toy junkie wagon.

  6. 2red responds:

    The first one is from Toy vault from their plush line Nightmares, Fact or Fiction. Very owlish, not my first choice.

    The second one is a Mothman Beanie sold by Point Pleasant and it is in your Cabinet of Curiosities, Loren.

    The Third one is David Horvath’s 5.5″ Mothman the latest (3rd) original figure in Wonderwall’s Kaiju for Adults Series. There is a series of these original Mothmen.

    The fourth is a Medicom Mothman is very rare. with four parts to this series of amazing figures. Each figure is polyvinyl resin/plastic and stands approximately 3 inches. Mothman (dark wine color) creature.

    I really like number four, but number three is interesting

  7. jules responds:

    Does anyone remember the TV show called “The Tick”? Wasn’t his side kick called moth man?

  8. lerxst responds:

    The Tick’s sidekick is Arthur.

  9. Hans_Dietrich- responds:

    Oh yeah, the Tick!!! I remember that!

  10. mothmanlover responds:

    Hey anybody. I am new to this and new to collecting crypto. Does anybody have a medicom or marmit mothman they would like to sell me? huedez@yahoo.com. Willing to pay big bucks. For Real.

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