The Canadian Loup Garou

Posted by: Nick Redfern on September 11th, 2012

In a new post, CFZ-Canada begin:

“There once was a man in Quebec named Jean Dubroise. A roaring sound came from his property late at night when good people should be sleeping. His neighbors avoided him and his home. One night a neighbor named Alphonse decided that he would dare the strange noises and take a short-cut across Dubroise’s land to get home. He heard a loud roaring noise from overhead and threw himself flat on the ground when he saw a huge canoe flying over him. The canoe landed next to Dubroise house and the Devil jumped out with a whip in his hand. Alphonse hid and watched as the Devil shouted, ‘Come out of the canoe!’ and snapped the whip at the occupants. Twenty creatures with the shaggy coats of wolves but the upright walk of men leapt from the canoe.”

If that’s got your interest, read on…

Nick Redfern About Nick Redfern
Punk music fan, Tennents Super and Carlsberg Special Brew beer fan, horror film fan, chocolate fan, like to wear black clothes, like to stay up late. Work as a writer.

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