Recent Thylacine Sightings

Posted by: Lyle Blackburn on April 1st, 2016


According to a recent article in The Great Southern Star newspaper, a man reported a possible Tasmanian Tiger (thylacine) sighting at the southern tip of Australia. The report came in March from Barrie Murphy, who said he was driving on the north end of Inverloch when it ran across the road.  He couldn’t see the head, but he was certain it had the animal’s distinctive markings on its body. “As I drove past it, I saw the stripes down its side and onto its flank,” he said. Murphy tried to get another look, but it was gone. In December of last year another local, Tony Holgate, claimed to have seen one at the southern end of the loch. Murphy said he also knew others who had seen a thylacine in recent years.

Read the entire source article here.

I was curious about the location of these sightings so I mapped it out.  Here’s an image which shows the location of both sightings:


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2 Responses to “Recent Thylacine Sightings”

  1. David-Australia responds:

    In typically Australian fashion, the general landscape has been pretty ruthlessly cleared for grazing and agriculture, except for a narrow ocean-side strip between the two locations. Not much cover for possible thylacines, who I thought would have been pushed back to more remote areas.

  2. KnuckleHead responds:

    This is probably the next large cryptid to be verified. This is a simple mistake stating it is extinct, Australia is large continent with vast areas uninhabited wild lands. A small population may have been introduced to the main land when it was populated by the Europeans. I have no doubt this pop. may have taken hold feeding on vermin the same Euro’s brought over. Their populations may just be expanding to the point of encroaching on human habitation. Just my opinion no facts behind it just common sense.

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