Bart Cutino on This Sunday’s Finding Bigfoot

Posted by: Craig Woolheater on July 18th, 2014

To all friends and family, be sure to tune in this Sunday night as I’ll be on Finding Bigfoot (Humboldt, “Bobo’s Backyard”) episode on Animal Planet!

Doing the show was very sentimental to me as the 3 male cast members (Moneymaker, Cliff & Bobo) are 3 of my very best friends in the whole world and we’ve been researching together up and down the PNW for over a decade! Bo and I in particular have spent so many nights in the field together and the incident I’ll be sharing and we’ll be re-creating in this episode was by far the diciest night we’ve had out there together…… And it’s rare and takes alot for us (especially together) to be rattled.

I get asked often why I didn’t do my Sierra’s thermal footage from 2012 of multiple large bipeds spying on our camp at 7000 ft and the answer is that the producers contacted me and tried multiple times and I respectfully declined because I didn’t want to lose editing control and have the investigation we did (complete with analysis reports, re-creation documentation and videos) so imperative quantifying what you see visually in footage, get lost or overlooked in the realistic minimal time allocated with television. This incident we did cover is perfect, as Bobo and I will never forget it.

In addition, Bobo’s dad, legendary Tom “Fireball” Fay (just a classic & wonderful “originally” eastcoast Irish man and a kick!) flies in and makes an appearance on this episode…so don’t miss it!

~ Bart Cutino

Finding Bigfoot: Bobo’s Backyard

Premieres Sunday, July 20, 10 PM ET/PT

Also airs:

Monday, July 21, 1 AM ET/PT
Monday, July 21, 5 AM ET/PT
Monday, July 21, 8 PM ET/PT
Monday, July 21, 11 PM ET/PT
Tuesday, July 22, 3 AM ET/PT

The team travels to Bobo’s backyard, Humboldt County, to investigate strange photos of a possible bigfoot among the Redwoods. Confident Bobo lives among the bigfoots, the team heads deep into the Redwoods using heavy metal vocals as bait.

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