Tennessee Bigfoot or Blobsquatches?

Posted by: Loren Coleman on November 22nd, 2011

Steve Abney, who says he spent time at the Carter Farm in Tennessee (see comments, here), has noted at CM and FB that he doesn’t get along with Janice any longer. Asked to forward photos of Bigfoot he saw at the Carter Farm, he sent along the following images. He added this e-message to go with them:

“these you can use, also the red thing picture, we do not know what it is, it ran on two legs behind our truck across the road and is about three feet tall,” .

The following two were sent as .bmp files that I had to convert to jpg files. They did not lose any clarification with this change, and actually their sizes were increased in the transfers. All captions shown were on the Abney files.

You all may now decide what you think these images show and place your comments below.

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43 Responses to “Tennessee Bigfoot or Blobsquatches?”

  1. mungofoot responds:

    sighs, as always I had hoped for more based mostly on the idea that someone so sure of what they saw and having such frequent and prolonged contact just MIGHT be able to get some decent pics,,,but alas here we have a family of blobsquatches and not even to quality ones, just vague shapes that COULD be human like or maybe even someone in a gillysuit. I hate to rain on your parade Steve, and I do appreciate your willingness to share these, but really IMHO this just isn’t enough for me. I will try to keep an open mind but quickly losing confidence in this situation.

  2. Sharon Lee responds:


    ummm. wow?


  3. graybear responds:

    A 10 year old with a 20 dollar disposable camera could do better. Blobsquatches every one. As cheap as really good cameras are these days, why can’t ANYONE come up with a convincing photo?

  4. Tony Gerard via Facebook responds:

    Not even a blobsquatch, just a stump.

  5. sasquatch responds:

    first picture: They look like shadows to me the ones around the rocks and trees. Also; if they’re bigfoot-I think the scale is all wrong-they all look about a foot tall or less.
    The reddish thing-I don’t know; too blurry.

  6. PhotoExpert responds:

    I want to preface my answer by soley and objectively analyzing the photograph, without personally judging or discrediting the eye-witness account of the alleged encounter with presumed BF type creatures.

    Unfortunately, the photos are not clear enough to prove or disprove anything. Because of the lowlight conditions, inexperience of the photographer, and lack of professional photography equipment, this is about as good a photograph that was possible.

    With that being said, I am going with blobsquatch.

  7. Jerry D. Coleman responds:

    Sir please reread my article ~ slower this time and with that open mind you tell all of us you have. Then try to answer these questions without personal emotions clouding the mind. Why did a number of the Monroe County fireman and police never hear of or see a Bigfoot? Why didn’t anyone at the Monroe County building know of decades of a Bigfoot infestation? Why has no one that works at the library heard of or seen a Bigfoot Family? Why has no one at the newspaper office seen or heard of a local Bigfoot family? Why is it none of the neighbors know of a Bigfoot clan? Most of these people are long time residents. Heck even the land owner, yes the same fellow that has hunted that property for decades, he has not heard of or seen even a spider monkey let alone a Bigfoot.

    Why can’t the alleged witnesses-of-numerous-encounters freely reveal ALL of their “evidence”? Ever heard of the old saying, “Talk is cheap”, Now we all understand cashing in on something or wanting credit where credit is due but what are they waiting for? December 21, 2012?

    Broken trees, feeding areas emptied, odd sounds in the woods, poor photos, marks in the mud, dead dogs and deer, caves, dark blobs, random statements, believing, wishing, wanting, well none of these alone or together PROVES Bigfoot! PROOF is demanded, proof is necessary. Wasting no more time on this Carter fiasco, Jerry D. Coleman

  8. steve abney responds:

    well I try to keep a open mind, now with that said, I have been through thirty years of comments, and there is some thing folks need to know about pictures and ultra violet light, please under stand, i am not a know it all, but have learned a few things from this research, when ultra violet sun light touches a human with bare skin, and the picture is inverted, the human figure will turn violet or dark blue, when you turn that around and try this on some thing large and up right with hair all over, the picture will turn grey,

    now with that said, lets use some human common sense, when a area of the country has a group standing up right, and we turn the photos inverted and they turn grey as these do, then we have to ask our selves, what in the world would a group of up right standing figures be, that walks on two legs all the time, and no known animals does this in this country, like I said, use your open mind and common sense, and remember I do not claim to be a expert nor do i know it all, but when I saw the female coming at me through the woods from 400 feet away and I watched her progress hiding from tree to tree, then some thing tells me, some thing is up, what do you think,?

  9. Redrose999 responds:

    Wow, hoax all the way. Some are shadows on rocks, brush, and likely a stump. Not even worthy of being blobsquatchs. Good heavens, we are now looking at the next bigfoot in a freezer folks. Hunker down and wait for the storm…

  10. Doug Kalemba via Facebook responds:

    sigh… rocks and stumps

  11. Cass_of_MPLS responds:

    It’s photos like this that make me want to do a “Ray Milland” on my eyes like in that closing scene from X-The Man with the X-Ray Eyes.
    There is nothing definitive here and yet I keep hoping in these days of high quality digital/infrared/full spectrum cameras someone is going to give us something we can actually WORK with.

    THESE are not THAT.

    “COULD it be Bigfoot?” Sure.

    Could also be the interplay of light and shadow and forest growth.

    There’s no way to be certain.

  12. Rob Johnson via Facebook responds:

    For the love of God, can just ONE researcher have a decent camera, AND hold the dadgum camera STILL?!!!

  13. hudgeliberal responds:

    Abney is of the “paranormal,telepathic etc” group. He is also one of those guys like “Dallas and Wayne” who see a sasquatch in every shadow and leaf formation. These guys are probably good people and kind hearted but this is exactly the kind of nonsense that makes the rest of the world look at all of us researchers/enthusiasts and think “what a bunch of kooks”. I just wish these people would stop claiming such nonsense. The paranormal crowd and the habituation crowd have set sasquatch research back 30 years and they keep it from ever advancing to real science…the only way we will ever prove they exist is through science,like it or not. Wake up people and quit giving those who constantly make outrageous claims your time and attention.

  14. finfin responds:

    They are really masters of disguise! One of them even looked like a turkey!

  15. Kalli responds:

    I’m not about to say Mr. Abney has not had legitimate encounters, however these pictures are not convincing. Could these dark areas be Bigfoots? Sure. But they could also be shadows, trees, bushes, moss, aliens, people, or any number of nothings.

  16. steve abney responds:

    well thanks for your comments, its been interesting, and as for me being a experiencer ,[telepathic groupies] yep and proud of it, study quantum physics, the government has and has proved it is real for the last 25 years, I am going to sign off here now, because i am done, and probaly will not be back for a while, I have a clan to feed, that is much more important,

  17. etheral responds:

    This is a great example of how truly ignorant people are. Good God. It amazes me we aren’t extinct yet.

  18. Surveyor responds:

    The dark spots in the first pic are way too small to be sasquatches, people, or anything like that. Look at the trees in front of them, and look at the trees behind them. Just as Sasquatch pointed out, they are only about a foot or so tall. It is ridiculous to circle practically every dark spot and call it a BF. I’ve seen a ton of pics like this before from other folks. If they are real, why not video them and show that they move around, rather than take a pic of shadows and circle them later?

  19. gridbug responds:

    Personally, I don’t see why these creatures COULDN’T be extra-dimensional or at the very least something beyond our current comprehension. It’d sure explain a lot as to why there aren’t enough traces of them found over the decades, as well as their ability to appear and disappear seemingly at will. Point being, those who chose to believe in these creatures have already extended their personal credibility more so than the average person. Who are we to say that we know all the rules?

    That said, the only one of Mr. Abney’s pics that is even remotely compelling is the one of the “female sasquatch”. The rest are simply too nondescript to make any kind of responsible identification.

  20. springheeledjack responds:

    Definitely B.S. ….Blob Squatches 🙂

  21. bobzilla responds:

    I think we’re in an age where photos aren’t going to cut it. Video would be better, but not perfect. Photos could be absolutely anything. With video, I think the subject could be narrowed down, at least.

    The hunt for cryptids is kind of like trying to convince someone that a cuckoo comes out of a clock, but the person you are trying to convince is never there on the hour or half hour it comes out. OK, maybe not the best analogy, but I think you know what I mean.


  22. TimmyRyan65 responds:

    I am not sure what is the bigger mystery; Bigfoot or why Bigfoot Researchers/Hunters have crappy photographic equipment! This is the age of HD & Zoom! Where are those clear photos?

  23. Vane responds:

    Really? This just lost all credibility with me. Everyones right, these photos could of anything. They prove nothing besides the fact that Steve spent all his money on Bigfoot Chow and skimped on his camera. Nothing will ever progress if people like this continue to muck up the waters. Btw, what do quantum physics have to do with blurry pics of Blobsquatches, leaf piles, trashbags, stumps, shadows, rocks or whatever?

  24. DWA responds:

    I never thought I’d see a real honest-to-God blobsquatch “Hollywood Squares.” Thanks. No, really, keep ’em.

  25. Randy Garlipp responds:

    Having visited the Carter Farm with Jerry Coleman during one of his visits, I can attest to what he has written and ask the same questions. To be frank, I am bewildered by Mr. Abney’s statements and even more by his pictures which prove nothing. It is my belief that this whole affair originated in the mind of one person and why others continue to perpetuate it is beyond me. If Bigfoot does exist (and I am very skeptical that it does) this area would be the last place you would expect to find them. I could go on and on but I would recommend you just read what Jerry has written about it as it covers about everything. Like Jerry I am done with the whole affair and have been since I was down there.

    If anyone still wants to waste their time and money by all means go see for yourself but you will find nothing there that will prove the existence of Bigfoot.

  26. scottyboysquatch responds:

    Blobsquatch all the way…

  27. Redrose999 responds:

    My son, Christopher has a question.

    Why didn’t they ask for some garlic?

  28. jan09 responds:

    Here’s the funny thing. When someone claims to have pictures of Bigfoot on the Carter Farm, I don’t even need to look at the pictures to know that they’re not worth looking at. Know what I mean?

  29. MidnightWalker responds:

    @Jerry C
    While I don’t agree that Steve A presented anything of substance (no offense Steve), I also don’t agree with your logic Jerry. I lived in a neighborhood that was close to a river system. My daughter was the one that happened to have a sighting which alerted me to their presence initially. There were no other sightings in this area despite there being multitudes of houses (neighborhood), gas station, fire station down the road (never saw them outside so that’s kind of foolish reference imo-they’re always inside) and so on. It was later that I had several sightings in my home area. My neighbors never knew they were there but complained about the tapping on the siding that they couldn’t explain or attributed the godawful coyote screams or window shaking barred owl calls. You see, although no sightings recorded, many mistaken identities or unexplainable oddities were simply written off and unreported. Funny thing is that some guy erected an 8 foot tall metal bigfoot structure up the road over his business. Imagine that…is he trying to tell us something…no sightings or anything but that happens. LOL

    When I first began this research, the incredibly astute experts used logic that required the bigfoot to have 1000’s of acres per bigfoot to sustain them. They laughed at me just as your are laughing at Steve. I told them they were wrong and got ample evidence in this area…proving them to be text book hacks and fools that don’t know the first thing about these beings. Now it’s readily accepted that the foot do move throughout not only suburbs but through cities using water systems and power lines. Anyway, I have ample audio as evidence and don’t do photography. All you guys who ask for all this evidence makes me laugh as your rollover and blanketly accept Meldrum’s population of 300 apes (not intelligent man-beings but apes that apparently outsmart all your fools dumber than apes I guess) and Darwin’s theory based on an unproven idea drawn out of thin air.

    Back to the subject at hand, does Janet have the bigs on that property? It would have taken me 20 minutes to determine yes or no. It’s called tracking and logic. Footprints are not the only tracking indicators and that’s what all you amateurs look for in the field. As for seeing to believe, maybe they just don’t like you and that’s why you don’t see them. Plenty of other people have seen them with their own two eyes (one or more times) and to refute those accounts is just pigheadedness with touch of self proclaimed, god-like arrogance. I won’t name scientist’s name as I make that statement. In summary, as you scoff at Steve or even laugh at him using your logic, I just shake my head noting your statements as the same foolish logic that was given to me as to why there were no bigfoots in my area. Steve’s pic was a poor example as evidence…for sure. However, your logic was the same foolish logic that discounted the bigs right where I found them…in my own immediate area.

    J Carter is for real. She did something while I was on an outing that showed me that for sure with her phone call back to someone that was with me. I won’t go into it but she definitely knows the bigs, that I can tell you (as someone that also knows these beings of the forest).

  30. klprds responds:

    Pardon me while I pull myself away from my ‘quantum physics for dummies’ study guide to comment on this sad waste of time. Let’s use a little ‘human common sense’ and resign ourselves to think that any mention of ‘Carter Farm’ should be also be followed by the word ‘hoax’. No disrespect, but shame on you non the less.

  31. DWA responds:


    No disrespect meant. I mean, if you’ve seen these animals with your own eyes, then you know they’re real and can laugh at anything we say.

    But if you insist on the rest of the world believing you, evidence is the standard.

    If I told you I sprouted wings and flew to China and back last night, guess what! I did, and if you doubt me, I’m the one who had seven beers in Shanghai, not you, and I can laugh at you ’till the day I die. But if I go to the newspapers and insist on having my hash written down as fact, I better show them, in no uncertain terms, that I did it, or else they will laugh at me, as they have the complete right to do.

    You say “All you guys who ask for all this evidence makes me laugh,” but you don’t tell us why we shouldn’t be laughing at the inability of people who are LIVING WITH these animals to generate any piece of evidence that would mildly interest the most credulous scientist.

    Then: “… as your rollover and blanketly accept Meldrum’s population of 300 apes (not intelligent man-beings but apes that apparently outsmart all your fools dumber than apes I guess) and Darwin’s theory based on an unproven idea drawn out of thin air. ” [um, sic]

    Who said we accept it? Population estimates are just that, estimates; and there is no scientific evidence on which to base that estimate. It is an estimate based on an estimate based on a sort-of educated guess, which is what you get with animals for which there is no proof yet. It sounds way too low to me, personally; and I think these animals have a much greater range than Meldrum does. But I give credence to lots of reports from lots of places that sound every bit as compelling as those from the Pacific NW, where I think Meldrum considers most of the population to be. In other words, I’m using evidence.

    As to “intelligent man-beings,” this animal wouldn’t need to be any smarter than any of the elusive animals that we know about (and it probably is anyway). What keeps it “hidden” is not that it is particularly good at that, although it probably is better than most if not all other species. It is that nobody believes anybody who says they saw it, largely because of a lack of corroborating evidence. That may be our fault; but hey, nobody’s appreciating me flying a bellyful of beer under my own power all the way back here from the Middle Kingdom either, damn them!

    Far’s I’m concerned, there could be habituation scenarios going in a number of places, and all these people know it’s real and the rest of us (except for the others who have seen them) don’t.

    But if you tell me I have to believe you?

    Trade you your good indisputable photos of sasquatch for my aerial shots of Hawaii from 20,000 feet on my return trip. (Brrr. Cold. I’m wearing some down next time.)

  32. Randy Garlipp responds:

    Hello MidnightWalker:

    Just a few questions if you would be so kind to respond:

    “Funny thing is that some guy erected an 8 foot tall metal bigfoot structure up the road over his business. Imagine that…is he trying to tell us something…no sightings or anything but that happens”

    Could you provide a picture of it? It would be interesting to see.

    “I told them they were wrong and got ample evidence in this area…proving them to be text book hacks and fools that don’t know the first thing about these beings”

    Ample evidence? As in proving they exist? I eagerly await you sharing this evidence with us.

    “Now it’s readily accepted that the foot do move throughout not only suburbs but through cities using water systems and power lines.”

    Accepted by whom?

    “…and Darwin’s theory based on an unproven idea drawn out of thin air.”

    Your joking right?

    “However, your logic was the same foolish logic that discounted the bigs right where I found them…in my own immediate area.”

    Perhaps you could share with us all the general area in which you live. No giving out your home address of course but the state, county, city and section of town so we could judge for ourselves.

    “J Carter is for real.”

    In the sense that she exists – I couldn’t agree with you more. She is definitely a real person.

    Thank you in advance for your response.

  33. MidnightWalker responds:

    @Randy and DWA
    1. Pic of the Bigfoot – I should be able to find it in my email. A friend sent it to me after I moved. I’ll send it to L Coleman if he wants to post. I found it kind of humorous.
    2. Evidence – I do audio. I’ve had my own Class A’s (numerous) here so you either believe them or you do not…same as any other Class A that you guys get excited over like the bigfoot crossing the road. Much of my audio is posted on YT or Midnightwalkers.com (although not all this audio is from that location). I also found a sas hair in this area for what it’s worth…no I didn’t submit for DNA (lacked the root).
    3. As for seeing them and the rest of the world believing, I’ve had two Class A’s with 1 or more researchers by my side. Discount those sightings and you may as well discount them all, including the ones that cross the road where you get all warm and fuzzy inside as you read the account. John aka Redchun from YT in PA (very well thought of and credible) and I had one up there and also had one with Pat Rance (same as John as far as reputation) and another researcher down in Alabama. Those are the only mutual sightings. Many more on my own.
    4. As for all the other comments like DWA’s and Randy, we’ll compare our portfolio of evidence including audio and tracking pics or videos. Stack ’em up big boys. Maybe that will qualify who has been more effective in those woods…or maybe not in your eyes. You guys can believe what you like and I will arrogantly tell you you’re wrong because I know first hand. Beats the hell out of reading some theory in a book by a guy who thinks they are apes.
    5. Population Estimates – I won’t dwell on this anymore. Meldrum knows feet and I won’t accept his expertise beyond that. I’ve spent thousands of hours out there and most of them within close proximity to the sasquatch. I am not special because I am sure there are many others like me out there. I had them on my property and don’t like to watch tv…thus the ridiculous hours out there and in some other forests. I can tell you that most folks population estimates are not based on sound statistical models. Instead it’s just some half-ass gut feel or “what do I need to say to get this grant?”…ah 300 that’s the ticket. “The zombies that don’t know how to cipher will believe that one.”
    6. “Man-Beings” and Intelligence Comment by DWA – (Aside from Sierra Sounds and Scott Nelson’s work) Sorry man but we have them recorded speaking on numerous occasions, shaking rattles and even humming like a gospel tune. I am talking about 4 different researchers with speech from 5 locations in two states on the speech. Rattles recorded from two different locations in two states. They run circles around your electronics. They probe your electronics and even affect audio in some probing capacity. Call these animals and I’d call you someone who lacks basic analytical skills and judges people by their looks. If we were in the 60’s or prior, you’d probably be calling blacks monkeys like your bro Darwin did. You guys just don’t know how to relate to the sas. When you go to Japan, you don’t give other men the hand shake and man-hug there. They don’t like to be touched (their culture bozo). If you don’t understand that these are PEOPLE in the first place with a culture, then you’ll remain in bigfoot 101 forever. Might as well go fish for bass using catfish stink bait.
    7. As for my pics DWA for your pics of Hawaii, I don’t take pics of the bigs because I greedily enjoy my learning experiences amongst the big boys in the forest. I value those much more than having you cronies pat me on the back. BTW I don’t need your pics of Hawaii. I tend to vacation in places like Belize where I hope to have a home most of the year one day…tax free you know. I have a nice video of that on my facebook if you want to see vids. LOL Thank God that I don’t have to rely on bigfoot for my income. Only sensational bullshit would sell and I’d be forced to stick to the partyline in order to be popular with the ape preaching legends that the zombies follow.

    Good day Gentlemen,
    Alex aka MW

    PS If you don’t accept my personal accounts, audio etc, I don’t care. We’ve beat this one to death. Bottomline, I’ll keep enjoying the woods and you can keep beating your sticks across trees. Matter not in the least to me. But tap it more than once and your playing with yourself…bigfoot doesn’t like that. Grrrrowl

    LC thanks for letting me sound off on your blog. Peace

  34. MidnightWalker responds:

    I meant pic of the bigfoot statue on #1

  35. MidnightWalker responds:

    I posted “bigfoot statue on store” picture in my Facebook for what that’s worth.

  36. Jerry D. Coleman responds:

    Why is it that the most basic, fundamental photographic documentation methods are ignored time after time? Even when using the cheapest camera known to man or the worst operator of the equipment is in play. Simple techniques can help ones “evidence or lack of “. First take a photo of the intended subject. Next, after marking your original placement either stand and wait or return to the location and take another photo to see what has or has not moved, changed or remains. Also, later, put in frame something to use for scale; be it another person, soda can, anything the general public would be familiar with. The “why” is a rhetorical question.
    P.S. Happy Thanksgiving 2011 !

  37. DWA responds:


    haha! Just checking.

    If the rest of you know what I mean. 😉

  38. finfin responds:

    Hmmm… Even the statues are blurry.

  39. WeirdTwist.com responds:

    Come on…seriously??? Let’s at least be imaginative with the blobsquatches here. These are just snaps of woods. Its embarrassing that these are even being circulated around the crypto community.

  40. MidnightWalker responds:

    finfin – It’s a bigfoot pic what do you expect. They have an effect even over their statues in making them blurry. LOL You asked for the pic he took and I provided it.

    J Coleman – Agreed that pics need to be properly debunked. That’s not difficult to do. The hard part is finding that exact spot again. I have had pics that I swore were sas in over the shoulder pics I took, only to find they were not when going back and taking the debunk shot. Happens all the time.

    DWA – I apologize for coming off so strong. I understand people’s reluctance to believe this that or the other. I think it just requires them getting in the bush for themselves and doing it the right way. If anyone wants my two cents of what they need to do, all they need to do is ask. However, mindset needs to be right and trickery out the door.

  41. Surveyor responds:

    Just to set the record straight about Meldrum, his Bachelors Degree was in Zoology with an emphasis in Vertebrate Locomotion, which is where his expertise in foot structure, etc. comes from. He went on to get an M.S. and a PhD in Physical Anthropology, which is the study of the physical aspects of humans, our alleged (I’m a creationist myself, which is why I said alleged) fossil ancestors, and, to an extent, the living great apes and their physical structures. That is what his expertise is in, and if BF turned out to be some kind of human or hybrid or whatever, he would still have expertise in regard to them.

    I think the reason he has stuck to the great ape theory is because the evidence that he has personally viewed fits the morphology of apes more than humans, so in the absence of actual physical evidence to the contrary, he will stick to what the evidence he has actually seen has told him.

    That is the very best way to be as a scientist, and really to believe anything. I tell people all the time that I should have been born in Missouri, the “Show me state”. I think Midnightwalker believes what he believes because of his experiences, not because someone told him those things and he just said, “Ok, I’ll buy that.” I think all of us should be expected to put what we are told to the test if we are in a place where we are able to, and that no one should be offended or surprised if we don’t take his or her word for it and want to see for ourselves. There are a lot of hoaxers and nuts out there, and they aren’t running around with ID badges on. If I tell you guys something, feel free to check it out!

  42. whiteriverfisherman responds:

    Stumpsquatch and Mossfoot. Must be cheap to feed stumps and moss. I like the circle on the small rock in the first photo. It must be a pixie Bigfoot. I think Etheral’s comment says it all.

  43. ronindiana responds:

    Oh my! I believe bigfoot could be real for sure but his photos are a joke. Steve get a good camera or catch one. Build a live trap. I’ve caught many rabbits with sharp teeth in the redwoods of California.

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