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Invisible Bigfoot?

Posted by: Craig Woolheater on March 1st, 2007

Cryptomundo reader silvereagle has alluded to Lawrence Livermore National Labs having had several bigfoot in captivity in the 60’s. Several other Cryptomundo readers had asked for more information regarding this. He posted the following as a comment and I decided to post it as a separate blog.

It was fairly common knowledge in the east bay area during the late 60’s and early 70’s, that Lawrence Livermore National Labs had several bigfoot in captivity in the 60’s. UC Berkeley staff also participated in the study. The first bigfoot caught them by surprise, when it escaped by walking out the door when the janitor came in to clean out, what everyone thought was an empty holding cell. It remained at large inside the building for a couple of weeks, before it found its own way out. There was some panic but I believe that only a few people stayed at home, since it was technically 4th dimensional. The 4th dimension description was not decided, until a later time and at UC Berkeley, I believe. Stephen Hawkings participated to some degree in later studies in 1974-1975. The scientists did continue to study the bigfoot while it was at large. They did so by standing in front of its travel path and letting it walk right through them. They were able to determine that it held no ill will toward its captors, and that it was only trying to get out of the building.

They were more prepared for the second one that they held captive. During that study, they had 24 hour multiple observer surveillance and multiple cameras running. At no time was no camera not running. They both witnessed and photographed the Bigfoots many cycles of transition from our 3 dimensions to several 4th dimension phases. This one escaped in the exact same way as the first, because apparently it did not return from a 4th dimension phase. So they believe that it had escaped on its own. It too roamed THE LAB, for a couple of weeks. It made its way to a break room and both ate food there and made a mess during the night that was left to be discovered the next day. They relied on the secretaries to detect where the 4th dimensional bigfoot was, since they were more sensitive than the men and could better sense the electromagnetic cloud that was associated with its presence. Apparently, it liked to sneak up on the secretaries from behind, when they came in for coffee. So there were a few dropped coffee pots and burnt toes. They drove this one out of the building by opening up a pathway by propping doors open and presumably banging on pots and pans. Apparently, one scientist was retired early because it was believed that the bigfoot hynotised him to go insane. He apparently did not respect the bigfoot for being people and firmly thought it to be an animal. That was the only injury that I can recall. The actual report was retrieved by the DoD from THE LAB’s library in about 1979, and no copies remain there. Since THE LAB has retirement plans, no personnel that were on duty then are still there today. This is why the feds are still quite bent on stifling all bigfoot research of any kind, and by any method. The conclusion of the DoD study was that the bigfoot cannot be contained, controlled or communicated with, and is thought to be alien in origination.

They were wrong on the communication aspect, because most anybody can communicate with the bigfoot, given the proper instruction.

Far more money is spent by the federal government to stifle bigfoot research, than is spent by all bigfoot researchers put together, in my opinion. How? Illegal Email and phone taps. Helicopter and motor vehicle time. Electronics to track cell phones of researchers who failed to remove the battery from their phones even though turned off. Automated telephone harassment equipment. Manhours to both tail and harass researchers. Breaking and entering to steal records and photographs of those who right books. Theft of mail through the USPS, UPS and Fedex. Picking up bigfoot bodies and threatening all who witnessed it. Other than that, the feds couldn’t give a rats ass about whether bigfoot is proven or not.silvereagle
February 17, 2007

I asked for a source for the Lawrence Livermore National Labs Bigfoot story. He responded thusly and offered the following advice:

I listed a source as Stephen Hawkings. I have listed him in the past. All choose to fail to interview him. People are free to poke around Berkeley with the retired professors. Lawrence Berkeley has a science exhibit building that is open to the public. They were fully aware of both the Bigfoot in captivity and the invisibility in 1975. It was common knowledge back then.

Two successful southern Oregon bigfoot researchers by the name of Ray Rosa and Shelly Binkley, had one of the bigfoot that they are working with, transition into an orb in front of their eyes. That will be real easy for you to verify. The orb trick was also first revealed in the Lawrence Livermore Lab Bigfoot Study. I just didn’t post it because I didn’t think that your viewers could handle it.

Invisibility of Bigfoot has been known about since at least the 60’s. People who know about, do not become Bigfoot researchers because they are pretty sure it is a waste of time trying to study something that is invisible most of the time. People who do not know about it, may become Bigfoot researchers because they do not know what they are up against. So the law of natural selection weeds out those who know about Bigfoot invisibility in the ranks of researchers. Sali Sheppard Wolford’s book “Valley of the Skookum”, clearly describes Bigfoot invisibility. Mary Green’s book describes the evidence but fails to reach any conclusion.

I have watched the TBRC video on TV. Let me give you a little help. I communicate with the Bigfoot by whispering in English. I can get them to reply by using branch breaks. So can you. Your researchers believe that by whispering, Bigfoot will not hear you. Wrong! I have audio/video of a Bigfoot going ballistic at 300 yards away, after all I was doing was “thinking” about how some people think that they have the right to kill a Bigfoot. Bigfoot understands both English and even your tiniest thought. Don’t forget that because that is the most important piece of information that a researcher can have.

A fellow Oregon researcher of mine has seen hundreds of Bigfoot. She will not post to the internet for obvious reasons. There is no question in her mind that they are interdimensional, and will drift in and out of our dimension right before her eyes. So the TBRC is pursuing the wrong avenue because they apparently had no one to clue them in. I have had close to 10 bigfoot stand within 10 feet of me. Guess what? They were all invisible but emitted a sensation of an electromagnetic cloud, as well as some other faint electronic snapping, and they were all peaceful. I have a picture of paranormal eyeshine from two likely wood gnomes at 5 feet. Their bodies are invisible. They are the same 4th dimensional people family as Bigfoot. If you are not even thinking about hurting a Bigfoot, then you should have no reason to fear an invisible Bigfoot. All bets are off if you are thinking about hurting, killing or capturing one. Bigfoot research along the paranormal route, is busting out into a sprint, because we have both contact and communication with them. Flesh and blood research is and will always be going absolutely nowhere. Perhaps the TBRC ought to rethink their beliefs and their goals. Oregon is at the extreme cutting edge of Bigfoot Research today. I am unaware of any other area that is even close to achieving any significant new results.

There is just one giant game going on, to try and keep from upsetting too many people about invisibility. My take on invisibility? Invisibility is an inconvenience to proving Bigfoot. The Bigfoot do not use it as a weapon to hurt people who respect them as people. Even when they are invisible, they are concerned that we can see them. They use it as a defensive tool to keep from getting hurt or killed by lunatics with guns. And there are a lot more Bigfoot than anyone can imagine. They live inside the city limits of Portland, Oregon, and in most woods that are larger than 5 acres around here. They just do not often come into our dimension to get shot.

Food for thought silvereagle
February 17, 2007


By posting this information from silvereagle, I in no way endorse it as factual.

About Craig Woolheater
Co-founder of Cryptomundo in 2005. I have appeared in or contributed to the following TV programs, documentaries and films: OLN's Mysterious Encounters: "Caddo Critter", Southern Fried Bigfoot, Travel Channel's Weird Travels: "Bigfoot", History Channel's MonsterQuest: "Swamp Stalker", The Wild Man of the Navidad, Destination America's Monsters and Mysteries in America: Texas Terror - Lake Worth Monster, Animal Planet's Finding Bigfoot: Return to Boggy Creek and Beast of the Bayou.

167 Responses to “Invisible Bigfoot?”

  1. Cryptonut responds:

    Maybe bigfoot is eating magic mushrooms so he can slip in and out of the 4th dimension…..Just when I thought I had heard it all…Entertaining cryptofiction read…pancakes pale by comparison! :-)

  2. J.Vac responds:

    it sounds similar to the blog a while back about the telepath that would charge for sessions of telepathic communication with a bigfoot. Or maybe the people over at have the correct idea about bigfoot being an ET

  3. Judy Green responds:


  4. elsanto responds:

    I’ll be the first to get it out of the way:

    I’ll believe in an invisible bigfoot when I *see* one. 😛

    Couldn’t resist.

  5. mrdark responds:

    Mindreading, invisible bigfoot. Man, I’m sorry, but this is schizophrenia. I’m not joking, it’s textbook. This person doesn’t need a separate blog entry, it never helps to encourage the delusions of a schizophrenic. He needs diagnosis and medication.

  6. pitch black moon responds:

    Just when I thought the world of cryptozoology coudn’t get any more strange…
    While I never dismiss things with a simple “hogwash”, I will say that this new take on the creature known as Bigfoot would lend convenient outs to believers.
    Skeptic: “Okay, if Bigfoot exists, how come we haven’t found any corpses, and no hunter has been able to kill one?”
    Believer: “Well, they’re invisible most of the time. And if you go out hunting them, they’ll read your thoughts and come after you…”
    Skeptic: “…Right…
    Let’s just say that the world is a strange place, and I strongly believe we are ignorant to much of it. If you can’t prove or disprove something, just let it be.
    Some very intelligent scientists and mathematicians have theories of multiple universes and intra-dimensional beings, so it’s not as far fetched as it seems at first.
    I don’t know everything, but I do know enough to know not to dismiss something just because it sounds crazy at first. I also know to be skeptical of many things, because people love to lie.
    They love it.

  7. Leto responds:

    Someone’s cuckoo for cocoa puffs.

  8. UKCryptid responds:

    It pains me to see a logical and actually quite ‘likely’ species start to be given supernatural powers by so-called reseachers, completely ruins the concept.

  9. PhotoExpert responds:

    UC Berkeley? LOL That about says it all and explains this entry. Sure man, I dig it, that is why we can not photograph anything but blobsquatches? Cool!

    When that interdimensional troll gets off that big mushroom, take some and pass it around some more and we can maybe see 10 more new dimensions that will explain other cryptids. Yea man, that’s the ticket! LOL Oh that’s right, the troll is invisible too except for the eyes but it has to be a troll because it is related to BF.

    Yeah, right!

    Now I know why Loren does not even like postings on these subjects. They are entertaining but detract from the reality that is.

    Craig, thanks for posting that and giving me a laugh for the day. It was appreciated.

    Somebody needs to get back on their meds and by that, I mean the people at UC Berkeley.

  10. harleyb responds:

    I believe it is true the Bigfoot creatures are inter-dimensional beings, some smarter than others. That would explain the secrecy and mystery that surrounds them. They probably think humans are dumb.

  11. Darkstream responds:

    Hmm, I’ve heard this theory before. Erik, is that you?

    Unfortunately for Mr. Burgstahler, when proposing such outlandish claims one must offer better evidence than “A fellow Oregon researcher of mine has seen hundreds of Bigfoot. She will not post to the internet for obvious reasons.” He will likely take offense that we don’t take him at his word. However, the ambiguous name dropping does nothing to convince others of the truth of his statements, nor does citing authors who share his beliefs. However, judging from the tone of his posting, Mr. Burgstahler doesn’t sound like he’s interested in convincing others. He places the burden of proof on us to go ambush Stephen Hawkings and force him to confess.

    I can just see that conversation now. “Mr. Hawkings! Is it true you witnessed, er, heard invisible Bigfoot shambling about scaring secretaries and spilling coffee in secret government laboratories during the 60’s?”

    As for wood gnomes Mr. Burgstahler might be onto something. I hear that Abrams published an extensive study of gnomes by Huygen and Poortvliet in the 70’s so it must be true.

  12. chemo1960 responds:

    There is no fossil record for big apes in America.

    Is it possible that Giganto walked all the way from the montane forests of Central Asia via the siberian land bridge or a sub species evolved separately on the North American continent – highly unlikely for both scenarios?

    If you strip away the Patterson film which can still be interepted in different ways – what speed was it shot at prompted Napier to suggest that it was either a real animal or a man in a suit, then there is no hard evidence left.

    The film is worthless as incredibly the only person to successfully to film Bigfoot also set out as the reason for his trip.

    Biggest hoax of the last century & like the non existent Thunderbird photo (I had a western magazine from the 60s & it was a drawing, not a photo) it has taken on a life of its own.

    Cryptozoology is about looking at the possibility of known/or unknown animals that are too be found in the remote corners of the world, not about a few interested parties pedalling their own views on a all of nothing basis which is why we are not taken seriously as a science.

    All of the current cryptozoology books being published are either reprints of older books or the same material regurgitated in a different way.

    Richard Freeman’s Dragon book contains reprints of his articles in Animals & Men, but was sold as a new definitive book on the subject.

    For example, why is;

    The Yeti – not a bear.
    Mokele Mbembe – a large python or monitor lizard
    Nessie – a sturgeon or large eel

    If you look long enough you can identify most animal reports with known species.

    Ri – turned out to a dugong.

    Why is the community obsessed with Mokele Mbembe or Nessie being long extinct reptiles?

  13. YourPTR! responds:

    An entertaining read for sure not that I believe one word of it. 😀

  14. MBFH responds:

    I’m more than willing to keep and open mind on things, if if they of the utmost strangeness. However, when the ‘evidence’ appears to be contradictory doubt quickly creeps in:

    “The first bigfoot caught them by surprise, when it escaped by walking out the door when the janitor came in to clean out, what everyone thought was an empty holding cell.”

    “The scientists did continue to study the bigfoot while it was at large. They did so by standing in front of its travel path and letting it walk right through them.”

    If it can walk through people why does it have to wait for a door to be opened?

  15. kittenz responds:

    I just can’t imagine why “All choose to fail to interview ” Stephen Hawking about his secret encounters with huge invisible interdimensional primates ;).

  16. dws responds:

    Hey there blimpy-boy! Flying in the sky so fancy-free!

    “I’ll believe it, but I WON’T SEE IT!”

    ugh! Bigfoot in 4 D… right…I have trouble seeing things in 3!

  17. Captain Avatar responds:

    I believe Horton has heard a Who!

  18. jayman responds:

    So, if they stood in its path and it walked right through them, why didn’t it walk through the walls?

  19. CAP responds:

    Hi All,
    I have been quietly enjoying this site for many, many months without having the need to put my comments to the cryptozoological community, until this morning. PLEASE, PLEASE can you refrain from giving such wild fantasies such prominence, it just makes all of us working in the field seem like ‘loonies’. I understand that all are entitled to their theories but let’s have some hard evidence for ‘interdimensional phasing’ before slandering poor Professor Hawkins! It is to the detriment of us all and devalues the hard work done in the field by the dedicated few. Yes I am aware of Loren’s leanings on this matter and infact ‘Creatures of the Outer Edge’ was one of the first books I ever bought on Bigfoot, but please let’s have some hard facts before speculating wildly.

    Sorry for going on.

  20. Questor responds:




  21. busterggi responds:

    This is why people think my interest in cryptozoology is ridiculous. It’s embarrassing to be lumped in with this sort of thing.

  22. mystery_man responds:

    This goes to show that just because you can imagine this far out world where Bigfoot are invisible telepaths, does not mean it is reality. A lot of people here know that I have an open mind to a lot of things, but I have to say that in my opinion, this account has no scientifically verifiable elements at all. I want to say “hogwash”, but I will settle for “a highly unlikely sequence of events.” I would love to be proven wrong, but that is the catch isn’t it? Proof. Not even just proof that an animal such as Bigfoot exists, but also that this whole world of invisibility and whatnot exists. Notice the lack of even a shred of evidence that any of this ever happened? Sorry, but I think I am reasonably scientifically minded and I deal in verifiable facts or at least plausible theories based on things we actually know about the natural world and this full blown science fiction story, as entertaining as it is, just is not that kind of stuff. Sorry to get a bit irritated here, folks, but that’s what I think of this supposed event and I will take it seriously when it deserves to be. I would love to be proven wrong, in fact I dare them to prove me wrong.

  23. kittenz responds:


    I have those Gnomes books. They have pictures and everything so they must be true :D.

  24. bigdog82644 responds:

    Wow, you mean there are TWO of us? That like to tell BS stories, I mean.

  25. calash responds:

    Please no, let’s not go here. This is an animal. A very smart one to be sure, but an animal. If they are this smart as to understand English and can be invisible they should be the dominant species on earth. Also if they are this smart how did they capture them? If we start going in this direction then there is no end to the possibilities.

    Living things use their natural attributes. Muscles, teeth, claws, intelligence to survive. Humans are naked and helpless in the natural world. We have intelligence and the dexterity of our limbs that has allowed us to live in every corner of the earth. Sasquatch is obviously an exceptional animal. Guided by its abilities or instinct It has kept away from man in all but the rarest of cases.

  26. DreamKeeper responds:

    Well, I believe this whole-heartedly. I think it makes a lot of sense. But I guess that’s because I believe in different dimensions, I can see how this can be a bunch of crap to some people. But I have enjoyed this article. Thank you Mr. Craig

  27. arbigfoothunter responds:

    Sounds like a good start to an upcoming TV movie. There’s not much to add to the (mostly) great comments made by our fellow crypto-readers. I don’t remember hearing anything about these Bigfoot captives in the 60’s (or the 70’s, 80’s 90’s either), but then again I was young and trying to deal with the new British Invasion and all the “long haired” hippies that came along with them.

    I really don’t even like reading articles like this one because it feels like people think they have the right to “play with our heads” and write anything and we are to believe it, simply because we tend to believe in crypto science. I thoroughly enjoyed the article and the news video about the 100+ yards of Bigfoot prints discovered in California a few months ago, but just reported. Now we know why sane people are so reluctant to report things like this immediately. Does anyone agree with me on this?

    Well, must go now. Great reading.

  28. bill green responds:

    definetly a very interesting article.. about bigfoot. bill

  29. Craig Woolheater responds:

    I didn’t make the point in the original post and I really should have. By posting this information from silvereagle, I in no way endorse it as factual.

    As I stated, several readers had asked for additional information regarding his claims in previous comments here on Cryptomundo.

  30. Doug Higley responds:

    Truly groundbreaking. Now I know why I can’t see my 4ft Bigfoot, chainsaw carved out of Redwood in my garden anymore. I thought it had been stolen. What a relief.

  31. DWA responds:

    I’ve talked enough about this topic, so all I have to respond to is chemo1960’s post.

    A position that the animal doesn’t, probably doesn’t, or isn’t likely to exist demonstrates an ignorance of the evidence. Plain and simple.

    Read up. And I promise you don’t have to interview Hawking or anyone at Livermore. All that’s required is a good solid read on the BFRO or TBRC websites.

    IT’S AN APE. Pure and simple.

    If it exists. And there’s tons more evidence that it exists than there is that all that evidence is made up. The latter being a position that any “skeptic” must defend – with evidence – to be taken seriously.

  32. DWA responds:

    Although yes, I am thinking that for a four-dimensional being, the Livermore sas needed more than a suspicious amount of three-dimensional help.

  33. joppa responds:

    Thanks for the post. I can’t figure out how they “captured” bigfoot in the first place ?

    If we know how they were captured, maybe we can replicate the “experiment” ?

    My guess is that the bigfoot studies were done with copious amounts of mescaline and LSD.

  34. silvereagle responds:

    This is fun reading all the negative responses about the invisible BBBigfoot. (lower lip quivering violently) The thousands of people out there that are aware of Bigfoot invisibility, would likely have a good laugh as well. I will follow up with a few responses:

    Darkstream, Stephen Hawking does in fact speak about the Bigfoot in public, today. You do not even have to ask him any questions. The last time he stated something about the subject that I am aware of, he stated that Bigfoot are real and are paranormal.

    MBFH, The holding cell and door, were not likely of any simple construction that we non-scientists can imagine. So the door being opened, was the only escape that the Bigfoot apparently could find. There are other reports of Bigfoot walking through walls, so walking through people would be nothing new, since they would exist in a parallel dimension. Read up on parallel dimensions.

    All kinds of little people have historically been described as having the capability of invisibility. Books have been written specifically describing it. An invisible wood gnome is nothing new.

    The capability of a 4th dimension person turning into an orb, has been described by others, and photographs showing a brief moment of the transition, are owned by a well known Bigfoot researcher. Orbs are commonly associated with the presence of Bigfoot. This is readily verifiable with night vision that has an infrared assist. My bet is not a single person here with a negative comment, owns a decent night vision device. (typical under equipped researcher) Orbs can also be seen by taking flash pictures at night in the outdoors, but hold your head and eyes above the camera. They will briefly light up when the flash goes off. So they are no trick of digital cameras. Human spirits likely exist as a 4th dimensional orb occupying the same space as your brain, or perhaps your heart. When humans die, their spirit orb jumps ship and proceeds to fly around the room where it can be photographed. See “How to Photograph the Paranormal” by Leonore Sweet. So Bigfoot orbs are nothing far fetched and are similar to mans spirit orb.

    Much evidence is provided above, that the typical Bigfoot researcher is undereducated, and certainly does not have anything that resembles an open mind, both of which are essential elements to qualify as REAL BIGFOOT RESEARCHERS.

    It does not bother men one little bit, that there is so much negativity here. It just means that I can continue to have very little competition on this board, for uncovering the truth and resurrecting past discovered facts about the Bigfoot People.

    Bigfoot is easily provable today. Knowledge of the Bigfoot attributes I described previously, are essential to proving their existence for small audiences, which I currently do from time to time. See Bigfoot Encounters On Demand. The Bigfoot have no problem in proving that they are intelligent and invisible people, with telepathic ability, for all those that are present. They aim to please, and just want to get along with as the humans that respect them. Obviously, few people who are commenting here, actually respect both them and their abilities. You then won’t likely be getting along with the Bigfoot, which is your loss. Considering that the Bigfoot are essentially supernatural for all practical purposes, a past movie quote comes to mind from one search for the Holy Grail. “YOU CHOSE POORLY!”

  35. L Ron Hubbub responds:

    So the plural of Bigfoot is Bogfoot, not Bigfeet? Who decides these weighty matters?

  36. Blue Steel responds:

    Laugh while you can, monkey boys!

    I will entertain, at least, the possibility that this information is true. Once again, I invite those with a so-called “open mind” to ask themselves whether they aren’t using the same kind of dismissive attitude towards this account that so many others use toward bigfoot researchers in general.

    If you really want to make a case against this idea of “interdimensionality”, then go out there and get that scientific proof.

    Some bloke’s opinion that this is “highly unlikely” is – well – just an opinion. And we all know what opinions are like.

  37. DWA responds:

    L. Ron Hubbub:

    The same people who decide that the plural of sasquatch is sasquatch.

    I think that if those people interviewed Stephen Hawking (if it’s the same guy, he probably HATES “Hawkings”), that could be one HECK of an interview.

    I have always suspected The Steve to be FIFTH dimensional.

  38. L Ron Hubbub responds:

    Just finished the article. WTF? This guy is barely coherent. He is clearly delusional. My favorite quote:
    At no time was no camera not running.

  39. raisinsofwrath responds:

    As others have mentioned, I too have wondered how an interdimensional being that can turn invisible, shape shift into an orb and hear whispers from 300 yards had to wait for a door to open or wander around a building for 2 weeks trying to find a way out.

    He never mentioned how they were able to catch these creatures for study. Based upon his claims of BF’s 4th dimensional abilities, they probably couldn’t.

    So, lots of contradiction and fantasy.

  40. Fred Facker responds:

    Apparently when the Bigfeet go fourth dimensional you have no choice but to reverse the polarity on your proton packs and cross the streams if you hope to trap him. It also helps if your flux capacitor is outputting at the correct 1.21 jigawatts.

  41. MBFH responds:

    Silvereagle: thanks for your reply to my question. I’m sorry, but it doesn’t really help – a special room beyond what non-scientists can imagine. I can imagine some pretty freaky things I can assure you but just saying it doesn’t make it true.

    Parallel universes: no problem, I’m well up for them. Ever thought that every decision we have to make results in a parallel universe where each decison exists? I have. Can’t prove it but it’s a thought – best described as science fiction.

    If you have proof, please show it to us. I have an open mind.

  42. MBFH responds:

    Ps – no need to insult Silvereagle folks, he’s just got a different view to most. Take it easy on him, please.

  43. MultipleEncounters responds:

    My name is Dave and well this is my first post here. I sure don’t know if any of the claims above are true and there is no question this is a difficult concept for any of us to comprehend. Interestingly, the use of the term ‘invisibility’ may be as stigmatizing as the term ‘sasquatch research’. I have personally been fortunate enough to encounter 3 sasquatch over the last 28 years and received vocal responses in the last 8 months of study. What I seen when I seen it, was in our dimension. I am looking forward to hopefully seeing another one day. But there is no question that I have also encountered a few strange events when out in the field near where I last saw this animal, that I cannot explain nor will I dare try. I have never seen an orb and won’t claim they exist either, but I will always keep an open mind, because I know there is more to our existence on this planet then what we can see. It is my opinion that without an open mind when it comes to something already as unexplainable as sasquatch is, we may never truly learn what the secrets of this mysterious creature really are.

    I do find this subject somewhat interesting in that what is being claimed here may actually be described as a real-world application of Quantum Physics, or more precisely M-Theory based on String Theory. I am no scientist, but maybe what bigfooting needs right now is a scientist versed in Quantum Physics to help make sense of this level of claim. Yeah I know, moving in and out of different dimensions is not an easy pill to swallow, but I must point out that this is where modern science is focusing much of its efforts today.

    Let me pose this, is there even the slightest possibility that such claims as these, are the early signs of a paradigm shift? In applicable areas, the standard model of normal science is slowly being replaced by quantum physics, which absolutely supports the existence of alternate universes! Isn’t it ironic that some of our most renowned scientists of today have theorized this very phenomenon at levels most of us here also cannot fully comprehend or accept? Sound familiar? Maybe a paradigm shift is needed in our own application of research regardless of what we fear others think?

    I do live in Oregon but I have never contacted any of the individuals being referred to nor do I know who they are. Maybe however, someday it would be good to meet and hear what they have to say.

    “Where there is an open mind there will always be a frontier.”
    Charles F. Kettering


  44. DWA responds:

    Blue Steel does make an excellent point.

    Don’t get all pouty why nobody takes the sas seriously, then attack a different slant on the sas the exact same way. (Although I still think a four-dimensional Big Man doesn’t even get put in there, much less take that much time getting out.)

    Many of us – and I am one – do believe that slants like silvereagle’s are one reason science is still mainly staying away from this. But the underpinning of that is science’s current inability to prove – or disprove – anything “paranormal” about the sasquatch. You’re simply taking the conversation someplace that science can’t now go.

    But it does behoove us to remember that when one treats science as a religion, one gets bushwhacked by stuff like the sasquatch – the animal large numbers of people (not “rarest of cases” at all) have seen, but nobody seems to know.

  45. wulfloki responds:

    In my opinion, I am lean more towards the paranormal school of thought than a purely cryptozoological frame of reference. I am here mostly because I do believe there is quite a bit of “overlapping” between these two fields, and I would hate to close my mind completely to a possibility, only to have it proved correct at some later time, putting me in a position of actually being one of those close-minded block heads I rail against so often in my thoughts when considering history!

    Both sides in this argument have provided to me the exact same amount of proof of their beliefs about Bigfoot, that is to say, mere words written on a display screen. I have PERSONALLY not seen or felt or heard ANY evidence that would suggest to me, 100% that Sasquatch is real/physical. I have also never really had much cause to believe that the opposite is true either.

    Are Sasquatch/es pandimensional beings with powers far beyond ours? I have absolutely no fracking idea at all. Is it a theory that could become more believable if I did a bit more research of my own? Sure. I’ve got more of a background of studying poltergeist type phenomena than I do in hunting animals. So anything could be possible.

    What I find distastefull though, is the people here that simply heap personal abuse on people who have different ideas than their own, and how some would even dismiss the entire story based on spelling and grammar errors. It’s the proverbial throwing the baby out with the bathwater situation.

  46. joppa responds:

    I am not trying to “dis” Silvereagle, but how did they catch the bigfoots in the first place?

    It sounds like Carlos Castaneda was involved.

  47. Mnynames responds:

    Wow. Well, coming late to the scene here, there’s not much to be said that hasn’t already been stated. In my recollection, Silvereagle has been a long-time poster with some very intelligent things to say, and signing his name to this, knowing how it was likely to be received, is a brave act. I think he deserves our respect, regardless of how his views might conflict with ours. Another poster is right is saying that mocking him is no different than the scientific establishment mocking CZ in general. Having said that, Silvereagle is quite hostile in his tone, or at least overly defensive, but that may be to be expected on such a controversial topic as this. After all, he knows how it’s probably going to be taken.

    I remain open-minded with regards to his general premise. My own private theory or fantasy (At this point they’re about the same, with regards to evidence, and I’m not about to defend it as anything other than maddeningly wild speculation/wishful thinking on my part) is that some cryptids may exist in another dimension and occasionally phase in and out of our existence, or us in and out of theirs, due to some natural process with which we’re unfamiliar. And yeah, that theory would theoretically explain the “little people” too, and all manner of other phenomena. For such reasons, I refer to it as my “Goblin Universe” theory.

    As for the details of the story, they DO seem to be internally inconsistent, and very much unverified. With all due deference to Silvereagle, he should also have known that the tale is extraordinary enough without the fact that he can offer very little in the way of verified facts except some all-too-vague generalities. Aside from poking around Lawrence Livermore, and querying Hawking, he gives us very little to go on, and doesn’t even really mention how HE came by all this information, which doubtless sets off the suspicions of many poster here.

  48. MBFH responds:

    DWA: if science stays away from researching Bigfoot because of the views like those held by Neal Burghstahler then it’s the fault of the so called scientists, in my opinion. Most of them haven’t got the courage of Jeff Meldrum and the like. They’re worried about upsetting the establishment and losing their research grants. This is understandable, as it may be their livelihood, but what science has to see, and by science I mean the scientific establishment, is that discoveries aren’t made by keeping the status quo. It’s about being bold, taking risks, making mistakes and learning. The scientific establishment are at fault, not people like Neal.

    One more thing, to those of you in a previous topic stated that you believed in a god/creator/divine entity/supreme being, and you’ve knocked Neal’s opinions, where does your god reside? This isn’t a “Ha, caught you out!”, as I don’t know enough about theology or your beliefs (important word there) to challenge you in that way. It’s more to see if there is any chance of overlap here.

  49. greatanarch responds:

    Invisible transdimensional hyperbeings? You’ve fallen for the government story on this one. They are actually 7 foot reptilians from Wolf 359 who pretend to be invisible Bigfoot as a cover for their activities. I don’t have space to give the evidence here, but I will be happy to send my 959-page manuscript which gives incontrovertible proof, plus a new theory of gravity and all the Derby winners for the next 10 years.

  50. Munnin responds:

    Over the years, there have been many reports in which bigfoot is described in such a way that suggests some sort of “paranormal” or “supernatural” attributes. There are also many reports which seem to suggest a link between bigfoot and UFO sightings, an idea which also flies in the face of reason; if one is assuming a strictly empirical and material nature for these phenomena. These kinds of paranormal reports generally do not sit well, either with those who adhere to the premise of an unacknowledged, wary hominid which inhabits the New World (as demonstrated in this thread), nor with “nuts and bolts” UFOlogists whose theory is that we are being visited by beings with advanced technologies from somewhere outside our solar system. It’s understandable that researchers and enthusiasts in both these fields shy away from discussing these kinds of sightings and reports, since they are generally discounted because of their “bizarre” nature. They certainly could serve to discredit legitimate research in the eyes of the public at large, as well as of mainstream science. But the fact remains that there continue to be reports of experiences with invisible and/or telepathic bigfoot, observations of UFOs and bigfoot which suggest a link between them, and many other kinds of high strangeness. Perhaps there are both unacknowledged large primates in North America, and complex, fourth dimensional beings who resemble them when materialized in this dimension. I don’t presume to have the answers. But this side to the bigfoot story exists, and has existed for a long time, and will probably not go away, as much as some would like it to. For further accounts of such weirdness, I highly recommend Hunting the Skinwalker by Colm Kelleher, and the writing of John Keel, Jacques Vallee, and others of that ilk.

    Corvus Munnin

  51. silvereagle responds:

    Mnynames, You sew some clever seeds of doubt. Accolades.

    As for my sources, they include many world renown Engineering professors at UC Berkeley in the 70’s. UC Berkeley was aware of the then federal government’s plan to make Bigfoot top secret, even though they exist in many peoples backyards. Which appears to be somewhat unconstitutional, or should be. Since UC Berkeley staff fairly unanimously felt that this was WRONG, they decided to spread the word about Bigfoot because the federal government could not arrest them all. So Bigfoot discussion and disclosure, was a fairly constant thing when I was there in 1974-75. Other sources include an employee of Lawrence Livermore National Labs, who is likely now dead and thus cannot be prosecuted. I had no interest in Bigfoot at the time, but I did remember what he said. Even more sources include a ROTC cadet who was present when a colonel with the US ARMY came to OSU, to teach the cadets about the Bigfoot. That colonel apparently did in fact mention both invisibility and the orb phase of Bigfoot. My own camping experiences at the age of 12, often revealed the sound of nearby footsteps at dinnertime, but nothing was visible at the location of the sound. Other sources today include my own personal experiences of being located at the end of obvious large and small bipedal dashes through heavy brush. Which allowed me to study the rapid and fully synchronized dimension changes that take place with both Bigfoot and the little people. One such bipedal dash was for about 600 yards across a clear cut, and I had night vision to verify invisibility. Another was in the company of a tribal police officer, where 3 Bigfoot came within about 15 feet, but moved with virtually no sound through a dense network of branches while they studied us. So my sources of information are many and quite varied in location and time.

    As to where they may have captured them, it could have been in the tunnels beneath Edwards Air Force base that I understand that the Bigfoot were accessing then and probably still are. How? Perhaps they had some kind of electrical barrier that they could turn on to confine them to a certain area. A Tesla cage perhaps, may also have been used. Bigfoot often restrain themselves from disappearing when they are plainly visible by man.

    Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratories, would be a good source to try for information. They most likely have nothing in print, in regard to Bigfoot. Check with UC Berkeley students to see if they still teach about Bigfoot today. It certainly would not surprise me, since it appeared to be permanent school policy.

    Most public wooded parks are closed during the night time hours. Has anybody been able to put 2 and 2 together in regard to this peculiar policy? I have. It is because we would hear many strange and unexplainable sounds in those woods, some of which would be quite clear footstep sounds. Now what do you suppose that is? The skeptics here will not likely enter a woods after dark with no flashlight on, in order to see if they can hear footstep sounds. I do it quite a bit, because that is how you study the Bigfoot and little people. So the study area to verify invisibility, is at everyone’s doorstep, few here will likely have the cahoanes to actually check it out at the prescribed time. Instead, they will walk through the woods during daylight hours, and claim that there is nothing there. Which would be quite incorrect, because Bigfoot can sleep in the ground as a 4th dimensional Orb, or they can sleep just about anywhere else and not be seen. They normally ignore us during daytime hours. So AUDIO PROOF is easy to provide for those present. The question is, will you have some night vision device to verify invisibility at that time. This doesn’t work as good in the wintertime.

  52. sausage1 responds:

    He’s having a larf! Is he havin’ a larf?

  53. kittenz responds:

    Sure, this kind of idea makes a great flight of fancy, and it has been cooked up into quite a few really good science fiction stories (and even more bad ones). I am not one to say “impossible”.

    A multidimensional universe? Sure. That, I accept. Bigfoot zipping back and forth between like dragons in an Anne McCaffrey novel? As fun as that is to imagine, I (somewhat reluctantly) say, not a chance. Or rather, it’s about as likely as Bigfoot migrating from Mars.

    I want to keep an open mind, but not so open that my brain falls out.

  54. Buzzardeater responds:

    Hi,everyone!I confess I badgered Craig Woolheater about Silvereagle’s postings.I find myself suseptible to conspiracy theories.So, I think it is easier to believe that Sasquatch HAVE BEEN DISCOVERED for years rather than the alternative.
    When I saw the creatures I was aware also that I was in a kind of shock. Previously a believer, I still fought a mental battle before believing my eyes.My brain at first argued that I was misjudging distance and perspective.Only after calculation did I admit to myself that the waving figure in my headlights was inhumanly tall.The second evidence was silver eyeflash.At that time I rocketted through several stages of panic.There was nowhere to turn off the two lane ,ditch-sided road.No houses nearby.No other cars.The second, larger creature became illuminated as I was still a hundred or so yards away.The first creature could,I knew, block the road!I resolved myself and continued past, relying on training slogans that I chanted to myself in my head.I did not vary my speed,maintaining a steady thirty miles per hour.As I passed I gawked like a tourist,ogling the second creature.The second was in a drainage ditch but still towered over the car,taller than I would be if I was standing on the road. The first creature gave a sort of snort (to my ear “ha!”) and in a few steps matched my speed,loping beside me for a few steps before falling back.
    During the following months I destroyed my credibility with a lot of people and also nearly convinced myself I has hallucinated.
    Then I got cancer and nearly died.The elders in my community said that the big man appears to us when something is going to happen.
    I think that it what is happening.I think people can refuse the information thier eyes report,granting the Sasquatch invisibility.I think that we struggle with our place in the universe and it’s properties and we manufacture belief systems to deal with it all.
    I’d like to thank Silvereagle,DWA,Craig Woolheater and Loren Coleman for the forum here
    Joe Sieben

  55. vodkaferret responds:

    As munnin said, there are many reports of Bigfoot and other similar beasties that have seemingly supernatural aspects during their appearances to us mere humans. For example the Yowie – as Tony Healy said “After 25 years on the trail, I really suspect that the American Indians, the Australian Aborigines and some of the whacked-out American researchers are right: that is, that we’re dealing with shape-shifting phantoms here that will probably remain beyond human comprehension.”

    Whether that makes Silvereagle ‘whacked-out’ or not, far be it for me to say. And yes, the initial post above does seem short on usable fact and have certain inconsistencies…. but if you can honestly say that he is definitely, undeniably, 100.000000% per cent wrong, then you are either a braver man than I, or more blinkered.

    Or from another dimension.

    So yeah, it all seems very unlikely, but people in glass houses and all that – it just strikes me that some of the posts here have been a little harsh. To half the world Cryptozoology is little more than nutters chasing pockets of swamp gas, and that’s exactly the same blinkered attitude that is presented when silvereagles’ claims are dismissed as due to LSD use or textbook schizophrenia.

    Say they’re almost certainly wrong, if thats what you so think, but lets keep them minds open people!! :)

  56. JJohnson1 responds:

    This is the kind of crap that makes skeptics laugh at any serious bigfoot research. Like Biscardi and a few others, this guy should be ran out of town on a rail. And for those of you that would like to note that he has the right to an opinion, you are correct – but it shouldn’t be promoted or allowed to contaminate an otherwise worthwhile site.

  57. Darkstream responds:

    Those books describe an invisible Yeti as well. I think we’re onto something! 😉

  58. Darkstream responds:


    Hey, I’d love to be proven wrong on this. Please cite sources. That’s all I ask. Send me to an official Hawkings website that features him discussing the invisible paradimensional Bigfoot. Then I’ll come back here and apologize. However, you’re still making my point that the burden of proof is on *your* shoulders but you defer it to be on our shoulders. It’s easy to make bold statements, but not so easy to prove them. Prove us wrong. Send us verifiable, bonafide, official URLs. Obviously, links to pictures of invisible Sasquatch off of Erik Beckjord’s site won’t count for obvious reasons.

  59. Spoon Nose responds:

    In a pig’s eye, you say…

  60. Darkstream responds:

    @Blue Steel

    “If you really want to make a case against this idea of “interdimensionality”, then go out there and get that scientific proof.”

    I’m afraid we live in a world of three dimensions and consequently we are fascinated with three dimensional evidence of Bigfoot. It’s up to YOU to prove that there are fourth dimensional beings. Otherwise, it’s just your opinion.

  61. Double Naught Spy responds:

    Great! Just what we needed.


  62. RickMoran responds:

    I was a grad student at Berkeley in ’68 and continued to visit the campus for the following ten years in the summertime. I kept up my old contacts there and everyone knew my interest in all things unexplained, so it seems ironic that I NEVER heard this tale before.
    But maybe I was just in an altered state of consciousness at the time!
    Rick Moran

  63. Jason P. responds:

    I’ll keep this short and simple: If this site continues to give time and space to such ludicrous stories, it will lose all credibility.

  64. Remus responds:

    I believe (unless theories have changed) that the “fourth dimension” is Time. We are all fourth dimensional in that we pass through and experience it.

    I am a spiritual person and have deep respect for the native traditions of my Dakota friends. I am open to ideas other than it being just a species of ape.

    However, “the bigfoot hynotised him to go insane” may be key here somewhere…

  65. Darkstream responds:

    Well, I’ve spent more time reading and responding to this thread than I should have. It’s time to get back to work. I just want to thank everybody for an enjoyable read, including Silvereagle. I’ve had some fun with your statements, Silvereagle, but you mustn’t assume I’m not open minded. I consider myself healthily skeptic. Spectral evidence is simply something I reserve for religion. I guess I’m just not ready for an invisible Bigfoot Buddy as a spiritual companion.


  66. amstar responds:

    My husband is a Native American Traditional healer and I am a non-native women who was raised in Suburbia. He has seen Bigfoot twice in his life. I read him this post, and the following are his comments.

    When he was young, the Elders shared with him their oral history concerning Bigfoot (their name for these beings is roughly translated as Mountain Man). The elders told him (and this is translated from the original native language) that Bigfoot was able to appear and disappear at will and can move from one dimension into another. They also can travel without detection through the cave system underneath the earth.

    My husband also talks about the Little People and how they can shapeshift into rocks and can also become invisible. The elders considered it a great honor if a Bigfoot or one of the Little People appeared to a person.

    Sometimes Bigfoot will show himself during a ceremony (ie. pipe ceremony, sweat lodge, vision quest) and this has happened to my husband a number of times. One time his sister and others saw a Bigfoot appear behind him during such a ceremony, and then disappear a few seconds later.

    It can be hard for us (even me) to accept this reality since we come from a different culture than my husband. He was raised to accept such things as being real and he can see and sense things that others cannot. He also said he would not purposely go out to try to find a Bigfoot as this might make it angry.

  67. silvereagle responds:

    Remus, Guessing at the 4th dimension being TIME, does nobody any good here. Stephen Hawking was brought to Berkeley in 1974-75, for the specific purpose of studying the report and films on the captive Bigfoot in the 60’s. That resulted in the decision during 1975 at UC Berkeley that the federal government did not want to be made public, that the new 4th dimension was designated to explain Bigfoot invisibility. TIME got booted to the 5th dimension simultaneously. Google for books on Hidden Dimensions and try reading them. Stephen Hawkings does not write about Bigfoot that I am aware of. Since he has as extremely high IQ, he obviously is not that stupid. He only TALKS about them.

    RickMoran, I was at UC Berkeley at the same time as Stephen Hawking. Bigfoot was discussed in many classes, with no one single class was devoted to Bigfoot studies. You just stated that you visited, and did not attend classes in the 70’s, so you missed out. Attending in 1968, looks to be too early to experience the unwritten university policy of keeping Bigfoot knowledge alive.

    Darkstream, Where do you think the word “interdimensional” came from? A hollywood movie perhaps! Not likely. Scientists most likely came up with that based on their studies. You appear to not be doing any reading on the subject of higher dimensions. Burden of proof is not on my shoulders because I did not give Craig Woolheater permission to reprint my emails. I do not live in the San Francisco Bay area. Let those people do the leg work. I don’t need to prove this to anyone. I know it’s all true. I could care less whether anyone here believes me, so I am not going to fly to S.F. to do the work that you expect someone else to do for you. As I stated in a response that Craig buried, Bigfoot come out at night in your local unimproved wooded public parks. You have a curfew on those parks because the Cities already know that strange sounds come out of that wooded park at night time that they cannot explain. So you can research the invisible Bigfoot yourself, without leaving your own city.

    kittenz, Like some others, you already have parallel dimensions confused with parallel universes. They are not the same. Parallel dimensions exist simultaneously at the exact same location. Parallel universes do not, and are more likely a fantasy. Universes exist simultaneously at different locations, but are likely largely unrelated, in my opinion. Wormholes allow fast transport between different universes which are not parallel, not between parallel dimensions, in my opinion.

    greatanarch, The government does not likely talk or write about anything interdimensional, transdimensional, etc. Because that upsets people who are hanging onto reality by their fingernails, of which there are hundreds of millions in the US alone.

    Mnynames, You are hallucinating my hostility. Get over it. I gave Craig several other ideas on where to verify, but he has failed to print that so far. There are no contradictions in anything that I have stated. You are hallucinating that as well.

    joppa, Why do you think that I would know how they caught the Bigfoot?

    DWA, When you start philosophizing, I start to get real scared that the end of the world has got to be near. Please don’t take it personally, though.

  68. mystery_man responds:

    I have a very open mind about a lot of things, but even with paranormal occurences, one has to base their theory on the evidence one can find, not make some far out theory and then go looking for evidence to fit it while ignoring evidence to the contrary. I can see a lot of strange things and create some really neat idea about shifting between dimensions, but without scientifically showing how that works or how that is even possible, it is just a fantastic idea no matter how much it seems to make sense. Just because the idea of cryptids shifting between dimensions could explain a lot of things doesn’t make this a valid theory. Not until there is something to show how this is the case and one can show how it works. Don’t mistake people’s unwillingness to accept these far fetched ideas with out any substantiation as close mindedness or negativity. Bigfoot researchers who study this animal as a flesh and blood animal have evidence to that effect and they are not necessarily close minded. I am extraordinarily open minded for someone who works in the field of science, so I take a bit of offense at being called negative or some such because I won’t just accept this stuff at face value. I believe in science and although I entertain some of these fringe ideas, I hold anyone who develops these theories to the same scientific verification and rigors as anyone else. If people who make these fantastical claims cannot do that, then don’t go sour grapes and accuse others of being close minded. This is the way science works. I think it is important get out and research the phenomena and find something more concrete than fantastic ideas that COULD explain things.

  69. Blue Steel responds:


    “I’m afraid we live in a world of three dimensions and consequently we are fascinated with three dimensional evidence of Bigfoot.”

    Not getting into a flame war – but…
    I’m afraid you do live in a three dimensional world. So sorry.
    Some of us listen to physicists talk about 4 (obviously time), 5, 6, and even more dimensions. Others only believe what they themselves can see, touch, feel. Still others stick to rigorous “scientific proof”, which in many cases ends up being a consensus view that a particular theory is pretty much, probably, almost certainly,99.9999% percent accurate.

    Until someone comes up with something better.

  70. superd responds:

    This is vvvvvveeeeeeeeeeerrrryyyy interesting!!!!

  71. Ceroill responds:

    Interesting discussion. Thanks everyone.

  72. fallofrain responds:

    Whatever any of us decides about the dimensional stability of bigfoot, it’s a tremendous relief to find out he has a sense of humor. Imagine sneaking up behind secretaries and scaring them into dropping their coffee. What a zany guy!

  73. thom_powell responds:

    Nice job on some gutsy speculations Neal. Thank you Craig of hosting discussion of these fascinating questions. I was particularly impressed by MultipleEncounters (Dave’s) application of logic and open mindedness by way of response to Neal’s troubling assertions.

    I for one enjoy considering and speculating on these matters. String theory is rapidly approaching the verification of additional dimensions. I have also spoken at length with Native Americans who say precisely the same thing as Amstar husband, so I don’t laugh anymore, though I once did when I was a smarty-pants BFRO curator.

    I swear I’m not one of Beckjord’s sockpuppets (can’t stand the guy) but I have to agree with Neal on at least some of what he says. I know nothing about Lawrence Livermore Labs but I have experienced some extememly peculiar field events like the ones Neal describes. At the time I convinced myself that I was delusional with fatigue. I eventually found others who described precisely the same occurrences. I was blown away. It totally changed my way of viewing the sas phenomenon.

    There was a 13th chapter to The Locals that I was advised to withhold, so I did. It chronicled many field people’s descriptions of events like the ones Neal describes.

    Be careful, the rest of you people. You are dangerously close to being part and parcel to what is know as a ‘feedback loop’. You stridently support each other’s indignant reaction to Neal’s suggestions. You may also be inappropriately supporting each other’s simplistic assumptions about the nature of the phenomenon. While you could counter-accuse me of the same crime, at least I stand willing to consider and discuss the possible veracity of Neal’s assertions.

    Great job Neal, great job Craig. I love you guys!

    To the rest of you good people: Please keep an open mind. I can’t remember whether it was Albert Einstein or Neils Bohr who once said: “The world is a far stranger place than you can even imagine”

    That’s the way I see things, more and more.

    All the best to everyone,
    Thom Powell

  74. eyeofnewt responds:

    It occurs to me that almost every time I hear something described as “common knowledge,” it turns out to be a heap of steaming nonsense, devoid of any reliable sources. Stephen Hawking, indeed!

  75. YourPTR! responds:

    It was Albert Einstien. Nevertheless, I personally still believe that bigfoot is a flesh and blood creature and there’s no so called paranormal phenomenon involved.

  76. things-in-the-woods responds:

    Ok, listen everyone, the time as has come for you all to be told the truth-

    I am bigfoot.

    I have amazing shapeshifting abilities that enable me to assume the form of a slightly befuddled english chap and am able to slip through space and time at will in order to avoid all you hunters (I know you never think of looking for me in north London). What other explanation could there be?

    What do you mean you don’t believe me?

    What happened to your ‘open’ minds?

  77. kittenz responds:


    I am well aware of the “difference between parallel dimensions and parallel universes”, as you put it. I find the study of higher dimensions fascinating. I’m also aware that there is a difference between reality and fantasy. I think that the likelihood Bigfoot is a “creature from another dimension” is zero. But it does make an enchanting fantasy.

  78. windigo responds:

    Silvereagle, very interesting account. I do believe that the government has had, and probably still does, a strong interest in Sasquatch, and their activities. I have heard from Special Forces members conducting tactical training in the mountains of Colorado who stated that there were frequent encounters with Sasquatch, while on maneuvers. They were instructed by civilian government officials (specific agency unknown) not to fire upon them and, when possible, to avoid them. In regards to your account, I think there probably is some truth attached to it. However, like any other proper inquiry, there needs to be a basic foundation of evidence linking aspects of the claim before we should give complete credence to it.

  79. kittenz responds:


    Warren Zevon did not by chance ever write a song about you did he :) ?

  80. Ole Bub responds:

    Los Cryptos…

    Not sure about any of those Left Coast/Kentucky shapeshifting transdimensional mothership monkey men…but the giant screaming monkey folks we have in Oklahoma or the one I saw in Nebraska years ago are flesh and blood…they live, breathe, bred, bleed and die…JMHO

    Rope theory…”Cookie…get a rope”…JMHO

    live and let live…

    ole bub and the dawgs

  81. silvereagle responds:

    4th dimension people: People who have the ability to not only live and die in man’s 3 dimensional world as apparently fully flesh and blood beings, but return to a variety of subdimensions within the 4th dimension and essentially become invisible to the simple 3 dimensional man.

    3 dimension people: People with quite limited ability to transfer their bodies out of what appears to them as their own 3 dimensional world. Their spirit is likely 4th dimensional which allows it to exist inside their 3 dimensional body. Other 4th dimension spirits may also attempt to exist inside man’s 3 dimensional body simultaneously, and that may possibly be referred to as either “possessed”, “multiple personalities”, “your girlfriend” or “your ex-wife”.
    slang, a person having the limited psychological ability to comprehend a 4th dimensional universe, as in “you’re so 3 dimensional”!

  82. DWA responds:

    All I can say is:

    If someone can verify the extradimensional stuff empirically, in a way science can test and buy, good for ’em.

    Until then, we’re stuck in three dimensions. If the big guy can ditch that skin, bully for him. But I know I can’t sleep in the ground as an orb to save my life.

  83. DWA responds:

    Oh. Should have added this.

    I think the folks that feel the sas evades us through paranormal capabilities give US too much credit.

    I don’t think it’s his four-dimensional evasion tactics that keep the sas invisible to science. I’m totally comfortable with it being our three-dimensional stupidity. I think the data set sits very well with that thesis.

  84. hammerhead responds:

    Everyone has heard or read of accounts of bigfoot tracks simply disappearing in the middle of a field etc, the American Indians knew them to be otherworldly without a doubt. They knew more about this country and the life found therein than we will ever know or accept. Maybe what holds us back from the truth is our exalted intelligence. We live in a world that has the capacity to split atoms yet we cannot accept something like interdimensional travel. Tesla and many others knew and were labeled kooks.

    If for example, I’m pulled over by the police, dash from my car and high tail it to the woods, they will track and FIND ME. So then, if these things are corporeal, then tell me how then can they cannot be found out in this world of ever escalating technology, forget your tech. It’s what you think you know that holds you back from the simple truths that are before your own eyes.

  85. MBFH responds:

    Neal / Silvereagle: yes, I did get mixed up about parallel universes and dimensions. So I went and did some reading on the theory of the 4th dimension – website links from wikipedia. I must admit, most of it went above my head but I think the basics started sinking in.

    It raised a few more questions for me though:

    Are you saying Bigfoot is a being that exists in the 4th dimension or in 4 dimensions (as we exist in 3 dimensions)? The theory, as I understand it, goes that if we appeared in a 2 dimensional plane then we could appear where we wanted, as we exist in the 3rd dimension as well. But we would only appear in 2 dimensions as we passed through the 2D plane – i.e. a slice of us would appear that could change shape as we appeared. So, if beings exist in 4 dimensions, not in the 4th dimension, then they could not appear to us here as a 3 dimensional object. If Bigfoot, as you assert is a being that just exists in the 4th dimension, how does that work? To exist in 1 dimension surely it must be a 1 dimensional entity.

    Okay, let’s go with that they had a room at the Labs where they had science that could contain a Bigfoot in a room. Who gave the careteker the key/code to the door. Surely it would have been a higher level of security than that? And once it did get out why wander around looking for a way out, it wasn’t contained anymore, it could have walked through walls.

    I’m still openminded on the 4 dimensions angle, but becoming more skeptical, but the account you provide just doesn’t add up to me.

    Personally, I’m more open to the idea of overlapping parallel universes which drop a flesh and blood being into our universe for a short time. And while I’m on the subject of parallel, all the material I read about the 4th dimension said that it existed at right angles to the ‘normal’ 3 dimensions, not in parallel.

    Open of mind, willing to learn, yet to be convinced.

  86. silvereagle responds:

    One important experiment that I conducted on the Quinault Indian Reservation went like this:

    -I called two Sassies into a particular location on the edge of the woods.

    -On following weekends for about 5 weeks, I returned to that location to call them in again, except they were almost exactly where I had left them the previous week. Once I emitted some audio calls, there would be a few seconds of waking up, a few seconds of recognition of the sound, another second or so of changing dimensions as two feet would hit the ground and finally a few audible footsteps as they walked a short distance to the usual vantage point that they both would take up on the edge of the trees. They would then just stand there and watch me until I left.

    -During the day prior to or following several of these visits, I would venture into the forest at the exact locations where the noise of their presence would appear, and there was nothing visible at those two separate locations.

    -This continued until I took a small group of humans there and bravely predicted that I could call in two sassies within 5 minutes, and pointed to the two locations that they would end up at. Of course I succeeded because they were already present at those locations, except in another dimension. They were both at the predicted locations within 1 minute.

    So there you have it. Bigfoot is solved. We now know how they evade us. We know where they sleep. We know that they are 4th dimension people. We know that they understand English. We know that they are telepathic. We know that they would like to be our Bigfoot Buddies. We know something about the real 4th dimension. So we can now all go home and look for new mysteries to solve, like why most people can’t deal with a 4 dimensional Bigfoot.

  87. silvereagle responds:

    MBFH, The theory that you are referring to has to do entirely with attributes of the spatial dimensions. Some mistakenly believe that the 4th dimension is a spatial dimension, which it is not. Nor does the 4th dimension exist at right angles to any 3 dimensional vectors. That is a BS theory they came up with in about 1967, and failed to take it off the books. The theory that I am referring to has only 3 spatial dimensions with the attached 4th dimension being a vibrational dimension. More specifically, the 4th dimension is a sub-atomic vibrational measure of quanta strings as I recall, that has both a direction and a magnitude associated with the 4th dimension theoretical vector that represents that vibration. The x, y and z vectors that depict a 3 dimensional world, all have a specific direction and magnitude as well. Light has frequency and thus vibration. So by changing frequency of vibration, you change the reflected light. When you change frequency of vibration, you then likely also change the sub-atomic force fields that make that object solid to other objects that exist in the same dimension. Objects of a different 4th dimensional vibration from each other, could then likely pass through one another, or even pass through a 3 dimensional object as well.

    Bigfoot does not just exist in the 4th dimension, they just have the capability to exist in the 4th dimension as well as in our 3 dimensions.

    The janitors likely did not enter the room, until many people gave the go ahead. The first janitor, did not mention to anyone that something invisible brushed by him when he walked in, until after the 2nd janitor did mention that something invisible brushed by him when he walked in. Then they figured out how both Bigfoot escaped.

    The LAB contains some huge buildings that dwarf anything that you have seen elsewhere. The Bigfoot did walk through walls or any other solid object except for the special holding cell walls, apparently. The first Bigfoot escaped by itself by most likely walking through walls or floating through a roof. The 2nd Bigfoot took some coaxing to get him to find a way out. Perhaps he enjoyed the company of the secretaries in their miniskirts of the 60’s.

  88. LightningPickle responds:

    Hmmm… this sounds similar to a short lived television show I used to watch on the SciFi channel called, “the Invisible Man”. In the tv show, the writers play up the idea that in some native american legends, bigfoot has the ability to turn itself invisible. In one episode, the viewer learns that scientists extracted an organ out of a captured bigfoot that is referred to as an “invisibility gland”. Later this gland gets implanted into a human being. The human/main character (Darin Fawkes), is able to use this gland to turn himself invisible as well. If I remember correctly, the gland only allowed the main character to turn invisible, it didn’t allow him to pass through solid objects.

    Info about the show is listed here:
    Darin Fawkes
    The Invisible Man

  89. In The Pines responds:

    Silvereagle –

    Do you have photographic or video taped evidence of these meetings?

    You mention upon calling them that you hear two feet hit the ground and then noises of them moving through the forest to the appointed places from which they watched you. If they were physical beings at that point would they not leave physical evidence – and if you knew where they would be appearing could you not plan for this and set up sand or mud for them to track in (making noise).

    I visited your website for arranged visits from Bigfoot. The site doesn’t say, so one needs to ask – what is the fee for such service?

    So we’re at night – it’s dark – I imagine no one has hi-tech night vision video equipment handy – and we’re returning to the same spot over and over from which we hear the auditory proof of something moving about which we are told is Bigfoot….

    If it’s coming to the same place over and over again are your participants able to arrive at the site before dark and wait? Are they able to walk about the area and observe if there is anyone else about? And perhaps check for a sound producing device?


  90. MBFH responds:

    Here’s a thought, some of you Cryptomundo people must live near woods where Bigfoot has been seen? Well, why not do this scientifically (as far as is possible) and test the hypothesis. Go out into the woods at night and try and contact Bigfoot as Silvereagle describes. I’m being serious, a lot of us go on about scientific methodology so why not put this to the test?

    It’s easy for me to say, I live in the UK, but if any of you guys are up for it give it a go. Nowt to lose…

    Any takers? Please, this is driving me mad!

  91. MBFH responds:

    Silvereagle: You say the theory I mention is BS – how has this been shown? And how has the theory you are offering been shown not to be? There’s precious little on the internet about it that I can find. If you can point me to some peer reviewed scientific papers that are available I’d be grateful.

    Still not convinced that janitors would be let into a room beyond scientific imagination that was holding a being that could exist in 4 dimensions.

    Keep trying, I’m genuinely interested.

  92. DWA responds:

    MBFH: tell you what.

    You send me the results of your orb research on otters in the Lake Country, I’ll send you mine on Bigfoot.


    The closest I’ve come to contacting one of these buggers was possible prints in northern CA in 1986. (I’ve never seen anything that looked so much like prints that wasn’t prints. But they were VERY old.) Very 3D, and very like practically every other encounter I have heard of (in being 3D).

    Like my crossing the Atlantic on foot, I’m confident enough of lack of success not to try. (Also, I’m not within an easy drive of any recent reported sightings. Recency, for obvious reasons, moves me.)

    If the big guy wants to orb his way into my life, it won’t be up to me, but to HIM.

  93. silvereagle responds:

    In the pines,
    I did not record that particular experiment partly because I did not realize that it was an experiment until it was all over. I was just seeing what might happen with Bigfoot calling. Light footstep noises at 75 yards are impossible to record, due to the white noise in most inexpensive audio recorders. Bigfoot does not always make heavy footstep noises, but they do need to make footstep noises with a bipedal rhythm for identification purposes, which can be quite faint and easily ignored if one did not know what to listen for. Those two particular bigfoot were most likely invisible the entire time. They do not often leave footprints when they are invisible, since the foot pressure is likely very low.

    I do not sell guided trips at this time, due to licensing requirements.

    Arriving too early at a location that one wishes to call in unfamiliar Bigfoot, normally is not successful since they have the time and opportunity to scope you out with orbs and telepathy, and they would then see no reason to investigate you further. With Bigfoot that are your buddies, you most likely can arrive early and be successful. Bigfoot buddies make far less noise than Bigfoot that are unfamiliar with you. Because Bigfoot buddies are not interested in scaring the living daylights out of you by stomping, snorting, heavy branch breaking and generally dismantling the forest around you. Bigfoot buddies value your friendship and thus are very quiet. Unfamiliar Bigfoot can quickly be befriended, so there is no great reason to panic and leave, except with growlers. If you can’t get them to both stop growling and improve their attitude, then I would just leave.

    Artificial sound making devices are fairly easy to identify. Walking any sight beforehand will essentially contaminate it, from my experience.

  94. MBFH responds:

    DWA: no harm in asking is there, if you don’t cast a line you won’t catch anything. You’re on of the contributors on here who’s comments I always look out for and take note of as you’ve got a lot of good things to say. If you’re not on for a stakeout for whatever reason then I can’t question that.

    I’m in the Lakes mid-month (District, by the way!) so I’ll certainly be keeping an eye out for orbic otters – although I’m more inclined to big eels. And for the ABCs and Earthlights.

    Eyes open, mind open, skepticism switched on.

  95. DWA responds:

    MBFH: as the saying goes, I walk around with my skepticals on, you see better.

    Being that pretty much every experience of my life has been 3D, I think it’s pretty much kosher to assume that that is what the Big Guy is. Although I’m open to something else, I don’t have to look for it. I’m content to let it find me.

    And thanks for the compliment. I try to make it fun.

    District. Believe it or not, I knew that. Any big eels or colossal squid, let us know. 😉

  96. DWA responds:

    silvereagle: the end of the world is quite near. In a number of world cosmologies, I am God (you are too), so I (we) know. I’m not putting this in the NY Times, the Washington Post or your local wooded park, though, because people would panic. :-)

    MBFH: re: your earlier comment, I’ve castigated science for its laziness on the sasquatch many times here. But I do recognize that for science to get off its [laziness] and do some research will require shucking some paradigms. And it’s always INDIVIDUALS that do that first, and they do so at considerable career risk.

  97. Mnynames responds:

    Silvereagle, saying that someone is hallucinating sounds pretty hostile to me, actually. That goes for those who said the same of you, too. All I was saying was that you seemed a bit defensive right out of the gate, moreso that most of the later comments warranted, but I was also saying that it was only natural to be so because of how your information was likely to be viewed, as well you knew. I know you’re being grilled here, and as far as I’m concerned, you’re only relating information that was passed on to you, so no one should expect you to have all the answers. The inconsistencies within the story are problematic, but not your fault. Even if 100% of it is true, those problems would remain unexplained, and there’s no reason they should have been explained to you in the first place.

    As for all those saying that this topic has no place here, or that it belittles CZ, well, I have this to say. I’ve always taken Cryptomundo to be representative of CZ as a whole, and that means that it should include everything from Benjamin Radford on one side to Silvereagle here on the other, with Biscardi and other hoaxers lurking about in its gutters somewhere as well. Creationists are as welcome as evolutionary biologists. As long as the posters continue to employ the scientific method and apply logic and reason to the information presented here, I think that ends up being a plus, not a negative, with regards to CZ. It shows that we’re open-minded, but, to use my old history professor’s favourite term, we also “Crap-Detect’ as well as any academic.

    Moving on, MBFH actually has a bit of a point. It may sound all new agey and whatnot, but being open to trying, and then coming back to this discussion to share your results (Or lack thereof, as the case may be), would show, I suppose the best term would be “good faith”, on the part of the scoffers here. If you try it and get nothing, at least you now have empirical evidence on your side. And MBFH, if BF is trans-dimensional, I imagine it wouldn’t hurt to try for them there in the UK either. Silvereagle mentioned the wee folk too, and you Brits are supposed to have truckloads of them about as well, so take your pick. In any case, it removes one further obstacle in the discussions here, as silly as it might sound to some, because then no one can accuse you of not having given it a chance.

    Personally, I have been in parks after closing many, many times, and have little evidence to support Silvereagle’s position at all. I also believe that it’s a matter of record that the government had curfews on most parks long before the 1960’s, and most of those would have been originally instituted by local governments, not federal.

    Having said that, I will relate the one experience that does have some bearing here, for what it’s worth. I believe the date was Feb. 15, 1997, and I was wandering about within the edge of the Wharton State Forest in NJ along with 2 friends. I had caught a glimpse of some lights in the sky while we were driving there, but couldn’t confirm that they were anything but airplane lights. When we got there, however, we very quickly saw 3 or 4 amber lights in the overcast sky that would blink on, one after the other, then fade out, one by one, in complete silence. They would then reappear in a nearby area of the sky and repeat. Towards the end of our observation, as the lights seemed to be appearing more and more in the distance, we heard what sounded to me like something very large moving through the trees about 50-100 yards away. Now, it was a very cold night, and the others wrote it off, I’m inclined to think correctly, as trees popping in the temperature-dropping night air, but at the time it seemed pretty directional, and I admit I was scared enough to refuse to walk back to the car with them, because I perceived that the path of this thing would intersect the trail back (Instead, I followed the trail further, where it led back out to the road. This had the added benefit of allowing me to observe the lights further, as they were appearing more distantly in the same direction).

    Several months later, I did witness military airplanes dropping amber flares over the exact same region, under similar conditions, but the lights from the flares looked nothing like what we saw, nor did they last as long, and I was very easily able to hear and see the planes. Over the years, I have seen similar lights, usually from many, many miles away, that to me appeared to be located directly above the same forest. I still have no real explanation for what I saw, although if I were pressed to hazard a guess, I would say that they were probably an example of some sort of naturally-occuring “Earth light.” Due to the cedar swamps in the area, swamp gas I suppose is a possibility, but in my mind not a likely one, due to the movements and height of the lights.

    Anyway, I’m with Kittenz in keeping an open mind, truly, but again not so open that it falls out of my head. I consider everything food for thought, but also believe in a well-balanced diet.

  98. MultipleEncounters responds:

    I guess I’m going to throw something more into this thread. First please understand, I don’t exactly know what took place at the time, all I can do is describe what happened. Hope this isn’t too long winded.

    Some background: Three years ago while deer hunting in the Cascades of Oregon with my companion German Shephard along, I was sitting just inside a clear-cut till dusk. With little light remaining, I stood up to head back to my truck. As soon as I stood, I heard heavy crashing thru the woods by something on two legs. I knew immediately it was a sasquatch because I’ve seen them twice before over the decades. Well I didn’t want to see one now under these conditions, but it seems I had little choice in the matter. I was only a hundred yds from my vehicle and it covered 300 yds in no time and was quickly between me and my truck on the narrow road I had to walk. So now I HAD to approach him if I wanted to reach my vehicle, because he was on the edge of this old logging road and there was nothing but thick dark forest on each side. I got as close as 22′ from him. As I approached, I spoke very calmly to him (and NO he never answered LOL ). He just stood there observing me, breathing very heavily, and emitting a musk smell like a wet elk. I tell you, this vulnerable situation was scaring the hell out of me and I prayed he didn’t mean me any harm, because my now 6 inch long 30-30 rifle was feeling pretty damn insignificant. But I sidestepped my way past with my rifle pointed at him all the time and my finger on the fully cocked trigger. My dog only slightly growled but stopped when I told her to. I made it to my truck and my dog wanted in bad, and we got the heck out of there. After that, I seriously almost gave up hunting, but I was able to deal with it by simply never hunting or visiting that place again. Until last Summer that is, but now I know I shouldn’t ever hunt ‘there’ because I think I was basically in their fridge.

    Today I have been sucked into this bigfoot research field and it seems there is no way out LOL , something I have tried to avoid for decades. My first sighting was in 1977 in Yosemite National Park where I lived for 3 years, the other witness and I never told a soul afterwards. Today I have a feed station at this new site where I was eventually able to record one of two sasquatch I soon learned live near bye. I know this because I was able to receive two different vocal responses on one visit and I can hear movement close by during each visit. The vocalizations included a very loud howl (like the Illinois Howl) and the other were whistles when I could hear heavy bipedal movement only 50 yds away in another direction. There were no humans anywhere near and I didn’t own a recorder then. My feed station recording however can be found at under Guests Unknown Sounds. The description is there of what you will listen to. Unfortunately I have been kept from that research site lately due to Winter snows.

    Back to the point of my post and not to take away from what is being discussed. On one of my visits here, I walked well inside the wilderness boundary not too far away. On the far side of a small lake, while resting on a large downed tree, I heard a faint but very close ‘whomp’. But I could see much farther then the location this sound seemed to have come from as there wasn’t much thick vegetation, still I saw nothing unusual. Within a few seconds, I was blasted twice by a very sweet skunk-like smell. I mean ‘pleasant’ though, not irritating and there were no skunk in sight. This good feeling of calm came over me and I instinctively smiled. At what, I don’t know. But it seemed like there was a presence even though I could see nothing. So I placed a small pile of Summer fruits I packed in on top of the log next to where I was sitting. After a few minutes I simply stood up and began heading back out the mile or so to my vehicle.

    I don’t have an explanation for what I experienced that day. But it is one of a couple of strange experiences I have had surrounding these creatures we call sasquatch. Can I prove any of it? No I can’t, but I guess we all have things we cannot prove. My take on the ‘whomp’ I heard, was of a flat footed animal hitting the ground, and yet I saw nothing there. Why does this sound so similar to silvereagle’s description?

    I am an avid hunter and I spend a lot of time in the woods. Again I have never seen an orb and I have no idea how I would deal with it if I did. But if there is such a thing, maybe I came as close as one could without actually seeing one? Maybe not everyone has a capability to see them? I don’t know the answers, but certainly it is questions that we should all be formulating and not the same old disintegrating ridicule I see happen on so many sites, cause we learn nothing then. Sasquatch is truly a mystery and the traditional methods just don’t seem to provide us with the answers we crave.

    So I must at least maintain an open mind because I have experienced ‘something’ unusual to say the least. Maybe these kinds of events should be treated as a ‘mystery’ by the majority, instead of just something to suppress based on our very limited knowledge of how the universe works? Maybe there is a paradigm shift we each need to develop within ourselves if we ever expect to unearth the truth about these unusual species? Am I ready to be ‘enlightened’ so to speak with a materialization before my eyes? I guess I will find out if it ever were to happen…but I sure hope I have a decent quality video camera running if it does.


    ‘People only see what they are prepared to see.’
    — Ralph Waldo Emerson

  99. DWA responds:

    Dave: There’s nothing in your post that requires a paranormal explanation if that’s what you’re asking.

    You just don’t have the reaction to these animals that a lot of people do. (And you have a VERY unusual dog.)

    You just sound like a lucky guy to me. Thanks for sharing. With experiences like yours, who needs a video camera?

  100. DWA responds:

    Is your ’77 Yosemite sighting on a website somewhere, say BFRO’s? Just thought I’d ask.

  101. MultipleEncounters responds:


    Thanks for the compliment, I think. But I still prefer having it on video but these subjects just don’t

    So if nothing there requires a paranormal explanation, then please by all means, explain to me what within 20 feet or so of me would land on the ground and not be seen as this was not a thick area? Then, only seconds later, would blast me (no wind) with a very sweet pleasant skunk like smell out in the middle of the Oregon woods? The last time I checked, skunks don’t smell very good and neither does skunk cabbage, which wasn’t present either. That feeling of ‘calm’ I described was not simply enjoying being out in the wilds, it was induced by the smell and very peaceful. I have since heard of two other people who have experienced being blasted by a pleasant smell and one of them who mentioned the peaceful feeling that came with it. Believe it or not, I got this feeling of friendship. But from where as I was hiking completely alone.

    I think the only reason I don’t have a panic reaction anymore is because I now have a few encounters under my belt, and so far there has been no aggression towards me. I suspect that if I had never seen a sas before the gunpoint incident, I might very well have panicked & fired, and as a result been in the news as one of them lost hunters. My girl was a very special and intelligent dog, but I think she was merely taking her Q from me, so she remained calm. She is gone now, she died about 8 months later from cancer.

    I too am looking for anwers… Dave

  102. DWA responds:


    Oh, it was a compliment. You’re in friendly waters here.

    What caused that? Dunno. I don’t have an explanation any better than you might have. I think that what more than one person is saying here is that you don’t jump to the paranormal when something like this happens. (When you’re abducted by aliens we now have a different story.) It may not be easy to explain; but it might be easier than you think. Easy for me to say, as I wasn’t there.

    I try to keep an open mind. But a sas has to pull the 4D thing on me and I have to see-then-not-see it with my very own eyes before I say yep, that’s it, they’re Not of What We Know.

    (Heh. I have to see a sas first. :-D)

  103. MultipleEncounters responds:

    Oops, DWA, I am posting my description of events on NABF (North American Bigfoot Forums) in the Field Researchers Journal, but still working on the writing part.

    I’ve never recorded my encounters on BFRO and only last Spring decided to come forward after Autumn Williams had asked me to do an interview that unfortunately never aired.


  104. Remus responds:

    Thanks for the info and I will look into modern fourth dimension theory. I was an avid student of quantum theory many years ago as introduced to me by the works of Rudy Rucker.
    However, I know that true understanding here quickly leads to the area beyond words. Symbols will help at this point but then beyond that there is only…;-)

  105. silvereagle responds:

    The “whump” that Multipleencounters heard was when they likely pick up one foot and bring it down hard. I have heard it. I have smelled a sweet smell as soon as I exited my vehicle several times. I thought that is was the little people doing their best to stink the place up, but obviously I can’t prove it either way. They quickly placed their little stink bomb just outside my car door as soon as I stopped my vehicle, so that I would smell it as soon as I exited. It was not a very far reaching cloud as it covered maybe a 10 ft diameter circle. No plants in the area smelled like it. No other aggressive noise was noted so I figured that it was friendly stink, as well.

  106. MBFH responds:

    Mnynames: the same thought occurred to me last night after I’d finished posting. I walk to walk every day, through woodland for about a mile and a half. These woods are in an area called Heasandford, derived from Heysandford, derived from Feysandford. Fey, as most of you probably know relates to Faeries! So, on my way home some evenings I’m going to stop and give things a try. Nothing to lose – the worst that can happen is someone sees me and thinks I’m a nutter!

    DWA: never heard that saying before – nice!

    Silvereagle: buildings bigger than you can imagine? The largest single storey builing in the world have a floorspace of just under 1 million square metres. So it’s about a kilometre long either side. If I could walk through walls I could be out of there in 15 minutes heading in any direction. Your Lab story doesn’t bear up to examination. Also, you say the theory I cited is BS. This was the theory in the 60s when you said the beings were captured. How did they contain them using BS theory? Forget the Lab, show us some proof from the field. Until then I’m skeptical.

  107. silvereagle responds:

    MBFH, The feds did not realize that the Bigfoot had the capability of invisibility until after the first one escaped, so they may have used darting or something like that to capture it. I still have no idea how they constructed their holding cell. The BS theory did not come about until after they studied probably the 2nd Bigfoot. I first heard that theory in spring of 1968 and they said that it had just been come up with due to a Bigfoot being captured fairly recently. I heard this in Oregon. So Bigfoot capture news in California, made it to Oregon in the 60’s. MBFH, you ought to try the google search system for the internet to research invisibility of paranormal people.

  108. Mnynames responds:

    I’ve said it before on this site, but it’s been a while, so it bears repeating on this issue. People like making links between things, it’s our nature. Sometimes, we can link things that may actually have nothing to do with one another. Take the incident I mentioned above- I saw lights in the sky, then heard noises in the woods. At that moment in time, I linked them in my head. Maybe they were related, and maybe they weren’t.

    After all, however statistically unlikely, there’s no law of nature that says you can’t be observing a Bigfoot in the middle of a rain of frogs as a UFO passes by overhead and your dead aunt Martha contacts you from beyond the grave to give you tomorrow’s lottery numbers while you feel the pain of your twin brother breaking his leg in a car accident at that exact same instant (Although I think I’d hate to be THAT guy).

    One of the great difficulties in studying any phenomenon is that nothing happens in a vaccuum, all sorts of other phenomena are going on simultaneously, and if you want to understand something, you have to separate it out from everything else (If that’s even possible). So there is bound to be this sort of anomalous data, regardless of what we’re studying.

    And as I believe DWA once said, the universe is going to do whatever it wants to do, regardless of what you believe it will or not.

    I see nothing wrong with discussing paranormal events seemingly associated with cryptids, nor in maintaining that they are flesh and blood creatures. My personal belief on the matter is that, even if they come from somewhere else, they are flesh and blood creatures. Heck, even if they are momentary, tulpoid manifestations of archetypes from the collective unconscious, I think that they’re still likely to be flesh and blood, at least at the instant they are observed. I don’t think that the premise that they are truly paranormal negates seeking for them using standard biological methods. At most it merely makes finding them a little less likely, that’s all.

  109. scout242 responds:

    Hi all!….

    The only thing I can say is….remember occams razor; “all things being equal, the simplest explanation tends to be the correct one”

  110. mystery_man responds:

    This thread has gone on for quite awhile and a lot of interesting things have been said. Personally, I don’t find the thought of paranormal events or telepathy to be totally impossible, and if people want to research that, more power to them. But I don’t think those who look for Bigfoot as a naturally occuring animal of this world are making “simplistic assumptions” as one poster said. In fact, to say that it is anything other than that based on the evidence we have is an assumption as well and a very complicated one at that, in my view. This is cryptoZOOLOGY after all and that is how I approach this field. Zoologists are looking for real animals that are flesh and blood and cryptozoology is an offshoot of that. I don’t feel that this is crypto-string theory, or crypto-interdimensional travel. In my opinion, those things are an entirely different area of study and I think perhaps some people here don’t realize that. If Bigfoot turns out to be those things, then that is fine with me, but it is not zoology, it is something else. This is cryptoZOOLOGY folks, and as much as telepathic interdimensional creatures could exist, they are not within the parameters of this subject, I think. So what I would like to see is perhaps getting the discussion back onto the zoology side of things and that is the study of animals of THIS dimension and THIS reality. Maybe Bigfoot is not this, but then it will no longer be within zoology’s ability to study.

  111. Falco responds:

    Sounds like the Bray Road Beast (Wisconsin) is also a 4th dimension creature. Linda Godfrey’s excellent books on the man-wolf creature have Native Americans saying “skinwalker” when they have seen it. It is called a dogman in Michigan. I find silvereagle’s posts very interesting and nothing outrageous at all about what bigfoot is. We really need to listen to our Native American brothers and sisters – they are more in tune with nature.

  112. DWA responds:

    Falco: We’ve learned much – and unfortunately tossed much we should have learned, including potential documentation of the sasquatch – from Native Americans.

    But we’re Europeans, doomed to not being credulous. (OK, our cultural base is even if many of us now aren’t.) Believing it is great; but given the current state of science it can’t be documented and can’t be researched.

    If it bolsters those who consider the sas a joke or a legend or some other kind of not-real, it’s not helping. And this paranormal stuff does that. That’s just the way it is.

    Scientific documentation will put the sas in the public realm. Until then it’s just an individual experience. If you’re OK with that, then you are.

  113. Buzzardeater responds:


  114. silvereagle responds:

    mystery man,
    I on the other hand, agree wholeheartedly with the poster who stated that “those who look for Bigfoot as a naturally occurring animal of this world are making “simplistic assumptions”. In my opinion, the evidence is overwhelming that they are making simplistic assumptions. In fact, the evidence can easily be obtained in the field, that the Bigfoot are telepathic and invisible people because the Bigfoot can be called in for small groups of people and he will cooperate in proving themselves as intelligent bipedal people that we can communicate with. It is up to the researcher to spring for the night vision, to verify invisibility. Which virtually none have done so far, because they still don’t believe that they are invisible. Those same researchers then should reprogram their brains to using their ears as their primary research tool, instead of their eyes, because the Bigfoot are invisible most of the time. This is fact. The LLNL Bigfoot captivity study, did in fact happen. The Bigfoot did in fact escape by using invisibility. UC Berkeley does in fact teach that Bigfoot are paranormal.

    By making a plea to get this discussion back to making Bigfoot fit neatly into a cookie mold of cryptozoology, you are implying that the blinders should go back on and once again we should cherry pick field observations, in order to arrive at a biased conclusion that keeps you in your comfort zone. Unfortunately, although cryptozoologists are compelled to be scientific, cherry picking field observations is not scientific. So you have proposed a Catch 22, whereby all non-conforming conclusions would be tossed out, even though you are attempting to prove Bigfoot by the unbiased scientific method. You also stated previously that you are “scientific minded”. By asking us to fit Bigfoot into a cookie mold, it appears that you just lost your stature as an unbiased scientifically minded person. That is also known as, “shooting oneself in one’s foot.

    Bigfoot are not common animals of the forest. They are intelligent, benevolent, paranormal people. Paranormal people may not qualify as fitting neatly into the mold of cryptozoology. So what! Former President Jimmy Carter stated clearly on national TV, that Bigfoot are paranormal people. Please get used to it.

    Ultimately, the title of this thread was “bigfoot invisibility” and not say, “fitting Bigfoot neatly into the cookie mold of cryptozoology”. Perhaps then you should request a new thread whereby a square peg can be fit into a round hole. Could you start us off with some historical facts of not very well kept, top secret DoD studies, that you have been privy to?

  115. LgCrypto responds:

    I’m not saying the guys not crazy, but it sounds kinda like some of the old Windigo myths I’ve heard

  116. mystery_man responds:

    Silvereagle, you show me another zoologist who is interested in tracking telepathic beings from other dimensions and I will show you another supposedly close minded individual. All of your theories here are close minded and cherry picking what you feel fits into unsubstantiated claims. I am not tossing out all of this stuff, did you not read my post carefully? I find you to talk a lot of fancy jargon, yet I see no correlation between it and zoology. This whole thing about interdimensional creatures is not zoology. I am not being close minded, just staying within my field. I even said it is possible that they are not flesh and blood creatures, and then I said if they are not, then they are no longer within the field of zoology. Do you need a definition of the term zoology, or are you only open minded to things that fit into your view of this subject as paranormal eople? Your posts cherru pick as much as any other, I feel. Are you not fitting Bigfoot into a cookie mold yourself? Look up zoology and then get back to me and tell me how you think that relates to extradimensional beings.

  117. mystery_man responds:

    And I have degrees in this subject, so don’t feel like you have to be defensive and talk down to me.

  118. mystery_man responds:

    I repeat, I do not think everything in this story is impossible. I beleive there is a field for it and this kind of stuff can be studied. But zoology deals with living breathing creatures in this world. If Bigfoot is this, then it falls out of the field of zoology into something else I feel. I am not cookie cutting so much as sticking with what I was trained to do, which is study real animals. If Bigfoot is not that, so be it. But this subject is about zoology for me and if that is cherry picking then I suppose you would have to say that every branch of science is cherry picking. So hold back a little on your accusations of people, I would say.

  119. mystery_man responds:

    And you ask me for facts, well where are yours?

  120. mystery_man responds:

    I apologize for my snippy posts. It was uncalled for. What I see here is an basic misunderstanding between us, Silvereagle. You say I am being unscientific and biased by wanting to stick to what I see from the evidence as a biological entity and not an interdimensional creature with telepathy and I see you as biased by saying that it cannot be anything other than that. In both cases, I feel there can be some bias. So what do we do? I’ll make it clear that I think that telepathy may very well exist as well as interdimensional creatures, so I did not appreciate the remark that I have lost my stature as an unbiased thinker and that made me slightly upset. I will say that certainly there is a possibility for someone qualified to study these things you speak of. I have seen no evidence to this effect, so it should be understandable if I am skeptical. My field is biology and zoology and this is what I am able to study. In my view, the evidence points very well towards a biological entity although I entertain the possibility that it is not. But if it is not, then it is no longer a subject that I am able or willing to study to any great lengths. Perhaps you are, I am not. This is what I think you misunderstand about me. So when I say that the evidence that I have seen points to a normal creature, and then study it in those terms, I do not feel that I am “fitting a square peg into a round hole” and so I took offense to your accusations. If Bigfoot is what you say it is, then I have nothing against that and it is not outside of my “comfort zone” as you presume. But it is outside of my field. That’s Ok, but right now I think there is a possibility that it is not what you say it is, that it could be a naturally occurring animal. I have not written that theory off, and so I do not feel I am cherry picking, just going on my own observations just as you are. I think perhaps both of us need to be a bit more open minded to the other camp’s theories without dismissing anything out of hand.. Once again, I apologize for my rash comments.

  121. Darkstream responds:

    Mystery_man, silvereagle isn’t going to give you facts. He has the high moral ground of personal testimony. In fact, he has stated he doesn’t feel compelled to prove anything to you or to me. He simply states his observations as established fact.

    He stated one thing that caused me to pity him, however. Apparently, his email wasn’t intended to be public. So something very private for him is now public. It is no wonder why the poor guy is on the defensive.

    However, now that his email IS public he isn’t helping matters by insinuating that those who don’t agree with him are uneducated troglodytes. Same with those who believe as he does. As I stated before, we live in a three dimensional world and consequently can only appreciate evidence of a three dimensional nature. Jumping into metaphysics moves into the realm of faith, and, as you put it, outside the realm of zoology.

    They’re not going to provide you with the evidence you require to believe them, mystery_man. They can’t. It’s all inside their heads from interpretations of personal experiences or faith in others’ experiences. Instead, they rely on anecdotal stories, third party materials, name dropping, and ad hominem comments to establish their validity.

    There’s really no way to win conversations like this, but it sure is fun trying. LOL

  122. MBFH responds:

    Silvereagle: above you ask “Could you start us off with some historical facts of not very well kept, top secret DoD studies, that you have been privy to? “. You haven’t given us anything that can be verified as historical fact, other than the existence of LLNL and Stephen Hawking.

    I’ve been looking on other sites into this and found an interesting discussion involving someone who has very similar ideas to your own about the 4th dimension. They quote Carter, call in Bigfoot (10 of them), tell people to use night vision etc. However, they say that the P/G footage, Freeman footage and Redwoods video all show Bigfoot. A big hairy one. However, you say that Bigfoot is hairless. It seems that even contradictions exist where people have the similar/same opinions.

  123. mystery_man responds:

    Darkstream- you make some very good points. I suppose letting myself get caught up in this sort of debate is letting my self get caught up in a no win situation. You are very right in what you say. As I’ve said before that I feel a lot of things are possible, but there must be evidence to corroborate the claims people make. This is the way science works and it is frustrating that someone has taken such a high ground as you so accurately say. I expect the same from people working the zoological angle and from those who are more into the telepathic entity angle, and that is evidence to substantiate their theories. I suppose their is no indisputable evidence that Bigfoot is an animal, but I have seen nothing to say otherwise. In fact, the sign left by them is most certainly in keeping with a living, breathing animal. With only unverified stories of invisibility and telepathy, I do not think it would be very scientific to take them at face value no matter what kind of assurances I get about them being “fact”. Fact here seems to be dependent on the one giving the so-called facts and that just isn’t enough in the real world no matter how much anyone would like it to be. The reason scientists go out and put in so much work on testible, falsifiable hypotheses is because they don’t have the luxury of having their theories embraced simply because they proclaim them to be fact. Not even if Jimmy Carter says so. Sometimes when I am doing field work (not on Bigfoot), I wish things could be so simple but that is not how things work and I am not biased for wanting evidence or facts, as silvereagle suggested. Thank you, Darkstream for seeing things from my perspective. As far as what I see now, in my opinion, this is a zoological phenomena and I say this from a very non biased viewpoint.

    MBFH- There certainly are contradictions, aren’t there? I suppose in the event that silvereagle’s theories are true, this could point to the possibility that there are more than one type of creature involved. Maybe the beings he claims are not the same thing as the hairy homonid Bigfoot. Who knows? And without any concrete data, nobody is likely to know.

  124. silvereagle responds:

    You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink.

    I just saved all of you a lifetime of trying to fit a square peg into a round hole, and it appears that you are not very thankful of that gift.

    Go back and reread definitions of 4th dimension people. They have full capability of existing with all the evidence and appearance of a 3 dimensional being. So your evidence of a flesh & blood being does not prove that it is ALWAYS a flesh & blood being.

    At no time did I state that Bigfoot is hairless.

    I discovered all field observations on my own. You can do the same just as easily. Due to the high intelligence and telepathic ability of the Bigfoot, they do not allow themselves to be filmed doing a change from our dimension, to the 4th dimension. And rarely do they let anyone see that transition take place. When it does, you can bet that no one will have a video camera running.

    I have photographed two apparent wood gnomes at 5 feet, where only their eyes are visible. Their bodies are invisible. The wood gnome identification was made by comparing the spacing and separation of the apparent eyes, to photographs available on the internet and the observations of those who have seen them. Wood Gnomes are 4th dimension people, as well. No I won’t post it on the internet, to effectively make the photograph worthless. I have shown it to Ray Crowe, Thom Powell, Joe Beelhart, Ray Rosa, Shelley Binkley, and others. They were all impressed, would probably be a fair statement of their reactions.

    The only way to provide proof that has been mentioned previously, is in person. With me showing you exactly what evidence you are disregarding. And with me demonstrating my techniques that I have perfected to prove them. Since my knowledge has been found at considerable expense, I am not in to business of giving it way to ungrateful people who apparently in the end, will descend like vultures to pick at my carcass. I merely gave you the broad brush strokes regarding the phenomenon of 4th dimension people, of which the Bigfoot are just one. If you wish to learn more then you will have to put in your own time out in the forest, at night, by yourself, with no flashlight on, no gun and perhaps, no prayer. Why should I take away all the fun, the fear, the confusion, and the excitement that you can experience? Kind of like telling you how a movie ends before you have seen it. If you don’t learn it on your own, then there is no way that you are going to remember it, to pass on to your children.

  125. DWA responds:

    Silvereagle: I present for your consideration the following FACTS.

    1. There are two undiscovered species of whales that scientists will find are just big people, you can tell by the heads, they were working for NASA in the sixties but got tossed into the ocean because they knew too much. They adapted to aquatic life using the Atlantis Documents, trasnmitted to them via Bigfoot working as underwater four-dimension orbs.

    2. A detachment of Bigfoot saved the Allied cause on D-day. Carefully protected but just released documents prove why the British beaches had such cushy landings. They were heavily supported by Americans (i.e., Bigfoot), dropped behind enemy lines as orbs and using the first laser weapons, destroyed after the landing to keep them out of Nazi hands.

    3. Hawking is in a wheelchair because a Bigfoot, irritated at not being able to find an open door when he wanted to leave a top-secret facility, took it out on the Steve. He was also concerned that the Steve was on to the coverup of the transit beam to Alpha Centauri, and only spared the Steve’s life when the latter promised to destroy all his notes.

    Don’t believe me? Do the research. I did throw one red herring in there to test you; you’ll see which one it is. No hints. You won’t know this in your bones unless you look yourself.

    This is where we’re left with everything you’ve asserted. Why have we not heard this anywhere else, and how can we accept your word as the authority? (If you accept mine, we really need to talk.)

    I’ve been outdoors for pretty much my whole adult life, and a considerable slice before that. I’ve never seen a sas, much less one doing the Big Shift. So I feel just as well off presuming that they don’t want to talk with me. I’m OK with that. I’d probably just bother them. What with my philosophizing and all.

  126. mystery_man responds:

    Silvereagle, you can lead a horse to scientific procedure, but you can’t make him think. What gift are you talking about? The gift of a story that you are unable or unwilling to corroborate with anything other than your own say so? I really feel you are dodging the issues being presented to you. You are stating claims and then calling us ungrateful and lashing out when all we are doing is asking you to substantiate what you say. Sure the 4th dimension CAN exist, but you have done nothing and shown no research to show how you came to your conclusions that this is the case with Bigfoot except talk about experiences you have had, which I may add are not neccessarily field expeditions if you have no data to back it up and if you did have that data and it was viable, we probably would not even be having this argument. I am a bit taken aback by the willingness you show to attack others who do not embrace your theory and yet not show anything that would persuade them otherwise as would be required in any field of science. In this case, your stories are completely biased to your own ideas of what these creatures are and I see no scientific basis for your research. Even if you did see them dissappear, how did you reach the assumption that this implies interdimensional travel? Scientists have also gone through considerable expense to perfect their techniques but apparently you have the power to just disregard those out of hand, which I find dissappointing. I feel that I should not have to explain this but science requires falsifiable hypotheses yet you propose things that apparently cannot be proven or disproven, everything you say conveniently defies needing proof. Unfortunately, the burden is on you to back up your claims, not on us to prove you wrong. This is common par for the course and I feel you should get used to it rather than getting defensive. You can say all you want that we have to go out and do it ourselves but that does not change the fact that in my opinion it is avoiding what posters here have been requiring to believe your claims. You have stated that you don’t care if we accept your stories without any evidence whatsoever, but apparently you do. I am not disregarding anything if I am not shown something to disregard. In fact, you are disregarding a lot of what is being said to you here. I have openly said these types of creatures may exist, it is possible. But I am not going to jump to that conclusion without examining other possibilities and without seeing how that conclusion can be reached. Assaulting other people’s intelligence because they do not embrace these theories and cannot see how you came to these conclusions is also not demonstrating a very rational approach here and it is not helping your cause. I am willing to believe that the world is stranger than we know, but I believe that there have to be ways of finding out things that do not require people to believe everything they hear. That is not an attack on you, that is just the way these things work. That is not being ungrateful, that is common sense, that is science. If the invisible Bigfoot do exist and only you are privy to the techniques to find them and you are worried that people will descend “like vultures”, and you are unable to show how they exist, then it is unfortunate because you are the only one who will ever know or care. If that is the worry you have, then why mention this to anybody at all?

  127. silvereagle responds:

    DWA, You may want to visit Berkeley and Livermore California, to interview those who know about the Bigfoot study and UC Berkeley policy. Try a retirement home or poll the UC Berkeley students. Or you can call UC Berkeley registrars office or Lawrence Berkeley National Labs. See if they can help you out. I am not going to do your leg work and it wouldn’t serve as proof to you if I did, which is another CATCH 22. Me providing proof would not in fact be proof to you, because you would find some way to discredit it. The only proof to you would be a Bigfoot disappearing in front of your face, which I cannot provide to you. So you are demanding the impossible and complaining about it since I cannot deliver the impossible to you. Very clever. Didn’t you or someone else claim to be from England or Europe. Buy a cup of coffee for Stephen Hawking, and see if he will spill his guts on the LLNL Bigfoot study. Leprechauns are the same type of people. Talk to people who have seen them a lot. There are many other avenues you can pursue.

  128. mystery_man responds:

    I will tell you something clever. A creature that if you take someone to look for it and they don’t see it, it means it has gone invisible. If you do see a Bigfoot, it is the creature in it’s visible mode. (couldn’t possibly be a naturally occurring primate, right?) It can’t have its photo taken because it is telepathic and knows what you are going to do. In fact it will only appear to those it wants to appear to which is probably I gather not anyone who could document its existence. Any three dimensional evidence left behind is just because it has left evidence in the three dimensional world. All of these things rather cleverly avoid any way of verification at all. They could be whatever you say they are and there is absolutely no way to say otherwise because they conveniently dodge any way to document them. Everything is cherry picked and filed away cleanly into this theory of 4th dimensional telepathic beings which requires no substantiation. Very clever indeed.

  129. MBFH responds:

    Silvereagle: apologies about the hairless comment. I sincerely thought that you had written that but it seems not – sorry.

    Still, I think that the LLNL story is still full of holes. Disinformation to cover up something else is more likely. Not from you disinformation from you, I might add. Just provided to you. How did they manage to catch the creatures in the first place if you say that no-one has a chance of capturing them due to their telepathy? You ought to go over your own story and see how it doesn’t add up.

    I’m still open to the idea of a 4D creature but as a lot of comments above point out, it’s unlikely to be verifiable.

    Telepathy – I’m just reading a book by Rupert Sheldrake at the moment that is discussing telepathic communication betweens animals and humans. Very interesting.

    I live in England and I think I’ve said that above. I don’t think Professor Hawkings people would let me anywhere near him if I said I wanted to buy him a coffee and discuss Bigfoot!

    No need to respond – my mind is settled on this one now until some evidence comes forward.

    Thanks for all your thoughts.

  130. DWA responds:

    I don’t believe any of our comments – mine anyway – should be construed as close-minded. It’s just that we’d like to see stuff that we could conceivably independently verify – without Hawking’s people tipping off the cops. Or without losing, once and for all, any chance of early acceptance at UC Berkeley. 😀

    MBFH: speaking of telepathic communication, one of the strongest threads running through sasquatch sighting reports – and there are so many strong threads that to me, the sighting reports, taken together, are the most compelling evidence – is the “feeling of being watched” that is reported by very, very many observers, many of whom had this feeling, many times, in the vicinity of their sightings, long before they made the actual sighting. This is actually a feeling most of us are familiar with, and not in relation to the sasquatch. And I couldn’t tell you which of the five senses it draws from, and maybe it’s none of them. You hear talk about a “sixth sense,” well maybe this is really it. I’m not aware of a scientific explanation for it, but it happens.

    It has been said that until something is verified by science and moved out of the realm of myth, it remains an individual and not a shared experience. That’s certainly the case for the sasquatch. As long as science – which is all we have for this purpose at the moment – can’t verify the animal, all of these uncannily common individual experiences will remain just that.

    My mind is open to anything that anyone can manage to convince me is true. But sometimes that convincing is just gonna require more work.

  131. silvereagle responds:

    The general public, with little to no budget, is not likely to catch a healthy bigfoot. The federal government with a virtual unlimited budget, can likely still catch them if they so choose. But they always seem to have a problem of keeping it quiet, so there is more to be lost than to be gained. Plus, the Bigfoot always seem to get loose.

    An elderly and sick bigfoot is believed to have been caught in southern Alaska in about 1936, and shipped down to the mental Hospital (Morningside) in Portland, Oregon. The bigfoot was apparently raiding chicken coops outside of Juneau. Alaska was a territory then so Morningside took all of their mental cases. They apparently believed the Bigfoot to be a man, or manlike. A rookie Multnomah County deputy was doing intake for the hospital on weekends, when he was given the job of doing intake on the 7 foot tall elderly Bigfoot. They could not get him on the scales and only after considerable difficulty, they were able to get fingerprints by making a game of it. It apparently reacted violently to the flash going off for its picture, and refused to eat after that. It supposedly retired to a corner of the room, curled up in a fetal position, and was rumored to have died. However, there was no body for the deputy to inspect the following weekend and the intake file was quickly removed from the hospitals files by persons unknown. So the feds may have been into confiscating Bigfoot bodies as far back as 1936.


    Armchair Bigfoot Researcher: One who demands that others provide proof to him of what they assert or theorize, instead of he personally going out into the field and finding the proof by themselves.

    Living in denial: Denying across the board, all which they cannot accept or deal with psychologically. Manufacture clever or impossible hoops to demand that others jump through, in order to proof their assertions or theories. Forget sound arguments, historical facts and those experiences of others, quicker than it takes for them to forget what they ate for breakfast.

    Bigfoot can easily be called in today. They then can be quite willing to prove that they are real for those present. They will not likely materialize under these circumstances, but can offer other demonstrations that are pretty convincing to the diehard skeptic.

  132. kittenz responds:


    I would add another definition to your list above:

    Living in a Fantasy World: Listening to the most outrageous, scientifically invalid stories that one can dream up, and insisting that they must be true, because you believe them.

  133. mystery_man responds:

    I have spent perhaps way too much time on this thread trying to instill some sense into these theories. I will repeat that anyone out trying to document any sort of phenomena, be that known animals or UFOs, is subject to having to provide proof to support their claims. I have said this time and time again yet in this case it seems to have fallen onto deaf ears. Without this type of verification, it slips into the realm of faith based theories and these are just not subject to scientific scrutiny as we know it. It is similar to the question of whether God exists. I have no doubt that God could exist, but it is something that cannot be proven or disproven and then so falls out of ability of science to study. I have no doubt that 4th dimensional creatures could exist, but without them being able to be documented or falsified or even provide even a shred of evidence, they become precisely this, a faith based proposal based on one’s personal experience. There is no way to prove or disprove these claims about them and thus they are not likely to ever be accepted as real. Seeing them disappear is not evidence of anything other than you saw them disappear. If they are to ever be accepted as a fact of this universe we live in, the only way we humans have to verify them is through scientific study and this requires more than just our will to believe. I wish silvereagle luck in his pursuits of this creature, but I ask him to expect skepticism when there is nothing but personal experiences and unclear assumptions to go by. Skepticism is not exactly a bad thing, it merely requires that your claims have some substance and in this case I mean substance as something that is within our ability to study, not proposals that require our faith to believe.

  134. silvereagle responds:

    mystery man,
    You failed to describe exactly what hard evidence you demand, so that we all can judge for ourselves, the virtual impossibility of providing that level of proof. In law, a contract based on an preexisting virtual impossibility, is void from the outset. I can also throw your demand back at you, and ask for you to provide hard evidence that Bigfoot is a flesh and blood animal 24/7. Obviously you can’t. Your apparent proposal that they are as such, requires our faith to believe that you have a clue as to what you are talking about. In my opinion, you don’t. The DoD has copies of the proof that you demand of me because they had them in a holding cell. The FBI and NSA most likely have copies as well. Why don’t you pull some strings and get a copy from them, for us all to witness. You also are consistently ignoring the public record of paranormal Bigfoot observations, in order to place the burden of proof entirely on my shoulders. That is an indication of both deaf ears and blind eyes. And so mystery man, what goes around, comes around.

  135. MBFH responds:


    Here’s a definition for you:

    Field reseacher: one who goes into the field and gathers information and then presents it. This information is often evidence or proof to support a theory.

    You haven’t done this. You say you have proof but aren’t willing to show it. Why not send your photo of wood gnome eyes to Craig and Loren and an independent photo expert? Get them to sign an agreement to not disclose the photos, if they are willing.

    All you are doing is asking others to gather your proof. I don’t think you have any. You obviously want people to listen to you as you have been mentioning your ideas on here for some time now. So, when people get interested and ask and you get the attention, what do you have – nothing of any substance.

    That’s definately enough on this one for me.

  136. silvereagle responds:

    Ultimately in Bigfoot research, all non-achievers must do everything possible to discredit those who do achieve, in order to insure that Bigfoot research goes absolutely nowhere, forever.

    MBFH, Thom Powell saw the photograph. Thom Powell posted here. I heard not cries of foul from him. He is certainly as equal an authority as the others that you have mentioned. I have chosen to only show it to people in person. If you want to hop a plane, I will gladly meet you within 30 miles, in order to show it to you. The burden of making yourself available to view it, is on you. Not on me.

    Most experienced Bigfoot researchers are well aware of the difficulties in gathering evidence. Dozens of books are written on Bigfoot, with no hard evidence that will meet your level of proof. Yet you are now demanding that I meet your level of proof, while simultaneously NOT demanding that those dozens of books meet your level of proof. That is biased and unscientific. Most clever debunkers demand that I provide a photograph of an invisible Bigfoot. Except anything invisible is normally not photographable, by definition. But I obtained a photograph of other 4th dimension people, anyways. Under the virtually impossible circumstances, I have exceeded the current level of proof that is currently demanded of the flesh and blood crowd.

  137. mystery_man responds:

    Yes, silevereagle, there is no proof of what Bigfoot is and I am not even sure it even exists, but what I do look at is the evidence at hand. I have made no assumptions, simply stated that it appears to me that the evidence points to a flesh and blood creature. I have repeatedly told you that I entertain the possibility that they don’t and you throw it back in my face. Bigfoot researchers are looking at the evidence available, not making bold assumptions which is exactly what you are doing and showing a profound lack of understanding about how scientific methodologies work. All I ask is for something other than your word. I have been very patient with your bold proposals and complete inability to back any of it up and even your inability to entertain any other theory other than your own narrow minded veiw. You give hints to where proof can be found but it is impossible to ever get a hold of and this works conveniently into your narrow view of things, doesn’t it? You are biased, silvereagle, your theory does not hole any water in the greater scientific community and you try to insult my intelligence even when I have said what you propose is not impossible. You have not provided any of what is asked and I’ll tell you what kind of evidence I want, something other than what for all I know could be completely fabricated stories. Not secret FBI papers or heresay. I am not asking for impossible levels of proof, merely ANY proof at all. But oh, your ideas conveniently avoid that, don’t they? Don’t preach to me about research, I have done plently of it and I had to corraborate what I found same as anyone else. I don’t appreciate being talked down to by you. Don’t cry about it and throw out your own catch 22s. Just go out and do what is expected of you, what is expected of anyone, which is to stop throwing out fantastical stories, back them up with something, ANYTHING, and stop expecting people to take your word for it. These are not impossible hoops to jump through. Lay your evidence on the table where it can be peer reviewed like everyone else. Stop hiding behind secret documents and unverified experiments and come out and do what other researchers have to do, which is show why they think the things they do. We demand exactly what you demand of anyone trying to find out if it is a flesh and blood creature. I have not chosen a side, I have merely looked at what is there and there is nothing there from your theory. You apparently do not have any grasp of how these things work and indeed you seem to have deaf ears and blind eyes yourself. Yes, Bigfoot is not accepted by main stream science, there is no proof of it that is totally definitive, but I am willing to look at all angles, and you are not. I am even willing to entertain the possibility that it does not exist and you do not. Who is biased here? You say that it indeed it does exist and I find it funny how you can know more than any other researcher out there about this subject without ONE SHRED of any sort of substantiation or at least any sort that will ever come to light. You are unscientific and as biased as you claim everyone here is. You stick to theories that even you have no way of verifying. You have submitted less than any other researcher in this matter that I have seen and even they are not believed.

  138. mystery_man responds:

    And you have acheived nothing in the eyes of the scientific community, in my opinion. You have claimed photos that have not become part of the pool of evidence for what Bigfoot is. At least Bigfoot researchers have put what they have found on the table regardless of whether they are laughed at or not. You have photos you will never release, evidence you claim that has not been brought forward, secret papers that no one knows exist. Creatures that cannot be verified and so you have all the angles covered don’t you? You are in the realm of faith, not science. Bigfoot may or may not exist as a flesh and blood creature but when it is found out what the case is, sadly, I think you will have no pert in it. You are not even willing to put your own findings on the table for peer review and this is very telling, silvereagle. I can’t provide hard evidence, but if I had it, I would put it out there and not claim that I have all the answers without doing so. I appreciate those who are willing to put what they have out there. I would be willing to have my evidence subject to scrutiny yet you only have shown your alleged photos to a select few. Everything you say takes the burden off of you and places it on others, well guess what, they are doing their part and taking place in the kind of processes that need to be done and I respect that. I will accept 4th dimensional beings absolutely, yet I have seen nothing to support that. The close mindedness is coming from your side, I’m afraid. I have had some of my own ideas picked apart and disproven, but at least I put it out there for this to happen. You do not. I don’t care about your fantastical stories, I only care that people are at least willing to try to jump through the “impossible hoops.”

  139. mystery_man responds:

    I am willing to say I don’t know Bigfoot is, but I look what I have seen from what has been presented. If your evidence, whatever that mat be is not presented, then how can it carry any weight? Because you say so? That is ridiculous. I can admit that I don’t know what Bigfoot is and I have never asserted without a doubt that it is flesh and blood, I have even said many times here that there is a possibility it is not. Do you not pay any attention? Remember there are a lot of sightings that do not involve paranormal events too, but you ignore these, in fact you ignore other theories without supporting why your holds any more weight. There are lots of possibilities, but without those ideas presented for scrutiny like all the circumnstantial evidence Bigfoot researchers have tried to put forward, they remain that, just ideas with no weight or substance. Bigfoot could be a lot of things, but what I think it might be is based on what is out there to support it, looking at what is there to see, not my own interpretation of things. No matter how weak the evidence may be at times in this field, at least it is there for all to see.

  140. Remus responds:

    “Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence” – Carl Sagan

  141. mystery_man responds:

    Right, Remus. Exactly. That one quote I have used many times here and it sums it up very well. I have become quite exasperated by this thread and wish to get on with trying to get to the bottom of what Bigfoot is or is not in as realistic and scientific a way as possible. I feel enough is enough here and I will try to distance myself from this thread and get back to looking at what evidence there is, whatever that may be, for better or for worse. Thank you everyone for your input.

  142. silvereagle responds:

    We heard confirming testimony from amstar, Thom Powell and multiplencounters. That my friend, is independant corroborating circumstantial proof. My personal experiences include hearing bipedal footsteps walk up to me, stand within 10 feet and then leave. While they are present, I sense an electromagnetic cloud and hear an very slight electronic snapping, except nothing is visible with my night vision equipment. This has happened close to ten times now. I have also requested that several Bigfoot perform complicated tasks that require a clear understanding of the English language, good memory skills and a willingness to cooperate. And several have complied to my amazement. So based on my repeated experiences, I in fact am strongly biased towards Bigfoot having the capability of being 4th dimensional people and invisible. But justifiably so.

    I show my photographs to one person at a time. It is one of those bonuses that speakers at the monthly IBS meetings get. If you want to drop a cashiers check in the mail to me for 1 mil, then you can release it over the internet yourself. But I doubt that you would, under those circumstances.

    The federal government likely has a presence on the internet, that likely has a goal of sewing Bigfoot disinformation and attacking paranormal contributors such as myself. Generally, they eventually show themselves, especially towards the end of paranormal threads. Mmmmmmm?

  143. MultipleEncounters responds:

    It’s unfortunate that discussions ultimately deteriorate as they do, especially when everyone is on the same road of discovery. What happened to everyone keeping an open mind here?

    Well last night after an evening of chat, I decided to do an experiment of my own, essentially I did what was suggested by silvereagle on the off chance there there is something to be seen. Remember I previously stated that I have never seen an ‘orb’! Well that has now changed, and this morning, I don’t know what to think. Whatever orbs are, they do in fact exist. Whether they relate to bigfoot is another question altogether. But I have just proven to myself that there are these objects floating around that can be captured with a camera. Did anybody else bother to try this as silvereagle had suggested?

    Last night, I decided to take my 5 megapixel Canon outside on the deck with the porch light off, and just take a series of 15 pictures into the darkness. So I come back in, pull the SD card, load the images into my laptop, and then view the images. The first few images I didn’t see anything nor am I expecting to frankly, then there it was, some kind of round translucent objects floating in mid air in one of the upcoming pics. I go through a few more images and there are more of them at different distance, heights, and intensities. Baffled, I erase my sd card, go outside and do it again taking another 17 pics, come back in and repeat the procedure and see more of these so called ‘orb’ thingies. I erase the card again and go outside once more and this time take 29 pics. More ‘orbs’! OK everyone, what the heck are these things?

    I googled the word and there doesn’t seem to be a commonly accepted scientific explanation for the term, but there are lots of other references and photos. Someone I have recently spoke to claims they relate to tectonic plate pressures. But where is the proof of that and is it just another unsubstantiated explanation? Even wikipedia has a page for it and states that they are more easily seen using digital cameras. So here we have these ‘objects’ (for lack of better term), that float around, appear to have some indescribable outer wall, are translucent, and can be seen in pictures.

    This morning I uploaded a few of the pics so others here can view what I saw. This is not some photoshop trick however I did use photoshop for resizing and to create one side-by-side. In fact, since I was able to photograph them here, I suspect anyone can duplicate the results on their own with their own camera. I also tried to view from behind the camera when it flashes, and you can definitely see ‘something’ there, but its not as defined as the images.

    This first image got my attention.

    The second was a better shot of one of these things above my utility trailer, but I couldn’t quite tell how far away or how large it really was. Believe me, these things are simply showing up in the photographs as they are taken. The third is a blowup of it.

    This fourth image showing one of these ‘orb’ thingies in the air a short distance from the wire. I don’t know if it was the same one or not as the next image being a few shots later, but they appear to be of similar size. There is also a recharge period for the camera of a few seconds each time.

    The final image shows one that appears to be passing through the electric wire, which kind of gives it some dimension and may even rule out the possibility of it being caused by any form of dust particle, as the center appears to be where the wire would be. I cropped and enlarged the same object on the wire and placed to the right.

    Obviously I’m not making any claims here that there is any connection to bigfoot and I maintain that I have never seen a sasquatch turn into one of these objects (or vice-versa). The few sasquatch that I have seen in my life were definitely in our dimension and very real. And I will continue visiting my research site, bringing food to the feed station, in hopes of someday photographing one. But I can also understand that knowing these creatures move around in our dimension, does not necessarily preclude the possibility of another dimension. All I can do is research in this dimension AFAIK.

    As for these orb thingies, I have absolutely no clue whatsoever whether these are some kind of living entity, a magnetic entity, or something else? I live in a somewhat rural area outside of town, so there are no street lights to interfere. But now I can say with certainty, that ‘orbs’, whatever they are, do in fact exist and that they seem to come in different sizes, even though distance seems to play a factor in judging. I strongly encourage readers to try this little experiment for yourself after it gets dark.

    I don’t know people, you tell me? Should the above be considered partial evidence in support of the claims by silvereagle? Maybe you shouldn’t answer that question until you try taking your own pictures.

    What I have seen people do too many times in this field in just the last 8 months is ‘throw the baby out with the bath-water’. I think this is why people in this field of research make little ground. We ‘somehow’ find a way to tear one another down out of this need for proof which we are all seeking. That said, I’m not endorsing any claims here other then that I know bigfoot does exist because I have seen them with my own eyes, and now so apparently do these orbs. I am not claiming they are connected either, but either way, there is definitely a mystery here. JMHO Dave

  144. creep_of_ak responds:

    $1,000,000 huh? Now the truth comes out. I for one thought at first that perhaps silvereagle was getting the cold shoulder based solely on his beliefs, and that the “proof” factor was something that NO ONE could prove. If they had, this topic of bigfoot would be moot. as in, if anyone had proof either way, then end of story. No one has proof, thats the point of the search! but now the truth comes out. Shame on you silvereagle. SHAME ON YOU!

  145. things-in-the-woods responds:

    silvereagle- if the FBI is out there on the web, trying to suppress the truth, why are you still posting…?

  146. things-in-the-woods responds:

    i’d have thought you’d be at the bottom of a river with concrete boots or at gauntanamo bay…

    seems they don’t actually care too much about your theory- wonder why that might be……?

  147. silvereagle responds:

    Things, Please call this automated federal harassment fax line, that they love to harass with in the middle of the night: 303-804-0000

  148. MultipleEncounters responds:

    Guys, my post above was delayed in being published I guess because it contains links, so I wanted to make sure it is not missed by those following this thread. I’m not drawing any conclusions about what I discovered last night in the photos I took, other then there is something there that can’t be explained, and they look like what is being described as an orb. I also wanted to say that at least half of the photos I took had something in them that fits the description.

    I also wanted to say, after I saw these things in the photos, I was not exactly happy about it. Do I just keep it to myself or risk ridicule and share it within this thread? Well I decided to share, but I ask that those who have digital cameras, haven as equal an open mind as I did and go outside tonight and try the same thing. Take a bunch of photos and see what shows up.

  149. kittenz responds:


    With all due respect, the “orbs” in your photos look like light pollution, most likely reflections from some small objects, wires, or even bugs, magnified and/or distorted by the lens. I’ve seen those too; I do a lot of outdoor photography, and I attribute them to light pollution, because I know the physical properties of lenses.

  150. kittenz responds:


    Come on – surely you are just having us on? Surely you do not really believe all this … er … nonsense? It was funny at first, but now is just, well, kind of lame.

  151. silvereagle responds:

    Orbs Book of Choice: How to photograph the Paranormal by Leonore Sweet

    Orbs are spirit entities. Both humans and animals leave orbs behind when they die. Orbs are attracted to infra-red light. Orbs show up well at night when powerful flashes are used. Just hold your head above the camera and look straight ahead. No trick of film or camera.

    kittenz, Surely you don’t believe all that flesh & blood Bigfoot

    The numbers of bigfoot that flesh and blood researchers believe that there are, because they can’t easily seem to find them, are not sufficient to maintain the population from extinction. Logically then, there must be many more than we know about. If there are much more than we know about, then they must have some extremely special skills of avoiding detection, avoiding game cameras, avoiding heat sensitive cameras and avoiding all those avid flesh and blood bigfoot researchers out there. Which again, logically leads us back to INVISIBILITY!

  152. kittenz responds:

    If Bigfoot exist, they have not been “officially” discovered because they are rare, or because they are very elusive, or because they live in remote or relatively inaccessible terrain – or all of the above. If their images have not been caught on game cameras, it’s because the cameras were not in the right place at the right time.

    I don’t belive nor disbelieve in Bigfoot. I believe that it is possible that they exist, but if they do, they are the same kind of flesh-and-blood, three-dimensional animals as the rest of us.

  153. Remus responds:

    I’ve done the whole “orb” thing and concluded to my satisfaction that they are insects. Take snaps when the land is frozen in – no orbs. Same place in summer – orbs! Stir the bushes – Lots of orbs!

    Kittenz is right. You can’t “believe”. You either know or you do not. If you “know” either way, then you must provide proof if it’s important to you that you convince others.

    If that’s not possible, then why flog a dead horse?

  154. Remus responds:

    Also to Kittenz –
    I Know I’m not just a “flesh and blood, three-dimensional animal”.
    But I can’t prove it using three dimensional referenced thinking.

    So I won’t try 😉

  155. MissKitty responds:

    Before you all close your minds to the possibility of extra-dimentional beings, may I suggest a good read of “In search of the skinwalker” about the NIDS ranch. There was a strange sighting of such a creature there like bigfoot. A whole lot of strange things allegedly ocurred there before the scientists came and after.

  156. scout242 responds:

    MissKitty, I have read the stories of the NIDS ranch, pretty freaky, but I’m still thinking that sas had nada to do with it.

  157. Darkstream responds:

    What I think is a hoot about this thread is that anybody who disagrees with the concept of an invisible Bigfoot Buddy that transforms into a paradimensional telepathic orb is labeled “close minded”. Requests for proof are refuted as glaring evidence of one’s close mindedness as well. But then very intelligent people, upbraided by being labeled as close minded, go through torturous mental gymnastics to try to accommodate each wild claim as valid.

    The problem with this process is that once you start trying to entertain every idea in an effort to be open minded you end up becoming rudderless. What is right and what is wrong if all ideas have equal merit? How can we scientifically investigate these cryptids if we accept spectral evidence, luridly detailed anecdotal stories, and creative examples of pareidolia as proof? All dust motes catching light on lenses become orbs. All artifacts in the shadows between trees become faces in the forest. This isn’t science. It’s the Church of the Invisible Bigfoot.

    But don’t label me a heretic, brothers and sisters. Rejoice with me. I have photographic evidence that Bigfoot is actually King of the Faeries. An old forest ranger gave the photos to me, but swore me to secrecy so I cannot reveal his identity or location. Nor can I show the photos to you for obvious reasons. However, anybody can see him and his invisible orb children. Simply come equipped with the proper glasses and be prepared to open your mind to a new realm of ideas. Although I can’t reveal the forest’s location, I can say that Steven Hawking once drove through that location and it’s up in the North West. Don’t ask me to do your legwork for you. You wouldn’t believe me even if I did. Get hoofin’ over there yourself. Ask any forest ranger in a nursing home for more details, but be prepared for stonewalling. The government has scared many of them into keeping silence. Mention Project Peter Pan to them and watch them stir to life. That’s the quickest way to the truth. Good luck. Or are you not open minded enough to believe me?

  158. DWA responds:

    “The numbers of bigfoot that flesh and blood researchers believe that there are, because they can’t easily seem to find them, are not sufficient to maintain the population from extinction.”

    Um, well, sure they are. People with expertise in wildlife biology made those estimates, based on the techniques used by wildlife biologists to calculate – wait for it – a MINIMUM VIABLE BREEDING POPULATION. They almost certainly used known (not, for sure, the same as “real”) trackways and sighting reports to construct the estimates. Hmmmmmm. That’s like wildlife biologists do, the only difference being that we accept what wildlife biologists are seeing because, well, they’re wildlife biologists, and the species they count are accepted to exist by the public.

    Now. Are there more – maybe many more – than the estimates? If the animal exists, the answer is: very, very possible. Simple logic dictates this. Although a number of reported sightings could well be of the same animal, I’m pretty sure that numerous sightings and track finds remain undocumented.

    Almost everything that has been observed for the sasquatch has analogues in known primate species. Even the variation in sizes, pelages and foot shapes in what might – or might not – be a single species has a primate analogue. (Us.) This guy looks, smells, sounds and behaves – so those who have seen, smelled and heard it tell us – like a real, 3D animal.

    Anything else, I want evidence. As in: yes. YOU have to do my legwork for me, as any scientist would.

    You too, Darkstream. Project Peter Pan: hogwash. I want photos. Or at least a tete-a-tete with that Hawking guy. 😀

  159. silvereagle responds:

    DWA, Please drop cashier’s check in mail for 1 million bucks, and you will get one certified copy of the world’s closest paranormal eyeshine photo. No problem. I will even pay for the postage, and send you both a Christmas card and a birthday card on the appropriate dates. Then we will hear no more whining from you.

    To restate what you just stated, “Almost everything that has been observed for the sasquatch has analogues in known primate species”, except for eyeshine with no obvious body, nearby bipedal footstep noise when no body can be seen, nearby screaming in the forest when no animal can be seen, tracks that abruptly start in snow, tracks that abruptly end in snow, bigfoot jumping over cliff and no body seen at base of cliff, partial invisibility, and hundreds of years of Native American commentary. Other than that, maybe you are on to something about bigfoot being a known primate species. And then, maybe not!

    Isn’t this what you are really trying to say? “All evidence that is accepted by flesh & blood biased bigfoot researchers today, consistently without exception, points toward a flesh & blood bigfoot? Therefore, case closed, bigfoot is a flesh & blood animal.” Of course it is! Nuff said on accepted bigfoot evidence.

    For others out there, much testimonial evidence has been presented on this thread, that modern man is barely hanging onto reality by his or her fingernails. An invisible paranormal bigfoot is one of those concepts that causes those individuals, to briefly lose their grip. During the 70’s, 80’s, & 90’s, psychological counselors (shrinks) could attribute a significant portion of their business to helping those same people deal with both life and an invisible paranormal bigfoot. Living in denial of this need for help, does not make that need for help go away. Admitting to yourself that you cannot deal with an invisible paranormal bigfoot, is your first step to recovery. Your second step would involve picking up the phone to make an appointment to have yourself evaluated.

    Now we know why the federal government seeks to keep the truth about the bigfoot a secret. The nation’s healthcare system cannot handle the surge in medicare and medicaid outflows, that would be paid for BIGFOOT COUNSELING. Nor are their enough hospital beds available in mental institutions. So we all get to live in a world full of lies.

  160. Remus responds:

    Hello, Doctor?
    Yes, I’d like to make an appointment for next Tuesday.
    Why? Well…this may seem strange, but I really don’t seem to believe in invisible telepathic bigfeet. That’s not rational is it? What could be wrong with me?

  161. DWA responds:

    Silvereagle: you are one of the most entertaining posters on this site.

    Here’s to your bigfoot, whatever it may be. I hope I someday get to see/not-see one.

  162. Darkstream responds:

    Government funded Bigfoot Counseling? Now I know you are just having fun with us, silvereagle. You had us going for a while. We really believed you believed all this mystical pabulum about invisible paranormal Bigfoot. But you’ve gone too far. Not even Ted Kennedy would get behind you on this one.

    I see a cognitive behavior therapist from time to time. I can’t wait to discuss this topic with him. I hope he can help me cope.

  163. kittenz responds:

    Hey! I like Ted Kennedy!

  164. Bob K. responds:

    As to MBFH’s queries: The God of the Bible lives in what has been described as “The Third Heaven”, or simply, Heaven, the abode of YHWH, the angels, and the spirits of the redeemed of the ages. From what I’ve read in the Bible and experienced [and what others have known about and told me about], there is the second heaven. Generally, it is the spiritual dimension lower then the Third heaven and is inhabited by-demons, angels, the wandering spirits of those sleeping [you thought that your dream last night was more than just-a dream-? You’re probably right].

    Now-second topic. I suppose that I have no problem with the idea of interdimensional beings per se; its just that Bigfoot digs for and eats ground squirrels, kills small ungulates (big ones too[?]), eats sweetgrass, berries, shellfish, defecates, makes beds and sleeps in them (like gorillas do), gives birth, raises young, is furry and has B.O., is clearly territorial-it just seems that these are indicators that we’re dealing with a biological entity here. If it were interdimentional, then why go through all that messy, hard stuff that animals need to engage in to survive if they can just morph into a dimension where all this stuff is’nt necessary? Anyway, let’s face it; until we have a Sas’ body, or a part of one, no one can say for sure that such a theory has no merit. Oh, one can ridicule it or challenge it-but hey; where’s the corpus delicti? So, we look, we watch, and we wait-and post our thoughts on boards such as this one.

    God bless, all!

  165. Remus responds:

    I agree. In the Photoshop age, even a series of excellent photos will not be believed. I hate to say it, but only a hunter and his rifle will solve this one.

  166. silvereagle responds:

    Or a researcher and his BIGFOOT BUDDIE!

  167. Craig Woolheater responds:

    This one has gotten out of hand. It was originally posted to allow conversation about the claim of Bigfoot in captivity at Lawrence Livermore National Labs. It has degraded into something else and new comments will not be allowed.

Sorry. Comments have been closed.

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