Cliff Barackman Shares Finding Bigfoot Skunk Ape Handprint Photo

Posted by: Guy Edwards on June 7th, 2011

Bigfoot Lunch Club

Cliff Barackman has been diligently commenting and recapping each episode of Finding Bigfoot. The episode that aired on Sunday, June 5th spent some time on a handprint on the inside of a glass door. Cliff has video, pages from his notebook, and the frames he used to measure the the print.

I could not use this first frame for determining the overall length of the hand, so I had to export another frame (seen above) from the video in which its entire length was visible. This posed a slight complication because the camera shifted to a closer position before this frame was shot, thus skewing perspective and size of the image in the frame. To compensate for this, I took the physical measurement of the thumb length derived above (3.16 inches) and found its length in pixels. I then used these numbers in a new ratio to determine the length of the hand from the base of the wrist to the finger tips. I had to estimate where the base of the wrist was, and I judged it from the pattern of the smears left on the glass. The overall length seems to have been around 9 inches or so.Cliff Barackman

Below is an actual page from Cliff’s field notebook. You can read the rest, including a video, on Cliff’s Finding Bigfoot Commentary Page at

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7 Responses to “Cliff Barackman Shares Finding Bigfoot Skunk Ape Handprint Photo”

  1. SirKen63 responds:

    Thanks Cliff for sharing. As a ex-sheet metal fabricator and installer, I enjoy seeing the field notes, but don’t see the overall measurement of the pane of glass the print was on. I do have a problem with the hand print though.

    You’re going off nothing more than a picture of the print and not a transfer print like they do with fingerprints to study. So much could have been learned from it. Without the real print to study, it all guess work on length and what it really was. And I know you wish you had the print itself to study. It’s like showing a picture of a guy with a picture of a bigfoot for you to study.

    I do understand you trying to get a measurement and study the picture, but there is not much you can get just from that photo. But you work with what you got.

    Happy hunting Cliff!!

  2. SirKen63 responds:

    Oh sorry! And Thanks to Guy Edwards for Sharing Cliff’s posts. 🙂

  3. korollocke responds:

    Cool, a regular greasy human hand print where the greasy hand was pulled across the glass to make it a little bigger/longer. Something supposedly as big a a bigfoot (with hundred pound arms according to Matt Moneymaker) would have hands much bigger than nine measly inches. You can do the same thing yourselves with a little Crisco or bacon grease and get on TV too!

  4. RWRidley responds:

    There’s way too much math going on here.

  5. airforce47 responds:

    Hi Cliff,

    Very good job under difficult conditions. I think your estimated guesses are correct and the actual size of the hand is in the neighborhood of 10-13 inches.

    Your recommendations to other researchers are right on. Measure and gather as much data as time and safety permit. Good job and my best.

  6. Cryptoraptor responds:

    If I were a bigfoot researcher. I would hold off on all hand/foot prints, diagrams, blurry photos/videos, drawings, plaster castings, hair samples, etc…. until very clear photos are taken or one is captured.

    Life may create fantasy if rogue scientists actually create a bigfoot creature someday.

    The future of cryptozoology is when people create creatures in the same way hackers create viruses.

  7. firecrewm responds:

    You would think the homeowners or the cast of Finding Bigfoot would have set up some camera surveillance being that this creature would visit from time to time.

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