Squeaky NC Footage

Posted by: Loren Coleman on February 4th, 2010

The above footage is from Mike Greene and reportedly taken in North Carolina. There is a long written narrative tied to this footage written by Matt Moneymaker, and found on the YouTube site (accessed via clicking on the above image’s framing). Moneymaker’s introduction begins:

The full video is roughly 3.5 minutes long. This clip shows only the highlights, and in lower resolution than what is possible. You can pay a few bucks to see the entire clip online at www.bushloper.net or you can wait a few weeks for the full version in better resolution (not a whole lot better resolution though). Mike Greene will make the whole clip available for download, eventually, so you can rewind and watch it multiple times. 

Greene allegedly heard Bigfoot stirrings and left his camp, with a camera running. These moving images are the result.

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24 Responses to “Squeaky NC Footage”

  1. mitchigan responds:

    Well, at least the camera is not shaking!

  2. semillama responds:

    The Moneymaker narrative is worth reading. I have to say that while inconclusive, this imagery shows the promise of the “Greene Technique” and I agree with Moneymaker that this method absolutely needs to be tried in the daytime with high-resolution cameras. Thermal imaging, while important, is probably going not going to meet standards of evidence for identification of a species new to science.

  3. cryptidsrus responds:

    Compelling footage, although I agree, not QUITE enough to count as “evidence” for the more scientifically-minded.

    And the Moneymaker narrative IS very informative.

    Personally, I found it very interesting.

    Others may disagree. 🙂

  4. zytebac responds:

    What I find conclusive about this video is the lack of clothing. Not to say that a human subject, completely nude, could have been the culprit. But thermal footage of clothed humans will show a definite pattern of darker patches where the clothing is thicker. The subject in this video does not show any darker patterns. It is universally bright, indicating an un-clad individual.

    Also, a naked human would not meet the height and weight characteristics in this video, when compared to the ‘comparative’ video Mike Greene released sometime last year.

  5. StinkFoot responds:

    Well, I guess the next step is recreating the scene, then taking height measurements to put things in better perspective.

    The video might be conclusive if Bigfoot raised their foot in the air. Can’t mistake a gigantic foot.

  6. airforce47 responds:

    I looked at both footages a couple of times and it clearly appears the thermal image is most likely a Sasquatch. The technique is valid for recording thermal images but won’t go far in swaying scientists toward the existence of the species.

    I think it will add to the collected evidence but only some very clear photos or videos will be useful as convincing evidence. However, even those if verified will play a limited role in convincing science of the reality of the species.

    As they say it will still take a body living or dead to convince them.

  7. Mibs responds:

    I’ve seen thermal nightvision footage of “clothed” humans and they’re just as bright as these very obscure figures.

    It’s a step in the right direction, but I’m all for recruiting BF hunters who are willing to confront unknown beasts in these conditions, not run off because they were scared. I figure an an experienced ex-commando with mercenary experience would be the best man for the job.

  8. Loren Coleman responds:

    I would caution against statements like the one you have left, airforce47: “I looked at both footages a couple of times and it clearly appears the thermal image is most likely a Sasquatch.”

    What kind of comparative context calls forth such a remarkably firm comment?

    How many “thermal images” of Sasquatch are there in the database for any of us to know what to expect from the thermal image of a Sasquatch?

    I don’t know what it shows.

  9. norman-uk responds:

    Very good video and food for tantalising thought(evony). At 38 secs the subject stands up and the outline certainly looks like what is known about Sasquatch. Like a male gorilla and I can understand Mike Greens excitement but wonder if he is not now going over the top with his cornucopia of goodies bait, will Sasquatch, who has clearly showed considerable caution, become suspicious and not only not dare go near the tempting piles but warn his children not to either! Green does not report any more successes I assume.
    Of course given the ingenuity humans anything can be faked, but I feel the film is genuine, just wish there was more and better definition rather than the alien creature type white wipeout
    At some point in my opinion valid films of sasquatch will start coming in via U tube etc, if not already. Maybe this film is part of that trend

  10. DanMcG responds:

    As a NC native, I used to collect data “Bigfoot” related from the late seventies, and recall a “Skunk Ape” that made local headlines near Charlotte. I wish a fellow crypto would or could provide more about that since my news clippings have been lost to time. Interesting video, and I wish I knew more about the area it was filmed. Kinda exciting having a Sasq in your own yard!!!

  11. TheHighlandTiger responds:

    Very interesting footage, but I’m afriad it is proof of nothing.

    The footage could easily be of two humans moving about, There is absolutely nothing there confirimng it as Bigfoot. Wearing clothes DOES NOT alter the brightness of the thermal image as previously suggested. You only have to watch those Police programs where they use thermal cameras searching for criminals by helicopter, to prove that..

    IF, and only IF, there could be a comparison film taken with the camera in the same position, and a person of a known height in the position where the “creatures” were, then maybe we’d have a better notion as to the real identity of the images

  12. oldphilosopher responds:

    I thought some (though not all) of the movement patterns of the subject suggested “bear”. Certainly it is interesting footage. Has there been an attempt to return to the location to search for other evidence? Or to leave a trailcam?

  13. norman-uk responds:


    Try these links, first is Mike Green giving a good talk, once he’s warmed up, of what he did, then follows the comparison video you asked for.



    I think the video is intrinsically interesting without actually aspiring to be definitive proof, though it may be that.

  14. raisinsofwrath responds:

    Obviously this garners more study but I will tell you that the hairs on the back of my neck stood up.

  15. Valen responds:

    Any idea what area of NC this was filmed in? I know he mentions the Uwharrie National Forrest in regards to another video on his site. I didn’t see a reference to the location with this one.

  16. chemist298 responds:

    Interesting footage! The general outline or shape of the moving image does not at first glance seem to suggest an obvious fake.

  17. stranger responds:

    So, Zagnuts and Playmates work as Bigfoot bait! This means I have common interests with Bigfoot. I will keep an eye out.

    New Rule: When baiting a Bigfoot trap, please include something he/she/it will have to handle. We need hair, saliva, or at least prints to put this over the top.

  18. cryptidsrus responds:


    “I figure an an experienced ex-commando with mercenary experience would be the best man for the job.”

    Steven Seagal, maybe??? 🙂

    Anyway—the footage “proves” nothing, but it is compelling anyway.

  19. jimbo responds:

    Looks like the best image is at the :40 mark and due to the body shape (pronounced shoulders) rules out a bear. At the 1:39 mark you can see the right arm hanging down by it’s side and it appears to be within normal human standards but that’s not definitive proof of a hoax.

    Overall I’d have to say it’s interesting but fairly inconclusive, it was still neat to see it though.

  20. DWA responds:

    Well, if the 2014 Olympics want a mascot, presto!

    This is yet another whatsit. I’d agree with Loren that it isn’t “most likely” anything. If you have to your credit extensive up-close observation of sasquatch in the field, it might ring a bell. But that rings no bells with me; it’s not close enough to anything to BE anything.

    Moneymaker’s narrative seems to me to reflect speculation about bigfoot intelligence that goes well beyond what the evidence I’m aware of conveys. I suppose it’s never a bad idea not to underestimate a species’ smarts.

    Going beyond what the image shows is never a good idea when one is trying to garner scientific acceptance. If everything that Moneymaker says is true, I might be excited by the images. But to anyone who was not there….another whatsit.

    Scientific confirmation will require science’s cooperation. Rushing it will, says here, delay it, maybe indefinitely.

  21. bccryptid responds:

    An excellent demonstration for why thermal imaging, by itself, is useless. It is a tool to find out where the animal is, if it is investigating you, ect… If you are not brave enough to follow it home in the dark using this device, do not use these extremely expensive devices.

  22. BunniesLair responds:

    ok.. at 37 seconds (or there about) the “figure” sat. squatted. knelt, or bent down to observe something. My question is, did the observer of the film, then go out, and 1. get a “measurement coorelation for comparison, and 2. take a sample of what the “creature” was looking at, eating; picking etc.?

    Yes “something” was moving. But it could be a human.

    If *I* was going to fake a sighting, I would make sure that the suit had heat sensors to be picked up anyone wearing the right equipment. It wouldn’t take much – some heated motorcycle gear to give the impression of an “unknown” wandering thru the woods.

  23. cryptidsrus responds:


    “Well, if the 2014 Olympics want a mascot, presto!”

    Yeah, and we SHOULD call it a “Whatsit!!!” 🙂

  24. DWA responds:

    cryptidsrus: if the name “Whatsit” wins, we both get half credit. 😀

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