Washington State Grizzlies

Posted by: Bigfoot Evidence on November 23rd, 2011

Forest Service technician pours cattle blood and salmon carcass lure to attract bears to the hair snag corral. [via CrossCut.com]

Bigfoots are safe for now because government funded Biologists aren’t really looking for them… yet. Instead, they are looking for another elusive creature known as the Cascade Grizzly. CrossCut.com has a story about biologists in Washington and their efforts to prove the creatures’ existence in order to persuade the government to provide protection.

Scott Fitkin, a biologist for the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife has been tracking grizzly bears in the Cascade Mountains for over two decades. Based on sightings and tracks over the years, biologists have estimated that there are fewer than 20 grizzly bears remaining in the North Cascades. Fitkin says he has never seen one in real life. In fact, he had never even seen a photo of one, until this June when photos of a purported grizzly surfaced.

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Photo from the Seattle Times forwarded by Cryptomundian watn6789.

Joe Sebille

Rare grizzly bear photographed in North Cascades

The first grizzly bear photographed in the North Cascades in about half a century was encountered by hiker Joe Sebille in October. Sebille’s photos didn’t come to light until spring, when he was visiting with a park ranger at Marblemount, Skagit County


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6 Responses to “Washington State Grizzlies”

  1. Richard888 responds:

    Isn’t it funny how some small European countries have a bigger population of brown bears roaming the woods than Washington State?

  2. watn6789 responds:

    This reminds of Marty Stouffer and Colorado Grizzlies

  3. Foxfier responds:

    *laughs* I remember their “grizzly sighting” back in ’97 or so– it was an Angus bull that a bunch of idiot coasties got spooked by when he was caught in the service berry bushes! They brought in helos and all sorts of things….

  4. Rael responds:

    When I was there several years ago, I also heard about isolated pockets of brown bears in the Olympic Peninsula from some of the locals.

    Any links to those pictures from June?

  5. WeirdTwist.com responds:

    Why is it this rare snapshot turned out discernible, versus 50 years of blobsquatch pics???

  6. DWA responds:

    Just to make sure I’m clear: is the above photo one that Joe Sebille took?

    Sure looks like a griz to me.

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