Sexy Spokeswoman Comes Out For Nessies

Posted by: Loren Coleman on October 5th, 2007

Sonia Uribe

I resisted calling this blog, “Sex and the Not-So-Single-Nessie.” But that title would have worked, probably.

People – at least the broader general public – are not listening but you’ve been reading it here for weeks. Publicity from the Holmes Nessie video in June, debates about the Chinese Lake Monster footage all summer, and now this recent back and forth about Loch Ness sightings of cryptids being down are only the tip of the iceberg. While some silly columnists writing commentaries about “Nessie being dead” have made foolish mistakes such as talking about “one monster” and seriously bringing up circus elephants (again), the bottomline is that the news has stimulated others in the media to report on varied watery cryptids.

You better get ready for the coming rush of Lake and Loch Monster news and stories. And yes, now documentaries are on the horizon, as we move closer to the cinematic opening of The Water Horse: Legend of the Deep. I thought that in the wake of the movie there would definitely be waves of interest in lake cryptids, but perhaps it is not too early to put a cz tsunami alert out now. After all, Sonia Uribe is going to bring to bare all of her dynamic and beautiful accesses to promote cryptozoology, it is now being revealed.

I tell you, this is only the beginning. You’ve been warned!

Hunt is on for ‘Nessie kids’

A cult American TV presenter arrived at Loch Ness this week pledging to woo a whole new generation of Nessie hunters.

For glamorous former model Sonia Uribe is making a documentary on the mystery which will target younger audiences around the world.

And Sonia has praised the Highland News for its exclusive story last month on the lack of Nessie sightings this summer which has led to a monster frenzy over the past week when a string of national newspapers picked up on it.

Speaking exclusively to the HN this week, Sonia said: “I had been to Loch Ness a few weeks ago looking at locations for filming with Willie Cameron of Loch Ness Marketing and then I went on the internet and found the Highland News story about the fall in the number of sightings of Nessie.

“I think it certainly kick-started the recent national media interest and that can only be good for Loch Ness.”

Last month we revealed that there had only been two sighting so far this year. Nessie enthusiasts and tourist operators were blaming the bad weather but expect a huge boost next year in the wake of a blockbuster movie about the monster.

And US TV personality Sonia Uribe believes she can also introduce thousands of youngsters to the legend of Nessie in an hour-long programme and ensure the enduring mystery of the loch continues.

“I had read on the internet that there have been fewer sightings this year. But I have no doubt that the monster exists and I am sure we can encourage a new generation of Nessie hunters.

“I believe the problem in the past has been documentaries on the Loch Ness Monster have been perhaps too scientific to appeal to younger viewers.

“The documentary I am making will be done in such a way that will engage with young people.

“It will be fun and exciting and I am sure we will succeed in getting young people all around the world to research the mystery of the monster and sustain the legend of the loch.”

The timing of the documentary couldn’t be better.

The producers hope to have it finished by November and the following month the film The Water Horse: Legend of the Deep based on the book Dick King-Smith about a boy who finds an enchanted egg beside a Scottish loch is launched stateside.

“Our programme fits in well with the film because there is going to massive interest in sea monsters when The Water Horse is screened,” added Sonia who has interviewed both believers and non-believers in her quest to get to the bottom of the Nessie legend.

“I think there is something of the order of 11,000 Nessie sightings in total. Many locals have seen something on the loch which they have not reported for fear of being ridiculed.

“And of course there have been reported sightings which have been proved to be fakes.

Sonia Uribe

Sonia Uribe came to Loch Ness to film her documentary. Alasdair Allen

“But there have also been many credible sightings by people who genuinely believe what they saw was not a mirage or some other unexplained trick of the eye.

“I firmly believe Nessie exists and I don’t want the mystery to die out. So this is why my documentary, whilst appealing to every generation, will particularly appeal to the young.”

To achieve that Sonia is going scuba diving in the loch, camping out over night on its shores, and flying over the loch in a bid to capture further evidence of the existence of the monster of the loch.”

Producer with London-based Three-Way Productions who are filming the documentary, Peter Hall, said: “Sonia is an extremely talented young presenter who is a journalist as well.

“She has real in-depth knowledge of the mystery of Loch Ness and obviously has done considerable research.

“One of the people she interviewed was local naturalist Adrian Shine who has his own views on Nessie and I suppose is a bit of sceptic.

“But after his interview with Sonia he told me that he was shocked because he had never done such a gruelling interview in his whole life.

“So it’s good to see a young person holding her own with someone as knowledgeable on the subject of Nessie as Adrian.

“And I think this is what is going to appeal to younger viewers.”

Three weeks before they embarked on their trip north Peter revealed an amazing coincidence which he hopes is a good omen for the documentary which they will be marketing to TV stations around the globe when completed.

“I was visited by another young lady who is interested in doing some work with us and it turned out she was Katie Dinsdale, the grand-daughter of the late Tim Dinsdale who took some classic footage of the ‘monster’ in 1960.”Donald Wilson
Highland News

Sonia Uribe

The Search for Nessie (Programme One)

Is Nessie Real or a Hoax?

The first voyage takes us to Loch Ness where Sonia investigates the mystery of The Loch Ness Monster. Could Nessie be a prehistoric sea creature? Are all the eyewitnesses just seeing mirages or sea otters? Some people poke fun at those who believe a Nessie like monster exists, but not our Sonia. She’s going to show you everything you need to know about the elusive Loch Ness Monster and much more.

A Real Search for Nessie!

It’s true many documentaries have featured The Loch Ness Monster, but this one is like no other. Sonia tears away from the repetitive and unexciting documentaries and presents a fresh new angle with a fun twist.

With Credible Experts

What’s a documentary without knowledgeable specialists? Not a very credible one! That’s why Sonia interviews one of the leading experts on the subject: Adrian Shine. Sonia amazes Mr Shine with never before heard questions. Next stop, Sonia interviews the man who lives right on the Loch itself: Steve Feltham. There he gives Sonia insight into what it’s like living in a caravan bordering the Loch and tells her why he believes something is down there. Sonia then interviews the son of the man who’s seen The Loch Ness Monster himself: Willie Cameron. Willie discusses his father’s 50 minute sighting, which is the longest ever eyewitness account!

The One to Watch…

Sonia’s entertaining and witty personality makes her a joy to watch. However, don’t let her looks and sense of humour fool you, her background in journalism is rock solid, which means she’ll deliver well-researched facts. Follow Sonia as she sheds a newborn light to the age old Loch Ness mystery, with a fun twist. The Sonia Uribe Files
Investigating the Mysteries

Sonia Uribe

Loren Coleman About Loren Coleman
Loren Coleman is one of the world’s leading cryptozoologists, some say “the” leading living cryptozoologist. Certainly, he is acknowledged as the current living American researcher and writer who has most popularized cryptozoology in the late 20th and early 21st centuries. Starting his fieldwork and investigations in 1960, after traveling and trekking extensively in pursuit of cryptozoological mysteries, Coleman began writing to share his experiences in 1969. An honorary member of Ivan T. Sanderson’s Society for the Investigation of the Unexplained in the 1970s, Coleman has been bestowed with similar honorary memberships of the North Idaho College Cryptozoology Club in 1983, and in subsequent years, that of the British Columbia Scientific Cryptozoology Club, CryptoSafari International, and other international organizations. He was also a Life Member and Benefactor of the International Society of Cryptozoology (now-defunct). Loren Coleman’s daily blog, as a member of the Cryptomundo Team, served as an ongoing avenue of communication for the ever-growing body of cryptozoo news from 2005 through 2013. He returned as an infrequent contributor beginning Halloween week of 2015. Coleman is the founder in 2003, and current director of the International Cryptozoology Museum in Portland, Maine.

18 Responses to “Sexy Spokeswoman Comes Out For Nessies”

  1. shumway10973 responds:

    So? what’s the big deal with Nessie taking a break? We haven’t had as much activity from big foot here in America. This has been a weird year all the way around. Good for her, I do hope she is able to get the next generation at least interested.

  2. bill green responds:

    hey loren & everyone very interesting great new article about nessie. thanks bill green 🙂 even nessie needs the hollywood spotlight just as sasquatch does.

  3. mystery_man responds:

    I hope I’m wrong, but I think it seems like even if the hostess of the program really has done any real research into the Loch Ness phenomena, she kind of seems to me to be basically jumping on the publicity bandwagon with this Nessie doc. Is she really going to try to dig deeper and find out something new? Or is this documentary just going to put out a highly sensationalized piece throwaway entertainment for the masses? I don’t know about any of you other posters here, but it somewhat bothers me when she claims previous documentaries on the subject are “too scientific” for young people, as if a scientific approach is something to be avoided. I always thought cryptozoology is actually a good way to get young people interested in sciences like biology and zoology. So what is the “fresh approach” that isn’t “too scientific” angle, I wonder? She says she “doesn’t want the mystery to die out”, but does this mean that her program will be avoiding any hard questions about Nessie’s existence? I’m a little concerned because I tend to think that documentaries on cryptids should be MORE scientific if anything. I guess we’ll just have to hope it turns out ok.

  4. Ceroill responds:

    MM, I agree the idea of other documentaries being ‘too scientific’ is disturbing. Wanting the mystery not to die out is also a bit of a hint, I think. I fully expect that since it’s going to be essentially a fluff piece. Being aimed at young folk, plus the other bits suggests to me that her supposed new angle might be that she will be interviewing young people about it, as well as ‘experts’. I have small hope of this amounting to anything of consequence.

  5. wrath of the real responds:

    Ok this one seems a little obvious. Please forgive any misconstrued comments from this, but a Movie targeted toward “younger crowd” called what? “The Water Horse” or something, is going to be released soon (I’m sure I will watch it). So we take a very attractive woman put her on TV to set up history behind the actually possibility of a creature like this could/does exist. We get horny teenagers, fantasizing adolescences, and a few true fanatic believers (again I am one) to watch, thus making the “the water horse” that much more $ because they sell more tickets. This girl is in because I am sure the documentary will sell with a box set of the movie on DVD. Thus making her more $, so she no longer has to strut her “stuff” down an isle (with out a priest ;), and of course no longer be associated to the ever popular drunken/high models and actresses flooding the airways. On top of that I am sure someone will think it is a good idea to make a Saturday morning TV show about the “Water Horse” and she could do the voice over for the cartoon and or host it. Until of course there is a dirty tape released. Sorry I am a little bitter about how easy the marketing department can slide this right under everyone’s noses and we all fall hook line and sinker. Of course as a positive note yes this will get Nessie out into the “younger crowd” and perhaps will spawn a new interest in cryptozoology.

  6. red_pill_junkie responds:

    *looking at her photos* GROOOOOARRR!!! 🙂

    That’s one lucky monster.

  7. DARHOP responds:

    Wow! who cares what her program is about. I’d watch it.

  8. Ceroill responds:

    Good point, wrath. You put into words what was trying to coalesce in my own brain, and for some reason refused.

  9. andyrey responds:

    She’s obviously smart enough to do something like this. I wouldn’t knock her findings yet. Like the site says, she’s got a masters in journalism. I hope the show isn’t like every other doc, however I doubt it will be the norm.
    She’s very pretty and I’d watch the show. Who knows, maybe the show will rock?

  10. andyrey responds:

    Unless she comes out teaching fluff and talking like an airhead than don’t be so thinking she’s got bad intentions.
    We’ll just have to wait until the show comes out before making judgments.
    I hope this show’s out by November. I’d definitely watch it.

  11. Tengu responds:

    a grin like that, she will scare everybody and everything

    Monster indeedy.

    And your right, Mystery Man, some of her ideas seem a bit odd.

  12. andyrey responds:

    All we’ve seen about the show is a short trailer and you guys are acting as if the show’s going to be “odd” and full of fluff. At least wait until the show comes out before coming up with conclusions. I, for one, think the show could be a great learning experience. How many shows out there have a young female host trying to reel in kid’s interests in cryptozoology?

  13. Jason P. responds:

    Sonia Uribe’s project has absolutely no connection whatsoever to “The Water Horse.”

  14. Rick MG responds:

    Andyrey, it’s not young kids Sonia Uribe will be reeling in, but adolescent males. If the weather were warmer in bonnie ol’ Scotland, she’d be presenting the show in a revealing g-string bikini.

  15. PoliticallyIncorrect responds:

    I guess if she were 200 pounds and unattractive, she’d get more respect around here. Too bad she’s beautiful and intelligent because that’s just not what cryptozoology fans want to see. They want to see either an old man hosting the show or an unattractive female host. It makes me laugh how you all judge someone’s show when it hasn’t even come out yet.

  16. red_pill_junkie responds:

    Hey Rick, maybe that would be the perfect BAIT to attract the beastie, huh? 😉

    Hey, you never know until you try!

  17. Tengu responds:

    Ive got it!

    Shes one of those Selkie who works for the inverness Courier…

    …or the Daily Mail…whatever.

  18. CBFResearcher responds:

    If it takes a hot woman with a rock solid background in Journalism to get the word out to the next generation, then by all means. Maybe she can put a different spin on a sometimes boring scientific explanation then she should. I was only about 7 years old and maybe even older when a documentary went around the theathers about Bigfoot, and that was enough to get me going. Time to update the way documentaries are done.

    I’ll watch it for sure.

    Way to go girl… You rock. 🙂

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