Anna Nekaris: Searching for the Yeti

Posted by: Guy Edwards on February 5th, 2011

Dr Anna Nekaris

At Bigfoot Lunch Club, after fans saw Dr. Anna Nekaris on Bigfoot: The Definitive Guide we got a lot of email asking for more Dr. Anna Nekaris, and we obliged. Ms. Nekaris has a very interesting angle on the the Yeti and more specifically, Mande Burung. Due to her research on the diversity of Asian slow lorises, including morphological, behavioral and vocal analyses, she has been drawn to many Asian environments. While conducting research in places like Java, Sumatra, Thailand, Cambodia, Singapore and Vietnam, she could not escape local legends of a yet undiscovered primate.

She is self described as:

…a member of the IUCN Primates Specialist Group, Conservation Working Party of the Primate Society of Great Britain, and on the editorial board of Endangered Species Research and Folia Primatologica. I have been studying the behaviour, ecology, conservation and taxonomy of Asian mammals since 1994, although my research has also taken me to Kenya, Uganda, Senegal, Costa Rica, and Trinidad. My primary interests lie with Asia’s slow and slender lorises.

Fans, you were correct to inquire about Anna Nekaris, she has in fact, an awesome presentation on the yeti (watch video below), hosted on The

Read more at Bigfoot Lunch Club

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4 Responses to “Anna Nekaris: Searching for the Yeti”

  1. Adam Davies responds:

    Thank you for this, I really enjoyed this talk. Dr.Nekaris is an engaging speaker, and she presented an informative and balanced presentation.

    Given that she touched on Indonesia during it, I would like to have heard her mention the important work that has been done on verifying the existence of the Orang-Pendek.

    As many of your readers will now from your post about it, I recently led an expedition to search for evidence of the Mande-Burung. The footprint at the beginning of the talk, which we visited, is sadly just an unusual shape in the rock. However, the team really did pick up footprints of the Mande-Burung while we were there, and I was fortunate enough to be able follow a fresh trail of it by a small stream.

    If any of the Cryptomundo readers would like to hear more about it, I recently recorded an interview on the expedition for Tim Binnall’s radio show, which is available for download on his website.

    The analysis of evidence the team found whilst we were in India, is of course, still ongoing…

  2. zigoapex responds:

    I think see is a definite positive influence for the quest in proof of bigfoot.

    It’s a big step forward when you have established scientist giving excellent explanations and in depth study of physical evidence why this animal can/does exist.

    I really think in the near future they are going to find definitive proof.

    On a personal note it is always easy for me to be riveted to a lecture that is conducted by a highly intelligent,witty, beautiful, lecturer with a lovely smile and doesn’t have a beard. 🙂

  3. DWA responds:

    Nothing, sez me, like visual confirmation of a previously unknown primate.


    Um, er, that’s the call of the mande burung, yes, indeed, that’s it, that’s the ticket.

  4. Guy Edwards responds:

    Hey Adam! You’re doing some great work yourself. I like Dr. Nekaris’s specialization in nocturnal primates. It is something I may have not emphasized enough. When we make correlations between Sasquatch. we often look to the great apes. I think Dr. Nekaris reminds us there are other primates we can probably get cues/clues from. Thanks for your comment, I am on my way to check out interview right now!

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