Bigfoot in the Sequoias?

Posted by: Loren Coleman on November 24th, 2007

Sequoia Nat Park

These kinds of events happen probably more than we know. Before the internet and YouTube, this would all have merely been something people would talk about within the family. Now, it’s on the web.

The sound quality is extremely low on this video, in spite of the title being called “Bigfoot Yell.”

The track may be of more interest and worthy of comments.

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42 Responses to “Bigfoot in the Sequoias?”

  1. Poolmaster responds:

    I think the audio is actually pretty good considering its recorded on a video cam. What known animal would be capable of making that sound? Hauntingly strange. Don’t think I would want to be in a tent in the dark of night and hear that outside!

  2. mrbf2007 responds:

    Well, I have to admit, at first glance, this is an intriguing piece of audio (there is no visual other than the woods), but again, therein lies the problem-it was an alleged AUDIO encounter and not video. As Don Keating has been so fond of saying, “You don’t know what kind of a creature made a sound, until you see it open its mouth.” The supposed scream sounds very similar to the Snohomish and Puyallup screams as well, which causes one to have a bit of suspicion. As to the footprint, well, who is to say that one of the campers with a size 11 foot didn’t fake it? This video is basically worthless for true scientific study, unfortunately.

  3. bill green responds:

    very interesting new article about bigfoot in the sequoias. bill green

  4. squatch-toba responds:

    I have to agree, but I do find that sounds are very interesting when similar recordings are done at different places. The sounds above do indeed sound like Puyallup and Snohomish, and also what have been heard up here in Manitoba by myself and others. I’m not saying that it is a Sasquatch for sure, but it is something!!! Just what that is..well I’d like to know. As for the print, I don’t think it “looks” human, but I was’nt there to look at it closely..hard to tell from the picture.

  5. Ceroill responds:

    Hmm. I could just barely hear the mysterious sound. Can’t say much about the track.

  6. sasquatch responds:

    Bear track overlapped in back which makes it look longer.

  7. bucko responds:

    I have to agree with mrbf2007 and squatch-toba. The vocalizations do sound like Snohomish and Puyallup. It’d just be so easy to fake. I’m not saying it is fake,but you guys know what I mean.

    It seems like almost everyday we got people making their lame fake Bigfoot videos to get their jollys. It’s got to where ya can’t believe anything and that’s a shame! There will be real videos and we might dismiss them as fake. Who could blame us?

    Anyway, the video’s cool and the sounds are pretty eerie. But like mrbf2007 said it is pretty worthless for true scientific study. Thanks for posting it Loren.

  8. fmurphy1970 responds:

    Interesting audio, although a but puzzled why the camera man didn’t try and move in the direction of the sound. The footprint looks like a bear print to me. Big toe on far left is lower down than the next toe to its right. Plus the size is about right for a bear. Typical bigfoot footprints tend to have a larger protuding big toe, like a human footprint.

  9. ddh1969 responds:

    As unlikely as it seems could be someone ‘call casting’ but is this often done in broad daylight? That’s what puzzles me about the whole thing. Usually hear of this happening more at night, assuming this is even genuine.

  10. Alligator responds:

    Sasquatch said
    “Bear track overlapped in back which makes it look longer.”

    I agree, that’s exactly what it looks like. Most animals do that on occasion while walking so it is not unusual to find distorted tracks.

    The sound is a bit more intriguing to me. There is something familiar about it, but I can’t quite put my finger on it.

  11. NightFlight responds:

    The intro to Hush by Deep Purple. Thought I heard her calling my name, now.

  12. DWA responds:

    One caution to anyone saying “fake” because they’ve heard it before on the internet: beware the General Implausibility Theorem (GIT). It can get true skeptics and cautious optimists just as sure as it does scofftics.

    That this call sounds like other recorded calls has a simple alternative explanation, which is simpler than the fake hypothesis if the sasquatch actually exists:

    This is what they sound like.

  13. Bob K. responds:

    Agree with other posters-the call is similar to the ones recorded on various sites on the web. Its a good bit of evidence inasmuch as it confirms that there are creatures out there that produce that distinctive call. Thats one thing thats been getting to me lately, the different types of vocalizations that the Biggy makes. From whistles to monkey like chatterings, from moans to out and out hair raising screams like the one in the tape. Can anyone attest to reports that they also mimic?

  14. showme responds:

    Interesting sounds. Are there any elk in the area? Mating calls?

    I didn’t notice a date in the video.

  15. scosmo451 responds:

    Opening of video says October 22, 2007.

    Interesting sound.

    What were they doing there? Just camping and drinking, or out hunting? If they were just out getting away from the wife without any weapons, I don’t blame them for not finding out what was making the noise. Whether I use it or not, I’m not going to go chasing Bigfoot in the middle of nowhere without some high caliber backup. Are guns legal in the park?

    Now, the footprint has me puzzling. Cameraman states that “most everything here is frozen” as they’re packing up and that they had a visitor during the night. If by frozen, he was referring to the ground, food, and all, how did the print get made in the night? I guess it could have been filmed out of sequence or it’s a print made some other time and they found it that morning because they were looking for something. Possibly, made the night before, but before it got too cold? Obviously, it’s bear country as they have their food hung in the trees it seems. A quick search shows that the last known Grizzly in California was killed near the park and black bears are numerous. Park also has mountain lions and bobcats. What vocalizations are they capable of?

  16. elsanto responds:

    What arouses my suspicion is the little preface before they show the track. “We’re not trackers or cryptozoologists…” …sounds like they already knew the audience that they were shooting for.

    Just my two cents.

  17. Mike Smith responds:

    They didn’t say much about the night visitor that they had, Loren have you found anymore info on this? If you do please pass it along. Neat sounds though.

  18. Starbright responds:

    As an avid elk hunter for the past 25 years, I can assure you no elk has ever uttered these sounds – under any condition. A year ago last October; I was hunting Eagle Nest Wilderness in Summit country, Colorado. We had backpacked into the high country and at 2AM I was startled awake by this same howling. The howling came from up near the Boulder lake area, at about the 10,000 ft elevation. It lasted over 20mins and echoed throughout the woods. Very eerie. I’ve heard coyotes yip & howl, elk bugle, owls hoot, & mountain lions (in heat) scream, but this sound was just plain weird. I haven’t a clue what type of animal was making it, but I was glad I had my Remington by my side!

  19. enjoyment responds:

    No elk have been officially reported in central and southern parts of the Sierra Nevadas, though a couple years back i did stumble on what appeared to be an elk track (Tule Elk), which is extremely odd. A couple of the game wardens around here have heard elk calls, and one reported seeing one.

    I am slightly suspicious, but hopeful of this. The area only recently (past 10 years) has seen any probable sightings or “hearings.” And not very many footprints.

  20. squatch-toba responds:

    Hi All, AS was stated by starbright & enjoyment, elk do make some odd noises, so do coyotes, but what I heard about 25 years ago , up here in Manitoba, were very strange. Not like any other sounds I’d ever heard before. Very much like what is on the video!! Again not saying it is a Sasquatch!! But it is odd that this same sound is up here too!! It has been reported since my time hearing it also!!….So strange! To All……IF YOU HEAR IT…CHASE IT!!! C’MON GET SOME VIDEO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. AtomicMrEMonster responds:

    Weren’t the Puyallup sounds found to have been made by coyotes?

  22. mooselove responds:

    if you went to chase whatever was making the noise, odds are it’d hear,smell, and maybe even see you comming a mile away.

    better off waiting for it to come to you.

  23. Richard888 responds:

    Hi Everyone,

    This is a very intriguing (and eerie) video.

    A creature capable of making sounds of this intensity must have a powerful lung-muscle mechanism and huge lung capacity. So smaller animals like coyotes and cougars might be ruled out.

    The sounds are more intelligent than plain screams and have some vocalization. Of interest is their frequency. Just as one ends the next one starts abruptly after a very short pause. One can guess that the animal is in threatening or territorial mode.

    The value of the video is in the audio, not the visuals. The print is more symmetrical than bigfoot casts and can be explained away as a bear print.

  24. DWA responds:

    As to those speculating elk: I have heard elk numerous times. And there’s nothing I’ve ever heard from an elk that indicates lung capacity anything like this sound implies.

    That having been said: A few years back squatcher Thomas Steenburg heard a coyote make a sound he would have bet a million bucks against a coyote being able to make. As he ran toward the sound, he was sure he was about to see a sas in the act of making the call. Then he broke into the open, and there was the caller. Caught in the act, all right. He would not have believed coyote had he not seen the animal making the noise with his own two eyes.

    So, we know for absolute certain, until we don’t. I don’t think anyone is ever going to consider a voice a holotype.

    But boy if I were a scientist I would sure want to know what, known or unknown, is making that sound.

  25. KenMD responds:

    100 bucks this is completely fake.
    I’ll bet ya they added the audio of the Puyallup.
    The narration is just to weak!
    Watch you’ll see. These guys are full of it.

  26. mystery_man responds:

    I don’t know if I can say that it is a fake. Animals can make some pretty startling noises and some creatures make sounds and howls you would have never thought them capable of. Seriously, there are quite a few animal howls that a lot of people here might be surprised came from the animals they did. Add to that distance and the effect of echoes, and you can get a mundane animal making a very chilling and seemingly unknown creature’s noise. There are some supposed Bigfoot recordings I believe have turned out to be just this after careful audio analyses. The simple fact is, known animals can make some very seemingly mysterious sounds.

    That being said there are still those alleged sasquatch recordings that no one is completely sure of. To me, the calls we hear in this video are reminiscent of a gibbon’s or some other similar primate. If sasquatch were to utilize long distance calls to communicate, then I would imagine that it is quite possible they could have a similar sound to other primate howls. I get the impression that whatever made the calls in this video was fairly far away, which means the creature making them would need ample vocal equipment and lung power to project this sort of wail.

    I’m not saying what we hear is a sasquatch or isn’t. I’m just weighing the possibilities at this point.

  27. Guerrierinconnu responds:

    I agree with KenMD

    when you heard such sound in the forest i think you are more affraid and the recordman’s voice is too natural to be true….

  28. elsanto responds:

    KenMD is on the money. DWA’s comment that sasquatches may all sound like that is well taken; but that sounds too much like the Puyallup recording, which is readily available online. The blokes that put this together have done some clever sound engineering, to be sure; but it’s just not convincing.


    Grand total: four cents.

  29. mystery_man responds:

    I went and listened to the Puyallup recording again (it’s been awhile), and I have to say that they sound remarkably similar, seemingly identical. I don’t know if these people used that recording or not, but it definitely sounds like the same kind of animal to me. Part of me is thinking hoax on this one, but I’m not sure if we can use that similarity in and of itself as a reason to think so.

    I am going with DWA with this one for the time being. He is right, maybe if these indeed are Bigfoot calls, then that is just what they sound like. Perhaps to our ears they sound identical because, well, they are the same species. I don’t think too many people can accurately tell the difference between two individuals of any given species just by the quality of their calls alone, so two calls within the same context would thus sound the same. this leads me to think that there is a chance this and the Pulyallup recording are potentially two separate examples of a sasquatch using a type of call from its repertoire (wouldn’t it be cool to know what it meant). I won’t put any money down on that, but it is a possibility worth keeping open in my opinion.

    This is all assuming of course that they are even sasquatch calls to begin with, of course.

  30. traveler responds:

    Sounds vey rehearsed. The inflections are like one would make when trying to sound a certain way. And the audio sounds pretty clear, almost as if mic. just my two cents

  31. bucko responds:

    Yesterday I was feeling kinda bad because my first impression was leaning towards fake. Now I don’t feel quite as bad. I sure don’t like being Mr. Negative. I want all the evidence to be real! But, to me personally, the recordings sound almost exactly alike. That’s a bummer.

    Even if these guys are trying to pull a fast one that dosen’t mean it isn’t a Bigfoot we’re hearing. Just maybe not a Bigfoot recorded by these guys. I think the original recording is probably a Bigfoot.

    Okay, ya know how the one call ends then a new call starts up almost immediately? I was wondering if maybe it could be two Bigfoots. Ya know, either working together or answering each other.

  32. DWA responds:

    And again we have the same comments for, the same against.

    One thing I think is obvious. Essential to the progress of sas research, as things now stand, will be an extensive field study by thousands of experts…to comprehensively record the calls of all recognized North American animals.


    I listened to the contested-coyote calls last night. All I can say is this: influenced though I might be by knowing, coyote sure seemed a possibility for the maker of those calls to me. None of them was a shock.

    Now the Ohio howl? NOBODY can tell me that’s a known animal.

    But we sure won’t know ’til we know. And we sure won’t find out by listening, but only by looking.

  33. Richard888 responds:

    This is definitely NOT the Puyallup recording! The Puyallup is of bad quality and the pattern is as different as English is from Chinese.

    As for the narrator sounding rehearsed, don’t forget that there are politicians who sound unrehearsed.

    Does the fear of the irrational make some people not so rational, sometimes?

  34. Atticus responds:

    I have heard that noise before up near Lake Tahoe,but could never really tell if it were coyotes or something else.

    The track is definitely a bear track.

  35. rayrich responds:

    I have to agree with a couple of the above posters that this sounds way too much like the pyallup recording. It’s very easy to record and play over. I’ve actually used the same recording dozens of times to try to get a reaction in areas of frequent sightings. I did get one call back, but I believe it was a pack of coyotes who responded.

  36. Rustaveli responds:

    There’s something here that just doesn’t quite “fit”. As far as I know, most Sasquatch related recordings/sounds were made/reported in a timeframe varying between evening and dawn. If not so, please enlighten me, anyone.
    The video opening puts this event at 08:00 am, which seems strange to me.
    Any comments?

  37. Artist responds:

    We’ve heard LOUD growls and tree-knocks during daylight in the Sierra Nevada, sooo…

  38. cryptidsrus responds:

    I tend to agree with DWA. We won’t know ’till we know.
    Richard888—I also agree with you. The pullyaup recording is of bad quality.

    Elsanto and KenMd—You’re assuming once again that a person who is in THAT situation, hearing THAT sound at THAT moment, would NOT be calm under any circumstances?

    We’ve discussed this before. Lat time it was the MonsterQuest special with the cabin. Different people react differently to things.

    I DO agree the foot looks like a bear, though.

  39. red_pill_junkie responds:

    Well the track seemed to be of a bear to me , but the sound is eerie indeed.

    I think I’ll give this one the benefit of the doubt for the moment.

    Maybe someone with ProTools or some other professional audio software could isolate the channel of the screams and increase its quality. Anyone up to the challenge? 😉

  40. Saint Vitus responds:

    The track is just a small black bear, most likely. They don’t really give you much time to look at it, though, which is the one aspect of the video that seemed kind of hoax-ish. The calls sound like they could be legit, though. You hear more echo than the actual call, and they seem to be far off in the distance. It doesn’t sound like elk to me, elk make a trumpeting or bugling sound if I remember correctly. (I am from Mobile, Alabama and live in the city, so I’m not very familiar with elk). It also doesn’t sound like a coyote (I have heard those in the wild). It’s hard to say, but it doesn’t sound like a known animal to me.

  41. sschaper responds:

    I’ve worked on an elk farm, and that isn’t an elk. The elk bugle sounds very much like cows bellowing, but with a strong accent. Oboe instead of contra-bassoon (for comparison purposes)

    To my ears, there is a metallic echo in the vocalization, which makes it sound fake, like call-casting does to me as well (and if to me, so also to actual wild animals with better ears). However the human speech also has a hint of that in it, so it could be the mic.

    Cougars are said to have an unearthly scream in _Little House in the Big Woods_, which is, among other things, an ear-witness account.

    The way the cameraman spoke about it seeming to come nearer makes me a bit skeptical. No fear, rather, almost a teasing element.

  42. Kathy Strain responds:

    I was contacted by one of the gentleman who was present for the video and he asked me to give an opinion on the recording and the print. The gentleman works for a Sheriffs department and I found absolutely no evidence of any hoaxing.

    After consulting with several wildlife biologists and anthropologists, we are all in concurrence that the print is that of a black bear and the call is a single coyote (in a great acoustical location). The call sounds like one long call due to a echo that doesn’t end prior to the next howl. If you listen very hard at the beginning, you can hear the coyote yip.

    The witness and he was happy to hear that there was a simple explanation to what they recorded.

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