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Frightening Screams At Clipper Mills

Posted by: Craig Woolheater on October 12th, 2013

Broken down along a lonely roadside, a young couple experience a horrifying night surrounded by strange screams. A true story.

About Craig Woolheater
Co-founder of Cryptomundo in 2005. I have appeared in or contributed to the following TV programs, documentaries and films: OLN's Mysterious Encounters: "Caddo Critter", Southern Fried Bigfoot, Travel Channel's Weird Travels: "Bigfoot", History Channel's MonsterQuest: "Swamp Stalker", The Wild Man of the Navidad Destination America's Monsters and Mysteries in America: Texas Terror - Lake Worth Monster.

13 Responses to “Frightening Screams At Clipper Mills”

  1. airforce47 responds:


    Interesting and seems to involve some specimens of the species. It’s another encounter for the books and may be of interest in location to researchers. Thanks for posting.

  2. PhotoExpert responds:

    The commentator did an excellent job of breaking down the video and audio for us. Interesting sounds! Well, much more interesting than the audio sounds submitted by the SO group.

  3. Megatherium responds:

    Kudos to the recorder of the audio video for an extended recording of the event. Far too often, we get a minute or less of the same and it doesn’t lend itself to well to analysis or simply re-experiencing the event with the witness.

    What are the chances this could be a call blasting event by another researcher? That possibility appears remote in my mind due to the location and the fact that appears to be two distinct calls.

    Fascinating audio / video!

  4. DWA responds:

    Well, were I a scientist, I would be disinclined in the extreme to simply chalk this up to something known.

    Interesting. Myra Shackley speculates that the nearest sasquatch relative is the mountain gorilla. And that comparison call sounded more than close enough to me.

  5. corrick responds:

    More undocumented junk except this time by a slightly more sophisticated film maker wannabe than usual.

    This is insane. No sources named so zero way to to research as to any truth.

  6. Goodfoot responds:

    I have to admit I’ve heard this sort of call on a couple of occasions in NM, on adjacent ridges, divided by NM 64. There is nothing known that can make this sort of racket, aside from Mountain Lions, and clearly this isn’t Mountain Lions, clearly. And the chance it was call blasting on these very steep, high ridges is remote, IMO.

    The ridges are at least 1 1/2 miles from where I lived, yet the loudness was not a lot less than in this tape.

    I have to ask you this, corrick: if you’re such a hardened skeptic what on Earth are you doing here? You accuse everyone who has an experience of being a liar or a fool, or both. Do you fancy the company of liars and fools?

  7. Stadtusquo responds:

    Very creepy audio/visual. I am also intrigued by the way the 2 dogs are interested. They seem piqued to what is going on, and yet not growling or hair up, etc. (except for the short growl near the end of video). maybe the dogs sense the distance and do not feel threatened? I have been camping in tents in the wilderness in northern and southern California, and have never heard anything like this, thankfully.

    This would have creeped me out. Who knows what was making those howls… excellent documentation.

  8. DWA responds:

    corrick: come on. Rants with nothing to back them up are just funny! This was SOPHISTICATED…????

    Goodfoot: oh, mountain lions these aren’t. Dogs, coyotes, nope. Anyone who comes up with a known animal must provide a sound clip.

    (That sounds like a mountain gorilla.)

  9. William responds:

    I have heard this before several times before this guy’s analysis. It sounds to me like a whole lot of dogs howling with a very big echo. Sort of like coming up from a canyon or deep hollow. Sound can play tricks, and I don’t think this is anything more than that.

  10. crewcapt responds:

    I have been a lurker here on Cryptomundo since 2008 I could never begin to write as eloquently as some of the folks that often comment. However, seeing as how this was recorded less than 20 minutes from my house your gonna get my 2 cents.

    I have spent my entire life working and playing in these mountains and have heard all the day and night sounds they have to offer.

    Like William, I initially thought that it was hounds down in a ravine and their sounds were echoing of the slope and creating the effect. After I listened quite a few times I realized there is something in there that doesn’t belong with the normal sounds from this neck of the woods. I cant say for sure what it is or isn’t, it’s just odd!

  11. DWA responds:

    If it were dogs, the dogs in the vehicle would be vocalizing, count on it.

    With that depth and reverb, I doubt it’s dogs. (Dogs howling are all over the place. This sounds like two individuals, and if they’re individuals they’re certainly not dogs.)

    You’d have to prove dogs to me. I very seriously doubt that.

  12. Ploughboy responds:

    A cogent and reasonable piece of analysis, I think. In the end, all you can say, as has been said here, is, “What the f*** is that?”

  13. Alamo responds:

    I’d say the two people (and the dogs) in the video are the most qualified to tell if the howls came from dogs. As DWA pointed out, the dogs don’t think so… and the people, if you think they are genuine (and I do), don’t think so either. They are hearing dogs all around them and recognize them as such because they sound just like dogs. The strange howls, on the other hand… don’t.

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