ABC Round-Up

Posted by: Nick Redfern on September 23rd, 2012

The Center for Fortean Zoology provides us with yet another bunch of Alien Big Cat reports, big-cat news and more…

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Punk music fan, Tennents Super and Carlsberg Special Brew beer fan, horror film fan, chocolate fan, like to wear black clothes, like to stay up late. Work as a writer.

2 Responses to “ABC Round-Up”

  1. Fhqwhgads responds:

    I don’t get the interest in alien big cats. Concern, yes, since they may be a threat to people, pets, and livestock, but interest? Isn’t it sufficiently well established that we humans have been dreadfully irresponsible in bringing plants and animals to parts of the world for which they are not mutually adapted? Or do you really think there’s something ELSE behind this other than human irresponsibility?

  2. Ulysses responds:

    Fhqwhgads is right on the money. It’s true and there is video to prove it! Send in a few big game hunters and the problem is solved or zoologist to capture them. The alien part is what gets us but yes, they do not belong so their behavior is aberrant from the norm in a different environment. Glowing eyes; does anyone own a cat?

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