What Do You See in This Cast?

Posted by: Loren Coleman on February 23rd, 2006

This is the footcast found by Joshua Gates of Sci Fi Channel while on a recent Malaysian Bigfoot expedition.

Consider the possibilities behind this track and share with Cryptomundo what you observe and consider significant to notice in this cast (below, under comments):

Malaysia Bigfoot

Malaysia Bigfoot

Could it be….

A track representation of the Malaysian Mawas? Or Orang Dalam? Or what?

How a footprint left by a giant ape survivor related to Gigantopithecus would appear?

The reason the finds of the True Giant footprints seem to be four-toed?

A reality television prank to see if people believe it?

A Malaysian-produced hoax?


Malaysia Bigfoot

What do you think? Please leave your comments here. Thank you.



For comparison, two views of a Sumatran rhino track.





And here’s two representations of the footcasts from Orang Pendek.

Orang Pendek

Orang Pendek

Okay…what do you see in the Malaysian Bigfoot cast?

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22 Responses to “What Do You See in This Cast?”

  1. colobus responds:


  2. shovethenos responds:

    There seems to be an awful lot of heel there for it to be a rhino, unless it is some kind of artifact from the casting or the stride that aren’t part of the actual footprint.

    And of course it doesn’t look anything like the traditional North American bigfoot or sasquatch print.

    It doesn’t look exactly like any known primate print, either. The closest on this lineup is maybe the baboon.

    Squat toes, longer than human but shorter than most of the other apes. The toe that is usually opposable seems to be quite vestigial – like the animal was originally arboreal but has adapted to ground living.

    It is also different from the alleged Orang Pendek cast.

    Whatever it is, if it is an actual primate and not a hoax or misidentification, it is very different from the classic North American cryptid primate – a distant relative at best. (Except maybe that pongid one alleged to occur in FL.) It looks very different from anything else too. Possibly a larger, ground-dwelling orangutan relative? Something new altogether?

  3. CryptoInformant responds:

    There is no way that is all heel, that seems to be an elongated ankle, possibly for jumping.

    As far as what I see in the cast, I see plaster and mud.

  4. Matt K. responds:

    To me it appears to be a double impression of a rhino track. Meaning a rhino stepped in it’s own track causing the track to change in appearance. Very common occurrence for most quadrupeds. I have personally seen this happen, and have seen people misidentify tracks because of it. There doesn’t appear to be anything “primate” about the track at all in my opinion.

  5. Craig Woolheater responds:

    Better watch out for those Oklahoma rhinos 🙂

  6. tsiatko responds:

    Rhino drug its foot in the soft soil before putting it down creating the long heel like impression? Maybe.

  7. Preimar responds:

    Not a rhino…3 ‘toes’ on a rhino and more bovine looking…this has 4 maybe 5 toes which are longer and more rounded. They are splayed out almost like it was running. To me it looks more similar to footprints from the Himalayas but with out the large heel (that I can recall)…unless it was running on its toes.

  8. stompy responds:

    1) are there rhinos in Malaysia?
    2) looks like distorted bird track to me. what’s the word? THUNDERBIRD

  9. colobus responds:

    Guys… rhinos and hippos overstep their tracks all the time – leaving what appear to be 4 – 6 toed tracks to people unfamiliar with the animals. It’s a rhino. Trust me – I’ve worked with the animals.

  10. fuzzy responds:

    I remember following 19-inch, three-toed prints in snowy Maryland and Pennsylvania woods and pastures many years ago ~ but until we find the feet and the creature attached to them, we’re just speculating.

    I’ll go with the rhino.

  11. dbard responds:

    What are the odds of the host of an about-to-launch TV show making a find like this on what I believe is his first venture to Malaysia?

    I may be being somewhat pessismistic, but this find seems sort of convenient to me.

    I hope I am wrong.

  12. shovethenos responds:

    That’s four distinct, rounded toes and what seems like a vestigial fifth toe. Weird, but primate.

    And I haven’t seen any sighting reports about rhinos recently – just big, hairy, humanoid figures. I tend to think the “snaggle-toothed ghosts” are what the many eyewitnesses say they are – big, hairy, humanoid figures.

  13. Chymo responds:

    Distorted rhino track.

  14. dewhurst responds:

    Have there been any reports of dermal ridges found on any of the Malaysian footprints or is the ground to sloppy for that sort of detail to be retained?

    To me this looks nothing like any of the traditional bigfoot prints although I have seen Yeti prints that look slightly similar-but to be honest I get the feeling that this is non Primate.

    My knowledge of the local wildlife is very poor but I was wondering if the print could be that of a large Alligator slithering through mud or a double impression of a Rhino or maybe a hippo.

    If the print is from a Primate then it must be large and completly different to anything traditional (western) bigfoot researchers or spotters have ever seen.

    These prints do pose some fascinating questions which I am looking forward to being answered and the sooner the better.

    I get the feeling though this Malaysian situation is going to run and run.

  15. Q responds:

    It’s a crippled or malformed rhino foot impression.

  16. KenMD responds:

    boy if that is a bipedal track then that is the stupidest trick evolution has came up with yet. I mean, how would you walk on that????
    Looks to me like a print of a large chicken w/ elephantitis of the foot.
    I am going w/ rhino or other animal stepping on its own track, or hoax, or most likely just plain coincidental finding.
    Not primate for sure (but then again I think I had an old uncle w/ some jacked up toes.)

  17. shovethenos responds:

    Look at the outlined Orang Pendek print above. The new casts have a similar configuration of the four toes. The configuration/placement of the originally opposable fifth toe is just different. And of course the new casts are much much larger.

    I find the Orang Pendek reports pretty convincing – one of the recent sighting descriptions was made by a primatologist. Whatever made these tracks (if not hoaxed or misidentified) would seem to be a distant relative, although closer than the North American cryptid apes.

  18. Porkchop responds:

    To follow KenMD’s thought, IF we are still talking strangely evolved bipeds, maybe it is the manifestion of the Id creature from “The Forbidden Planet” with Leslie Nielsen. that’s the right movie, on the planet Alterra 7, right?

  19. fuzzy responds:


  20. Brindle responds:

    On the top three photos the grasping toe or ‘thumb’ toe or vestigial …. whatever …. is on the wrong side. It appears the arch of the foot is on the opposite side from the toe. Heck of an arch, too.

    Perhaps an argument could be made that the last toe away from the arch is a broken little toe and is therefore at a right angle to the foot itself – but I am not going to make that argument.

  21. Brindle responds:

    Uh, are the top photos of the very same track cast?

  22. yooperboy responds:

    That cast looks to be very odd shaped to be a Bigfoot cast. The heel looks
    to be to narrow to be consistent, with the rest of the foot. Maybe a rhino
    that has drag its foot making it to look like a heel, that appears to look
    longer than what it really is. Just my opinion.

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