Pennsylvania’s Breaking Bigfoot Sightings

Posted by: Loren Coleman on August 3rd, 2008

The recent rumors of a white Bigfoot in Carbondale, Pennsylvania, are spotlighted in this video news report.

The “White Bigfoot” being seen near Carbondale, Pennsylvania, may be related to this, “Strange Hominid Sighting Reported Near Red Lion, York County, Pennsylvania,” for July 18, detailed on July 30th, here.

Carbondale is 171 miles away, mostly north on I-81, from Red Lion in York County, Pennsylvania. It would seem they hardly are related. But stranger links have been made, of course.

The account begins…

“I received a telephone call today from a woman who claims to have seen a small Bigfoot-like creature on July 18th, 2008 near the town of Red Lion, Pa. She stated that she had been shopping and was on her way home. As she was driving south on Rt. 624 about 2 miles from Red Lion, she noticed something running across a field near a home construction site….She described it as stocky with muscular arms and legs and no more than
4 foot in stature and sparsely covered in dark gray hair.”

Was it a youthful Bigfoot? Windigo? Anthropoid? Little hairy man? Or something else entirely?

Perhaps there are several Bigfoot being reported in Pennsylvania currently?

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18 Responses to “Pennsylvania’s Breaking Bigfoot Sightings”

  1. bill green responds:

    this is a very interesting new news segment about a pa white sasquatch creature encounter. thanks bill green

  2. greywolf responds:

    It was to bad that the original news cast on this BF report was handled as a chuckle chuckle by the reporters and anchor. The station Channel 16 has a great news program but they fell short on this one.
    It is no wonder that people do not want to talk about BF sightings.

  3. springheeledjack responds:

    Don’t even know what to think here…could there be albinos….like most albinos in the wild, they usually don’t last long because they can’t blend in…

    And the other thing is…while she describes it as running, and having muscular arms and legs, did it in fact run on two legs? I ASSume so from the description, but you know what ASSuming does…

  4. red_pill_junkie responds:

    What’s with the footprint logo used by this news channel? Seems like the mix between a human foot and a bear’s.

  5. bigcathunter24 responds:

    i live near carbondale and the news channel that covered this is a joke those people might have seen something but by the way they channel 16 covered this they kinda made it out to be a joke they must of needed a story

  6. PhotoExpert responds:

    Depending on the witness’s view or angle of the view, it was most likely an albino deer. If the deer was running away from her at a 90 degree angle, she would most likely see a white furry animal that was muscular. She would be viewing the back end of the deer. The fact that she described it as being 4 foot tall, would point towards a deer. And there are albino deer throughout this Northeast area. We have them in Maryland. They are in PA, near Gettysburg. They have been spotted on the eastern shore of Maryland, etc. So yes, what she saw, was most likely an albino deer.

    That area of PA is not what I would call prime BF country as far as an ideal habitat is concerned. It would be considered prime deer habitat. So why not an albino deer?

    The brother of the police officer almost seemed embarressed to appear on camera and tell his story. Even the police officer said he saw an animal, a deer or something. So yes, the brother of the police officer was walking his dogs and spooked a deer, which spooked him. He calls his brother the cop who laughs it off a bit.

    Nothing says BF to me on this one. It does scream–albino deer sighting.

  7. bill green responds:

    the one thing that realy gets to me is this it seems there some sort of cover up regarding this new pa sighting i wonder why. are the eyewittnesses afraid of what they saw or admit too say too much info about the sighting maybe some goverment or law inforcement people might possibly tell to be quiet. oh well updates as they continue. thanks bill green 🙂

  8. Medieval1028 responds:

    I took the phone call from the woman (‘Macy’) who claims to have seen the hominid near Red Lion. I honestly think she witnessed something but afraid to say much more. I posted a plea for her to contact me again…but to no avail so far.

    That entire south-central Pennsylvania (especially York and Lancaster counties) area is loaded with crypid folklore either from the Susquehannock native people or the German/Swiss immigrants (pow wow witchcraft).

  9. Lightning Orb responds:

    I agree with PhotoExpert – that news reel didn’t really seem to be describing a Bigfoot

  10. mystery_man responds:

    I tend to give possibility to the deer theory too, it is a perfectly rational explanation. However there are some things that give me pause with that idea. If this is prime deer territory, I wonder why a local would not be able to identify what she saw as such. Especially if she saw something no matter how odd that could very well be a deer, why come out and risk ridicule or embarrassment by claiming it was anything else? Wouldn’t she possibly entertain that as a possibility herself and maybe shoehorn her sighting into that more mundane possibility? It seems that a lot of people who really may have seen an actual sasquatch would maybe be more inclined to try to rationalize it as a deer rather than take a possible deer sighting and report it as a sasquatch unless they are pretty positive that is what they saw. Or if they are just making up.

    Absolutely under the right conditions, someone could be taken off guard or spooked, or see an animal in a position or lighting that makes it seem anomalous. I think this happens quite a lot and is one reason why I am critical with sightings as evidence. But still, this is a lady probably familiar with seeing deer and I think this should at least be considered when trying to ascertain what it is she saw, sasquatch or not.

  11. helgarde responds:

    Folks who live in prime deer country tend to know what deer look like, even if they are albino.

    Because if it is prime deer country, you see the pesky critters all the time–I mean, they are in the road, in your yard, in the woods, on your porch (not kidding, my parents had deer on their porch several times), setting off your motion detector light switches, eating out of your bird feeders in the fields, in herds, small family groups, clumps and singly.

    Deer in deer country are ubiquitous, you cannot escape them, and so to say that someone who lives in such an area could misidentify a deer just because it was white–well, that does stretch credulity a bit. People can be mistaken–even intelligent ones, but usually it is only a momentary confusion, and then they say, “Oh, yeah, a deer.”

    It could have just as easily been an albino bear, which considering the description, I find to be more likely than a deer. There are black bear in the area, and sometimes an albino one is born.

    People are more likely to mistake a bear for a bigfoot than a deer.



  12. cryptidsrus responds:


    Too bad the lady did not call again. I agree, ridicule by Tv stations don’t help things. Hopefully more info will come.

  13. Lightning Orb responds:

    Mangey deer? Mutated/sick moose?

  14. Medieval1028 responds:


    I’m always skeptical when I receive these reports and like to check up on the witness before I post anything. This case is a little different for a few reasons, but most of all the area where she lives is very traditional and conservative. I know personally how she feels because I grew up not far from her (Hanover). From what I gathered in our brief conversation is that she was bothered by what she witnessed and would not dare say anything to anyone in her family, though she thought that it was essential that the sighting be reported and investigated. I’m still hoping she gets back to me eventually.

  15. sschaper responds:

    Deer bound. That didn’t sound like what she reported.

  16. Shane Durgee responds:

    It’s a very mountainous and wooded area. I always think about the giant birds and bigfoot creatures allegedly sighted around there when I’m driving up 81.

  17. rayval responds:

    Hello gang, I think we need to come together. I will get straight to the point. I am looking for 8 more people to match my $50 and then we will send it all in at the same time. Instead of drips and drabs. Personally, I love this site and I am a huge fan of Mr.Coleman’s work. I think it’s the least we can do. I honestly don’t think it’s that much money, but when put together it could make a difference. Email me. Thank You.

  18. Bigfool responds:

    A white deer people, really? I think most competent people know the difference between a deer and a something on two legs… Everytime someone sees something someone always asks, “Are you sure it wasn’t a deer, bear, something else?” NO, THEY KNOW WHAT THEY SAW!

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