Yep: More on that Nessie Pic

Posted by: Nick Redfern on August 13th, 2012

Over at The Examiner, Dennis Bodzash gives us his opinion on that newly-surfaced Nessie photo and doesn’t hold out much hope that it’s the genuine article…

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4 Responses to “Yep: More on that Nessie Pic”

  1. mandors responds:

    Utter conclusory drivel. Don’t know, if the photo is genuine. But hackish articles don’t help.

    Facts please.

  2. alan borky responds:

    Nick the more I see that picture the more difficult it is for me as someone skilled in handicrafts to deny the part of it above the water’s something akin to two-ply corrugated cardboard (the stepped undulations in the spinal details look exactly like the padding between the sheets painted black).

    There’re plastic equivalents but what seems to rule out that’s the fact there’s only one pic which suggests it got soggy very quickly (or maybe toppled over/sank).

    It’s not just the vertical flatness of the visible side (with its watercolour puce ‘skin’ and crude black painted pebbledash-like ovoids for ‘scales’) or the stripes around the astonishingly rectangularly terminating neck resemble heavy duty gaffer tape.

    Its the way the waves it’s generated look identical to the stressed circular ones created whenever you try to back up and reorientate a remote control model boat on a park lake (in this case probably because any other angle’d give the game away).

    Pity really because looking at Loch Ness on a geological map and realising what a massively powerful boundary feature it is [not just a watery break in the continuity of the landscape reshaped to a ‘U’ by glacial action during the last Ice Age but a hundreds of millions of years old fracture in the very surface of the planet physically breaking Scotland in two] makes me pretty damn certain there’s something to Nessie.

    The joke of it is if it is fake the sort of secret military software George Edwards claims vindicates it would probably show it up for what it really is.

    The amazing thing though’s in an age when there’s algorithms out there supposedly able to reinterpret single photons 13 billion light years away as mega galaxies or enable satellites to count the perforations of a postage stamp on a sidewalk there’s apparently no such commercially affordable software out there available to reveal Patty the Sasquatch for what she really is or enable drones to be used to seek out and monitor unknown hominid activity rather than wipe out wedding parties in Afghanistan.

  3. dconstrukt responds:

    LOL. i took 1 look and couldn’t be bothered.

    when something legit shows up, then i’ll pay attention.

  4. skimmer responds:

    I don’t think anyone who has not seen a lake monster knows what kind of wake a creature like that actually makes. For all we know a lake monster could make wakes and ripples just like an old tire or an upturned boat. I think the best bet is to compare what we see to the existing evidence–and in this case the tangible evidence is photographic. To me this looks very much like an inverted version of the Grey photograph. The similarity in size as indicated by waves, is very close, as is the sharp profile of the back and maybe even the general slope of the back too. So if the Grey photograph is authentic then maybe this photo to depicts a similar creature.

    As to whether the man is being truthful–well, I think a trip to Loch Ness might help. I’m sure the tourism industry would welcome any inquiries and you might solve a mystery.

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