Nessie Webcams

Posted by: Nick Redfern on October 2nd, 2012

At his Loch Ness Mystery blog, Glasgow Boy has a new post. It starts like this…

“From time to time, readers will send in various items of interest pertaining to the Loch Ness Monster…So it was that from the dedicated army of webcam hunters, a Nessie watcher by the name of Ed provided me with a sequence of 40 snapshots he took on the 5th April 2012 between 1020 and 1036. With a little help from some GIF file processing software, I managed to concatenate the images into an animated GIF which gives the files a video like quality.”

And here’s the full article…

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Punk music fan, Tennents Super and Carlsberg Special Brew beer fan, horror film fan, chocolate fan, like to wear black clothes, like to stay up late. Work as a writer.

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