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Dyer Releases Photo of the Face of Hank

Posted by: Craig Woolheater on January 2nd, 2014

This is the photo that Rick Dyer released today, purporting it to be the face of “Hank”, the Bigfoot he shot and is about to tour the country with.



Here is a cropped image from the original video from Dyer’s camp the day before the shooting.


Do they all look like the same creature?

About Craig Woolheater
Co-founder of Cryptomundo in 2005. I have appeared in or contributed to the following TV programs, documentaries and films: OLN's Mysterious Encounters: "Caddo Critter", Southern Fried Bigfoot, Travel Channel's Weird Travels: "Bigfoot", History Channel's MonsterQuest: "Swamp Stalker", The Wild Man of the Navidad, Destination America's Monsters and Mysteries in America: Texas Terror - Lake Worth Monster, Animal Planet's Finding Bigfoot: Return to Boggy Creek and Beast of the Bayou.

51 Responses to “Dyer Releases Photo of the Face of Hank”

  1. dconstrukt responds:


    its one of the dwarfs from lord of the rings!

  2. WIDOW responds:

    Yeah they both look like the same COSTUME…hehe. Tired of hoaxes? I am….Widow

  3. Chris V. Parisi via Facebook responds:

    Does not look the same at all

  4. Lakes Bear via Facebook responds:

    isn’t bigfoot part human? ?? means this guy murdered a human :p

  5. Rips Toon via Facebook responds:

    Why do people even belive this guy, he is going to take people money and laugh the whole way to the bank.

  6. Monica Ranger via Facebook responds:

    I don’t know the story, but if he shot a Bigfoot, he’s my enemy.

  7. Mark Caballero via Facebook responds:

    As much as I want it to be real, the lack of detail on the closed eyes tell me it’s a sculpture.

  8. planettom responds:

    Ha! How much is he charging for this “tour” with Hank? I’ll pass.

  9. Eun Lc via Facebook responds:

    this is real, hes having a press conference shortly and is going to show the whole body and all the test results and autopsy results,

  10. Fans of Bigfoot via Facebook responds:

    Yeah I dunno..

  11. Jeffrey Gonzalez via Facebook responds:

    Rick Dyer, need I say more…

  12. Matt Bille via Facebook responds:

    I have more convincing stuffed animals from my daughter’s childhood …. Including Tweety Bird.

  13. PoeticsOfBigfoot responds:

    Well, the dude’s got balls, I’ll give him that.

  14. Todd Berry via Facebook responds:

    Jeffrey Gonzalez NO SIR YOU DO NOT!

  15. Redrose999 responds:

    He’s trying to make money.

    The face looks more sculpted and less life like. I don’t know. You would think he’d take it to someone like Jeff Meldrum.

    I’m not holding my breath. It’s been a while since I’ve been around. Doesn’t Mr. Dyer have a reputation for hoaxs? They mentioned it in the video, but what are the specifics?

  16. Allen Hopkins via Facebook responds:


  17. DWA responds:

    You mean Hank “I’ll Teach Him To Doubt Me” Dyer?

    I’ll take me a platinum membership, y’all!

  18. Brian Sullivan via Facebook responds:


  19. John Kirk responds:

    What rubbish. Ignore him he has absolutely nothing to offer.

    However the dwarves have told me that they want Gimli back or else they’ll unleash Smaug on him.

    Seriously, this is pitiful claptrap. Now will someone please search the web for a mask or costume comparable to the one in the video. It’s probably out there.

  20. Dave Mccullough via Facebook responds:

    Santa squatch?

  21. Glenn Bryce via Facebook responds:

    Real scientists get their work published in peer reviewed journals. Any scientist would jump at the opportunity to first describe such a mysterious new species.
    Real scientists do not leak small amounts of information, begging for money and stringing out their 15 minutes by more and more obvious fakes.

  22. Jim Dieckman via Facebook responds:

    That is no Skunk Ape, that’s for sure!

  23. dconstrukt responds:

    Just curious why you guys (craig) are dedicating MULTIPLE posts to this junk?

    you know its garbage, yet you perpetuate this jabronie (who i’m now convinced has a mental illness), with not one… but TWO posts?

  24. springheeledjack responds:

    Bull … puckey

  25. David Lee Maynard via Facebook responds:

    Looks like a dimestore mask.

  26. Craig Woolheater responds:

    Because it’s news dconstrukt, that’s what we do.

    Don’t like it, don’t read it…


  27. mini responds:

    i think he believes it. me? when someone want to show me photographs as proof, if they aren’t high resolution then don’t bother me.

  28. Will Fowler via Facebook responds:

    Thank you Glenn for pointing out the painfully obvious.

  29. Tai Hewitt-Alberts via Facebook responds:

    Kinda feel sorry for the guy…it’s a terrible Halloween mask.

  30. sasquatch responds:

    Some old Norwegian theme park lost one of it’s giant animatronic dummies.

  31. William responds:

    In addition to looking like a Lord of the Rings Dwarf or the Travelocity Gnome, it doesn’t resemble in the least the purported bigfoot he has been showing in his “video” named Hank. Not only must he think people are stupid but also blind!

    All I can say if he charges money for viewing this fabrication I think he could be committing fraud and could end up having all sorts of law after him, including FBI, IRS, and local law enforcement.

  32. Sebastian Wang via Facebook responds:

    Well, it is time. I am now releasing my photo. I have 4 of them.

  33. Goodfoot responds:

    William: Would the FBI prosecute PT Barnum? I rest my case. People are supposed to be smart enough to know when they’re being taken. If they prosecuted, THEY’D be more of a laughing stock than Dyer.

  34. Spencer Powell via Facebook responds:

    Claims it was the exact creature in the camper video with NO HAIR on it’s forehead and above the brows… a few names for you..”Melba Ketcham,M.k. Davis, Scott Carpenter, Matt Moneymaker, Dave Palidas…… just to name a few:-Q:-@:-/:-/:-|:-!:-$

  35. parapa responds:

    according to the photo was first put on an apple computer on January 25, 2012, how can that be if he didn’t shoot the creature until September 2012.

  36. dconstrukt responds:

    news… ok… that might be a wee bit of a stretch… we can debate that this is news for years and get nowhere…

    but TWO posts on this guy?

    like really?

    who the hell taught you guys to blog?

    does your local news run two segments on the same story back to back?

    does any other major blog?

    I dont see huffington post running back to back posts on hoaxers… or tech crunch… or lifehacker… or any other blog.

    you guys are just perpetuating the garbage and the hoaxing.

    when guys like this get NO press and no publicity from sites like this, mentally ill people tend to go away.

  37. Craig Woolheater responds:


    For your info, now that I need to explain my actions to you…

    I saw the face image posted so I published it.

    Just a few minutes later, doing a google news search, I saw the story with news segment video pop up on KSAT’s website.

    To me, that was news.

    My blog = my rules…

    Don’t like it, don’t read it.

    Why don’t you start your own blog and show us amateurs how to do it…

  38. dconstrukt responds:

    lol amateurs.

    dude, i’m laughing my ass off.

    craig… FYI I’ve been marketing online for 13 years… have sites in my portfolio ranked in the top 80,000 globally.

    I probably make in a month online what you make in a year.

    hardly amateur.

    in fact, a lot of my banners appear on CM (thanks to google.)

    And considering CM is ranked over 200,000 according to alexa, I could probably teach you a few things about blogging and making money online pal. :-)

  39. mandors responds:

    Can someone tell me how bald forehead “Hank” in the original tent video somehow grew hair down to his eyebrows after being shot? I’ve seen better costumes on the Sci-Fi channels “Face Off.” (Yes, I was watching the “Twilight Zone” marathon.)

    It’s almost scary the extent of this guy’s sociopathic behavior, and I mean that clinically. You get caught in a lie, but you keep lying and actually get angry at anyone who doesn’t believe you or calls you out.


  40. EineHexe responds:

    The beard is not glued properly on the right side of face. The edge of it is clearly visible. A hoax and not even good one.

  41. DWA responds:


    There is a very good reason – very discernible on any thread like this – why Craig and others post stuff like this.

    (Other than that cryptozoology is a field with a lot of Slow News Days. Kinda like zoology.)

    There are people who easily and comfortably use their intellectual chops to sift evidence into three categories:

    1. Compelling
    2. Might or might not be compelling; awaiting more info
    3. This stuff

    …and there are people who can’t.

    This kind of thread is for those in the former category to educate those in the latter. Training exercises, if you will.

  42. William responds:

    @ Goodfoot: You wrote:

    “William: Would the FBI prosecute PT Barnum? I rest my case. People are supposed to be smart enough to know when they’re being taken. If they prosecuted, THEY’D be more of a laughing stock than Dyer.”

    While this is indeed true, Barnum was a known circus promoter and showman so nobody really took him seriously and people paid to see his fake exhibits just for fun and I could be wrong, but I believe they were part of the Barnum and Bailey Circus, or an offshoot thereof.

    Dyer on the other hand, is nothing of the sort. He is a liar, a fraud, a self indulgent money grabber trying to profit off of lies, con artistry, fakery, and fraudulent portrayal of something that clearly is not what he is claiming it to be. If he was saying this was a model of a bigfoot he saw or even shot at, I see no problem – even if it wasn’t true, because it isn’t real but an admitted fabrication. But to claim this was an actual living creature he killed, that has been backed by DNA tests, and the bones were removed is fraudulent. Anyone with seeing eyes can tell this thing was never alive. He did the exact same thing before with his costume in the freezer deal, only in that fraud he said he “found” the body.

    However, if he took a dead dog and wrapped it up in a fur monkey suit and a dwarf mask and traveled the country claiming it was a dead baby sasquatch with DNA tests to back it and charging fees to see it – in my estimation that is fraud as well even though my dog was once alive. It is simply dishonest and therefore he needs as disclaimer before charging people money. Conning people for money is illegal in this country.

  43. dconstrukt responds:

    DWA – thx totally respect your opinion and craigs obviously for posting on his blog.. I just feel like crap like this is why so many people laugh at this topic and posting it perpetuates it and the ppl who are mentally ill and do it.

    oh and happy, and healthy new year to everyone :)

  44. Kalli responds:

    Oh my God, he killed one of the Duck Dynasty guys!

  45. Vance Marten via Facebook responds:

    Ah I see the circus is in town!!! What a bunch of clowns!!!

  46. alan borky responds:

    Craig that almost certainly is a sculpture but the Grand Canyon sized crevice ‘cross the bridge o’ the nose not t’mention the gapin’ black craters in the scalp also give it a remarkable resemblance t’ a Krokodil corpse.

  47. Grasshopper responds:


    Your comments to Craig (and often to others here on CM) are rude, insulting and non-constructive.

    We come here to CM to read, discuss and debate news, findings, books, films, ponderings, etc. regarding the mysterious and unique world of cryptozoology. Every person here has their own perspective and (hopefully) the cognitive reasoning ability to sift through, and discern for themselves the boundaries or lines they allow when drawing their own conclusions.

    By hosting this blog, Craig allows us these discussion opportunities, regardless how ridiculous you feel they may be. If you feel they are a waste of your time, then perhaps you should search elsewhere for something more to your taste.

    As a CM reader, I care not how long you have been in marketing, how much you make in a month, or if your banners appear on CM. I come here for the discussion on cryptozoology, not to witness your bullying of everyone here who makes a comment.

    Craig–we’re thankful for CM and all that you do to provide interesting topics of discussion. :-) ‘Nuff said.

  48. mandors responds:

    dconstrukt, craig, you boys play nice now.

    Look d, I see your frustration. Dyer is a hose bag pulling the same pig guts in a freezer trick. I’d love to see him, Bastardi AND Smegma all thrown in a freezer for good. But Craig’s got to post what he gets. That’s often nothing.

    Heck, I haven’t seen a good blobsquatch in weeks!! And I’m jones-in’ my brother!!

    Personally, I don’t mind the chronological posting. They might not be pretty, or professional looking, but it gives me the history. It’s an interesting look into the mind and method of a hoaxer. If you had a real Bigfoot, and you have probably said this, you’d just preserve it, call the press and release the pictures.

    This trickle crap is an indictment in itself. Trying to build interest shows it’s a hoax. The truth doesn’t need hype.

  49. dconstrukt responds:

    hey mandors…. thx… lol… love what you said… totally agree… i’m totally cool…. not worried what that goof foot putz is whining about.

    all good. not my blog. not my rules.

    i mean i’m not loosing any sleep over it, its just funny how you guys (generalizing as a whole) want people to take this topic seriously, but blogs, like this one, continue to perpetuate the hoaxing by giving them news and attention.

    This field of study will never be taken seriously as long as this continues.

    Its like ESPN doing news pieces on fake sports videos… or fake athletes…

    could you imagine them doing this?

    or a local news station doing multiple stories on fake news incidents during the day.

    see how long people would be watching.

    but mandors… dude… these photos of the hoaxer are SO bad… I dont even think you can fool a kid with these let alone an adult….like how mentally ill do you have to be to even think people will believe this?

  50. asalazar1967 responds:

    Well, this photo is laughable at best. I find it ridiculously contemptuous of Rick Dyer to try and present this photo as evidence. He truly is a legend in his own mind and he’s the only person who believes his story. I am amazed that people are still falling for his hoax.

    The fact he has been “stringing” people along regarding disclosure/presentation of the “Bigfoot body” should be indicative that he truly has nothing. On second thought, maybe now he has had a costume made with some of the money he has scammed from his gullible followers. In either case, Dyer displays his ineptness once again.

    There are too many inconsistencies to list but I will point out three obvious ones that contradict his story. So, here we go…

    If one scrutinizes the photo for a short moment, one will quickly conclude that

    (1)the face/head is intact,

    (2)the supra-orbital ridge is obviously not prominent in any way, and

    (3)the hair color is blond.

    The photo’s obvious characteristics contradict Dyer’s story as well as indicate his lack of knowledge of the distinct facial features of the Sasquatch. The proof of his photo being a fake is irrefutable via…

    (A) There is no distortion in the face (it’s perfect). How can that be if Dyer slew “Hank” via a “head shot” with a 30.06 rifle at close range?! A bullet that size at close range will do some major damage (distorting) to a skull.

    (B) The Sasquatch are primates and according to eyewitness reports, they have very prominent supra-orbital ridges. The subject in Dyer’s photo displays a very NON-prominent eyebrow ridge.

    (C) The hair color of the subject in the photo is blond and the hair color of the subject in the tent video is auburn.

    Need I say more…?

    Thus, how can any rational, reasonable person in their right mind even begin to believe this is a photo of the purported “Hank” Rick Dyer claims to have shot and killed in early September of 2012 in San Antonio, Texas much less believe his story. I believe it to be a desperate bid for attention from a truly troubled individual with emotional issues whom I hope will seek out professional counseling.

  51. dconstrukt responds:

    This time its for real.

    No, no. no. This guy is serious.

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