Xueguai Hair Samples

Posted by: Loren Coleman on August 31st, 2009

Michael Cohen translates a China News story about a new Yeti-like report out of China.

The creature said to stand 3 metres tall has been allegedly seen by many locals as well as hikers visiting the area. In Chinese Yeti is often referred to as “Xueguai.”

A number of locals living near the Nepalese border claim not only to have seen the creature, but to have collected strands of its hair. Now, it has been reported that a team of scientists have collected these strands and have already confirmed that they do not belong to any local known animals.

Read more here, at the All News Web.

© Loren Coleman, Patrick Huyghe, Harry Trumbore 1999, 2006.

Harry Trumbore’s drawing (above) of the Chinese Yeren in The Field Guide to Bigfoot and Other Mystery Primates (page 131) shows the creature as clearly more anthropoid than in most contemporary renderings, and thus more illustrative of the recent sightings.

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4 Responses to “Xueguai Hair Samples”

  1. praetorian responds:

    Hasn’t the “not a known animal” conclusion been reached with other hair samples before? Where has it gotten us?

    Saying something isn’t one thing doesn’t prove it’s another. Science doesn’t like to prove a positive with a negative.

    Still, this is yet another piece of information we can add to the large and growing body of circumstantial evidence that supports the existence of Yeren/Bigfoot/Yeti/ect.

    Scientific certainty is difficult to achieve, but in courtrooms people are convicted on the basis of circumstantial evidence every day.

  2. enjoyment responds:

    I wonder if anyone has compared alleged sasquatch hair to yeti, alma, or yeren hair samples. It would be interesting to see if they bore any similarities to each other that would indicate a common genus/family.

  3. Spinach Village responds:

    Great point enjoyment!

  4. DWA responds:

    It just keeps trickling in.

    And this is how it will be resolved. It’s fun to debunk the latest video. But a steady building of circumstantial evidence to critical mass – followed by well-funded teams in the field – is what needs to happen. There’s reason to be optimistic.

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