Siberian Snowman Takes A Stroll

Posted by: Loren Coleman on October 12th, 2008

Russian Bigfoot

Video reports are noting that Siberian hunters have found several alleged (so-called by American media) “Bigfoot” or Snowman footprints. These tracks are said to have the step length of about 6 feet or 2 meters. The reports are issuing from Salekhard, West Siberia.

Links to two video reports (unavailable on YouTube, to date) use to be here (via a Minnesota television news report) and here (via a Denver station).

I discussed “Siberian Neandertals” a year ago, in October 2007, here. The notion there are unknown hairy hominoids in Siberia is well-established.

The various reports go by different names. They are called Mecheny, Mirygdy, Chuchunaa, Mulen, or Wildmen, and some former Soviet Snowmen Commission scientists and a few Chinese in the last century have studied them. The Chuchunaa, the sometimes-raggedly-clothed, eastern version of the Mirygdy, are sighted in Eastern Siberia.

Russian Wildman

The above Asian Siberian unknown hominoid, individually named Mecheny, as drawn by artist Harry Trumbore, appears in The Field Guide to Bigfoot and Other Mystery Primates.

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10 Responses to “Siberian Snowman Takes A Stroll”

  1. shumway10973 responds:

    I absolutely love this discussion–about Neanderthals.
    If nothing else, their existence does pose some questions about who was living where and when. Didn’t National Geographic say something about a link between Neanderthals and the Basque people of Spain and even France. Who knows, some of the people in Russia (and others of the former Soviet Union) are rather large.

  2. Spinach Village responds:

    nothing like smug newscasters … well anyhow this interesting … ‘gigantopithicus’ sized tracks.. huh?

  3. Ceroill responds:

    Of course this also brings up the question of how hairy Neanderthals were/are, and how much that varied by locale.

  4. Igor Bourtsev responds:

    Once I lived in region of Salekhard for one month with a group of students and gathered there a couple of reports about wild men there/ It was many years ago.
    Our researcher Vladimir Poushkaryov visited the neighbour regions in Eastern Europe and gathered there many reports about such creatures called Mirygdy by locals and in Northern Siberia (Yakutia, now Sakha) called Chuchunaa. He vent to that region South of Salekhard in Autumn of 1978 and disappeared there…
    Mecheny is a Russian word means “marked” – is the name of one individual – creature seen by researcher Maya Bykova (female) in Western Siberia, creature’s left hand was of white colour (seen on the drawing)that is why Maya called it “marked” (Mecheny). It is not a local name of such creatures.
    The new footprints could be the real prints of a creature, but they are not so clear to say definitely whose they are.
    Also I don’t understand why the hunter melted snow

  5. cryptidsrus responds:

    Interesting report, Loren. Thanks much… 🙂

  6. drjon responds:

    It might be worth mentioning that Neaderthals were markedly shorter (but much more stockier) than our species. I believe they would probably have had the same kind of hair distribution as us, however.

  7. Scari responds:

    Sorry but those are fake.

  8. jvd-s responds:

    Well, inasmuch as the anthropological record indicates that Neanderthal had a LARGER brain than us (cromagnon homosapien) if they still existed they would now have, due to their larger brain, a much more advanced space program than we (cm hs) now have. I haven’t read, seen, heard of ANY Neanderthal space program.

  9. Mandigo responds:

    V interesting new article – if memory serves Mecheny is actually a reference to a particular individual ‘siberian wildman’ which was sighted I think near an army base and was supposedly responsible for the death of a dog. I think the illustration is also of this individual, with the white patch on the left forearm giving rise to the name mecheny or ‘marked’ – off to look at the post with photo’s now, great work Loren.

  10. celestial elf responds:

    It looks a little like a Great Ape :}
    I think that besides the Dzu Teh shaggy Blue Bear, the Thel Ma or Gibbon bear, and the Mih Teh or Savage Ape, there may be another explanation….
    The London Snowman has been on an expedition to the Himalayas to find THE Abominable Snowman, and it seems that he may have found that He Himself is the Abominable……
    Look here.


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