Bigfoot Captured On SecurityCam

Posted by: Loren Coleman on January 26th, 2011

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Taken 12.25.2010

Thanks for tip from John Winterbauer!

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18 Responses to “Bigfoot Captured On SecurityCam”

  1. JETEXAS responds:

    Even on my monitors, I can’t get anything more than a faint blobby outline from this video, but it definitely is a four-legged animal with pointy ears that is shuffling along. My guess is raccoon.

  2. ScaryTrue responds:

    It’s tough. There’s no there there.

  3. eireman responds:

    I agree. What little I can discern tells me whatever it is, it’s small.

  4. Captain Morgan responds:

    I have several monitors, and my main one is a 42″ Sharp Aquos.

    Watch the video full screen a few times in a row.

    Check out > 20:57:05 – basically everything to the right of the tree where you can see it’s shadow.

    I only see two legs and an upright figure with what appears to be a head.

    That’s the problem with basic security cams with 320×240 resolution, anything at that distance is almost indiscernible.

    I would really like the original footage though.

  5. dfinix responds:

    the security cam low def image doesn’t help, but after watching it a few times I think its actually an upright two legged thing walking. the style of walk is very similar to the other “alleged” bigfoot footage! whether its by design(fake) or because its just indicative of this species, I’m not sure. Other than that,there’s very little else can be discerned from it.

  6. alegler responds:

    When I saw this I immediately thought – what is this a security camera from? Why is it there – to make sure nobody steals their fence?

    It’s like those America’s Funniest Home Videos of someone who falls off the ladder while they were trying to change a lightbulb. Why were you videotaping someone changing a lightbulb in the first place?

    I call this as “Okay Billy, now put on your costume and be sure to walk in view of the camera.”

  7. KristyBeast responds:

    Definitely too big for a raccoon. Although it’s always convenient when the alleged bigfoot walks right. past. the camera.

  8. on the track responds:

    it looks really short to me. is it a young one?

  9. jstevens2154 responds:

    Back source? Story? Where did this come from?

    Anyone know anything?

  10. scaryeyes responds:

    I agree it looks like a biped, but as with many Bigfoot videos I’m not seeing a reason why I should assume it’s Bigfoot rather than that other extremely common North American biped.

  11. Averagefoot responds:

    Wow…. who can even say? This has got to be one of the worst blobsquatches ever…..

    I totally agree with alegler. If this is a security cam why is it positioned in such a seemingly random unimportant area?

    I say this is just too unclear and we have too little info to make any kind of judgement on it. It could be anything from a kid walking past the camera, to a raccoon, to someone pulling a dummy on a string. It’s jsut too blurry.

  12. DWA responds:

    If that is a security camera, I have no concerns about them ever catching me. Would this be, oh, say, a BANK security camera…?

    Look at the date and time on the video.

    Santa may know if you’ve been naughty or nice. But somebody else may know something about Santa.

  13. Bipedal_Bill responds:

    When it walks from behind the tree and out of the frame it sure looks like a goose on a late night waddle to me.

  14. Fhqwhgads responds:

    The security camera video does seem odd. It’s trained on an area that’s well-lighted, but apparently very rural. That fence might slow someone down long enough to get a decent picture of them, but that’s all it could do.

    I’ve seen stuff like this posted as ghost videos elsewhere. Or, under the right circumstances, as alien videos. Although it could be anything, I don’t see any reason to think it’s not just a guy minding his own business.

  15. Hoytshooter responds:

    Definitely something there but since this camera seems to be focused on the fence it is very hard to tell what anything much beyond the fence is. Actually I think that somewhat favors it not being a hoax. I would think if was a hoax whoever staged this would want the person in the costume to walk closer to the camera.

    Would be interesting to know more details; such as why there is a security camera in such a strange location. Of course it is quite possible the camera is mounted on something like a remote tool shed which could be a tempting target for someone to sneak into from the woods.

  16. dogu4 responds:

    Even if the tape showed a clear sharp image of what many think a BF ‘should’ resemble, it wouldn’t be very good evidence since we live in an age when clear sharp images of any creature imaginable can be conjured up with computer imagery techniques. The fact that this is so blurry, and lacking in detail reflects the state of technology for genuine and commonly used security systems where they are only trying to identify what’s going on, and not necessarily positive identification of the individual since it doesn’t really matter who it is, but rather that it is. So, in that way it looks a lot like one should expect for a large scale bipedal cryptic archaic human…or a guy in a cold weather bunny suit out for a stroll having the sense to walk around the perimeter of a property that they might have suspected was under watch.

    That said, more detail please and is there any more? Without that it’s little more than ‘very interesting.’

  17. Hambone responds:

    Walks like a man, looks like a man, it has to be a man. I think somebody is playing a prank….

  18. Rustaveli responds:

    This shows nothing worthwhile considering, but take a look at the “new enhanced footage”.

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